Sunday, March 27, 2016

Amazing People... Paul Selig, Leigh Erceg, Braco

Q. Hello Lynn, Great site, Thanks much! I was wondering if you could try and explain what Paul Selig is saying when he channels his guides. He speaks of a "spiritual awakening" that will come to man in the near future. It sounds as if we need this help, and it is coming in the future for our benefit to assist us with something that is occurring now. Thank You
A. As I tune into this I see that when he is referring to a "spiritual awakening" it is a moment that will occur that feels like an epiphany moment of knowing and understanding.  You may not be able to put your understanding into words, but you will just comprehend it. We as humans will be able to expand our thought processes and be more introspective (naturally) and feel connected to the Source.  In addition to the individual expansion of growth, as others grow too it elevates a collective consciousness which will create an up spiral of awakening (sort of a chain reaction effect).

Q. Hi Lynn, I came across this interesting article about this woman...a few years ago she suffered a traumatic brain injury and now she is a gifted artist and poet. She enjoys spending time puzzling over mathematical equations. She can “see” sounds and “hear” colors when she listens to music, although she is extremely sensitive to light.

She remembers nothing about her prior life. She doesn’t even recognize her own mother. What do you see going on here? Below is the link to the article.
A. It looks like the majority of damage or trauma occurred to the left part of her brain.  As she healed, her body overcompensated for the left brain trauma and her right brain became highly overactive.  The over activity heightened her senses. She can see and sense the vibrations of what is going on around her.  All colors have a specific vibration, and all vibrations/frequencies create a color (some can't be seen by the human eye but can mentally be understood).  

She has tapped into that ability, however, the heightened sensations create an adverse effect to intense light.  I also get that she is also sensitive to loud sounds as well (I see her putting her hands over her ears when something is just "too much").  Anything loud or extreme creates a sensory overload for her.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Could you do a reading on Braco?  This is a man who just stands before people without moving, saying or doing something. He stands before a crowd for hours and people can come for free to watch him, either personally or also via Livestream.  They say that they feel better afterwards.  What do you think about this man? Is he good or will the people be possessed by him/his energy after attending his "show"?
A. I see this man as a very gifted empath.  He has the ability to attract other peoples emotions through a visual connection, much like a magnet.  This allows the person to heal and be their best self. He has fine tuned this skill so when he draws the negative energy or pain away, he is able to release it to where it can better be served.  I do not see any form of possession or him attaching any residual energy to the person being healed.  In fact, I get he must be very conscious to work in the greater good in order to move the energy through him (and not let it attach to himself) and onto where it can be better balanced.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


Lisa said...

Thank you, I am very happy about your reading on Braco and actually surprised about your answer. I had never assumed this what he does. It really seems that he does something great and very good to the people. Amazing!

Raymond G said...

If that woman suffered a brain injury and became clairvoyant, I wonder what happened that gave her that talent? It has to be something relatively simple. I wonder why Nature doesn't allow us to use them ? I hope there is a day when you can go into a doctor's office and get those gifts 'turned on' like you get a flu shot. Yep, just that simple. Maybe one day...

kris said...

Hi Lyn regarding was once said to me to be careful if attending his gazing sessions because unknown to him - he has an entity working through him. Could you comment on this please?