Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Article Submitted to Me: Finding Peace: Or, Where We're Going Wrong..

A reader of my blog, Helen Bootle, sent me the following article that she authored.  I wanted to share it with all of you..  Thank you, Helen.  Love and light-

Finding Peace: Or, Where We’re Going Wrong
Humans have historically been an optimistic species, but somewhere along the line this message seems to have become diluted out of being. We’ve talked before about sinister ways in which the media and advertisements can affect our happiness, and how our jobs can sometimes feel like a lot a fanfare without much reward. What, we should really ask, is the price for shelter, food, and water, the most basic of human necessities? It should not be forty hours of work a week multiplied by forty years. Many are convinced of the virtue of their labor by seeing themselves part of human progress, but progress is a misguided term. We’re not progressing if we’re killing ourselves and the planet, and wiping out unknown numbers of other species, just to further enhance the arbitrary figures of money and economic standing. Progress is overrated.

How Bad Is it?
You don’t want to get caught up in the idea that everything is terrible in the world, because it isn’t. We’re safer and more accepting than virtually every society there has ever been. So it’s not all bad. But it isn’t great, either. We could be doing better. The numbers make sure we know that. Around the world, 350 million people live with depression. This number will grow over the next twenty years to make depression the most common illness in the world. 100 million people suffer from other mental disorders.

And that’s just the beginning. Thanks to war, terrorism, and violent attacks, traumatic events are also on the rise, leading to a sharp rise in people exhibiting signs of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. This response to trauma might not be an inevitable product of war, either - it might be a modern response to trauma, a subtle difference. After all, there have been plenty of wars and tragic events over the past few centuries (the plague was no picnic), and there has always been depression too, but we’re currently seeing tragic events happen less often than in the past (they really are!) and depression and other mental health issues on the rise.

A Call To Arms: Where To Now?
We can’t change the entire world, we can only change ourselves. It’s time for us to give up our ridiculous notions of a career, and what it means to be happy. In some cases, we might even have to let go of what we think it means to be a citizen of a particular country.

Above all, we are all human beings. Our needs are simple: we need shelter and sustenance. Everything else is for our comfort; we don’t need them. Somehow, and in our own special ways, we have complicated life to such an extent that we’re unable to receive the simple joys it gives us each day. Laughter, conversations with friends, children, animals. How often do we all wish that we could go back to our the simple innocence of our childhoods? Don’t we all admire the innocent joys of a dog rolling in the grass? How did we lose it?

It has been taken for us. We’re all part of this society, yet only a handful have the keys to drive it where they please. Our emotions have been tugged and our insecurities played upon, all in the pursuit of economic growth. We’ve been fooled into thinking we want the things we don’t even want. How many of us have been excited to buy something, only to feel a sense of disappointment once the novelty wears off? Yet this is why we all work so many long days.

I’ll say it again: we are human beings. You, me, the guy delivering your post, the homeless lady on the corner. There is no right way to live. We can choose our own destiny, create the rules we want to live by. It’s time more of us stood up and relinquished the control marketers and advertises have over us.

You are not your iPhone. You are not the size of your home. You are not the fashion label on your shirt. You are not the trauma you’ve seen, nor the the depressive episodes you have. You’re a wonderfully complex human being, on a beautiful rock, travelling through the universe. Act with this grandness always in your mind and you will do brilliant things.  


Bee E-lightened said...

I love this. It is exactly where I am in my life. I see squirrels running around freely and wish I was one of them....its no way to live the way we do

They Live said...

The Apocalypse has been happening for sometime now and is getting stronger. More and more people are becoming aware of our abnormal ways of life, yay :-)

Juliana Miles said...

Thank you...loved It! I'm with you Bee E-lightened :)

Bee E-lightened said...

Yeppers Juliana

DivineLuxurySoap said...

And What can we do about our Brother Humanity?
Since it seems to be controlled by the mind (the media..etc.). Lets take it back by the same method. For example. Loading the heart chakra with LOVE, IMAGINE our heart connected to 7 billion hearts, and send THOUGHTS-FEELINGS of love, strength, invisibility, and natural simplicity as you are suggesting in your great article. Thank you for this thought. CHEERS TO ALL.

Jackie said...

I recommend everyone check out Gina Lake, author of th Radical Happiness blog and books. She helps others to awaken from their egos to live as our authentic selves.

s3bsta said...

Great post. Exactly where I'm am at also. One always know others out there are thinking, feeling the same but it's hearing, reading it that's powerful.

You know it's a truth when you haven't even spoken it aloud but someone else says the same thing that was in your mind also.

chinny said...

Very good article. I enjoy reading the whole article.

kris said...

That's it in a nutshell! And while we are being told that we need to change and be more at peace ... where do we start? .. while at the same time we have been trained and educated to be the spokes in 'the wheels' !! Great reading. Thank you.

The enlightened one said...

To be honest, unless extraterrestrials intervene in a very substantial way, I think everything will end with a great, apocalyptic war or conflict were everything is wiped out. It seems today there is so much tension in the world just waiting to explode. It's like a ticking bomb. Unless we're given some very substantial ET help, I think it's not going to settle and reach a harmonious equilibrium without a lot of violence.

I disagree with Helen Bootle on one point. For bacteria, shelter and food may be enough to thrive, but not for human beings. I have asked myself the question; what is it that we find meaningful and constructive in our lives? I have come to the conclusion that meaningful things:

1) Must allow ourselves to grow and develop in accordance with the essence of our soul.
2) Must allow the essence of our soul and it's gifts to help others and come to use.
3) Must create some kind of long term positive change, not just short term.

Bee E-lightened said...

@ the enlightened one....how many of us know to ask and life by those questions?! While most of us are slave to the system and are materialistic....i always watch/observe the animals...they are more closure to nature than humans and are very intuitive. Unlike humans nowadays

The enlightened one said...

And... even if we DO agree with Bootle that all we need is "shelter and sustenance", 99.99% of all people lack these basic components of life.

Because... Where is the shelter against chemtrails? Where is the shelter against EM-smog? Where is the shelter against criminals attacking our privacy?

Where is the sustenance that will nourish our intellectual capacity, when the educational system and mainstream media is dumbed down? Where is the nourishment for our hope and imagination, when everything the MSM presents us with is dull, narrow-minded and stupid, nourishing nothing but fear and stupidity? (Lynn's blog is certainly an exception).

"we're safer and more accepting..."
Well, the Earth certainly isn't safer. We are destroying Earth at an ever-increasing rate without much debate or opposition even from environmentalists, and what will happen to us when the Earth is dead? If we don't stop, Earth will deal with us, once and for all. On an individual level we may be safer in terms of war, accidents and diseases, but humanity as a whole has never been so close to total annihilation.

There is nothing positive in itself with being accepting (unless you're speaking of the subjects of a cruel king or dictator). It all comes down to what you are accepting OF. Perhaps we have become more accepting of things we SHOULD be accepting of. But at the same time, perhaps we have also become more accepting of other things we SHOULD NOT accept. So in the end, perhaps it equals +-zero in terms of positive progress.

The enlightened one said...

@Bee E-lightened
Animals are innocent in the sense that they do not suffer from the darker side of intellect. Humans could have (and partly have) used their intellect to enhance themselves and approach God. Instead, they have used it to deny God and move away from God.

Bee E-lightened said...

Exactly...agreed and its sad to watch....in america in particular...its like a decline but the younger kids are awake...i feel as if God sends the babies more aware

Bee E-lightened said...

Sorry for the typos

Serene said...

We can help to heal our bodies from the effects of chemtrails by our nutrition and supplements. For example, Kelp helps carry metals out of the body, etc. There are many herbs and supplements taken on a regular basis will attempt to rid your body of anything that does not support it. Make sure your food is clean and non-processed. There are so many things out there to help us heal, lemons, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, a vast variety of herbs and supplements, and of course our own Sun.

As the holidays are upon us, may I also mention that one thing I've stopped doing is buying, buying, and buying things we don't need. Too much clutter complicates the mind and clogs up the home so much that at one point I didn't know what I had anymore. I couldn't enjoy what wonderful things I did have because I didn't know where they were, or didn't have the time to enjoy it (but I will still paying it off on the credit card!). Our intention lately has been to keep it simple and realistic.

My thought is the PTW love our holidays because it means we spend more money going into further debt buying things we don't need or really won't have the time to use. These days I think carefully about what we buy...can I afford it, will I really use it, or does it just seem nice to have?? Make it a sociological project and watch the commercials you see on TV objectively, most everything that is advertised is something you don't need. And of course prescription meds are advertised on nearly every program break.

We decided to make the holidays our own. We celebrate our favorite holidays the way we want and let go of others that don't seem to have much meaning. Nobody should feel forced to celebrate in a certain way every holiday that comes around.

Yes I have noticed that many younger children are very aware. Some of them have the brightest eyes I cannot help but think they are higher elevated souls. xoxoxo Serene

Bee E-lightened said...

I stop doing holidays since I moved to the US...too commerical for me....its about have and hv nots....i rather di dinner with family and friends and socialize than go nuts in makor dept stores...my energy/spirit hates it

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments. I am glad that many of your enjoyed the message in this article as well. Thank you again Helen. Love and light-

EA RW said...

Good article. It once agian shows us were we are exactly as a species. You can't talk about certain topics without the other is saying you are bonkers mental( technically you can take it as a form of psychic attack whole other subject). But when you are doing your own homework and beginning to understand.

Some people say we are moving out of this "problem conciousness" and instead being the solution.

I personally think there is a deeper psychological reason behind all this materialism
and it also has to do with the progression of the planet pluto.

EA RW said...

I just wanted to add something to the article. If we all agreed together to stop selling our children to the government. A big part of it is based on your own birth certificate. Better read the policy. There is no freedom on this planet yet, we have liberty.Totally different meaning. For god sake even the U2 concert in paris Bono said it exactly right! We ARE enslaved to money. And we are nothing but a money generating organ. There is nothing human about our society the only thing you are is a social security number. We have been misled a thousands of time. The only thing people do is hiding behind their so called lawyers, big corporations, institutes, politics and their own lies. Maybe control issues is a modern disease...

It is all a BIG FARCE. And they know how to use this psychological warfare on YOU. When people get pulled over by police officers they usually are in a state of fear because they do not know how this is all setup and how they are manipulated into thinking what the government has told them.

We are being exploited and they have humanity by their testicles.

Bee E-lightened said...

*do dinner

Thats is gospel EA RW....true govt matrix

Bee E-lightened said...

This is not reality.....

mobius CDXX said...

Somtimes tho i wonder if even the destructive fields are part of the game of ultimate creators..playing. since we experience pain anger suffering etc. But the soul in itself dont experience that once outside. So just temporary. What im sayin is. Could we be some of the few that have the capability to experience such episodes of chaos. And is that looked upon the higher levels as somthing to be part of..cause if not. Then why is it allowed in the first place. Kinda lik going to certain areas for dance and gamble. Our earth plain for diff levels of chaos and seperation

mobius CDXX said...

And if what im saying is true..then our planet and its inhabitants as a whole is a whooole lot stronger than wat we may even believe. That means our plane was created as the same idea creators construct battleships. Just incredibly strong that could take a beating and simply keep going for the purpose of taking high levels of abuse and destructive ways..the badge for surviving planet terra must be some of the highest recognised achievements of the echelons of conciousness..