Monday, February 8, 2016

Amityville Horror: Fact or Fiction

Q Hi Lynn!  Long time reader, but my first request. I can see you are simply inundated with requests but I would liek to see see what you think, as I don't know if this topic has been requested before, and I cannot locate it in the Blog-search field. 

So, The Amityville Horror. Fact, fiction, fraud or a tragic combination?  Much debate has raged over this since the 70s, and it has absolutely polarised the skeptics and the believers. It would have to be the most infamous alleged haunting in history?  Many, many players involved here, and at least two families had their lives ruined due to the tragic circumstances involved. Does the problem in fact go back centuries, to any previous occupants or incidents occurring on the estate prior to the house being built? 

There are so many questions to be asked here, particularly about the state of mind or motive of the key players, but I'm apprehensive to do so, as I don't wish to contaminate any conceptions you may already have over it's history.
And I've no doubt you have heard about it throughout the years - we all have!  Kind regards, 
A.  When I first tune into this I hear that there are elements of truth and elements of embellishments went into this story.  

A major tragedy did occur in this home.  I cannot connect to a spirit influencing Mr. DeFeo (the man convicted of killing his family), but rather a mental imbalance that resulted in him having an abnormal amount of paranoia.  It was as if he was incarnated with this karmatic debt that forced him down this path, and his internal free will didn't kick in and overcome it..

When the Lutz family (second family) moved in this home had a lot of unsettled energy due to the trauma that occurred there.  Even though the trauma was tied to some kind of karmatic force, the energy left behind looks like a thumbprint of sorts.  The intensity will fade over time, but it was too "fresh" at the time the Lutz's moved in.  I do get they could see and feel things, but those things don't look threatening in nature. It looks more like nuisance.  It was as if there was a death to the physical 3D bodies, but the spiritual bodies remained, (they were not ready to leave the earth plane just yet) and that spiritual bodies that remained were good in nature.

The Lutz's did see, feel and experience spirits in the home.  The more they could "sense" them, the stronger the feelings and experiences got.  It did create an uneasy feeling (more because of the preconceived notions of society and the church) even though what was happenings was harmless.  I cannot see this house causing the Lutz's physical harm, but it did cause emotional harm to them because of their perception of this (neutral) activity. (I hear that in their minds spirits = evil, so anything paranormal was interpreted as bad).

When the concept of a book started, this was a very interesting and unique story.  It appealed to people, and to their curiosity.  They did take many facts, but they embellished the events in a more negative way to draw people in and also shape opinions.  I also see an underlying agenda in which many religious beliefs wanted and needed the paranormal concept to be "scary" or "evil."  To think that a being can be helpful, guiding, protective, safe or even neutral can be very contradicting to many religious ideals.  To think of spirits as being positive also allows people to let their guards down and be more at one with the supernatural realm.  This can promote more thinking outside the box and asking questions that weren't ready to be answered.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


NatalieW said...

Interesting read. This is one of my favorite stories so I always wondered if it was true. Thank you. Also, thank you for what you do. I've only discovered you a few weeks ago, but am slowing working my way through your blog. 2 years read so far. Your spiritual gift is invaluable and the way you articulate your visions and thoughts is truly remarkable. Your blog readings have helped me immensely as I work on my spiritual growth and knowledge. THANK YOU!

Andrew Dyson said...

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for addressing the question for me so promptly, I didn't expect to see it posted for months!
George and Kathy Lutz certainly were an interesting pair.
Both of Kathy's sons, who are now in their 40s, have become vocal about the subject in the last few years, while the daughter has declined the spotlight. The boys seem adamant that their beds were violently shaken in their final night in the house, before fleeing.
This reflected what George maintained until the end, and I'm yet to hear of any death-bed confessions recanting his version of the truth, which always leaned to malevolent spirits.
I'm wondering if the sons are just trying to ca$h in on a circumstance that was a totally unfair disruption to their childhood.

I had always leaned towards the house being "stained", as per the visit of Ed and Lorraine Warren somewhere around that time frame. I'm presuming they as a team, have credibility?
And Ron Defeo literally couldn't lie straight in bed. In prison, where he deserves to be.

Thanks again Lynn, keep up the great work; it is appreciated by many.



Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments and words of thanks. I appreciate it! :-)