Friday, March 11, 2016

Five for Friday #29

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome back to FIVE for FRIDAY. Let's get started.

Image #1: The Voynich Manuscript
Famous mystery time. Here's an excerpt from the famous book of mystery, the “Voynich Manuscript.” No one knows who wrote it, what the book's about, how old it is, what language it’s written in, if it’s written in code, or how many agents worked the subsidiary rights. Everyone's best guess is that it's a fake.

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is a channeled survival guide. It looks like a Pleiadian was the channeled source. The history of life was explained in conjunction with how to survive our ever-evolving environment. I get this manuscript was very ahead of its time. The reason the letters appear so strange is because it was not an earthly language being relayed."

[Apparently, that's what written Pleiadian looks like.]

Image #2: The Thing From Atlantis
This geometric thing apparently came from Atlantis. Did it? What is it?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes! It's some kind of a locking hinge system used to protect or to reinforce a vault. There's tons of gold and jewels in this vault. The other half of the hinge is missing. The vault does look mostly intact. It's at the bottom of the ocean (built from mostly stone). I get that this is actually a piece of the hinge that got stirred up from the ocean floor. I'm unsure of the exact chemical breakdown, but I do see it as being magnetic (and somehow magnets were part of the "key" to switch it from locked to unlocked."

Image #3: The Shugborough Inscription
This is a bit of a mess to explain. Called the “Shugborough Inscription,” this is a mystery many have tried to figure out over the years. It’s an inscription on an 18th C. tomb in Staffordshire, England, that resembles the now infamous “Et in Arcadia Ego” (“I am also in Arcadia”) rigamarole painting by Poussin, seen at far right, which alludes to the whole Rennes-le-Chateau mystery -- which you can read about HERE and HERE if you want, but I'm so over it. (The fact that Dan Brown lifted the whole "holy blood" thing from British journalists Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh, and Michael Baigent's fine 1982 book, Holy Blood and Holy Grail is maddening.) Anyway, there’s this OTHER tomb in England that alludes to this... and it has yet another code (above) associated with it, appearing at the base of the tomb. Can you tell what the code means?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at this, I see a sentence written out. Every letter is the first letter of a word of a famous latin saying, i think. For a latin scholar, this should be easy, as it's an easy latin phrase."

[Get to work, latin scholars. Like you have anything else to do?] 

Image #4: We Got SPHERES That Jingle Jangle Jingle...
These objects were captured by cameras on the SOHO LASCO satellite back in 2009 — and again on Valentine’s Day, 2016. What are they? If they're ships (as Da-da suspects), who's inside and what do they want?

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I get is... this is a Blue Avian's ship. Their ship is encapsulated in a force field. In the first image, they were working on setting up a base on the far side of the moon; they want to be close to earth, but not right on top of us. They want EZ access. They're smart and methodical, and are waiting to see who wins, here. I feel like I don't trust them, entirely. [Are these the Sphere Beings?] They do feel like the Sphere Beings. [I then asked about Corey Goode's and David Wilcock's latest fear-based bugaboo, the "partial disclosure" timeline.] When Disclosure happens, I cannot see anything partial about it. It will fall like dominoes. There's a lot of fear out there -- too much fear. Part of the problem is that there is truth mixed with fiction and we have to sort through it all (and it can be exhausting)."

Image #5: I Told You Kids...
This story originally came from "Sorcha Faal,” rumored to be US Naval Intelligence. Anyway, apparently the Saudis discovered something here (see pic 1), at their most holy site, Mecca… and dug up this something, called “The Ark of Gabriel,” a device/weapon of “immense power” given to Muhammed by the Angel Gabriel, who told him, “DON’T TOUCH IT. IT BELONGS TO GOD.” Well, someone may have found it and touched it, as there was a plasma emission that caused a crane to fall on and kill over a hundred people at a mosque above the “construction site" (you may remember hearing this). Two weeks later, they tried to move the Ark again -- and this apparently happened (pic 2). ZAAAP.

The alleged object caused another “plasma emission” that apparently killed 4000 people and put tens-of-thousands into a panic…which the Saudis blamed on a random “panic stampede.” The next day, the Saudis apparently contacted the head of the Russian Orthodox Church [??], Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, and asked for help. [The Ark must've had his number on it.] THEN, a few months later, these two guys met in Cuba (pic 3).

AND THEN, as if that wasn't weird enough, a Russian Navy ARMADA just happened to stop in Saudi Arabia to apparently pick up this device and transport (pic 4) it to…


Of course. That's where we store all our arks. What the heck is going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"Ok, I'm getting something a little different. I see that thousands of years ago an ET visited and the locals took him for an angel. He brought some ET tech. The tool in question had to do with electricity. When it's activated, or moved, or positioned properly, it knows how to draw static electricity from the air, like a kind of air-capacitor. if it's moved or handled improperly, you can short-circuit it, whereas it emits a huge lightning bolt. I can hear it go SNAP. I can smell the ozone. It pretty much scared the Saudis, so they wanted to get it out of there; they didn't want to give it up, but they had no clue, so they asked the Russians to take it to Antarctica, where there are no property issues. [Aha.] Besides, there's an underground pyramid in Antarctica, and they think they can pair up these things and answer some questions. The Vatican's in on this, too, since they have lots of secrets; the Russians thought maybe they could help. I don't see this as, "The Lost Ark," but it works very similarly. The real Ark doesn't feel as unstable. I see what they found was working with the existing ley lines, somehow, so moving it was not a very bright think to do. They pretty much lost the ability to control it when they moved it from its very specific location. That was the reason for the electric reaction (it should not have been touched or moved). I see them spending lots of time, money and effort, but they won't get it to work in a positive, effective way." [I told you kids... HANDS OFF THE ARK. And next time... call Lynn first.]

Darn, that's the end. Da-da could do this all day. Oh, wait... he just did. Join us Friday after next for "Mover's of the Lost Ark," Episode #30. Bring your parka.


Mumbi Kihumba said...

Can't wait for the next episode! Am all tingly..

Robert Schoen said...

I was starting to feel 5 for Friday withdrawal symptoms, welcome back! The Ark of Gabriel is a pretty amazing story I never heard of before, and loved the broken off lock of the Atlantean treasure vault. Great group!

John Casey said...

Wow. That's all I can say. You two are amazing.
OK, let me ask one stuoid question:
Who has possession of the Atlantis hinge?

John Casey said...

Oh, and I very much like that "nothing partial about it" line. Can't come soon enough.

Camryn Villarruel said...

The Ark of Gabriel was alao reported on Before its News website.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Sorry, I forgot to add this link to the "Atlantean hinge" portion:

Very interesting.

siketa said...

Today is the 5th anniversary of Fukushima incident. :(
Lynn, was it a Cabal sabotage?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments.

@John: At one time it looks like a remote group had the hinge (country full of poverty and a fisherman?? found it). I can't tell if that is where it is now (lots of people have their eye on it).

@siketa: Yes, it was a result of nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you so much for your reading. You bring up subjects I have never read about and some subjects I just don't understand the importance of. I do understand about all the fear hitting us everyday. You would think a partial disclosure, would be a full disclosure. Although I guess agreements couldn't be confirmed or denied. Not sure if any disclosure would be a good thing or not. I was surprised the Saudis had Russian movers. I thought the U.S. was on good terms with the Saudis. Next episode looks awesome. The lost Arch had a lot of kewl stuff with it...

Diane Hamilton said...

Love the Friday Five. I always look forward to it!!!

joy said...

Re: THE ARK of the COVENANT (the ARK of Michael Archangel)

This is just information I gathered along the way, a long time ago.

That the ARK of the COVENANT contain Weapon Of Mass Destruction. Very advanced ET weaponry, far more destructive than atomic bombs, or anything we know.
This Jehovah of the old testament was actually an ET warlord who chose and used the Israelites as his army to subjugate the other races in the area. The top priests and Moses knew what was inside the Ark. It seems Jehovah treated the Israelites with much cruelty and scorn, to make them obey. If you re-read the old testament, you'll understand why he, Jehovah said "I AM A JEALOUS GOD" He made them carry the Ark wherever they went, not as a weapon against his enemies, but to intimidate the Israelites into complete submission.
He also gave them a few extra DNAs and a mission to go on demonizing and enslaving the world. Jehovah might still be lurking around. I'd feel better if I knew where that INSANE GOD is now.

hmmmmmmm....this other Ark (of Michael) , never heard of it until now. sure looks suspiciously the same as the other Ark. Good it was moved out of harms way,into the arctic. Putin is known to work with the positive ET Nordics. I'm sure they can figure out a way to dis-arm it.

Raymond G said...

Using magnetism for a lock is pretty ingenious. I hope they find the other half to figure it out. But I wonder if learning about a magnetic lock leads to other discoveries beyond locking doors ? Personally, I think the idea of finding 'tons of gold and jewelry' is pretty exciting too....:)

Thanks for giving your time to the blog Lynn...

John Casey said...

You mention the blue avians waiting to "see who wins." Can you explain who are the sides struggling, so to speak, against each other? If it is the "cabal" on one side, who is on the other side? And what is "the cabal," if I may ask? Maybe that's a reading in its own right.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Mark: It is possible to reveal a little without revealing the whole story, and it see it being done in that way. It is much easier to accept small bites than a whole mouthful at once...

@Diane: :-)

@Joy: Thanks for the info!

@John: I see it more like the cabal / reptilians versus the humans... Quite a mess and quite ugly, but with the right intent and clear mental perspective, the humans can win this (hands down!).

Hannon said...

I spent over a decade working as a cnc programmer/machinist for a company that manufactured electro magnetic locks. Each lock had a magnet and a armature(the part the magnet would stick to when powered up), and the Atlantis part looks very similar to the armature of a special lock we produced for tall buildings that sway in the wind. I was kind of taken back a bit, then felt right at home when I saw the picture. If I had to guess, I'd say that the magnet would draw that part into or out of some other feature that interfaced and locked into the groves on it. Anyways, it was super cool to see, especially given my background in that industry :-)

Asteria Do said...

Dear Lynn,
Erh... I'm not trying to say who is right and who is 'wrong' here, but didn't Corey Goode mentioned many times that neither the Blue Avians nor the Sphere Beings needed 'spaceships' or any type of transport means? I remember he said because they were high-vibrational beings (coming from the 9th densities, per se), they could appear anywhere just by their very thought and consciousness which the Earthly time and space seem not matter to them. What Corey said (regarding this matter only) has felt true to me though, since as you move up the evolution scale, wouldn't your ability to materialise and manifest things reach 'instant'? Do those 'ships' truly belong to the beings that Corey have had contact with?

Thank you very much for your work. I love the Pleiadian written language, feels very resonant. Great Friday's photo interpretation as always.

With love and blessings to you,

They Live said...

The new X-Men movie coming out in May, X-Men Apocalypse, speaks of this E.T. and how he has been worshipped through out the ages under different names in different religions. Check out the trailer.

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn! A Mom who wanted one more baby but had serious uterine fibrous issues says that she managed to become pregnant again due to the use of leeches (miomas are very hard to treat with regular and homeopathy medicine). This is a genuine question (despite possibly off-topic). Miomas are frequently said to be pre-cancerous fibroids!
Can you please check if this was a mere coincidence (of her becoming pregnant after the leeches application) or if there is some truth to it! Thank You!

John Casey said...

So, if I understand correctly, the "struggle" is like the setup in the first Matrix film, only with a "cabal/reptoid" axis against all humanity instead of an AI machine against all humanity.

If that's correct, what does the cabal/reptoid axis get out of enslaving all humanity?

And how high up does knowledge of this axis go? Probably very few cabal-humans, I would guess, would know the full scheme. Millions labor to bring us into the so-called New World Order, and I'm guessing many of those probably view themselves as good people doing horrible things because, as they see it, the ends justify the means. But how few is it, actually, a dozen, a hundred, a thousand?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hannon: Thanks for sharing. :-)

@Asteria: I can't remember what Corey stated without reviewing it all, but I saw these are force fields around a ship (unless I misunderstood what my image was showing me). Thanks for the comments! :-)

@They Live: Thanks!

@Joao: I will have to check that out. Interesting!

@John: It is sort of that way. The cabal wants all the power and control, and if they stay on their path they will get it. That is why it is so important to raise the consciousness and enable humans to be what they are capable of.

Buddhist Lady said...

How exciting!! Plasma strikes shown in the photo are awesome!!!!!!! The Ark of Gabriel reminds me of the ET attack on Ft. Worth facilities May 11, 2011 where, according to reports, a Viama (flying machines in the Vedics) was transported once unearthed in Afghanistan. Like the protection afforded this "Ark" in Saudia Arabia, a troop of military soldiers in Afghanistan reportedly vanished because the machine was protected by a time-dimensional "shield." Supposedly, the military was trying to reverse engineer an incredibly destructive weapon on board the vehicle down home in Ft. Worth, but some Greater Evolved Light Being (I would like to imagine) took significant and comprehensive steps to annihilate the weapon!!!!! The attack on the underground military facility near or underneath the Ft. Worth airport lasted for 2-3 hours and reportedly killed...YES, killed...500 or so of the military personnel/independent contractors underneath the Earth. Utterly silent attack. Just explosions. News media reported "transformer failures" for the 2-3 hours of explosions. Advanced weaponry is very intriguing...of course (of course!), used only for protection of life (Soul matrices/cadres/species) or adherence to strict universal law like "noninterference."

Jacob Hollar said...

Great fiction. Love it. Need to write books.

Buddhist Lady said...

Well, son...if "needing to write books" refers to your own need to write, you better fire up that computer right quick and get writing before the Chinese and Russians occupy the lawless areas of the they will in a few decades. Given the current timeline. Gasp!! Now...where will you be? Where will you be? Oh...that's right. You believe time and space are linear and 3-D. Ok, go for it. You live your world, and those of us who believe humans have such capacities as telepathy, etc., will live ours. See ya!

Jacob Hollar said...

Fear and hostility used to attack those with different opinions B Lady? Where have I seen this before? Tisk tisk. I only mean to say I enjoy Lynn and dada. Even if I don't always buy in.

Daedalus said...

To all folks over here - always AGREE to DISAGREE . Thats how you will respect other peoples opinions , no matter if they agree with your point or not - and thats how you will still keep your own stance .

What Lynn is doing here - are the highly intuitive deep readings . It doesnt mean she is 100 % accurate . Actually , it is IMPOSSIBLE to be 100 % accurate because of so many factors affecting it . She is , generously , sharing her views with others , using her own free time and energy to help - and just because of that , that generosity should be returned .