Sunday, February 21, 2016

Politics [Mini Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you please do a reading on Bernie Sanders? Does he really believe what he says in his campaigns and debates? Is he part of the "powers that be"or really an "outsider"/"anti-establishment"? What kind of president do you see him being if he won the election? Would he really change a lot of things? Basically, describe anything you see about him.    Thank you so much.
A. When I tune into Bernie, I see him as a man that is genuinely disgusted with the way this country is headed.  He has an idealistic view of how the country should be versus how it is now.  The divide between the rich and the poor is a huge concern of his.  I get that somewhere within him he has an emotional connection to the "lower" and struggling class. I get this if he were elected the lower and lower middle class would love him, but the upper class and corporate side of America would fight him on every issue (even more so than they do Obama right now).  

If he were to be elected the social class (on paper) looks to be more blended, but a different type of divide starts to occur.  Basically, those that want to unify people will be confronted by those that detest this "new system."  And, by new system I hear that he will do what he can to start to redistribute the wealth.  I also see that for some less advantaged people, the financial breaks and social systems really help to let them succeed and afford opportunities they would not have previously had.  

The other thing I see (that would need to be addressed) is due to the availability of programs, the entitlements look to skyrocket.  A huge focus will need to be on creating a good balance of helping those that help themselves, and learning to give tough love to those that will not try.  This looks to be a topic that is brought up to Bernie over and over again.

One other point I am being shown is that under a Bernie administration colleges and certification programs are flooded.  People look to be wanting opportunities to do and be more.  There is an imbalance though, and that is that there are many (and the word I hear is) "fluid" versus "non-fluid" degrees being giving out to Americans.  When I ask for clarification (I have no idea what those terms mean..), I get that "fluid" degrees are things like teachers, artists and writers that have a require a more sensitive side.  Non-fluid refers to engineers, researches, etc that are very analytical.

Q. Lynn, Do you have any thoughts on Donald Trump and his recent comments on 9/11? Where do you see this going? What does he know and what are his intentions?
A. I see that Donald is showing the people that he isn't afraid to say what he thinks or call people out regardless of who they are.  I get that too many people are scared to say what they feel or speculate based on the facts for fear of not being "politically correct."  It is his way of showing that people in power or lobbyists can't control him, and if he disagrees or thinks you should be accountable, he will call you out.

The media is trying to get something scandalous and make it stick because the PTB are threatened at the idea of him being in office (because he can't be bought and has what is symbolically being shown to me, a big ego).  This comment was the "flavor of the moment" and it too will fade when they conjure up another debatable action by him.

Q. Just heard that there was some incriminating evidence in Hillary Clinton's deleted e-mails. Will she be tried and convicted? The US government is sooo corrupt. 
A. I see the Clinton's desperately trying to clear her name.  I also see some back door deal in the works trying to get the president to give her immunity while he still has the power to do so.  She does look to end up going through some kind of investigation and a Q and A session, but ultimately gets off due to her connections.  Some kind of social unrest event will happen as a result of this (I can't be certain what that is, but I see a large group protesting and picketing).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Diane Hamilton said...

Thank you Lynn that was great. Answered so many questions for me!

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn, thank You!!!

Robert Schoen said...

It seems the energy propelling Sanders is connected to the same concerns expressed by Pope Francis, and just the fact he is gaining traction is a good sign of people waking up to a higher consciousness.

It's amazing to me how many get taken in by Ted Cruz, and what that says about society and the gulf between "religion" and spirituality. Here's a great article:
On the topic of reading people, is it just me or is Clinton just as creepy and hollow?

susan said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for all your work...we are lucky to have you!

Could you talk about Donald Trump as a president. Would he be a president for the people even ... though he comes from the elite and has not had a life of economic difficulties. Would he create good programs for the country and the people? Would be good for the world peace and work with the planet to make it better.
Or will he be rough and arrogant ... and only want the power to feed his ego.

What is his true motivation to become president and does he have a good chance?
Will this be a race between Bernie and Trump?

Thanks again! You rock...

susan said...


Is Trump in danger of being assassinated since he extremely challenges the PTB?


Cathari said...

My main concern is the fate of Western Civilization and Western Man. I posted the following statement in a few other locations:

"If Hillary becomes president, she will passionately hammer the last few nails in the coffin of Western Civilization. If Trump wins, he will attempt to pull the corpse of Western Man out of the coffin and desperately try to bring it back to life. Unless a personality steps forward with otherworldly knowledge and stateliness, and the strength and power to smash the the entire System, nothing will alter present trends."

In other words, the only thing that can halt the demise of the White Race and its Civilization is a statesman with esoteric knowledge and clairvoyant faculties combined with heartfelt concern for his people, and policies which are global in context and ruthless in implementation. All else is futile and doomed to failure.

Unless there is a fresh spiritual impulse rising out of the heart of Europe, the homeland, our planet and humanity will descend into either chaos or a form of technical totalitarianism never before seen on Earth.

Sorat stirs.

lacham said...

Cathari - you hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately the system is rigged and 'THEY' will not let Trump win.

capserone said...

I don't think this is the place to get into political debate, but I do wonder about something you said, Cathari : "the demise of the white race" really? How about we consider that we are ALL members of the HUMAN RACE? We ALL reside here on Planet Earth (Gaia). WE all are human beings, Earthlings, if you will. It is about ALL of us , not just the white race!
What century are we in, anyway?

Bee E-lightened said...

Truth hurts at times....sme white ppl dont consider the "human race". They think they are superior!

Cathari said...

Forgive me for caring that European peoples, culture and history are going extinct. I have sinned. I will make a public apology from the town square. I will no longer make comments.

Camryn Villarruel said...

Cathari wake up. We need to work together to improve our planet. It doesnt matter what race, color, or gender. Our planet and system need change. Please stop thinking about a single race and think about all of the humans affected on planet Earth. Positive energy is send your way from a human like you.

Bee E-lightened said...

Dont..:we can agree to disagree

AL233 said...

Thank you as always Lynn. So you don't see Trump's words bringing forth more 911 truth? seems to me him legitimizing it on this level is at least a cracking in the national discussion on the event. I fear he is in danger.

Serene said...

Remember that no matter what "race" you are, the Earth's population is made up of billions of souls that have chosen to incarnate at this particular time. How we look and act are not our Soul. The true Us is on the inside of the Earth costume we wear. They are just a Part we are playing this time around. Like the costume you wear for a specific role in a theater production.

We are simply playing our parts in order to experience and to learn. We often have difficulty with these roles, mainly because we can't remember that we ever agreed to such a thing. We are in such a dense metaphysical atmosphere, stuck in a clunky Earth body that is subject to illness and pain, constantly having to be fed and cared for, and forced to deal with negativity that we sometimes cannot control. In addition to that we must constantly work to get money to buy food and pay for structures to live in and have protection (our homes), care for the Souls that incarnated with us (family), and every day deal with influences that may not recognize our safety and well-being. It's amazing any of us have any time to think or sort out what is going on. It can be difficult to go Within and hear the quietness of our Soul.

A huge learning experience that only the bravest of souls would have ever agreed to.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments everyone!

I think another reading on Trump would be interesting. I'd like to wait a little while. Did read that the PTB will stop him, and I saw that as true. They will pull out all stops to not get him nominated, and if/when that happens, I see him running independent. He will definitely need to watch his back...

joy said...

RE:Donald Marshall.....
You open yourself to similar attacks if you keep focusing on it in great FEAR.
We make agreements with the devil thru emotional resonance. Law of Attraction.
Don't do it.

Re: "we make agreements we can't remember".
NO We made NO agreements. IF I CAN'T REMEMBER, I DID NOT DO IT. These are psy-ops. the devil wants you to believe . this is a lie. If you are being victimized, Tell it to SCAT , to leave, to vamoose. Tell it... "I'll burn you and your agreements.".....
and mean it.

RE: "we are here to learn"....if this were true, i would have learned everything already, to me, this is another psy-op so won't buy into it.