Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mystery Murder in Lund, Sweden

Q. Hi, I think you should do a reading on this, especially as the anniversary of this event is closing in.

Outside of the town of Lund in southern Sweden, there is a water-filled abandoned quarry located in a nature reserve on a ridge. It is a popular place to go swimming in the summer, and concerts are held in the quarry.

The place has very special energies, and is known for unexplained phenomena, such as orbs in and near the water.

On the night between December the 9th and 10th in 2014, a murder took place in the quarry.  A professional soldier (named Jonas Runnemark) living nearby killed his wife Emma by hitting her head with a sledge hammer. He then drove her and their 9 months old daughter to the quarry, and pushed their bodies over a cliff.  They fell on to a plateau some 10 meters down. The man climbed down and hit their heads against the ground, making sure they were dead. Then he called for an ambulance.

Picture of the quarry
Picture of Jonas Runnevik

During the trial, he claimed that after their first child was born, he began to hear voices which exhorted him to kill his wife and child. The voices progressively grew out of his control.

What was really behind this murder? Was he possessed by some evil entity, and if so, what was it's purpose?

How has this event affected the energies of this place? Do you sense that there is something natively special with the energies of this place, and if so, what do you think is it's source?
A. As I tune into this I hear the phrase that he suffered a version of an "induced split personality."  As I gain clarity, I get that something that happened in the military exposed him to a toxin that poisoned his system.  This poisoning lowered his vibration which opened him up to a psychic attack. 

The psychic attack that happened to him caused him to hear voices. The voices belonged to a being that was trying to work through him.  At first it was mild, and then it grew in intensity (because he didn't fight them off or properly protect himself).  I keep hearing a phrase "You will be my soldier" and understand this to mean that was what the being would say over and over to him.  He heard this over and over to the point he agreed, and that "agreement" basically gave the entity permission to do what it felt it needed to do...

As the voices got worse, I see he set up a self defense by sort of consciously "checking out" and letting the being take over.  I get he has memory lapses of time when this would happen, and some things he remembers like a dream (and isn't sure if they happened or if he imagined it).  

At the time he murdered his wife and daughter, I get he was in one of those "detached" moments. He was still out of it when he drove them to the cliff and pushed them over.  It wasn't until he climbed down and he knew they were passed that he came to.  He had a realization as to what he did and called for help, but it was too late.

There is something special with the energies there.  I cannot define them as good or bad, but rather very intense.  There are many beings present.  They look to be drawn there by some kind of energy vortex that looks to be at the bottom of the water (something about the earth itself at the base of the water).  I want to say this is the site of an ancient burial ground... I get the more this land was worked, the "stranger" and more intense it got.  The workers left, but the energy remained...

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


Hannon said...

What motives does such an entity have in these attacks? What do they gain from this? Also, was the Toxin a vaccine?

They Live said...

This story sounds exactly like what happened in the t.v. series Twin Peaks. Many truths in shows and movies.

The Beanpod said...

Thank for your this insight, Lynn. Can you tell us if the right person was apprehended for the murder of Lisa Holm in Sweden as well? Thanks so much.

The enlightened one said...

Exactly my thought! That would be very interesting to know.

Do you think you can elaborate more on the purpose behind this act?
Was this poor man randomly chosen to just commit a random act of horror,
or is there a deeper purpose behind the way this act was "designed"?

The enlightened one said...

@The Beanpod
I have not followed the case that closely, but since there is DNA-evidence, it seems to be the right person. Then there are always conspiracy theories, of course. A Spaniard in this Swedish forum
speculates that circumstances around the murder can be seen as a caballistic message, and that it was a ritualistic murder committed by Jews.

I don't know how much truth there is in this, but there IS some VERY STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCES indeed surrounding this murder. For example, 13 days prior to the murder, a faked Youtube-account named Lisa Holm uploaded this video named... 13.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

When I got that this guys was subjected to a toxin, it felt more like some type of chemical testing (like in weaponry). It was something new, and he wasn't properly protected. It could have been a vaccine (which is logical in the military), but it looked like it was inhaled. (Do you inhale vaccines ever???).

He was vulnerable, and in the area. It has a random feeling to it (even thought the universe knows has its' reasons). Others were attacked, but fought it off. This man just fell weak to it. This being did it to gain some kind of strength. It looks as if it fed on the low vibration tied to the entire event.

susan said...

Hi Lynn,

I wanted to ask you if the moon landing by the USA was faked.

There is a video out where Stanley Kubrick reveals that he created a video for the USA government on the moon landing that was faked.

Kubrick created a confessional video to be released 15 years after his death confessing that he faked the moon landing and that the astronauts lived with this deceit for a long time. This video was released lately. Could you comment on this and reveal if he spoke the truth on the matter...thanks!

susan said...

Stanley Kubrick's video confession ...

teri peaches said...

Why would an entity do this to a human being? What is their motive and gain?? I don't understand. It it just because they are evil and no other reason why?? Where are your spirit guides at this time?

Hannon said...

Lynn, when they feed off the energy of such horrible things, is it more like creating an energy pocket closer to their own vibration that has a comfortable resonance with their's, or is it feeding as in eating an order of fries?

If it's creating an energy space they like, is there a way to create an energy environment they like on purpose(without hurting others), then containing them their, like some kind of segregation policy? Or does that muck up the life lesson, soul growth model too much?

The enlightened one said...

But if the only purpose was to feed of the negative energy, why go through all the trouble of transporting the bodies to the quarry? It seems the event is horrific enough without this part of the act? Why was it considered worth the trouble?

joy said...

What motive ...?
Allow me to share what I know.

It appears, we are multidimensional beings. That in other realities, we made agreements with other entities, that are not always for our own best interest.
We create karmic ties that result in karmic retributions. But we do not always know these. So, here comes a non-physical entity demanding something.I have had many of these encounters. I even am given certain disease, just to "remind" me of whatever I did (NO, I don't buy into this. I am trying to tell you dear to get out of these situations)

The first thing I do would be to RESCIND any agreement I or anyone in my body made with this play this game. BE FIRM. You are the authority. Start YELLING. Don't take NO for an answer.You may even want to address the entity directly.Ask to be forgiven. Ask to be released to your own path. Ask to be left alone. In return, forgive and release this entity to its I AM Presence. Then go into your heart and ask your Spirit to make it so. It may keep trying its luck, but if you are firm and centered in your I AM Presence, it will go away.

joy said...

also, i noticed that possessions and attacks of low level entities have reached an epidemic proportions among those called "lightworkers" during the past few years. the reason is that these lightworkers have been cleaning karmic matrices out of their genetic lineage, replacing these densified energies in their DNAs, with light. Part of lightbody building. Karmas done by ancestors may come to haunt them in the form of attempted possessions or attacks.. This is called FALSE karma. The cure is the same. Work with your I AM Presence.

The Beanpod said...

@The enlightened one

Thank you for your response. Something about this case doesn't seem right, and it's just my intuition speaking so I really have no idea, that is why I asked Lynn, I have been thinking about it for months...

there is also this theory

Where does the truth lie? I feel like the public rarely knows it, and often the innocent get blamed.

The enlightened one said...

@The Beanpod
After having read up on the Lisa Holm case, I agree with you, something doesn't smell right with this case. I noticed another strange numerological correlation. The car of the Lithuanians had the number plate CGF-170. If you replace the letters with their position in the alphabet, this becomes 376-170. This is significant because she was killed on 7/6 and was 17 years old.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Someone had asked: But if the only purpose was to feed off the negative energy, why go through all the trouble of transporting the bodies to the quarry? It seems the event is horrific enough without this part of the act? Why was it considered worth the trouble?... I get that the "source" of all this wanted them brought back as a way to feed the negative energy (??). It was as if the negativity rooted from there, so it wanted the result of negative energy to return there...