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More on Morgellons...

Q. Hi Lynn, could you see what is happening with Chemtrails (and the effects) together with Morgellons Disease (connected to Chemtrials)? There are some scary stories on the net so I chose to copy some headings (below) from YouTube video’s and also a number of statements from the net. Is Morgellons what people are suspecting it is?

* A number of people living in Arizona have discovered that they have blood levels of Aluminum or Barium 150 times higher than the amount considered safe. Many are experiencing the classic symptoms of Barium poisoning. Barium damages the immune system, causes dose-related muscle weakness up to total paralysis including the heart & lung muscles. Even trees and plants are covered in fibers/fungus/web.
*An Arizona Doctor speaks out after finding high levels of Barium contamination in his patients: “… patients are coming in with frequent headaches, sinus congestion, asthma and ear infections… I attribute this to the chemicals which our government is spraying in OUR air!
… the “hair analysis” labs which I run on some of my patients are all indicating HIGH levels of Barium. My own hair analysis indicated high Barium levels… high levels of barium in our hair means either barium is being stored from digestion or the hair is being contaminated by an outside source [barium from chemtrails]. I am quite concerned with this violation of our environment by a government that denies it is occurring… One only has to step outside and look up at the sky to see our tax dollars at work”
*“Polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle has studied atmospheric polymers for years. He has found that some of them contain bioactive materials, which can cause “serious skin lesions and diseases when absorbed into the skin.” He has identified microscopic polymers comprised of genetically-engineered fungal forms mutated with viruses. He says that trillions of fusarium (fungus virus mutated spores), which secrete a powerful mico-toxin, are part of the air we breathe. Some people report small rocks and fiber coming out of their skin. ”

People’s thoughts and ideas:
*Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the human genome. It is the fetal stage of transhumanism, and it is upon us.
* “Delusions of Parasitosis.” Just before the “explosion” of Morgellons here in the United States, the CDC sent letters out to physicians across the country stating that they were seeing an increase of patients with ‘DOP’. Coincidence? I think not. They were covering their tracks, so to speak.
* Delusions do not cause oozing skin lesions, flying insects, worms, fungus, molds, plants, colored fibers and fiber bundles, polka-dotted, multi-colored plaques or crystals of different shapes/colors. These are just a few of the symptoms associated with this mutation process, based on one’s genetic pre-disposition.
*Morgellons sufferers are outsourced bioresearch test subjects for the Global Governments, and so are you.
*Imagine finding a black speck sprouting a blue fiber from a strange layer of skin that has formed over one of your open skin lesions. Then imagine finding the same black speck and the same blue fiber on a grain of rice. I did. It was impossible to distinguish which came from my skin and which was from the rice. What is this?
*Why are ‘they’ putting DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide ) into the Chemtrails? DMSO is a carrier. Is it in the Chemtrails to get the heavy metals into our bodies? 

(Part II) Hi Lynn, further to my recent comment asking about Chem trails and also with questions as from forums and YouTube, I have just found this video in regards to chem'webs' which are seemingly falling from the sky (with chem trails) and also related to Morgellon's disease. These chem 'webs' are the weirdest looking 'things' and apparently also carrying worms & parasites and diseases to the planet world wide. Are the pics on this video real .. if so why are these ugly looking webs full of worms and bugs being dropped on us? Seemingly the levels of Aluminium Uranium and Barium have increased in many different countries.

A. I see chemtrails serving a couple purposes.  The first thing is weather manipulation.  Controlling the weather is something that has been sought after for both defensive and offensive tactics.   It can be used as a weapon, and also used to control local climates.  With the current earth wobble that is going on, governments also wish to be able to control weather to semi mitigate the effects of the "dipping" effect of the north pole.  

I get that they haven't completely mastered how to do this, but they experiment often in attempts to fine tune the technique.  They use high amounts of metallic components in the atmosphere, and blast those particles with a certain frequency to try to achieve a certain result.  Many disasters have been caused (some intentional and some not) during this learning process.  The metal particles that fall to the earth can have harmful effects to the people they fall on, but that is referred to as "collateral damage" for those that are trying to master this weather technique.

The other main purpose of chemtrails to is control people.  I see different geographic areas testing different things depending on the atmospheric conditions associated to that area.  Some places test various parasites as part of a bio-weapon, and the cures for them.  Other places test chemicals to see how docile or agitated people appear to be.  There are many cause and effect situations going on, and the population is a great way to for them to see how different types of chemical agents react on the human body.  

Morgellons (and other chemtrail induced illnesses) is very real.  I get that some blood types are much more sensitive (and the ones that end in a + are less ??).  That doesn't mean that if you have + blood you cannot get a different form of chemtrail induced illness, but i see you are less likely to get Morgellons (if I understand my image correctly)..

Be safe, be cautious and stay healthy.  Love and light- Lynn

I have touched on this topic before.  Here is a link to a recent reading:
There are some others as well that can be found by typing Morgellons in the search window.


They Live said...

What are some natural remedies to cleanse the body of these metals?

Joao Gomes said...

Lynn, good evening!
Recently (specially in the 2. half of the year) cases of Microencephalitis in newborns skyrocketed in Brazil (up to today 2,800 cases have been reported in 2015 more than 10 times above the cases registered in the previous year). Can you possibly check into this and give us the real cause?

(If you want google for "microencephalitis in Brazil 2015"but I avoided to copy and paste a link into this comment because they always give the oficial explanation for it in the headlines which might bias your insight.)

Thank you for your this very informative post on morgellons and chemtrails!

Vegan Ricky said...

I have briefly had telepathic interchange with an individual involved with weather manipulation in the Chicagoland region. This does NOT suggest that I fully understand the whole scope of who's all involved and how large of an organization they are composed of. All I know is that I *have* on a few occasions communicated with whom I sensed being an ET, simultaneously wondering if this ET is merely an overseer of humans who manage this operation.

It does appear that weather is to behave in accordance to corporate functions. Example: Majority of accumulating snowfall events take place during and after rush hour (evening/overnight), on weekends and during holiday. During such winter weather events, "dry slots" appear out of nowhere, usually permeating well populated areas, again, depending on time of day. It's all based on convenience.

Majority of severe thunderstorm complexes do weaken when entering the Chicago area, but an occasional small tornado or wind damage will be "allowed" within city limits to meet status quo and quiet public speculation of suspicious weather behavior. The FB public has displayed their suspicions on more than one occasion!

The individual who I have had contact with has answered my requests (thank you)! and has gotten annoyed with me a couple of times for making the same request twice. I have sensed resistance or how does one say, "I already know (why are you bugging me about that again?)"

That's all I have to contribute to this topic for now--my experience shows more of manipulation of weather to convenient corporate functions/business rather than defensive/offensive--which wouldn't surprise me one bit.

wendy tascione said...

Vegan makes no sense to deliberately. .change the weather for corporate. Some ET..fooled you. It is going to be used for wars against us and other countries.

aham bramhasmi said...

Hi Lynn, I have noted that a lot of things mentioned in your posts match up with my guru's teachings. His name is Avdhoot Baba Shivandji. His website is , you should check it out. I think you will enjoy his perspective and teachings. Thank you for all your wonderful posts! May the mother and father of the universe bless you.

Courtney Lynn said...

I was wondering if you were going to mention rh- blood. I'm done some research in both and it seems as though we all have com in contact with this but for some reason the rh- blood types seem to reject it and it forces it's self out of the skin causing lesions. There was a lady who lived in the mountains on near Oregon and she did some really interesting research into this. She was collecting rain samples and watching the morgelans fibers grow under a microscope. She has a blog I should try to find it again, it was several years back whenni came across it. This is one of those topics I really don't like to think about because I'm also rh- and I'm pretty good at manafesting my thoughts. Creepy!

Courtney Lynn said...

I was wondering if you were going to mention rh- blood. I'm done some research in both and it seems as though we all have com in contact with this but for some reason the rh- blood types seem to reject it and it forces it's self out of the skin causing lesions. There was a lady who lived in the mountains on near Oregon and she did some really interesting research into this. She was collecting rain samples and watching the morgelans fibers grow under a microscope. She has a blog I should try to find it again, it was several years back whenni came across it. This is one of those topics I really don't like to think about because I'm also rh- and I'm pretty good at manafesting my thoughts. Creepy!

The enlightened one said...

Psychically, I sense that morgellons is only a continuation of the "denaturalization" of planet Earth, which has taken place in the 20th and 21th century, with unnatural and toxic elements being spread in the environment. This is the same thing only targeting the human body instead of the environment. It is truly alien, because it is a physical representation of an energy alien to earth. I sense that the morgellons is also a virus. And just like a computer virus gets access to locked parts of a computer, parts inteded to be static and unchanged, in the same manner the morgellons gets access to modify and manipulate parts of the human body supposed to be static. These parts are finetuned to Earth, and the morgellons might alter the human body in such a way that it becomes alien to Earth.

Concerning chemtrails, I sense that there are different levels, from military people up to negative ET:s, which is the highest level. Each level has it's own purpose for suporting chemtrails, but only the highest level knows the true purpose. All other purposes held by lower levels is only to motivate the lower levels to support and create chemtrails. From a military point of view, chemtrails may be supported as a weapon. Civilian officials may see it as a weather manipulation tool. But to the ET:s, who know the true purpose, it is a metaphysical tool to lower the vibration of Earth, in order to be able to remain here. I see that chemtrails act like a plug and hinders the free flow of energy and thereby also the ascension of Earth.

@Vegan Ricky
Very interesting thoughts! I think you are right about them altering weather in the way you describe.

Craig said...

Lynn who do you believe is authorizing and implementing these chem trails? I have read that anyone who has questioned authorities, military or otherwise, always is told that either these are just vapor trails l that no one knows what the questioner is talking about, or they keep getting referred to agency after agency and wind up where they started.

joy said...

i left st augustine florida because continuous 24/7 chemtrail sprayings that gave me post nasal drips. Too bad, the beautiful condo was offered to me for free lifetime use, I had to refuse.

Am aware that the negative, low-vibrational 4D ETs who comprise the "SHADOW GOVERNMENT" use chemtrails to terraform (geoengineer)our atmosphere to make it more suitable for their eventual physical presence in our atmosphere. Within these ET groups,... are the best blackmagicians in the whole universe and they subjugated us from the ancient times thru black magic.They planned this whole bloodletting, leading to WW3 as a ritual blood sacrifice to the archons. The archons are nothing but illusory conjurations ,called egregores,created by these black-magicians from the low-astral sewer. They have no life-force, so are animated by blood sacrifices done thru the ages. ( inquisitions, Aztec blood rituals, wars, serial killers,)
Their plan was to use the full force of the archons to wrap up the total enslavement of the humans thru their NWO.

The USA and the UN govt are completely under these negative ETs. You see chemtrails MAINLY inside the USA, because USA was established by them,...and is supposed to be their administrative hub after their engineered chaos.

The cabal is the negative ET's front. They have cloned,mind-controlled, PRODUCED HALF-BREEDS with earth women,and possessed them to do their bidding. Of course, you can only be mind-controlled if you have an energy that resonate with their mean and nasty energy, or they can probably weaken a person's resolve if that person does not know he can kick them out of his energy field.

Wow. I told you some STUFF.

When the 144,000 built their LIGHTBODIES, they passed these particles of light thru their DNAs. DNAs are multidimensional, holographic fractals.INFORMATION. It has its own language. the Language Of Light. I know that the negative ETs messed up with our DNAs.....and as we mutate into light, they also mutate into light with us. This light is a slow cooking poisonous infection to their system,....and you are now witnessing its effect among the insane population of USA and EU.

Your bodies will in a short time, begin to emit LIGHT. This is what everybody is referring to as the SHIFT. Internal shift.

I ASK YOU NOT TO ANIMATE THE DARK SIDE....BECAUSE......hehh I don't know the because, but you will.
SO, GO AHEAD, IF YOU FEEL INTIMIDATED BY THE DARK SIDE,....LAUGH AT IT. get a dictating machine, record some canned laughter in it and every time you hear how bad this dying world is,.....turn that laughter on full blast. POKE FUN. GO HAVE A BEER. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO DO. PLAY, DANCE, deep breathe, bless.
We'll be out'a here sooner than later.

( don't have any religion, but I like christmas)

Vegan Ricky said...

It has always been my understanding that the weapon aspect of weather modification has not been used in that way (war) against the United States, and further more, those weather events in the criteria of natural disasters that have taken place in the U.S. (Katrina, Sandy, Joplin, etc..) have been carefully monitored by U.S. and not at all perceived as a threat against them. As for other, smaller, nations are concerned, probably a different scenario.

I do not get a sense that those in control of the weather are at war with one another (China, Russia, etc..). If anything, the impression I've received is that the these governments (at this level, anyway) are in cooperation with one another-- with an understanding. There might even be an exchange of assistance.

Upon introspection on my telepathic exchange, there is no indication that I have been falsely led to believe one thing over another. My feelings hold strong that the information conveyed to me has been genuine and with respect.

Craig said...

One more question, for growing food, is the rain always contain these chemicals, etc? I notice they spray before it rains. Been thinking I should cover my veggie plants with clear plastic like a mini greenhouse to minimize that contact.

Alice Liu said...

@Vegan Ricky -- I found your post interesting as well, and it makes complete logical sense for corporate interests to do things for completely frivolous reasons. It is the nature of corruption.

@wendy tascione -- "It makes no sense..." is not a logical argument. Many people who don't believe in the existence of chemtrails say exactly the same thing...."It makes no sense (to me or my beliefs) therefore it's not true).

@The enlightened one -- Thank you for your post on the "denaturalization" of planet Earth. It's given me a lot to think about.

They Live said...

@Vegan Ricky Corporations are the true governments and states/countries.

Flood said...

Totally off-topic, but does anyone have information on this incredible end of December heat, or know what's really going on? What happened to Clif High's and the web bots forecasts of a coming ice age, colder winters at the very least, and the polar vortex possibly pushing down lower than usual? Wintertime is officially here now and it's in the 80's and 70's up and down the east coast and southern states. It has been 79 degrees and muggy here in NC for days now. Yeah, I'm complaining, because really I like colder weather, but jesus if it's 80 degrees in December, what is this coming summer going to be, 120 or 130 every day? I'm hoping this is just unstable erratic swings in weather patterns, that some have predicted would happen, and this heat isn't gonna be the new norm. If it is I'm gonna have to migrate north, sorry but I like it colder. We need the sunshine, but we don't need the heat and mugginess. The sun isn't even shining in NC, it's just cloudy, hot, and muggy.

Flood said...

And yes, chemtrails are still going quite strong here in NC. I watch them spray at least a few every day, and some days there is heavy spraying with jets going back and forth across the sky all day. And then a sunny day becomes a white-out and is made an overcast cloudy day.

Flood said...

Simply put, is this just unstable erratic weather patters, or global warming? I read recently that global warming is a lie, and that it's not occuring, but if you lived in the U.S. over the past couple of weeks you might think it's happening. Record high temperatures are being set across half the country.

And to the opposite of the information out there arguing for global warming, I read an article recently showing that polar ice caps and glaciers were growing in size, which supports the theory of the earth cooling and a coming ice age. So which is true? I dunno.

And last of all, do the chemtrails make the atmosphere cooler in the short term by blocking out the sun, but in the long-term they are going to make the earth hotter(global warming)? Or will they have a negligible effect because of a supposed coming ice age? And then we have the information and predictions out there about ocean levels rising and current coastlines going under, but I don't see how that can happen with a coming ice age and the earth getting cooler. Maybe the expando earth theory fits into that and can explain that.

Me personally, I'd rather the earth get a little cooler instead of a little hotter. If you get cold, hey, start a campfire. I'm not looking forward to 120 and 130 degree summer days for months on end.

Any thoughts on the whole global warming theory versus coming ice age theory are welcome. I know this is off-topic, but it's what's on my mind at the moment.

Flood said...


Hi, you are saying some of us will be outta here soon. To where? A small portion of humanity who is fully lightbody developed and going to 5th dimension land? And the rest? We all get shit on? I've listened to the whole ascension with 2 earth scenarios, no ascension with 3 earth scenarios, etc., promises for years now, and still nothing. I agree and understand that there are multiple, maybe even infinite probable timeline scenarios for planet earth, but it makes more sense to me that all of humanity is on the same boat, we are all on the same earth. And that if ascension takes place it will be right here, on this earth now, with the people who are still alive and here at that moment. And if the dark ones terraform and destroy the entire planet, kill off humanity and enslave what's left of it, well , it will be on this earth, the one we are on right now. The whole dimensional split multiple earth's thing doesn't make much sense to me. It seems to me humanity is all in the same boat. Although yes, every individual's probable future is different, according to the choices they make and their vibration.

Flood said...

@The Enlightened One

I'm not a psychic, but just from the research I've done, I agree chemtrails have a multi-layered purpose. I have often wondered what those pilots up there in those spray jets are thinking when they are making spray runs and raining down that stuff on their families, friends, and neighbors. You are right, they have been told it's for a good purpose, for instance; you are spraying to combat global warming, or we are training and testing some atmospheric weapon just in case we have to use it on some foreign enemy country. And they believe what they are doing is right and for the good. They don't know the higher, or the lower, sinister purposes of it, as you have stated. And maybe it's willful ignorance and they don't want to know, because it would shatter what their whole lives have been built upon.

The enlightened one said...

I have been thinking on this as well. 22 C for New York on Christmas sounds quite extreme, as the average high in December is 5 C. We have been having an unusually warm December and November in Sweden as well. I don't think it means it's gonna be a warm summer as well. Rather, I think it is like a seesaw effect. Warmer winters mean colder summers and vice versa. One weather station in Sweden measured higher temperatures on Christmas than on midsummer!

As for New York and the US East Coast, I read it was caused by the third strongest el Nino ever recorded. So it seems it is winds bringing in warmer air from elsewhere. But it is very weird indeed that the temperature peeked on Christmas, a day when most people do want it cold. So it seems to me almost like there is some intelligence to the weather pattern. This could mean haarp and chemtrails, or it could mean that people's emotions and thoughts have manifested physically in such a way, or it could mean both.

Touching upon what joy/VeganRIcky mentioned earlier, it seems to me there has been a pattern the latest few years, with cooling off being interrupted in December by warm winds, only to continue in January.

The temperature graph of some places just south off the equator (where it should be summer and getting warmer) seems off as well. The temperature should be rising in those places now, but in Bamako, it isn't.

See this graph:äder-bamako.html?v=historik
It only covers a month, but you can make it cover a year by changing 2015 to 2014 in the start date, then click "visa".

I think global warming is true, but I also sense that it is because of many factors, such as:
1) People living in northern latitudes have lost contact with nature. This has made nature on northern latitudes weak, because we do not focus on it, busy as we are with urban distractions. Nature on northern latitudes therefore become weak and finds it harder to manifest natural phenomena such as snow.
2) Snow is a symbol of peace, cleanness and harmony. We live in a time when we will "meet ourselves", according to Inca indians. This means we will meet the physical representation of our own inner turmoil and uncleanness (from negative emotions). This manifests in a less snow-prone world.

Flood said...

@The Enlightened One

Thanks for your thoughts. It really seems likes the planet's climate and weather is just becoming a world of extremes and totally unpredictable. Like you can't really say oh it's global warming or oh it's global cooling because there are pockets of violent extremes everywhere now. Overall it seems like the planet's climate and weather is becoming less habitable for humans.

Here in NC we have a taste of all four seasons, and a variety of seasonal temperatures and weather patterns. Throughout the year there is something for all tastes here. The old saying has always been if you don't like the weather in NC, just wait a few days, and it will change. That is still true but we have violent swings now in temps, weather patterns, and rainfall, and it has become totally unpredictable.

Is someone playing the Atmosphere like a HAARP? No one mentions HAARP much anymore, because there is always some bigger and badder newly developed monster out there to try and deal with like morgellons and transhumanism or CERN. Are the two HAARP stations even up and running anymore? Yeah the chemtrails are connected to it and weather modification and when you see that man-made blue flash lightening or that funny grid/checkered pattern in the clouds you know they are sending something through the airwaves.

Alice Liu said...

@Flood -- Global "warming" doesn't actually mean that it will be warmer everywhere. When heat accumulates in the atmosphere and ocean, it causes all sorts of extreme, unusual, and unpredictable weather changes. i.e. The increased moisture in the warmer atmosphere may make some areas colder. That is why there has been a shift to call it Climate Change...the word "Warming" was confusing people. Add human manipulation and....

The enlightened one said...

@Alice Liu
The less people believe in global warming the better. Let's use "global warming" as a term, especially during really cold winters. Also the term "climate change" has no meaning or value whatsoever as an adjective to describe reality, since it is always true, no matter the circumstances.

Flood said...

@Vegan Ricky

With respect, as for weather modification(warfare) not being used for warfare among nations, maybe you are correct, but I would like to point out the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami, and ensuing nuclear disaster in Japan. I suspect this was weather warfare, man-made, and not a naturally-occuring event/disaster. The earthquake and resulting tsunami was weather warfare and used in tandem with the Stuxnet virus to disable and take down the Fukushima nuclear facility. Now maybe this was not warfare among nations, as you said, but many believe the nation of Israel was behind this attack.

As you said, at the very least I think the dark ones caused this event to pollute and destroy mother earth. Their attitude is, if we can't have the planet, then none of you will. Someone mentioned long ago the name of the nuclear facility. Let's break it down.

FUKUSHIMA=Fuk(Fuck) U(YOU) SHIMA(Ma)=Fuck You Ma

Others have noted that Shima or Shiva is a female Hindu Deity.

This event was probably planned long ago, along with the many others.

Flood said...

@Vegan Ricky

Again, with respect, but I have to say it, both of your comments on weather warfare/modification, neither one of them is making any sense to me. First of all you are suggesting that the U.S. is not the number one in control of weather warfare, and I suspect they are number one in this weapon/technology, and the reason they haven't been attacked in this manner by other major countries is because the other nations do not possess the ability to attack the U.S. in this way.

Any weather warfare attacks that have taken place on American soil, for example such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, as well as many possible tornado outbreaks, were probably done by the American shadow government to it's own people, the American public. They test things like this occasionally. They do things like this for various reasons, which I don't feel like going into right now. I doubt any incident that has taken place on American soil was done by any foreign country, for example Russia, China.

Your first comment, I don't even know where to begin. Corporations and convenience. I'm sorry but I don't think they time snowfall and thunderstorms at a certain time of the day so we will all run out to Target or Burger King and spend our paycheck. I think it's more like they will time created bad weather or created good weather to holidays, weekends, mass social fucntions etc., according to their purposes. Like say maybe it's a holiday where people naturally become more friendly and loving, so they create nasty bad weather to kill the good vibes. Or vice versa. Say it's some holiday where they want the American public to continuing celebrating some outworn tradition, that really isn't that great to begin with, and is based on deception, but they keep the weather perfect for a good turnout, because the show must go on.

Flood said...

@Vegan Ricky

In your comment the part about "dry slots", or in other words a break in the weather appearing, I agree with that. That sounds plausible. They would do this to allow the consumer economy to keep running and flourishing. They want the people with the cabin fever from all the bad weather to get out for a little while and spend their money at the shops, to keep the economy running. But this is not the primary reason they would create the storms and bad weather to begin with. They would create the bad weather to begin with to ruin the holiday spirit, the good vibes, etc. and to just make people generally miserable. Or it's the weekend, and you are hoping for good weather for that picnic or beach vacation or whatever, and bam they rain on your parade. And then before you know it it's monday morning and the devil screams back on your heads.

Vegan Ricky said...

Your response regarding the "dry slots" is also the same reason why snowfall is delayed until after work hours and weekend (keep economy flourishing, people working, etc...).

Any weather warfare attacks that have taken place on American soil, for example such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, as well as many possible tornado outbreaks, were probably done by the American shadow government to it's own people, the American public. They test things like this occasionally.

This is correct. I also sense another entity/government involved with weather modification and that they work alongside the American shadow government (not against), hence why I say there isn't a weather war going on in that sense (US vs. Russia). I am not denying the Fukushima event being man-made. I just don't see the attacks against U.S. being from Russia or China or "enemy."

I'm sorry but I don't think they time snowfall and thunderstorms at a certain time of the day so we will all run out to Target or Burger King and spend our paycheck.
Again, I am going off of careful observation of weather patterns, and majority of severe weather events in the Chicago area have been held off until rush hour & overnight. All snow events during work hours have been mediocre at best. What has been going on has been towards the benefit and convenience of businesses. I've been argued as to why they would then destroy an entire city w/ an F4 tornado--- ask them! Keep common man occupied and in work mode.

The show must go on...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hello everyone: Thanks for all the great comments. I haven't been on too much due to the holidays and family travel, so it was a wonderful surprise to see all of this awesome dialogue. Thank you for taking time and energy to share!! This is fantastic!

Flood said...

@Vegan Ricky

Hi Ricky it's good to see that we agree on the Fukushima event. And that the U.S. government is involved in the business of weather warfare against it's own citizens/people. When I read your original comments it appeared to me you were suggesting otherwise. Hope I didn't seriously offend you by being blunt and frank with my comments. I think the heat and humidity and having to run the A/C at the end of December was making me irritable.

Flood said...

@Vegan Ricky...and yes you are spot on about them destroying part of a city or even an entire city with an F4 you said they do this to make the common man keep his head down and in survival/work mode the majority of the time...they could destroy a city 100 times over and rebuild it a 100 times over if they so choose is of no consequence to the money masters...they have an endless wallet

It is about time for the average person to wake up to things like is becoming more obvious now with the passing of time

Flood said...


Hi, you seem to have a good grasp of metaphysical concepts. What's your take on the ascension scenario? You are not the first person I have heard report that the light side has this win in the bag and is very close, ok, let's say they do. Regardless of that I'm totally in agreement that Gaia and humans are slowly ascending(raising vibration) into the 4th dimension. The only thing I was questioning was the whole thing of some of the people are going to go poof and ascend through a portal or whatever to the 5th dimension anytime soon. Maybe that will happen at some point in earth's future and there will be two earth's, but I just don't see that happening soon, or if it does happen soon I wouldn't expect it to be many people, only a small minority, possibly a tiny fraction of earth humans. I would expect most of us to be here for the long haul. Even if we do break the death-hold of the dark ones soon, I wouldn't expect everything to be peachy anytime soon, still plenty of work to do. Unless my body is going to change with the rising frequency and I won't require nearly as much food and sleep, or say won't have to have money to live in the new world, I just don't see much of anything changing anytime soon.

The enlightened one said...

Of course there is a lot of trouble in the world today. But still, it could be much, much worse. I don't think we're doing that bad after all. One also has to remember that the world today is extremely dynamic. Great change can take place in an ever smaller timeframe, especially since the arrival of Internet.

Let me present to you a thought experiment. Let's assume that the shadow government, cabal, secret society, etc. is just an illusion. Let's assume this illusion is a projection of teenagers' feelings towards parents, teachers and figures of authority.
So, the same way the PTB treat common people, the same way teenagers feel like treated by parents and other figures of authority. What would happen if all the teenagers of the world would project this in a different way, or change their perspectives and stop projecting it altogether?

The illusion would pop like a soap bubble.

wendy tascione said...
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wendy tascione said...
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wendy tascione said...

Enlightened one is right on target..Each level was told to spray for their own reasons..ultimate reason is no ascion...why because the arch ons can't live in5d

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Wendy: I agree as well. There are many reasons that chemtrails are used, and the result is lowered vibrations which inhibits ascending...

Vegan Ricky said...

The only thing I was questioning was the whole thing of some of the people are going to go poof and ascend through a portal or whatever to the 5th dimension anytime soon...

The way I see it is that people will become more aware and in conscious control of their role in 5d while simultaneously in control of their 3D activity, versus not in control (schizo). I do not see any "poof" going on unless they are part of a 3D ending event which results in physical death.