Friday, December 4, 2015

San Bernardino Shooting

[At first I was avoiding a post that felt like like more fear sharing  (another false flag!), but when I opened the attached link, I saw that the "recent CNN update was at 12:22 am, and with 222 being one of my "number signs" I knew I was meant to respond to all the requests I received to this event by doing a reading..]
Q. Lynn, Can you please do a reading on what you see for the the most recent shooting in San Bernardino?  Thanks.

A.  When I first tune in I get an image from the Wizard of Oz.  I zoom in to the scene where Dorothy walks in to talk to the wizard, and her and her friends (Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow) are terrified at the fire and smoke and loud voice coming out of his "face".  Then, Toto walks over and exposes the "man behind the curtain" and everyone realizes that the idea of a "Wizard" is really a farce..  As I view this "scene" I realize that the situation behind this event is somewhat parallel, and it all begins to unfold. 

I see the Wizard as being the PTB that are trying to get their gun agenda to pass.  The PTB REALLY want Hillary in office because she can be bought and controlled whereas many of the Republicans (especially Trump!) cannot.  There is a two part agenda at work here.  

One, if we get enough fear out there about guns and terror, the Democrats will look more favorable to "the people" because they will get a tight control over guns.  Most Republicans want safe gun laws, but realize that limiting law abiding people puts more guns in bad people's hands. I see Hillary proposing very strict rules and laws... (I see the ultimate control will be to tax guns according to barrel length. Government sees this as a way to earn revenue and also track who has what, and what areas are more "protected.")

Additionally, they will be sure to mention the guns were obtained through legal means, and I also get they will mention the were not being treated for mental illness.  This will further support the theory that serious control will need to be put on guns..

Secondly, money is made during war.  I see WWIII is already starting, but the US hasn't been pulled in full force yet.  Scaring people that ISIS or other groups are here triggers an emotional response that can create a situation that will psychologically get citizens to stand behind a war (that the people can't afford, but the few at the top/PTB will get 

So... The Wizard (aka PTB) are putting on a big show through false flag attacks to get the tension, fear and emotions rising (every news channel is talking about this, they even let the media get into the accused people's residence which would not happen in a "true" terror attack).  In this event, Dorothy and her friends (aka people and the media's audience) are becoming filled with false fear.  

Then my image goes to show me that it is the people seeking alternative news and people that just listen to their intuition are realizing things aren't always as they seem.   Things are just not right and many errors are happening.  As things come forward, it is those people (which start as the underdog much like Toto exposing the Wizard) that will open the eyes to people as to what is going on..

In closing, I would like to take a minute to send some love to the friends and family of those that really were injured.    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


Alice Liu said...

Thanks, Lynn. I'm just leaving a comment so I can get the email follow-ups.

Ryno said...

The 2 crisis false flag actresses haven't shown up for this one, have they?

According to this article,, the author suggests that they were in the movie "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage (6:07 in this clip at Is he right, is that them really in that movie? The younger girl definitely has that crying, hands to the face pose.

Unknown said...

Hopefully the entire psyops will backfire. California already has strict gun control, and the US has an overgrown security apparatus thanks to 9/11 hysteria...and still terrorist activity happens. People may say, to heck with it, it isn't working, dismantle it all. Hopefully!

A Man Called Da-da said...

If someone doubts the false flagginess of this remind them:

DRILLS before 9-11
DRILLS before Paris
DRILLS before San Bernardino
DRILLS before Boston Marathon
DRILLS before Sandy Hook

Even people who can't spot patterns can spot this one.

DRILLS = False Flag

Keep an eye out for wherever the Powers That Were are doing drills. Understand what's going on, because you won't fear what you understand.

joy said...

OK, I'm still not clear.
This is a false flag. This is....the PTW staged this
massacre event with actors and actresses.
Did anyone got killed..?
Were the shooters killed..?

Sheryl said...

Thanks Da-da and Lynn for all you do to help ppl see what's going on.

None of it makes sense. I watched a couple of videos and I could see the journalists are literally shaking they are so excited to be surrounded by all the personal items of this couple. Her clothes in the closet, all their ID and passports, shredded papers, files of paperwork, blankets, pics of family members, the Quran, blankets -- the babys sippy cup in the sink !!!!(btw the baby is only 6 mos old, am sure the baby can't hold it yet, but there it is). The media wants us to SEE with our own EYES that these ppl could be your neighbor and "look, you just cannot trust anyone, look at them they looked so NORMAL to you BUT no they are not, they are terrorists!!!!!" FEAR THEM FEAR EVERYTHING, blah blah so we can protect you!!!! I bet CNN has the picture of the woman terrorist and is holding it back for the grand FINALE! Everyone will go nuts over that picture, no doubt.

SO then the keyboard warriors go at it double time on social media sites, this time bagging on CNN, which honestly was kind of shocking to read how ppl ARE AWAKE, but only on their computers!
This whole scene now is blowing my MIND how everyone is seeing thru it and blasting the media and calling them every name in the book about their blatant fear mongering YET ppl are only doing this outrageous uproar from behind their screens. In most ppls daily lives a WORD will not be said --well, it won't be said like it is in the comment sections. There is no more will left to fight with. Ppl have lost all their strength and the spell was cast already and ppl are very VERY AFRAID.

So, it's working. This reality we are in is like the Twilight Zone or something and also if you have never watched the series'Black Mirror' this shit show is MIRRORING (pardon the pun) what is going on here. 'Black Mirror' is a British Sci-Fi series on Netflix and it is about ppl who are totally connected to their PCs and tablets and live their lives out ONLY on screens, anyways it's a weird show and if you have't seen it, it's worth a watch.

Now, they know we are all watching them. THEY KNOW THIS and they are getting a real kick out of it, too. Just creepy is what it is.

Sheryl said...

@Joy , yes 14 ppl were killed and one of them was an officer but no time to mention that whilst their clammy journalist hands are on the personal effects. Also it took them 2 days of arguing whether it was a workplace argument or a terror act. I guess they define shooters differently now and base what they call it on skin color and race. WHY? because they want us all to hate each other. Seems to be workng, if you read any comment section anywhere about anything. The human race is turning into it's lowest form and the media is driving it. Materialism has led us back down the road to being ANIMALS and we are regressing now into a caveman like being!

Let me say right now how much I love all of you and every human on this planet. Even the journalists, because they need the most love today, more than anyone.

Sheryl said...

Some visuals as a picture is worth a thousand words.

and the video

Alice Liu said...

Daily Mail is saying the wife "was so devout her in-laws had never seen her face" and didn't talk to men (yet was studying to be a pharmacist!), so she could have have been anybody. And now the FBI is investigating this as an act of terror, but in regard to the apartment, "The search is over at that location"...without dusting for fingerprints or taking the passports!?! Is their arrogance making them sloppy or are they playing games by making this so obvious?

Robert Schoen said...
Oh my God, Ryno, that's both of them! The Meryl Streep of Mayhem herself, although her acting range is rather limited. I think humor is a great way to deflate propaganda and point out to others what a pretend world we live in without having to rant.

Here's another great yputube on Meyrl that will hae you laughing

Alpha X said...

I will be so happy if we can get people to understand that all of these attacks are false flags like you say might/will happen. These attacks and the response to them seem to be more and more obviously fake each time they do them that at this point I'm honestly surprised when people don't question them even though that's what I've come to expect from people.

I know they so badly want WWIII to happen and if we can expose these false flags that they're using to incite it, even if that happens after the war has already begun, we have a real shot of changing... well, everything.

Also as a side note, I feel like a lot of the reason that many people are waking up to this stuff is that there is a massive disconnect between the old people in power and the younger citizens who grew up with the internet and are much more worldly. The old and powerful don't understand the younger generations right now and thus are less able to fool them, to put it simply.

EA RW said...

Like lynn told us in some readings that governments are losing their grip on humanity.

The news stories of the last week is that the dutch government ( not my government ) are helping to bomb certain targets in syria and iraq.

And recently saw a dutch license plate with the following 80-PTB-8. It is offtopic but still...

I agree on most posts. For some reason we still want live in a bubble a.k.a our comfort zone. I have this strange thought of were in time we as humanity have linked money to survival in our heads.

To simply put it the consciousness is raising. So we are doing a fine job in contributing. There is such a generation gap...

chinny said...

I watch some of the videos in Youtube too exposing some of the facts that the shooting was indeed staged and is poised to make a huge war out of the Middle East. What's even more intriguing was why the media was allowed to enter to the apartment and then messing up some of the evidences and is it true that the investigation in the apartment was within less than 48 hours or they did it on purpose of creating false evidences as proof?

I'm starting to get aware about what's going on, its getting more louder with the economy, racism divide and conquer, Hitler-esque fear tactics for totalitarian control and everything. During my meditation, I am focused on surviving this ordeal and become something relevant in the times ahead. On where would I live after (whether it is on my own country or somewhere else) the whole "fight", who'll be accompany me into my journey etc. I also believe that what you are now will be different when these things fall into play and I don't want to fall on the negative side of it or even influenced by others whose intentions are bad.

I feel that there will be more loud noises ahead, especially in the Philippines, which is now being two-faced between US and China for influence.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you Sheryl for answering Joy's question. Yes, people were killed, and the shooter were picked and chosen to be the patsys in all this.

@Dada: You are so on target. If you see a drill happening, most likely it is a stage being set up for a false flag. Just be cautious.

Thank you everyone for sharing info and leaving comments.

John Casey said...

Also important to note that this attack took the "Nato (Turkey) is a state sponsor of terrorism story the Russians rolled out" right off the page.

How long can this horrible travesty go on? Does it seem to anyone else that the frequency of these false-flag incidents is rising? Not sure whether that signals desperation or just reflects their "untouchablity".

John Casey said...

Toto exposes the Wizard as a fraud. Does the PTB Wizard ever get exposed?

Sheryl said...

Yes, well thankyou Lynn. I am a very passionate person and I know I am very new to this board and perhaps my thoughts put here yesterday felt like a rant. I have to say that I have not spoken publicly for some time, as I have been attacked and ridiculed before for having such strong opinion, so I had retreated into my shell, knowing what I know and felt it was better to keep it to myself. But now I refuse to do that any longer. And I know it is impossible to remain love and light without a little rant about what is going on around us, it is inevitable that we should be angry. And in my mind, anger is better than fear.

So I do thank you and everyone here for sharing all that you do. I get frustrated as I am racking my brain trying to figure out a solid way to unite us all so that we can combat this entity, this thing, this evil.

But then I realise we are already doing that and I don't have to do it alone and it makes me happy that finally, I am here.

Alice Liu said...

@Sheryl -- I have been feeling the same way. And, like you, I am no longer keeping it to myself either as I feel "love & light" doesn't really work within a shroud of (other people's) denial. However, instead of viewing your outspokenness as anger, think of it as courage. Courage has a purpose and calling. You are not alone.

samferina said...

Hmm so with all this wizard of Oz reference does anybody find it odd that they just showed the wiz live on Thursday night? A coincidence I think not

jana said...

You would think pointing to the sky would work....GOLDEN!!

Buddhist Lady said...

Robert...THANK YOU for the Meryl Streep of Mayhem comedy link. I absolutely howled!! Someone has a great sense of humor. The one of bare-chested Putin enfolding her in his arms was particularly horrifying!!! Whoo, whoo!!!

Sheryl said...

@alice- thanks for the perspective on that. I am an empath by nature and I really believe a lot of women are empathetic. I was reading last night about Nostrodamus and the 900 women who are to save the earth and it really resonated with me for some reason. After reading about it, I did realise I am not alone, and thanks again for confirming that to me. Lately I have been letting my own angry energy just drop out of me and leaving it to someone else to be angry about but sometimes it comes out in big bursts, which I am trying to tamper down a bit, as it messes with my own energy. Thanks again for the kind words.

@samferina- The Wiard of Oz plays every year for as long as I can remember after Thanksgiving right before the Christmas holidays. I think it has been that way from the year one of TVs. I remember it was one of the first shows every *colorized*. I can't remember all the details, but are many symbols not only in the program, but in parts of the programming. A lot to learn about this subject of Oz. Perhaps they want to remind us subliminally of that Wizard each year? So, you are right it is no coincidence. <3

Sheryl said...

To Ryno- I did enjoy the video of the memes and wanted to say that this has really helped to unveil all the propaganda, and this is why it is so obvious now how awake ppl are, as they are engaging in conversation and now it seems obvious to everyone. However, the PTB want everyone to see what they are doing, so to me, that is even scarier that they are such psychopaths that they go thru such an elaborate series of set up schemes to try and trick us and fool us outright with no shame.

Oh, and wow, about the movie with Nicholas Cage, at first I didn't understand what the point was, and had to watch it a few times and saw that girl at the end. WOW. This is just insane. Thanks for sharing. <3

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, there's a False Flag ALERT for Downtown San Jose, CA, at The CAT:

maria cafe said...

The Wizard of Oz is usually aired near Easter.
Is the black version aired every Thanksgiving?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments and sharing.

Dada: Yes. I see it this way. Thank you for the article outlining it. Very Important!

John: All things eventually come to an end. Life and experiences are all births and deaths of something else. This paradigm will also end, as something new will be born to replace it.

samferina said...

@Marie not sure when they play the movie Verizon
@Sheryl I was referring to the "the wiz" version not the original this is the first time they ever done that live on tv

Sheryl said...

OoOOo samferina oOo OKAY haha showing my age here, as I really don't even know anything about THE WIZ. Well, now that I have googled it, not sure I want to.

-Peaceful days and Ponderous Nights

Psychic said...

Lynn, what did you meant by "222 being my number sign?

Does that mean something was telling you to do the reading?