Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mini Group Post [Apple, Microsoft, Clif High Future Reports on Jobs, Gold, Silver, etc..]

Q. Hi Lynn,  
I'd like to have you look into some questions for me that I believe will benefit a lot us, your loyal readers.
I have both Apple and Microsoft computers.  In the past, their updates were infrequent, but now they're happening what seems like all the time, sometimes weekly!  Apple constantly nags me, asking if I'd like an update now, or remind me later.  Microsoft just helps themselves, without even asking.

I don't believe they're doing this out of the kindness of their hearts.   Can you look into both Apple and Microsoft and tell us what their ulterior motives are, and what info on us they're searching for and getting?

A.  The first thing I get as I tune into this is "data mine."  It looks like they are extracting information to compile a data base on the population as a whole.  Even though they are able to extract specific information on specific people, they are more interested in population centers and the consensus of a specific area. It is like a demographic polling of sorts.  I get they are able to use certain "buzz words" to determine certain things ranging from political interests, marketing ideas and general topics of concern.  

As we approach an election year, and there are uncertain times politically and economically, the updates are more frequent because things are more volatile and the need to appease people is much greater.  With regard to marketing, concerns and special interest groups (who knows who and what groups are friends) Apple and Microsoft products (along with Google and Facebook) serve as the largest (and cheapest) means of self reporting (people volunteer everything unknowingly).  

Then I am left with hearing "everything you do and say can and will be used against you" so proceed with caution when volunteering information. .

Q. Then, Cliff High on Half Past Human just published an Alta report that has some detailed info on economic events starting next month, and throughout the remainder of the year.   It dovetails with predictions you've talked about, but as we know, the further out you see things, the bigger the odds are that the severity will be different.

Anything you can tell us with regards to his report, or at least about when and where you see food & supplies, dollar, jobs, gold, silver, bitcoins, housing??  (Worse than 2008?) Really anything you can shed some light on as I know you don't have all day! ;)  Thank you soooooo much!   I appreciate what you do!

A.  I think I will approach this by breaking the items down one at a time: 

Food / Supplies: The cost of goods is going to rise. It will be done creatively.  I see packages smaller and a price increase too (lessens the shock factor of the true price difference per ounce).  I also see the quality of food on the decline.  There will be huge GMO push (it will be cheaper so those on a budget feel forced to go this route).  Most food will be slightly tainted with the Fukushima backlash, but pay special caution to produce coming out of southern California.

Dollar / Gold / Silver: The dollar is on the decline in comparison to other currencies.  It is being held but barely sustainable.  If the natural progression were to go (without the act of freewill intervention), it would collapse.  The PTB don't want that to happen, but it is getting more and more difficult to keep it going.  Other countries would like to see the dollar fail as they desire to emerge as a power. 

The government knows this system is fragile, and they are trying to get people on a more electronic currency system.  There is a huge push to use credit cards, and paper currency will be discouraged.  This way they can keep better track, and also as money has to be "reset in value" it can be done more easily.  The example I am shown is when money was devalued in other countries they had to take a wad of cash to buy a loaf of bread.  If they money was handled electronically, rather than carry a wad of cash, you just swipe your same card so handling the price adjustment doesn't have the same visual psychological impact.

Gold and silver are suppressed in a major way during the beginning of 2016, and this will start to ease up some around June / July.  I see that people will try to cash in their "silver certificates" around this time and some kind of rush on the silver occurs (because there is not enough silver to fulfill the certificates), so those that have physical silver will really make out.  (I hear "cha ching').

Jobs: I get that staying on the current timeline, there are more and more jobs opening up under the guideline of certification programs and technical degrees (IT, electronics, medical assisting, etc).  These look like lower paying jobs, but more attainable and a push for hands on and real world experience will be valued.  CEO salaries look to rise out of control, and there is a huge divide between those that do real work and those that make money at the top, BUT there is a shift (feels more like a revolt) against this behavior on the horizon.

Housing: Housing and mortgages look to be fairly flat.  I cannot see a huge gain or loss in regards to those investments.  I do get it will be harder to get a loan, and banks are looking at things more closely.  I see a tightening on the banks and a more forced accountability which trickles down onto the consumer.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Dreams Come True said...

So, I wonder... would we be better off to exchange our US dollars for say Euro's at this time? Any ideas what this will actually mean for our money in our banks in America?

Baku Matsumoto said...

I remember Lynn said Euro also declines its value too.

Anonymous said...

Do yourself and your families a favor and plant a garden, I have been gardening for a few years and I am getting better. It is a lot harder than it looks. Anything you grow will most likely be healthier for you in the long run.

Try and leave the cities, establish a small rural home, sure the house will be smaller and the jobs pay much less, but you can start to make a small difference in your life and your families life if you do this.

Drink well water from your own well. Learn how to do for yourselves because one of these days.............

Daedalus said...

Every currency , no matter what currency , is susceptible to rises and falls regularly . Especially with current happenings , and happenings that will follow very shortly through this year . Possibly the best way to invest now is to buy land , ideally with a well that has enough of drinkable water through majority of year . Everything else - even precious metals - is susceptible to manipulation and outer factors you do not necesarily have full control over with .

So best thing is - invest in food , drinkable water , things that are necessary to you and your family . Everything else is secondary . Full disclosure is underway - and that means disclosing the technologies that were intentionally kept hidden for long periods . The technologies that will completely ( again ) revolutionize the way of our living .

Also , do not trust ANY goverment will bring any full disclosure , they could only make partial one , keeping the majority of crucial technology for themselves , avoiding the consequences of full disclosure . As when these new technologies get implemented widely , the need for any "governing body" will be obsolete .

Remember - these whole process(es) are absolutely influenced by every single one of us , every single one of us is crucial . But never expect "easy solutions" - if this was easy , we wouldnt be here now , at this time , and this reality .

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Daedalus: Well said. You bring up great points to consider. :-)

Buddhist Lady said...

Wow. Thank you so much for asking this question. Apple has been absolutely annoying with "updates," etc. I don't like "updates" because I am nearly computer illiterate. Apparently, you change one small, blessed thing on the doggone machine, and every other area wants to know something or be updated, too. Then, I sit there scratching my head wondering what the hell I should do.

I do wonder what the "buzz words" might be for me since I'm in my later 60's. Organic sunflower lecithin? Ascension/5th dimension? Bees? Crystals/Orgonites? All bookmarks, btw. Yes, I do have Fukushima Radiation, Poisoning of the Earth, Weather Geoengineering, and Secret Space Programs...which can definitely make you paranoid, then.