Friday, January 8, 2016

Five Photos for Friday #26

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all and welcome to 2016's first Five for Friday (#26). We started with a certain number of images this time and had to toss a bunch out as they were annoying fakes (they appear at bottom in the new FAKES section without explanation or preamble, which is more than they deserve). Anyway, here we go.

Image #1: I Saw Something Nasty in the Castle
So… why does this castle — Glamis Castle in Scotland — seem so sinister and spooky to me? I DO NOT want to go in there, but I couldn't tell you why.

What Lynn Saw
"I would agree. When I see this, I think of the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. The energy tied to this structure has some ominous creepiness. I look at the top middle and I visualize a lot of death. A lot of unrest here. Unsettled energy. The upstairs has an evil feel to it." [Um... I didn't tell Lynn that this is the Queen Mum's residence.]

Image #2: I Saw the Number 58 in Gold
Folks have allegedly found the number 58 in satellite images of both Mars and the Moon, while the bottom pic shows a number 6 (or 9) on Mars. So... real or fake? Are arabic numerals actually part of an ET numbering system? Was it base 10 or base 6?

What Lynn Saw
"I get our numbers are thousands of years old. The first number writing here (Sumerians??) was taught by ETs. Basic numbers (base 10) and a basic alphabet (no vowels) were the first ways to communicate. I also get that base 10 is much newer than the binary number system. All are real except the "Mars 58" at top, that's fake. The ETs were labeling some kind of minerals."

Image #3: Rainbow Clouds
These are what are known as  “nacreous clouds,” but they look otherworldly. Any significance to them?

What Lynn Saw
"Those are cool. I hear something about them being a rainbow in the clouds. When I ask what does that mean, I hear that it has to do with some kind of static electricity in the air, combined with moisuture in the clouds. Combination of static electricity, water, and sunlight creates this effect. I sense this ozone smell underneath, from the static electricity breaking down the water molecules."

[Makes you wonder how many scientists will eventually get their "theories" from Lynn's readings.]

Image #4:  Skeleton Boats
I’ve had this mystery in my quiver for a little while, but had not wanted [Lynn] to look at it, as it’s a bit grisly. [If you think about it, it's quite rude to ask someone who can "see" things to look at potentially nasty murders, like Jack the Ripper.] Anyway, about 15 boats just like this one have been found floating in the sea near Japan with a bunch of skeletons aboard, some of which looked to have been decapitated while alive. They’d been at sea for some time. I don't know why, but I get this has something to do with North Korea.

What Lynn Saw
"Something feels very hostile about this, some underlying anger around North Korea. I get that your feeling re: North Korea is correct. I feel like this was a really big deal. Some treasonous act happened and they corraled these "traitors" into one place where they were tortured while other people watched. It happened about 6-7 months ago. That's about how long they floated before they were found." [Yikes.]

Image #5: Yutu Can Go to the Moon

Here we have China’s first probe (Yutu) to land on the moon. (You, too?) So... is it really on the moon??

What Lynn Saw
"I get it is. So, that makes me ask how it was allowed to get there [by the ETs in control of the moon]. On the light side of the moon, we have areas we're allowed to be -- areas of quarantine, basically -- where humans are permitted to land. It's in a very closed-off location. I feel like [the Chinese] communicated with some kind of ET. I can't see who or what, but I hear, "they got permission.""

That’s it for now. Be sure to validate your moon parking. Join us Friday after next for episode #27.

Fakes/Manipulated Images:


Robert Schoen said...

Awww... was hoping that clay cell phone with Sumerian numbers was real, because I wanted to get a new phone that takes better pictures. Otherwise a great group as usual!

They Live said...

I get a reptilian feel from that castle and its inhabitants, but then again that's the feel I get from the "royals" in general.

icqgirl 2 said...

Yay, a new Five for Friday set!

Thiaoouba Prophecy also mentions that the Arabic numbers that we know and use came from ET's. These numbers are also what the ET's use in the book.

Gotta send the boat a prayer. Aw man.

Raymond G said...

I wonder if there are any ghosts in those old castles and what kind of palace intrigue occurs behind them ? Do you think that the negative energy in those old castles and the Tower of London causes depression in people or motivates them to behave in a negative manner ?

Those are pretty clouds......imagine if you could create them artificially and have them float over your hometown or a resort area during a holiday .......:)

Bee E-lightened said...

What are the last two pucs about?!?

Bee E-lightened said...


joy said...

To Robert Schoen,

RE: clay sumerian cellphone.

This guy , Alberto Canosa has some very entertaining information about these ancient artifacts being found everywhere on earth.

Sheryl said...

Sometimes I wonder if these stories about ghost ships are real. In the past they have been the greatest vehicles toward propaganda, starting with the pirates. Hey, everyone loves the pirates today. No one thinks about how they raped and pillaged, they use these images in the mind as a sort of rebellion. I am not sure why, except for the fact that ppl love mystery. What in the world is the NK up to?

And about that scan of the womb.The one with the supposed alien watching the child. Pure rubbish! Yes, Lynn you are right with that being a dis info.

If you look at clouds with expectations of seeing something, you are likely to see something. The latin word is pareidolia.
wiki explanation for that phenom:

Sheryl said...

Again, I wish I could edit my own comments here. I would like to add that we have to be warriors about information, as we never know what is real and what is dis info, so it is best to research everything and come up with conclusions that suit the soul.
(my soul) is what I spend time researching on. I only want peace and infinite love in our world today, but many do not see things the way I see them. Which is why I have to be on guard, with my mouse in hand. Do the research. It will change your life.

Thanks for being here everyone..let's get down to it.

Sheryl said...

@ Robert...laughing cos that decrepit phone looks like perhaps it was owned by a Zombie?> lol.

Joy, as always thanks for your insight. <3 looking at the link now.

Sheryl said...

says website unavailable with that link, Joy. So i dug deeper and found this, which is Albert, so thanks for this.

I went to Catholic school and was raised in that doctrine am sure I will enjoy this. Here is the link I found to albert.

I found that link as there was no where else to go with it>? well now I am reading and will report back, maybe>? lol

Robert Schoen said...

@joy and Sheryl
Thanks for this site suggestion! The link you posted didn't work bur was easy to find with a google search
It really presents a lot of interesting information and concepts, a lot of which resonate with me, but there is an ego behind the messenger that seems a bit strange, he does youtube talks in Spanish with laptops in the background open to pictures of Al Pacino and last week he was talking about the third world war saying it is coming soon. His notion of living beings being embedded in stone could be the reasoning behind the granite and marble sarcophogi of the Egyptians and Romans. He is Spanish and his condemnation of the Vatican seems rooted in rebellion to that country's extreme religious culture. If the Pope was so evil, how come the British monarchy broke away from them? I'd be interested in Lynn's read on this guy.

BTW, I'm very happy with my Note 4 phone but was interested in getting one of those clay ones for the data plan.

joy said...

hehhhhh....yes, too much ego. Doesn't everybody have one..? We can't deprogram ego. We can only surrender it to Creator.

i tend to ignore these things. i was entertained by those time-travellers that have laptops and phones from another reality, another time. ..and that woman with huge earring-like device for teleportation. wow... I want one..!!!...What an adventure.....!!!

the WW3, and the pope, and those living giants inside the sarcophagi,to me are also interesting information.... One day....we'll know more about them. WW3 is just one of the probable futures. A parallel reality. I have been in many parallel realities. Not to worry. Not everybody will go thru this devastation. Humanity has been undergoing what is called PARALLEL MERGEs started on the 1987 planetary conjunction. All the positive parallels have been merging together as one hologram, and all negative parallels do the same.

The SHIFT that everybody is talking about, is when these two opposing parallels will split.The negative parallel will probably go thru the WW3 to bring down their NWO.The collective imagination is going overtime to animate it. Give it a big chuckle every time you read or hear about it. Chances are, we wont ever experience this catastrophy. By then you'll probably be on your way to the Golden Galaxy, planning your next adventure. the Golden Galaxy is right here, right now.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments!