Saturday, January 16, 2016

Health and Medical [Group Posting]

Q. Frankincense side-effects. I've tried taking one drop of food-grade frankincense in a glass of orange juice, but 24 to 36 hours after taking it I get flu-like symptoms -- fatigue, headache, upset stomach -- which fade over 48 hours. Should I be taking something with the frankincense, like activated charcoal or food-grade benontite clay, to take up toxins released? Or would side effects have a cause other than toxins?
A. I get that you should first investigate the Frankincense and confirm that it is certified food grade. Some examples of ingestable Frankincense are made by ***** and Young Living [I was contacted by the first company and I am not allowed to mention the brand name of their oils. (Yes, that really did happen!)]  Be certain that the oil you used are tested and safe. As a reminder, always listen to your gut and do what resonates with you.

When you take your Frank, try putting a drop in water rather than the juice. I get there is an imbalance with the acidity of the juice which makes your stomach upset. If you are still sensitive, consume some protein when you drink the Frank (I am being shown a piece of cheese as an example).

Frank is a great overall supplement. It helps with inflammation and ridding the body of toxins. Since it does do such a great job of detoxing, I get you really need to drink a lot of water (a minimum of 6 to 8 full glasses) to be sure your body is purging out the toxins. Toxins in your system will create that headache feeling, so they need to be removed (water is really the best way).

Q. Hi Lynn, I know you've done a posting on cancer, but I was wondering if you could do a reading on cancer in pets? Specifically, I have a young cat with mammary cancer, and know many people experiencing cancer with their pets as well. It there anything that could help either prevent, slow down, or reverse cancer in pets? I am hoping for anything from diet to reiki to acupuncture... Anything that may make a difference. Thank you so much for your time and love!
A. Energy work is a great place to start. Pets, unlike humans, don't have a rational mind always working which can block energy healing from happening. Pets are open and in tune to both their physical and energetic environment, which makes them great candidates for reiki.

I also get to modify their diet. Focus on a diet that is more alkaline. I also get to increase all the B vitamins (I see a visual of some kind of vitamin spray).

Q. Hi Lynn, You said that blueberries is a good way to slow down the accumulation of plaque in our hearts but what about removing the existing plaque that is narrowing the arteries. I heard that pomegranate juice can remove the arterial plaque, do you see any truth in this?

A. Pomegranate juice does look healthy for the hearth and circulatory function, but the absolute best way to remove arterial plaque is to reduce or eliminate high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Additionally, the more corn products you can cut back on, the better it will be for your heart and arteries.

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you look into ways a person can lower high blood pressure naturally without medication? Thank you.
A. I get there are two main things that cause high blood pressure. They are diet and lifestyle. Aside from modifying your diet, the best way to lower blood pressure is to learn self calming techniques. The internalization of stress, worry and anxiety create the tension that can contribute to high blood pressure. Some of the best calming techniques are exercise, meditation and stretching exercise (like yoga).

[Side note: YouTube is a great resource for free self guided meditation videos. I have attached a few for you to sample.]

Q. Could you take a look at the flavor enhancer E 621 (MSG, monosodium glutamate) And if it is related to autism. I didn't research it yet, but it also could be a nerve killer. Anyway lots of side effects to take into account.
A. I cannot connect MSG to autism, but MSG does have adverse health affects. I see that is disrupts the natural metabolism, and causes people to feel lethargic (actually ill). There is also a level of water retention and bloat that MSG causes, it is very hard on the kidneys. I also see it changing the consistency of the blood. I hear the word "sticky." It causes stress on the heart which can lead to other circulatory problems.

I get a conflicting feel that it is both toxic, but also addictive. It looks like the more MSG you consume, the more you want, therefore, food manufacturers put it in food to make you want more of their food. The difficult part with this is the food that you would be craving isn't the highest quality of nutrition.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

Note that a lot of the same detoxing effects can be achieved through FASTING. Fasting is basically like putting your entire body in the dishwasher, internally. It is also FREE.

Here's a good fasting primer:

It also has the benefit of eradicating undesirable bacteria in the gut, leaving those bacteria behind that are naturally slimming. Some yogis fast up to 40 days (yikes), but just three days is plenty. It's also very good for all things spiritual. Note that Da-da is not a doctor, but he is an experienced master of common sense.

A Man Called Da-da said...

And I certainly didn't mean to step on Lynn's toes here! Just my two cents.

Caroline said...

Thank you Lynn and A Man Called Da-da!

EA RW said...

Thank you for answering my question.

MSG is used in alot of junkfood, processed food, chinese food (Could that be the reason for being thirsty after eating it). When you take water retention in to account.

regarding High bloodpressure question. There is a very simple method/exercise you can do yourself at home. It is called wayne cook. If you need to relax the body. One thing she doesn't mention is that you hold your tongue against the palatum. Inhale through your nose and exhale trough your mouth. You need to connect the Ren Mai meridian to the Du Mai meridian. Front and back of the torso.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: I always appreciate anything that helps people. You are always welcome to add something for people to think about. Just remember to drink lots of water when you fast. As things start to release from your gut and also fat cells, you need to rid them from your body or else they will just redistribute. Fasting with fluids is a good idea (but also do what resonate with you, and I too am not a doctor so please use common sense with this).

@EA RW: Thank you so much for this and sharing info!

John Casey said...

Thanks, Lynn, as always, for your reading!

Craig said...

Lynn about corn products, if it is non gmo would that be ok? Those who are gluten free have little choices.

Raymond G said...

I tried fasting once last year and I made it about 12 hours before I couldn't take it I know some cultures do it annually but I bet they sneak food in on the sly.....:). One thing you might want to consider is magnesium citrate.

I take a multivitamin/ multimineral pill every day with a 81mg aspirin (adult dosage or children's aspirin) The aspirin is suppose to keep your blood thin and help prevent arterial buildup. As well as fighting random infections.

Erin Cheslock said...

Thank you Lynn! As always, you provide incredible insight. <3

joy said...

Re: flavor enhancers.
It is claimed in the internet that those designer "flavor enhancers" contain /or are fetal juices. You know,....those aborted fetuses' juices..?

Thanks, Lynn,
thanks all of you.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Craig: If you can reduce corn, that is best. Consider rice products rather than corn, and try to find a good balance with fruits and veggies.

@Raymond: Thanks for the info and advice!

@Joy: I didn't pick up on anything like that. It all felt very clinical and chemical based. (I hope that isn't true!!)

Thanks for the comments everyone! L&L-

joy said...

I hope so too. ...(that these flavor enhancers are made of fetal juices)
With all the shenanigans of the food companies, and the just avoid these.
If I need flavor enhancers on my water, I add a drop of honey and lemon juice.

PewPewPew said...

I have heard some really amazing things about the herb Artemisinin for use with reversing cancer in dogs and cats. It is derived from the plant sweet wormwood and has been used for years in Chinese medicine. Google Artemisinin and cancer and cats/dogs.

Here is a nice website:

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PewPewPew: Thank you for sharing this. I had never heard of Artemisinin. This could help a lot of our friends out there!!

:D said...

Hello Lynn: noawadays corn is everywhere from food additives to meat production. Chickens, pigsand cows are fed cornand soy. What is wromg with the modern corn? Or is it theniblets sugar the problem? Becaus it hasbeen theMayans main staple from years. Iremember listening that drycorn itis inedible. So natives used lime stone and ashes to destroy something itcontained that way it was edible. Please advice since corn is a staple in many cultures. Thnk u. Love andlight ps. Forget to mention even if meat and dairy isavoided vegetable oil is de out of corn. What are your thoughts on wheat and soy? Thanks in advance.

Judy Koons said...

Thank you Lynn! I have been studying nutrition for many years and love how source can be called on for support and answers. I have recently come across Anthony Williams, Medical Medium and would love a second to his character. Most of what he shares Spirit has also shared with me. And if you also find him to be genuine and of greater good I will recommend him and the information he shares with a happy heart.