Thursday, January 28, 2016

Medical Questions [Group Post] Gastroschisis, Zika Virus, Raw Cacao, Queen Garnet Plum

Q. Hi Lynn, This isn't a personal question but a general question that I hope you will focus on and share on your public blog. The question:

The Center for Disease Control reported this week that there has been an unexplained increase in a birth defect called gastroschisis. When this happens the baby is born with his/her intestines exposed on the outside of his/her body.
I'm wondering if this is somehow related to GMOs in our food source. Can you focus on what might be causing the increase in the prevalence of this birth defect?  I have attached a graphic rendering as a medical reference if you need to see it. Perhaps you can focus in without it as the image can be disturbing.
Please feel free to edit the wording of this question for your blog if need be. And thank you in advance!
A. As I tune into this I get that when the mom is pregnant environmental toxins prevent the absorption of folic acid and B vitamins from being absorbed properly by the mother.  The mother has an increased blood flow and volume when she is pregnant, and since the folic acid and B vitamins are having trouble being absorbed, the natural amount taken in through daily nutrition and supplements is diluted even more.  (The excess blood during pregnancy is diluted the nutrients).  

I also get that the placenta is absorbing high amounts of toxins as well.  If it were tested there would be a metallic component to it (and could be traced to the source, and common factors of this could be determined).  I then get that it is the chemtrails and airborne pollution that look to be the root cause.  Breathing in these toxic chemicals is what is creating this buildup in the mother's body.

*Pregnant moms may benefit from taking B vitamins, folic acid and small doses of potassium and iodine.  This looks to protect the body from being able to take in the chemtrail toxins.

*I am not a trained doctor, so please do what resonates as right with you.
Q. I would like to ask a Zika virus question. Does the "shrunken brain" issue have anything to do with a new vaccine (Tdap) being introduced like this article suggests?  Are the babies born with malformed heads in the recent past really due to the Zika virus and mosquitoes? Or is it something else?    

Some claim there is direct link to the insect and some mention where there are no conclusion at all.
  A.  I do see this tied to a vaccine.  My mind switched back and forth between the MMR vaccine and the Tdap.  I ended up fixed on the Tdap.  I get that the vaccine was a "bad batch" but it was too costly to (and too late before they knew) to recall.  If they were accountable and made an announcement, then there would be tremendous liabilities.

I see what happened was people received the "bad immunizations" which made them very ill.  Then, if a mosquito bit them, they were able to carried the "bad immunization" along with the illness that resulted to the next person that was bit.

I get the best defense is active offence.  You can use a combination of witch hazel (or coconut oil if you want a lotion) infused with citronella oil or lavender essential oil in a spray bottle to ward off the mosquitoes.  I get to not forget to "spritz your hair" as well. 

Q. Is raw cacao healthy? Some say it might be the best super food there is, while others say it is highly toxic. I get confused.

A. I get it is a great supplement to your diet. It not only looks to be a super food, but a good antioxidant. I then hear that in moderation, "it is great." I get that the only thing to be cautious of is that in large amounts it can have the same "feel" and "effect" as caffeine.

Q.Hi Lynn a fruit for weight loss has been discovered with the special properties in the Queen Garnet Plum. What do you see here?
A. I get that this fruit is a great antioxidant, but it isn't going to create a weight loss on it's own. I hear that the true (and healthy way) to lose weight is really as basic as the old fashioned concept of diet and exercise. If you are replacing less healthy eating choices with this fruit, then it will aid in weight loss, but it is the change in diet (and habits) that are the root cause of the weight loss.

And and is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light-


Raymond G said...

I love chocolate, so eating cacao in its natural form gives me another reason to indulge in it ....)

Do you have any suggestions for receding hair lines ?

Ryno said...

Hey Lyn, I'm sorry but I didn't quite understand what you were trying to say here:
"I see what happened was people received the "bad immunizations" which made them very ill. Then, if a mosquito bit them, they were able to carried the "bad immunization" along with the illness that resulted to the next person that was bit.

So just trying to clarify; is it after a mosquito bit a person who previously received a nasty vaccine, the mosquito now carried the virus and a "bad immunization" and then they transferred that concoction to the next person (who is or was about to get pregnant) who was then bit by the mosquito? My interpretation of it may be clear as mud. I'm going to Central America in March and I'm sure this topic will come up and I will have fun time being the weird conspiracy guy! :)

Robert Schoen said...

Speaking of mosquitoes, is there any way to eradicate them from the planet? They only seem vectors for pain and disease. Other than feeding frogs and fish, do they serve any purpose?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: I have been asked this before... A combination of clary sage, coconut oil and lavender looks to help some (or at least slow it down)...

@Ryno: Yes, the mosquito would spread the toxin from the immunization along with the illness.. Just be cautious on your travels. :-)

@Robert: Unfortunately I cannot see how to eliminate them (I hear they are like cockroaches and very resilient). They are needed for some kind of balance..??

Joao Gomes said...

Actually some sites in Brazil even recommend pregnant women to receive the DTP triple vaccine, (which is called Tdap in the US) .According to them this would even help to protect the baby... Really weird ( Makes much sense what you found out Lynn!

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn, thank you for these posts. Very informative and very timely. You have a wonderful gift. I am now at the point where I don't trust anything governments want/could do. My first impression on reading about Zika just a few days ago was..."Oh, here we go again. Another manufactured 'let's scare all the children again' disease." I'm sick of this crap...when the hell do we get to the 5D world?

Alice Liu said...

Spot on re: the Zika virus, Lynn.

Colombia has 3,177 Pregnant Women With Zika, but no Microcephaly

The tdap vaccine was pushed on pregnant women in Brazil despite not being approved for use in pregnant women. One of the potential side effects of tdap....DELAYED FETAL HEAD GROWTH