Friday, March 25, 2016

Five for Friday #30

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #30. Can't believe we're on #30, already.

Image #1: Stonehenge, New & Improved
Few realize/remember that Stonehenge was actually rebuilt over 50+ years (from 1901 to 1958) and made to look as it does today. Was there some other reason for the rebuild, other than archaeology and tourism?

What Lynn Saw
"The archaeology was a huge part of it. It also feels like it has some kind of spiritual, energetic basis behind it, too. I get this sense of people feeling like it was bad luck, or a bad omen to not have it the way it was, originally. It seems like it was deemed more important to rebuild it to its original shape, with a lot of thought and feeling and emotion going into this reconstruction -- almost as if it were disrespectful to otherworldly beings to not restore Stonehenge close to its original condition."

[Who originally built Stonehenge? What was it really used for?]

"I've done a few reads on this. Here's an excerpt from one of them. I even see an image of a giant helping to build Stonehenge, and at one point they were treated as slaves. I get intellectually they were not as superior to the smaller man, but they had so much strength it didn’t matter for their survival. The smaller man knew how to entice them (because of their intellect), and get them to do work.

[Poor dumb giants.]
Image #2: HELLO GOODBYE...
Comet LINEAR has suddenly appeared and already passed within 5.4M km of earth on 3/21/16, with a “fragment” of it trailing behind within 3M km of earth. Anything unusual we should know about?

What Lynn Saw
"I'm envisioning the tail of the comet will cause blips in telecommunications after it completely passes by. You may hear something about that. It's a naturally occurring process, due to the composition of the tail. It will create a naturally made disturbance (I don't see the comet being sent here by anyone)."

Image #3: UFO SWIRLEE...
This spiral radar pattern was recently recorded as a UFO apparently entered that Colima volcano in Mexico that UFOs are forever flying in and out of (and around and over and every other preposition). What caused the pattern?

What Lynn Saw
"It looks like a combination of UFO activity, but it caused a disruption in the EM field for that area. It seems to be like pulses, a heartbeat effect with its EM pulsing, the end result was this spiral effect."

Image #4: V for FAKE?

This V-shaped cloud appeared a few months ago over the city of Carson, CA. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"I'm more disturbed by the face I see in the picture. I'm drawn to this face looking over, investigating. There's something going on here. It's like the face is real, but the V is fake. It's like there's this presence over CA, protecting it. I get the V is fake, but there's a face in those clouds. It's like the person who photoshopped it didn't realize there was something else there. Let me look at this again... yeah, the V is a photoshop job, but the face is real. It feels like the face is overlooking this activity and just shaking its head in disbelief. It is like it's a face manifested from Source (if that makes sense). I feel I still need some work on totally understanding this one."

Image #5: Angelic Cornwall Sunset
This gorgeous sunset anomaly appeared about a week ago in Cornwall, UK. Is this a natural phenomenon, or is there something more going on?

What Lynn Saw
"This is truly amazing. It looks as though something pure and genuine and ANGELIC, something special and protective of this area. If the timeline continues on the way it's going, there looks to be some unrest in this area, and this angelic presence is there to protect and watch over people. It's this collection of energy gathered right at this spot, and the sun looks to be fueling it. It looked like there were supposed to be some economic hardships and troubles impacting this area, but there's this higher vibration there healing that area, and redirecting that life path.

[Sure would be nice to have celestials swoop in and just grab those lower vibrationals causing so many problems. Is there some kind of ET rule against that sort of thing?]

"That would be nice. There is some code that until we rise against the reptilians they cannot do something that drastic. We have to reclaim our birthright before they are allowed to intervene. They can guide us, but not do it for us..."

Image #6: BONUS: When is a Missing Woman NOT Like a Missing Woman?
Did that woman really just disappear?? What goes on here? [See link for video.]

What Lynn Saw
"If you look, she walks away at the exact same time as the woman with the silver bag on the cart. It's basically an optical illusion." [Damn. Oh, well.]

And that's it. Join us Friday after next for episode #31.


They Live said...

Great work as always guys! The reclaiming our birthright from these low vibrational ones reminds me of Wreck It Ralph which I commented on awhile back.
What are the best steps to take in order to accomplish reclaiming our birthright?
Many thanks, light and love ♡

Robert Schoen said...

It's really a treat to read this great installment from London, makes me sad not to have the time to go to Stonehenge, but fascinated it was restored.

All these visual signs of our higher brothers are very affirming we are getting a better world, and the growing readership here is proof or that growth in consciousness.

Mark Noeth said...

Neat reading. I did read recently that Stonehenge had stuff under it. I believe they used ground penatratting radar and found possible structures... Celestial intervention would get complicated. The inter-dimensional beings would have a higher vibrational pattern then we do. In theory you could go down a level just not up. This is my unproven idea. No idea about ET'S and thier patterns or if both beings are the same thing. This whole thing seems to be a giant chess game...

The enlightened one said...

When you say "rise against the reptilians", in what manner do you mean it?
What is required in order for people to be considered doing this?
I mean in some ways people can already be considered to do this, that's why I'm asking for a more specific definition.

Serene said...

Hey did you all see the news clip of the little bird that landed on Bernie Sanders' podium as he spoke at a recent rally? Check it out it's probably on You Tube by now. Cool!!

A Man Called Da-da said...

@The enlighted one ~ You can rise above your lower-vibrational handlers simply by meditating. It is a spiritual distinction, and cannot be stopped.

@Mark Noeth ~ FYI, I asked Lynn about structures beneath Stonehenge and she said there were none, but that it *was* built on a ley line. Sorry, I neglected to add that to the Five.

The enlightened one said...

But we can't sit and meditate 24 hours a day. Then we would starve. It would make quite a boring life too.

A Man Called Da-da said...

I didn't say you need to meditate constantly. That's ridiculous. You should meditate 2-3 times/day.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the great comments and questions to ponder.

@They Live: That is a cute movie with a cool bigger message. :-)

@enlightened one: Dada is on target. Rising consciousness (which is occurring) is sped up by our own internal reflection and our connection to the Source (or Universal Consciousness). Meditation is a great way to do it. Not just doing it yourself a few times a day, but getting others to also do it. The more people that do it, and the more it catches on, the more the group collective will rise.

23 tulips said...

Hi Lynn,
Did you find out why the presence with the face was "protecting" CA? What's going on in CA that prompted "Source" to make an appearance? And in what way is it protecting?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@23 tulips: It was like there was some environmental stuff going on and it was there looking over. I did get an image of it shaking its head in disbelief..

Buddhist Lady said...

Perhaps we need look no further than the abject and utter devastation promulgated by Fukushima in the Pacific--very strange abnormalities (heartbreaking mutations) washing up on the California coastline from simple seaweed to other types of seagoing creatures. The U.S. has shut down sites which measure and report airborne radioactivity levels. Add the metallization of our ionosphere with wicked electromagnetic manipulations for the weaponizing of both weather and natural phenomena--which is everywhere--and California has some heavy baggage to carry. We must stand strong and send healing energy to Earth's gridlines/chakras--under attack by extremely sophisticated technology being used by manipulative, foolish, power-hungry beings.

Raymond G said...

I had no idea that Stonehenge was reconstructed. I thought it had been that way since it was built by the Druids. Surprise, surprise !