Friday, February 5, 2016

Five for Friday #28

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our latest Five for Friday. Let's get started.

Image #1: GoogleEarth Blackout
GoogleEarth recently blanked out this region in the Himalayas, a region rife with UFO and yeti sightings. What’s behind this black patch?

What Lynn Saw
"Hm. When I look at that... I'm seeing UFOs flying all around. Right there in that location is some secret entrance to a UFO base. It's sorta semi-cloaked, normally, but a UFO crashed while trying to get into this base, and someone is trying to retrieve it. So, it's a very sensitive thing going on right there, tied to the regular greys. I heard, 'You've already stolen enough of our technology, you're not getting this, too.' The Chinese look to be behind this. They're hiding it from the US, but the US knows that something went down there. The Chinese blacked it out because they didn't want the US to steal it or lay claim to it."

Image #2: East Coast Micro-Spheres
These little spheres were recently found after the recent huge snowstorm on the East Coast. What’s their purpose and who dropped them?

What Lynn Saw

"I get they're part of this whole weather manipulation thing, via chemtrails. It's a test. Feels like a newer product, trying to neutralize any kind of Fukushima radiation. There's a chemical reaction that takes place with this spraying, and by the time it gets to the ground, it resembles these little spheres. They're testing it in various places and at various temperatures; this East Coast appearance was part of that test. They're trying to get it right before they use it on the West Coast, where we really need it. I see these spheres forming a solid matrix around a toxin. I get they will eventually break down, but the goal is to have the element inside neutralized before that happens. For example, say you have something nasty encapsulated in it, and the half-life is 20 years (and the potency is mild in like 30), the capsules are designed to last that long. I also hear 'glycerin' as if there is some kind of glycerin component to them. It's meant to be beneficial."

Image #3: The Thing on the Balcony
This was part of a video someone sent in, showing an image of a being that Google removed from their GoogleEarth database, which originally appeared on a balcony somewhere in the Netherlands. Is this real, or a statue?? What is that thing?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that it's real. It's a type of low-level ET. This is not its true form, like this being was moving and the image was distorted. Whoever lives there may have had a really weird night, like an abduction or something, some strange phenomena. Feels like a very dark being. Very low level, very dark, and very creepy. I can't put a label on the dimension (doesn't even feel as high as 4th or 5th), but I will say the vibration of this thing is bad." [Yikes.]

Image #4. Sistine Chapel Pineal Gland??
Is it just a coincidence, or did Michelangelo intentionally paint this part of his famous Sistine Chapel fresco (a mainstay of High Renaissance art) to mirror the brain, its structures and pineal gland??

What Lynn Saw
"I get that... YES, he did! I hear something about it illustrating the Christ Consciousness. Regardless of one's belief system, one's SOURCE connection is via the pineal gland. This is showing you that the connectedness is through our own self, and that you have all of this within you. This is definitely what Michelangelo had in mind here. He came to this realization on his own; he was guided in so many ways. He was very brilliant, but had his challenges. I've done a lot of readings on him for another client, so this was an exciting ah ha moment for me!" [Wow.]

Image #5: The REAL Shining
This is the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.” Is there anything special about the land the hotel sits on? It seems special to me, though I couldn't tell you why.

What Lynn Saw
"What's special about this land pertains to who lived there before the hotel existed. There is an enormous Native American energy associated with it. There's a lot of positivity there. A lot of Mother Earth, good-connectedness happened there. If you walked around barefoot there, I feel like you'd experience a lot of good mojo. The Native Americans created their own center of positivity there, they drew it in and it never left. It feels very sacred. It's a beautiful, beautiful land, very grounding." [The hotel could perhaps try marketing that aspect. Now I want to go there.]

And that's it. Join us Friday after next for Episode #29!

[Note: all images and freaky mojo copyright their respective owners.]


John Casey said...

Wow, you two have outdone yourselves this week. The Michelangelo finding alone is enough to make my head spin.

Two questions came to mind.

If China is hiding an image from Google Earth, does that mean they literally covered the site with black fabric to physically block photographs, or that they can edit the digital images on Google Earth?

Is there a central planning group for stratospheric aerosol injection, and if so, how much of the world do they manipulate, by which I mean, are there activities allowed in Russia and China?

Good luck with your book!

Robert Schoen said...

Another great group of images. Very interesting how a positive energy Indian place could have been turned into a negative in both the King book and Kubrick movie. I'm glad to learn the secret government is now using diaper technology to contain the radiation fallout they created.

Speaking of pollutants, I've always heard the real purpose of fluoride in water and tooth paste was to shrink the pineal gland so we would be less perceptive. Is this true? At the Vatican there is a large domed archway, with a giant stone carving of a pine cone as its center decoration that is supposed to be a metaphor for the pineal because of its almost exact shape of the tiny organ. How did people back then know about the pineal, was it an ancient wisdom handed down as a known fact or did Michelangelo come up with this all on his own?

Alisha Schreiber said...

Good morning Mrs. Lynn. Thank you for your 5/5 post. I look forward to them each week. I am very interested in the Michelangelo post and the G d/ pineal gland connection. What if your pituitary/ pineal gland does not function properly? What then? No connection, or meditation just won't work to connect to Sorce, the field, G d? Can this be repaired? Is there a reason this gland malfunction in the first place? Not being able to connect is a very sad/lonely thought. Thanks for you time and gift.

Just me.

PimpMyBrain said...

Nice Five for friday !

Correction about the low-level ET, the picture comes from Nancy, France, not from Netherlands. So it is true, well, i know wich city i will not visit if i move around my country ! ^^

Like the native americans, need to find good vibe place in france. Like the Carnac site in Britany (where i live) or others. Need to check for a "good vibe trip".

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@John: There is not a literal fabric, but rather a program being run so google cannot track this area. It is like a forced scrambling.

Most of the established countries do have chemtrail and weather manipulation going on. I get that the 3rd world countries are only used if they need to test something (or instigate an issue).

Thank you for the encouragement on writing my book. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it is a project that is near and dear to me. I am pretty excited and I am hopeful that it will help people look at their own abilities with acceptance and not fear the way I did..

@Robert: Fluoride is terrible for the system. It does calcify the pineal gland. And yes, the pine cones are a representation of it. Funny and true thing, I had that EXACT thought when I was brushing my teeth today (with fluoride free toothpaste). LOL As one of my friends always says "you can't make this stuff up."

@Alisha: You always have the ability to get it back, it may just take a little work. Detox! Drink lots of clean water and try to eat pure. Also practice meditating while you are detoxing. It may feel like it isn't working, but it is like an exercise that will get better with practice. One day you will surprise yourself.

@PimpMyBrain: Thanks for the correction. Not sure if Dada realized that when he sent me the photo. :-) Locations with good energy are always nice for the spirit.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Yeah, I was foolishly relying on my memory to tell me where that thing was originally seen. I blame children.

Vegan Ricky said...

Image #3: The Thing on the Balcony (Nancy, France)

I see a close resemblance to the Zuni fetish doll from the film, Trilogy of Terror (1975).

Raymond G said...

Hi Lynn,

I did not know there were so many secrets behind the Sistine Chapel.
Was Michelangelo psychic or did he develop his intuition while he spent so much time in isolation while painting the ceiling ? Are you able to share your results from Michelangelo
with us or is there a non disclosure agreement ?

On the last pic with the hotel you suggested that if you walked barefoot that you would get good mojo. I wonder what kind of sensations you would get if you walked barefoot through the Whitehouse? Good feelings from all the families or bad ones from all the shenanigans ? Also, I read a book called Anastasia a couple of years ago and she suggested that when you plant your garden to do it barefoot because the ground would pick up your vibrations and produce better crops specific to your body. Is there any truth to that ?

Many thanks for your time.

Partizanka said...

Hi Lynn and everyone!
A thing to share with everyone: Skate liver oil is one of amazing ways to decalcify your pineal gland according to Dr Pete Peterson who was interviewed by Project Camelot. He only mentioned it briefly in a rare long interview calling it 'rat fish liver oil'. In some parts of the world that's what it's called. I did some research and came up with Skate fish name. Anyway, I thought it might help someone other then myself. Here is the link to a 3-part interview:
Also, has anyone heard of Chembuster technology?
I am putting materials together to make my own to get rid of those nasty chemtrails . They are spraying like crazy here..... the last 6 months it increased over my home. Never seen it like that before....

Daedalus said...

Hello !

To fully clarify, the "thing on the balcony" isnt ET - its probably a tiki statue or some other inanimate object . But it surely looks creepy , lol .

As a proof , check the adress - 8 Rue Docteur Grandjean , Nancy , Lorraine , France - on Google street view :,6.189421,3a,15y,160.33h,94.37t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sP7UZuHPYKxPK_iXcW9UpkA!2e0!5s20110401T000000!7i13312!8i6656

This one above is from April 2011 . The one put , with a bike , was from 2008. , meaning almost 3 years this statue was on balcony .

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi Daedalus,

I was curious how you found the address. Do you live near there? Very interesting especially if it is from a trusted source. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Daedalus said...

Hello Lynn !

No , I do not live even close by or in France. I found the full adress on reddit and then I have checked on Google maps , through Google Street view , for past photos to compare them all - there are three photos where this creepy statue appears - almost 3 years it was there , on balcony . Maybe an owner thought that creeping out the people would be a funny morbid idea ( imagine seeing this by night ), lol ... or maybe it is something religiously related , not sure . All in all , this definetly looks like a statue of "something". Either that ... or ET waited for Google street car to get some free photos :)

Also , to clarify , this DOESNT mean you were off on your reading - maybe you just misinterpreted it in way how RVs misinterpret their visions - meaning , possibly there is some dark connection to the statue itself , or its owner . It is hard to make a reading fully precise and clear , and just like future , it is affected by too many factors that are not within our grasp .

And thank you on your readings and effort ! I do check periodically already for some time this particular blog , but I will comment lately a bit more , as Im intrigued .

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Daedalus: I thought this was super interesting. I am glad you shared this. I agree, there is no science to this, so I am not sure what i was picking up on. I would have to give it more thought, but I do know it was creepy and I didn't want to go there. :-)

Daedalus said...

Lynn - there is a possibility that occured in my mind , that the statue itself was made by native folk in image of possible other entities they witnessed ( just like many paleoufology connections out there ) , and you actually really have seen the being by which outer look this statue was made . This would possibly even have more sense in connection to your reading .