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Random Q & A [Group Posting] Speaking in Tongues, Elite Shungite, Tiamat, Alternate Realities, Tunnel of Light and Portals

Q. Hi Lynn, speaking in tongues is a very common practice in many Christian denominations. Read here: for more info. Can you please do a reading on what exactly it is and how/if it can be effective in prayer? Thanks!
A. As I look at this I get that when people speak in tongues, it isn't that they go into a prayer session intending to speak in that way, but rather go into a prayer session open to the Universe, Higher Self, Oneness, Divine Source, etc and that openness (with the absence of any blockages to the communication) allows these tongues to flow through.  It is more like a channeling of this higher source, and allowing that source to work to and through you.

It can be effective because the person experiencing it feels a strong confirmation that there is a higher power out there.  It releases doubt and allows people to see and feel things that are more intense than our physical world.  As long as the person realizes that they control their intent (what it is they are praying or focusing on), and realizes they are the ones that "drive" the direction of their life (never give control or accountability to some other power), this practice looks to be helpful and comforting in realizing there is something bigger than the here and now guiding and assisting us.

Q. Hi, Lynn. 
What do you sense when it comes to pieces of Elite Shungite? Where did this stone come from? How old is it and what are it's actual benefits?  Thank you

A.  It looks as though this meteor came here and landed thousands of years ago.  When it landed it looked and felt like a bomb, and I see this heat coming off of it.  People looked to travel to it instinctively (??) rather than run from it.  It couldn't be touched for several days, even months.  Once it was able to be touched people would break pieces off of it and carry it.  The stone looks to give off some kind of healing property, and I hear it has to do with the unique magnetic properties of it.  The stone changes the property of water (and therefore water in the body) to foster a detox situation by eliminating free radicals.

Q. Can you do a reading on the asteroid belt? How did it form? Was it the former planet "Tiamat" and if so can you do a reading on what Tiamat was like?

A. I hear that Earth IS the former Tiamat (the name changed after a large explosive battle between the Cat, Dog and Reptilian ETs). Tiamat / Earth was a sought after oasis that many ET races were competing for. Part of an explosion during a large battle ejected a portion of the planet into what is the current day asteroid belt.  If you were to examine the rocks and debris of the asteroid belt, many of the properties would match material you would find on Earth.  I also get the explosion occurred in the area we call the Pacific Ocean, and upon examining the ocean floor you would see the large creators created from the explosion.

Q. Hi! How do you describe alternate realities as it comes to you? How do you know if it is real or imaginary? Can future realities also appear in our subconscious state while awake? Thank you for this!

A.  Alternate realities (as I see them) look like a road, and then I see branches in the road where the paths split.  If we follow our gut and take the advice from our guides, we tend to follow a straight path.  If we let outside influences or doubts come into the equation, we start to follow down a different path and an alternate reality starts to emerge.

When I read someone, I visualize myself "floating" in fast-forward down the paths (based on different decisions) to see what different results manifest.  I determine how real it is by how it resonates with myself as true, and the person being read as feeling "right" within their gut.

People are able to gain insight into their own future through strong intuitions, daydreams and even dreaming at night.  The most important thing is to listen and pay attention to what you see rather than dismiss it.

Q. Hi Lynn!! I just read an article that reminded me about the man who somehow figured out how not to go to the light when he died. This article explains in detail how to turn away from the hypnotizing tunnel where you will eventually be recycled back to earth so that you can escape the matrix and be free to do what you choose. Does this resonate with you?  Gratitude and love...

A.  This does resonate with me.  I see that there are a few things that someone can do when they pass to avoid having memories wiped away in the tunnel.  First, don't go down the tunnel.  I see that you need to have some kind of plan or belief system in place to avoid it.  The tunnel is warm and enticing, so it is difficult to resist.  It is designed that way to lure you in, but if you have a strong will upon passing, you can turn away much easier. 

If you want to incarnate and retain as much wisdom as possible, I get there is a vibration that you need to give off when you pass through the tunnel.  It visually looks like this vibration allows you go through the tunnel and pass through the light waves because your vibration works opposite of the natural vibration in the tunnel.  I get that highly spiritual people have learned how to do this.

Q. How do portals work scientifically?  Thank you.

A.  I get that portals can work a few ways depending on what kind of portal it is.  Some portals are purely energetic.  They can be of a high vibration or low vibration.  They form by a collection of similar energy grouping together due to the properties around it (usually magnetic in nature).  Beings can reside in and travel through the portal as long as their energy can maintain within the portal.  These can work as a two way system back and forth or one way system.

The second is a more "generic" travelling portal (not tied to high or low vibrations).  I get these are areas that have an anomaly with gravity, and this issue with the gravity create an intense vacuum.  You are able to flip the effect of gravity and use that "flipping" to propel through this vacuum.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  I am happy to address more specific questions as they come up in the comments. Love and light-


joy said...

Thank you Lynn.
Re: Tunnel of Light.
I read somewhere that, as you said....don't go running around looking for that tunnel.
Stay in the dark (Void) for as long as you can.remember YOU ARE THE I AM PRESENCE AND THIS TUNNEL AND THE WHOLE SHOW ARE NOTHING BUT ILLUSIONS. perhaps EGREGORES. the real being behind this facade are afraid of you. So, if anyone approaches you and coaxes you to go to this light...START KICKING ASSES. (that is my solution) Hehhhhh.....kicking asses actually works.DON'T BE AFRAID. try it on those devils that come around when you're sleeping.....or when you are busy adventuring in the alternate reality.
lol. they'll scamper.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Questions for Lynn:

1. Re: Tiamat: Is that why there's a huge chunk missing from the earth at the North Pole? What the hell were these ETs thinking? And does the rest of the asteroid belt consist of the former planet Phaeton, which was between Earth and Mars? Or did it have another name?

2. Going toward the light: What agency is behind this light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel thing? Is it in our best interest to allow ourselves to have our memories wiped, or is it merely a ploy?

Many thanks as always.


Joao Gomes said...

GrĂ¡cias Lynn!!! ;)

Iv J said...

Maybe a silly question . If you choose not to go through the tunnel or light . Would you wander in a different spirit realm on earth as some sort of lost spirit or you still go to heaven . How does that work .

whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you so much Lynn for answering this question! Do you agree with the whole article and as it gives specific directions on what to do and where to go.

Iv J-
If you click the link to the article, not only does it have specific directions on where to go, within the article itself it has a link to papers he has written about ALL kinds of things we all would be very interested to read. I'm sure I'll have tons of questions for Lynn after reading his papers and e book. All are free.

Robert Schoen said...

What an interesting group of questions: When Lynn mentioned how keeping a certain vibration going through the tunnel to keep your past life memory, I immediately thought of music prodigies or art prodigies who were able to retain their talents. Maybe its the vibration of higher activity that stays with you.

The topic of alternative future paths was also interesting, in that you see how the movies, tv and the corrupt news media constantly try to paint a picture of a bleak or annialated future hoping a critical mass of people will buy into this apocalyptic future and make it a reality in their collective consciousness.

I have put shungite and crystals in our water pitchers for several years now and can attest to its benefits. People coming over for the first time always comment how good the water tastes.

Ryno said...

This was good. So much of your readings here confirm a lot.

2 questions for Lyn:

1) I have heard old “Anu” and his crew have recently packed up the tunnel of light technology and left Earth to one of his sons, Enki/Lucifer, along with his minions the elite. What is your take on this?

2) Did the explosion that created the Asteroid Belt destroy Lemuria?


joy said...

Ivy J,....the story is....once you are awake enough as to who you really are, and you know that this staged production of the TUNNEL OF LIGHT you are basically free to go where ever . You have just released yourself from the grip of this 3D GAME OF THRONES.
After all, at that stage, you know you are the I AM PRESENCE. WHAT IS IT YOU CAN'T DO..?

Let's see, The Anunnakis,. ,..and a few other negative extraterrestrial races, far as I know.....whatever they or their minions say.. ARE LIES........ They NEVER LEFT and will NEVER let humanity go. We are their best entertainment, source of nourishment, source of sexual pleasures ,... in the whole Universe. They have been stealing our PRANA (life-force) to keep them young and to extend their pathetic lives. They live naturally up to 10,000 years. With their stealing Prana, I heard they could live up to a million years. They have played us for fools for thousands of years. their best game is GOOD-COP-BAD-COP . There are groups acting for the "benefit" of humanity,...and there are the opposing group, the bad guys. These two groups messing us up, appears that they "opposing" factions,...but they are one big bastards.
These are the guys who keep the props of this "TUNNEL OF LIGHT" GAME. so that we go thru reincarnations after reincarnations that they can squeeeze the last drop of life-force from us. WE ARE HERE TO END THIS GAME.So, when you get there, start kicking asses.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joy: I like your action plan and your energy. I do agree that we need to think of how to handle that situation and stay strong to resist the temptation...

@Dada: I get that most of it actually came from the Pacific (didn't get the north pole, but does make sense too...)

The reptilians are actually behind the light. It is a way of keeping us from evolving to something bigger or more enlightened than them. If we ascend higher, we can over power them, and they do not want that to happen.

@Joao: :-)

@Iv: If you chose not to go, you will be in the spirit realm and able to wander here (or wherever you chose). The light is always an option if you change your mind and want to go there.

@whitelite: To be honest, the article was submitted with the link to the article, but I didn't read it. I wanted to get my impressions without the influence of how someone else felt, thought or researched. What I got on this read was based on an intuitive perspective when I thought about the topic. I plan to go back and read it now (sounds very interesting!!), but I cannot fully answer this yet.. :-)

@Robert: Thank you so much for the comments. I love that you are putting these crystals in your water!! Thanks for the advice!

@Ryno: I see this light as being reptilian based. It looks like there was a Dog, Cat and Reptilian based ET group here, and when the Dogs and Cats left, the Reptilians remained and the light trap was one way they were able to maintain control.

I do feel that Lemuria was destroyed around that time due to flooding...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

To clarify. When the "explosion" happened, parts of earth were blown out and some got flooded due to the shift of water and earth... That is what I see happened to Lemuria..

Alex said...


When you say spirit realm, I supposed you meant the spiritual world as mentioned by Michael Newton where souls gravitate to after death depending on their vibration level. Or do you mean wandering the earthly realm as haunting ghosts?

But if we don't go through the tunnel of light to reincarnate as human again, wouldn't we be stuck in our vibration level and can't ascend to higher spiritual realms?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: I see you have the option to do either. You can stay "close" to earth and guide, protect or even try to finish business Or, you can gravitate to a spiritual world (that feels of even a higher vibration)... I don't see it as haunting (that feels like a negative word) but rather expanding and experiencing growth in a different way.

It is true that it is hard to ascend higher without incarnating, but that is the "good and bad" (if you want to term it that way) of the decision. Everything is choice, freewill and will end in some kind of balance..

A Man Called Da-da said...

Not to worry about the reptilians: the Rainbow Dragon will handle the big one soon enough.

Alex said...
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Alex said...
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Flood said...

Ahh, the reincarnation discussion again. I feel like this is one of the most important discussions we will ever have. Lynn, can you please read over the small article on the humans are free link and see if you agree with what he is instructing? I've read so much on this now I think I will turn away from the tunnel of light and see what happens. Hey, what's the worst that could happen? If you become lost or disoriented for a while in the void or darkness I would think that eventually you could see your way out and go back to this tunnel as a last resort. The author of that link says if you turn away from the tunnel and escape the grid you can travel the universe, move on to certain places of higher vibration if you qualify, and even come back to earth if you want to and reincarnate without taking the tunnel to do so. So many questions, so few answers.

Flood said...

Question for Lynn, or anybody who knows...if you take the tunnel and come back to earth, I understand your memories are wiped, but what about any sort of higher spiritual vibration, or 'wisdom' if you will, that you have developed in your previous life? Does this leave you as well? If you take the tunnel is the only way to keep your spiritual progress and vibration for your next life is to maintain a higher vibration as Lynn says when you go through the tunnel after death?

And last of all, if anyone can answer this, if you go through the tunnel upon death, don't you move on to a vibration realm, the one that matches your personal vibration? And so all the levels of this are basically a false construct of sorts, set up as a waystation by the dark ones for souls to reside in after death, and then reincarnate again on earth. From all the reading I've done it sounds like these after death vibration levels are a false construct, totally seperate from the higher vibration levels you can explore throughout the universe if you escape the tunnel and the grid.

The article in the link said that if you do choose to come back to earth, that either way you will have amnesia again, or in other words have your memories wiped. I hear people say all the time they want to retain all their memories, and I can see that, but at the same time I can see the point of view of your memories being wiped as a good and neccessary thing. But the article says that if you reincarnate in the way that is suggested, that you will retain your "spiritual progress and vibration" as opposed to coming back via the tunnel and you will lose your spiritual progress. Which for me, to get to the bottom of that, it raises the question of how do you keep spiritual vibration and progress if you lose your memories? Or does that not matter?

I'm under the impression that you can make spiritual progress and raise your vibration both ways, by either escaping the grid and exploring the universe, or coming back to this hard knocks school of earth again, and doing it that way? Is that correct? Anybody know?? And one more time, if you take the tunnel upon death, and then reincarnate and come back to earth via the tunnel again, your memories are wiped, yes, but how much of your spiritual progress and vibration is kept? If you don't keep any of it, then yes we are truly trapped and in a slavery situation.

Flood said...

From everything I've read, it seems to me that the whole tunnel reincarnation thing is just a construct built by the dark ones to wipe your memories clean before reincarnating. Is that all they can do? I'm under the impression they do that to retard spiritual progress, to make spiritual progress slower. But it seems to me a statement of you can't make spiritual progress at all in this situation, that strikes me as too harsh. Slower, yes, but we will get to where we are headed anyway.

Would love to hear more thoughts on this. It seems like as a group we are getting to the bottom of this thing.

Flood said...

Lynn...I have read much of the Michael Newton books on the spiritual levels/realms of the afterlife. As well as some descriptions of the afterlife which were communicated by psychics and mediums, and they sound similar to the Michael Newton books. Places were described as the summerlands, quaint little townhomes were people could live, as well as the lower levels called the shadowlands. This is a burning question for me...are these levels and places where you go to if you go through the tunnel? Or are they outside of the tunnel and wherever the tunnel leads you too? If they are outside of the tunnel then apparently Michael Newton and his 3 afterlife bestseller books are places that people went to that turned away from the false light and tunnel.

If one of these levels is what we arrive at if we go through the tunnel, honestly it sounds like a vacation and doesn't sound so bad. The only drawback is that you don't get to look around the rest of the universe for a while and decide if you want to live your next incarnation somewhere else. Like Lynn said, if you come back to earth, that's just another way to work at spiritual progress and raising your vibration, although it's probably one of the harder ways to do that I'm guessing.

Flood said...

OK, here is a link to the 2 sources of afterlife information I mentioned. I'm just putting this out there to illustrate what I'm talking about, as well as for anyone reading who is new to all of this and wants to see varying perspectives. In the end, I'm beginning to agree with what Lynn said and that it all balances out in the end, and there is really no right or wrong to it, just personal choices.

This has summaries and material from 3 Michael Newton books as well as 1 Dolores Cannon book.

This is an interesting read, it contains accounts and material from psychics and mediums, a description of the afterlife. If the link doesn't work you can get to the material through The Golden Age of Gaia website, it is located there.

Both sources state that upon death many people go through a tunnel, and all of these places and realms and things are located on the other side of this tunnel. So what if you don't go through the tunnel, but you also don't travel to any other planets or places in the universe? Are you just an earthbound ghost or spirit then?

Alex said...


If your memories are not wiped out, your spiritual progress will be slower and not faster.

For example, if you know that your father was the one who murdered you in a past life, would you try to love him at all? I don't think so. You can only start to forgive and love someone once there are no past life baggages to inhibit you.

Alex said...


From what I understand of Michael Newton's books and other psychics account, there are two tunnels - the tunnel of light to the spiritual realm and the tunnel of rebirth on earth

Upon entering the tunnel of light into spiritual realm, we don't lose our memories. This is the spiritual realm (heaven, hell) where we rest before we decide to reincarnate again. You can learn in this spiritual realm but it is much slower than on Earth or other physical planets in the universe.

Everyone has to go through that tunnel of rebirth if they want to reincarnate on Earth or other physical planets again. You won't lose your spiritual vibration level if you go through the tunnel of rebirth, you just lose your past lives memories except for some highly advanced beings. Even Gautama Buddha lost his memories upon rebirth. If you successfully learned your lessons on Earth, your spiritual vibration will be higher and you can ascend to higher planes on your next death.

Those who don't go through the tunnel of light upon death would be what I call earthbound ghosts who humans often see in haunted houses or cemeteries. That's why in certain eastern religions, they perform certain rituals so that the earthbound ghosts cross over to the spiritual realms via the tunnel of light.

Read part of Michael Newton's book here

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex and Flood: Thank you so much for the comments and all the info!

Flood said...

@Alex..Hi Alex thanks for your comments. Honestly, I have cleared up a lot of my own confusion on this topic just by writing my own comments, reading other people's comments, and giving it some thought last night. Like I said I have enjoyed this particular discussion and have benefited from it, as I am no longer confused.

The thing that I was was confused over was basically terms, which is the term "spirit world". The first question to Lynn by Alex, and her response. Yes, there is a 'spiritual world' if you don't take the tunnel upon your death, but unless you are going to leave this earth and go explore other parts of the universe, I wouldn't do this option, because like Alex said, that is the realm of earthbound spirits, or what we see as ghosts, and that is where you will be. There is also a 'spiritual world', on the other side of the tunnel that we take upon our death, that is covered in great detail in the Michael Newton books, and that is where most of us go. So you see I was a bit confused basically over word usage and terms, but after giving it all more thought I have brought it all together and drawn my own conclusions(grin).

I will say this though. I don't understand why these people who scream over and over "We Are Trapped Here", "Earth Is A Reincarnation Trap,"" The Dark Ones Have Set Up a Reincarnation Trap For Humans On Earth," I don't really see where this is true and why they keep saying this. From what I understand no one forces us to reincarnate on earth, we choose it. And furthermore, I personally am not convinced that having our memories wiped before each incarnation is such a bad thing, or that it retards spiritual progress at all. Maybe it's a good and neccessary thing.

If anyone can explain how taking the tunnel upon our death and into the spiritual world that Michael Newton covers in his book is a "reincarnation slavery trap" I would love to hear about it. Personally, this doesn't sound like a rational argument to me, it just doesn't make sense. I don't even really get the statement that Lynn made about the reptilians being behind the tunnel that you take upon death, and the spiritual world that you then enter, that doesn't make any sense to me either.

As far as what beings created Humans in the first place, and why all of us Human Beings are down here experiencing 3rd dimensional existence, well, either we all choose this to begin with, or maybe there was some kind if trickery involved, I don't know. Maybe as a collective Humans now desire to leave the 3rd dimension, and ascend as a world to a higher plane, and yes I can see where here on earth the dark ones are fighting that and trying to trap us and trying to stop that from happening. But I don't see where they have us trapped in the spiritual world upon our death. Everything looks fine to me. The people who make a big deal of this thing and scream it over and over need to stop scaring people. I have come 2 or 3 other websites that suggest the same thing as what is in the link here. I understand there is an opportunity upon our death to leave earth and go explore other parts of the universe, and maybe reincarnate on another world, but that wouldn't be a good choice for everyone. And the part about people screaming, 'earth is a reincarnation trap'! 'Humans are in a reincarnation trap'! That really needs to stop.

Flood said...

I just wanted to add this...when you take the tunnel upon your death and enter the spiritual world, who says that if you qualify for it that you cant then travel and incarnate on some other planet in some other part of the universe? The article in the link talks like that isn't possible, and the only way you can do that is his way, and I just don't believe that. Most people probably wouldn't qualify to incarnate on another world or do a lot of traveling around from dimension to dimension anyway,we are here on earth for the purpose of spiritual evolvement and gaining experience. But if you are one of those who has a high vibration and you are done with the earth experience, I don't see why you just can't plan your next adventure from that realm, the same way we plan our next earth incarnation from that realm, and then move on.

joy said...

Folks, I forgot....
This thought has been tumbling around in my mind for a few months now, and frankly, I don't know how it got inside.

RE: TUNNEL OF LIGHT. appears we are SPIRIT (consciousness)HAVING PHYSICAL EXPERIENCES, appears we are inside a container, .
the physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies.Each has a separate
consciousness. appears that WE ARE THE OBSERVER of whatever is going on in this reality.
HIDDEN OURSELVES FROM THE PHYSICAL PLANE. appears ........there is another "ACTOR" that is "PRETENDING" or that has
taken over the identity of CONSCIOUSNESS. This is a fraud, not real, a
an illusory bagman. This is an etheric, separate , fraudulent, identity
whose program is to create chaos, pain ,suffering , etc.THIS IS THE FALSE-SELF.

if these were true....................when we die....

1.....we, as CONSCIOUSNESS.... DO NOT AND cannot die. we will continue as eternal, SUPERCONSCIOUS
2.....that the container of consciousness dies. The physical body dies, and the
etheric bodies follow, because they are all interconnected, and the source of
life-force is essentially cut-off ...
3.....Now, the FALSE -SELF. This one also separates from the physical body at the
time of death and goes on in the ASTRAL plane for more adventures until it is
recalled by CONSCIOUSNESS (you) to possess a fetus of your choice, for anothe
cycle of incarnation.The record of that past particular adventures of the FALSE-
SELF is kept in a holographic scroll called the AKASHIC RECORD. nothing is
lost, nothing wasted.


How about that....?....hmmm.......
what a spectacular adventure.

Alex said...


Upon death, I think most people (more than 90%) who don't go to the light tunnel are earthbound ghosts except for a few highly evolved beings who can travel to other planets in a spiritual form. However, you can also travel to other planets when you are alive by doing out of body astral projection. Why wait until death? Not everybody can travel to other planets upon death just as not everybody can do a astral projection while they are alive. I assume it is due to our soul vibration and evolutionary level.

Another analogy is on the physical realm, not every human can travel on a spacecraft to outer space. If every human can travel everywhere in the universe upon death, there won't be so many earthbound ghosts stuck in haunted houses and prisons.

But travelling to other planets in the universe doesn't mean you can reincarnate in a physical form, you're still a spirit/ghost on that planet. If you want to reincarnate as a being in that planet, you've got to go through the tunnel of light.

Alex said...


Most lower vibrational beings do not have much choice but to reincarnate because the lower realms are very uncomfortable compared to the higher spiritual realms.

Once one reach the stage of advanced being, one has the choice not to reincarnate on Earth
anymore but one do so out of compassion and to teach lower beings. It's not always a selfish motive to reincarnate.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Flood and Alex: Thank you for all this info. This really is fantastic!

Flood said...

@Lynn...No problem, thanks for what you do Lynn!!

Alex said...

@Lynn and @Flood

Thanks for sharing more info to fill my gap of knowledge. I got most of my knowledge from reading Michael Newton's book, real-life ghost stories and Buddhism.

Lilian said...


It’s interesting what you have written. I remembered reading an article that said that our Higher-Self remains in the Source and has an overview of our life (the False-Self as you have named it as such) here.

@Alex @Flood

From your comments/feedback, there are two tunnels - the tunnel of light to the spiritual realm and the tunnel of rebirth on earth.

From what I have read so far from many articles, there is only one tunnel which appears immediate when a soul leaves a body. So, my question is “How do we know which tunnel we see upon our death”? The tunnel to the spiritual realm or the tunnel of rebirth on Earth?

Thanks in advance

Alex said...


I understand why most people are confused about the term 'spirit world'. Most people think that upon death when we become a spirit, we call that 'spiritual realm'.

Actually, that's not true because we are still in the physical world before we cross the tunnel of light but without a physical body.


Maybe Lynn can answer. But I think most people go to the spiritual realm before reincarnating. However, some people do reincarnate almost immediately without going through spiritual realm.

Lilian said...

@Alex, thanks for your feedback.

Poor Lynn :) if she has to do again another post on reincarnation, a confusing and much debated topic.

I guess we just have to take whichever resonates with us, as Lynn would often advises us.