Monday, March 21, 2016


Q. Dear Lynn, can you please do a reading for all of us on why state violence against university students, journalists and Dalits (caste which is considered in the Hindu religion as lower caste) is on the rise in the past few months? What is going on with the government of India and its Prime Minister? The current Prime Minister has an alleged violent past track record when he was the chief minister of a state. What is going on? India is the second-most populated country on our planet. So please take time out to do a reading.

I also request you to do occasional readings on other parts of our planet such as Africa and South America. This will give us a much-needed planet-wide perspective.

A. I get that we (as a planet) on experiencing a shifting of energy.  That shift is creating and encouraging people to think more and more outside the box.  People have access to alternative ideas and information that resonate with them, and are looking for bigger and broader answers. The targets of the violence, specifically the students and the journalists, make up a large part of the next generation, and that next generation will have a big influence over the people.  The influence will be in forms of media (including social media) and other humanistic interactions.  The goal is to create a fear based "next generation" that is very cautious about what they say, especially in terms of their government.  The government is fearful that they will lose control or a majority influence, therefore, they are looking for ways to maintain that control.

I also see these groups (students and journalists) are looking to the government to help with the situation. But, the problem looks to be caused by the same entity that is also being sought after for help.  The government looks to be very strategic in that by slowly offering help, but doing so in a way that creates a feeling of indebtedness of the people.  The indebtedness also creates a situation in which the government can slowly extract rights from the people and obtain some kind of loyalty.  

I hear that you should always be cautious of a government that makes people scared to think for themselves and expects something in return for fixing a problem that they started in the first place... 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Serene said...

Thank you Lynn. And may I also add, caution of Religions that discourage you from thinking for yourself, as in "well it says in scripture this, so we shouldn't do, say or think that." Especially in the realm of common sense or compassionate behavior.

In my line of work I often see certain individuals who every time they have a worry or concern they run to their pastor, priest or bishop to tell them what to do, say or think when what they really need is to look inside themselves and ask...What Makes Sense? Some religious leaders don't necessarily have it all together and woe be to the churchgoer who bases their lives solely on what Pastor says to do. They ignore their gut feelings and go ahead with what some supposedly religious guy or woman thinks despite their better judgement.

It makes me wonder if that phrase in the Bible, "lean not on your own understanding," was placed in there intentionally to keep people from figuring out their own answers and relying on simple common sense. A church I used to go to often referred to this scripture when I had questions about some of the doctrine that was considered controversial. I realized what I was really being told was, "the Lord said it was okay and there is no need for you to try and figure it out for yourself. If you question the Lord and try to go your own way, you run the risk of being damned forever." This is a terrible bind that often occurs in religion when its followers are just trying to find peace and meaning in their lives.

I realize my post is off topic, however the situation just came up again this weekend and I wanted to share.

They Live said...

@Serene, you're absolutely correct!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@serene: Thank you for sharing. I think religion does have a purpose, but it does sadden me when I see it make people think that they can't control their own destiny and take charge. People have the power to manifest what they want, which also makes them accountable for their actions too. :-)

Rajesh Gajra said...

Thanks, Lynn, for this reading.
I used to think I was the odd one out in thinking that the situation here, in India, was being created, secretly, by the very government whom many critics were asking to intervene and stem the nonsense going on.
But you have said just that in your reading.
I am hoping for others in India to also understand this fast and stop looking up to the current government for help as the government itself is behind the decline in human rights. We will have to find other, independent, ways.
Lynn, I must you are dot on in the insights you provide.

Raymond G said...

Maybe they think that the only way to control 1.5 BN people is to use fear. It may violate the Natural Rights of people but maybe that is the only way they think they know how to maintain order. But, with an expanding middle class, cell phone use and expanding internet access, they can't suppress people forever.