Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Spirit Guides in Regards to Soul Mates and Karma

Q. I guess I was a little surprised and shocked when I learned that spirit guides can pull two people together in a relationship.  I think I have seen and heard of a few occasions where this has happened, or nearly happened.  In the very few cases I saw, I felt that there is a bit of manipulation involved, sometimes a cloak and mirror type of ..um... trickery (there, I said it) involved too, perhaps.  I think spirit guides helping two people come together is okay, if there was some prior arrangement to make this happen (like soul mates wanting to meet, for instance), or if two people were meant for each other (they are a good match and fit well, and the match is for the greater good of both parties, in the very least).  But I was shocked to see incidences where I felt that situations were sometimes not ideal for the women, where the women tended to be trapped in a relationship under the name of patriarchy.  It came to me as women being treated as something disposable, where they were often asked to sacrifice their lives both figuratively (in terms of their original aspirations and goals) and literally (when someone is born with a really rough karmic path, and someone instead gets the blunt end of the energies and events in place of the person). I thought these situations were against some kind of karmic law, using another person against their free will, or tricking them into unideal situations?  Is it just me misinterpreting things, or do these situations really happen, have I only seen isolated incidences; or do these situations happen disproportionately for women often times; if so, is there a dependence on the culture they are in?  Does this happen only when a spirit guide happens to carry a negative or low-level intention, or is there a "convention" among spirit guides that such things are okay (is there a bit of sexism involved this realm too)? ... I'm getting that the spiritual realm is really vast and large, so maybe I should try to rephrase my last question a bit... Are there spirit guides who carry the notion of, and take advantage of sexism, that enable them to put women at a disadvantage for someone else that they are primarily involved with?  What kind of mindset should women have in order to fully avoid such unduly situations?
A.  As I think on spirit guides, soul mates and even how fate works, I see a path unwind... I will explain how it is being shown to me.  When we are in the womb I see a main guide being assigned to you.  That main guide will be with you your entire life.  You have other guides come to you at birth, and those guides will come and go depending on what you are learning to help guide you with your experience, but those guides sort of "tap in and out" during your life.  At all times you have a small team, but the team may change as you encounter new experiences.  

In the spirit form (before we are born) you have a group of souls that you most generally (not every, but most times) incarnate with.  There is a predetermination as to who will be a brother, sister, son, daughter, best friend and even soul mate.  Some of your "soul pact" members will be in your life your entire life, some will come and go and others will come and never leave. Fate as to those interactions are also predetermined, and you guides will help you find those people.  

When we are in spirit form we also chose a life path that is in our greater good for the goals and experiences we need to expand, learn and grow.  That life path may be based on lessons we need to learn or karmatic events.  Even though this general plan is outlined, free will can always intervene and change thins.  People (men and women) are born into all types of circumstances.  We often don't understand in our human form why we would have chosen a path, but there is always an element of learning that is done.  All things need to be experienced (good, bad, high vibrational experiences and low) to round out our development for our spirit / soul.  For example, you cannot know what it is like to be truly generous if you have never experienced the emotion / action of greed.  I even caution people in past life regressions that they may not like who they have been or things they have done as we have been in will be all things.  

There is no sexism with regard to your guides.  That is not an emotion they would recognize.. Their goal is to help you stay on your predetermined path, and create situations so you can learn and grow through experience to enable you soul to fully develop.  If you in your conscious, rational mind decide to go against that path, you can always enlist the action of free will to change your life direction.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Serene said...

Thank you so much for this post Lynn. It helps me to ground and remind myself why I am here and what I am doing as I try to navigate through these very troubled times here on the planet. xoxoxo


Anyone have advice regarding a pattern of friendships that just deteriorate before my eyes? Nobody "sticks" around it seems. :(

Bee E-lightened said...

@ real mccoy...i can relate...ppl dont stay in my life at all and i always wonder why...but i hv accepted it. I feel they come with a message/lesson. Once its delivered/learnt they move on. Its even in my personal relationships.

Alice Liu said...

@Real McCoy Fan - Can you give us more info? I had a similar pattern that I understand, but don't know if it relates to you too.


@Alice Liu - during my coursework obtaining a Bachelor's degree, I came into a "group" of prospecting teachers who fell into the same schedule (shared the same classes) for the remaining 2 years of coursework. We all seemed to click well. We went out to Chicago and had a nice time. One girl in particular meshed well with me and seemed interested in being a close friend, but towards the end she came up with excuses not to hang out anymore but with no specific reason -- feels like she didn't know where exactly to put me, which file to sort me under, an element of DOUBT, so she felt more comfortable to simply discard me. I could be wrong about that, but that's how it felt. I did have a dream long after everyone graduated and went separate ways. She told me in the dream that I was too "negative." I have a problem with that because I recall HER being dramatic about things-- I suppose it is possible that some of my reactions or opinion regarding politics could possibly rub her the wrong way and hurt her feelings on a level-- but she never would tell me or explain what about me (or what it was I said) that she had a problem with, etc...

Since then (2010), I have had a pattern to where people would keep their distance from me, not get too attached, but NOT KNOW WHY. I feel bad for saying this, but the people I have attracted into my life aren't really the type of people I've been interested in being friends wither, either because we don't have a whole lot in common or don't bring joy to my life. I've gone to parties but don't have fun with these people. I do appreciate them, but I don't feel like I can talk to them about everything. I have yearned for the day I meet someone and we instantly click and can just look at each other and break into laughter for no reason. I don't have that and have not had that in a very long time. All my friendships are not all that serious. There is an element of loneliness there. I seriously question if it has to do with my ET experiences.

Bee E-lightened said...

Also I realize a lot of ppl arent on your level of awareness or align and hence the end result...i dont get attached and I let them go. There are times I hv to be the one to cut folks off bc they dont align

Me too said...
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Alice Liu said...

@ Real McCoy Fan -- I don't know you, so all of the following is just from the perspective of my experience. First about being "negative." I was considered "negative" by family because I didn't conform. Then I was considered negative by people who criticized me for whistle blowing. I was considered negative for knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq...then when the people realized they had been duped, not one of them could acknowledge that I had been right (not that I needed them to). Negativity in these cases is sometimes needed to give us the strength to stand in our truth against the popular opinion. I had this trouble with friends who said the things I spoke about were negative and they were saying the same things a few years later. I consider this positive negativity.

Negative negativity, however, showed up when I expected my closest friends to act out of their higher selves. I was both direct and passive aggressive with this, and it was my shortcoming that I expected more of them than they were capable. Like you, I found them to be dramatic, self involved, etc., which brings me to...

...the fact that I chose the wrong friends. I was repeating a familial pattern where I was surrounded by people who put their emotions first and I put up with it because I understood the emotional wounds behind their behavior. As soon as I (nicely) asked for a little consideration, they became cruel and expected me to put up with it. I have one friend who recently jerked me about because of her emotions. I had a discussion and negotiation with her, which was a huge step for me to take (there was no room for negotiation when I grew up). This was all a learning experience.

From what you described in the college situation, keep in mind that when we grow up and are in school, we tend to have friends out of circumstance rather than carefully choosing like minded people. Also, there is a sense of competitiveness and jealousy that can get in the way. If you are a bit abby-normal (like me, and most people who follow Lynn) then you will also be viewed as a threat to people who seek the status quo. If that is the case, you will find it harder to make friends because you are always meeting people where they are, but they are not meeting you where you are. However, the friends you do find will be better.

First, though, make sure you aren't a Negative Nelly (since that came up in your dream) and then go forth and conquer.

Susan Mcdaniel said...

thank you Lynn for your answer and comments on that post. Every single time I hear anyone speak about us having our own path and it was a path that we created outselves, just makes me lighten light and feel a warm peacefulness over come me. That is so true what you said and I appreciate the way you explain it to people in plain, understandable terms.

Me too said...

Re-writing my comments due to Iphone typos, realmc coy I have the same situatiin where it is very hard to make new friendships, but I think as you get older it is tougher as well, but I don't understand why it is so hard to click in a genuine way nowadays, people seem to be very superficial ?

Juli T said...

I relate to your comments too. But I also don't find easy to relate to people because I really don't want to. I have friends, but being around people too much and having to talk to them and be polite really exhausts me, it's really an effort sometimes. And some really drain me, like family meetings... I'm working hard on that.

Lynn: is a spirit guide the same as a guardian angel?

Bee E-lightened said...

@ me too...i find them superficial, sensitive and unaware....i hv to be politcally correct..am from the caribbean orginally so i hv no time for any of it...like it rare i can find someone I can discuss everything with....spirituality, ETs, how religion and politican are pure bs etc....i find some young ppl aware (maybe not fully) and its a good sign. I so want to leave US so bad!!

Bee E-lightened said...

*have to be politically correct with them

Charlie said...

I love the platform here where we can discuss these things in a safe and caring space. Y'all are great! I have experienced similar feelings as you, Real McCoy Fan, where I really wanted someone to hang out with; have an exercise buddy and be able to connect. So, I communicated with my higher self, spirit guides or whoever was out there that had my best interests at heart. I let them know I needed help finding a good friend and added a few specifics as well. Within a couple of months, I had met the person, and we were hanging out having a great time. I've learned to try to follow those nudges as that's frequently how I receive guidance, and I need as much as I can get!

You can ask for help and inspiration on just about anything, too. Keep an open heart, and answers usually come in clever to obvious ways. Even if it's a nudge to ask Lynn for help in finding a lost ring ;). Or asking what it is you might be doing to turn people away. The answers will somehow present itself if you really want to know.

It's not so easy to see results on world events unfortunately. I've got to hope that just as I ask for and visualize a different reality, I'll be inspired to do things that lead to some positive changes.

Me too said...

@bee same thing with me - I used to have a good group of friends where we could talk things very open - but since I moved to the US it is not the same way - it is just different, but not as deep.

@ charlie - good tips about asking for the guides to help.

PimpMyBrain said...

Hello everyone !

Yes, it is difficult to find people to discuss about all the hidding things. Some months ago, i was quite depressed to find only harsh reactions and total blockages to even the fact of just take this as a possible hypothesis.
This taught me that i should not to force my point of view on people not ready by his/her own will. After i have acknowledge this fact, few time after i figured out that my both sister and one of my brother were quite "in" for some level (no so deap as me). It just amazed me taht i was try to talk to the wrong people, while the more "synchronized" just pop up unexpectedly and very close. I don't mess with them about this topic, because i don't meet them often (
we all live quite far away) and i prefer now to spend this time by talking about good and enjoyable stuffs (i have the great luck to be in good term with my brothers and sisters). So if the topic is bringing in the discussion naturally i keep it, but don't force it. All this was an unbeliveable relief.

ON the spiritual guide, i am in my journey to
strengthen my communication with him/her. Meditations start to be more and more intense, big feeling, emotions, colors and sounds increase. I feel always a tiny gentle tinitus(in the upper left of my brain), trying to respond to my thought of the moment. I am still confused with how to react/understand correctly this. I need to make a clear procedure with my "friend" about that. Yes, friend, until i manage to hear correctly the name he/she tries to tell me in my meditation, i hear something, but not clearly enough yet, but we will do it ! If Lynn can help me to find the name, i am so excited to call him/her by the name he/she has chosen !

I ask recently to overcome my fear and be more responsible of myself and the futur outcome, to gain confidence of myself. I dream à let my sister drive ma car to take us to the beach. We have an "accident" because the car has some trouble with the "start/stop" system (which i haven't on my car). We manage to stop the car safetly and restart it after i give some advice to my sister. Just when we go on the road, etc. Few weeks after, i take my parents to the beach for a walk. My car broke down just like in my dream. I managed to park it safely in the same position as the dream. Now i am in big trouble with the repairs, lots of money. But their is a hidden defect and with some advice (like in my dream), some positives solutions couild be found on my side.

So like i ask to overcome my fear to diffcult events, this one happen and by take my own resposability, like i ask , opportunities start to appear. I take this normaly stressful thing quite well finally. Let see what will happen at the end, but that will be the experience i ask to see than i can overcome difficulties if i trust in myself and don't fear to ask for helps and advices ! What my Spiritual guide and cosmos will prepare for me next ? Let take the challenges, instead of avoiding them !

Love and light all ! :)

Lilian said...

“When we are in the womb I see a main guide being assigned to you. “

Who assigned the main guide to us? Or those passing-by guides to us? A group of wise souls?
Is there such thing as a guide being reprimanded if it fails its mission to help us to learn our lessons?

“Even though this general plan (life path based on lessons we need to learn or karmatic events) is outlined, free will can always intervene and change things”

How do we know whether the decisions we made are destined or due to our freewill, if we haven’t done a reading for our future?

In a previous postings you mentioned that -

“If you force it before it is ready, or go on an act of free will, fate will bring the lesson back, even if it is in a different way. You will have to learn, understand, and expand through experience, and at THAT point, you can move on...”

So, it’s better not to change our destiny cos fate will bring the lesson back eventually, that we cannot escape our fate, right?

“(Some people come to Earth to fulfil a purpose .... ) I don't see anyone being "punished" (that word feels off) because from their individual perspectives they were doing something for the greater good (and it is important to mention that we are discussing the scenario of these men being assassinated as we were told and not in truth)

Then how does that person learn from that current life’s lesson if he thinks what he did was for the greater good, especially if he got killed too in his act? His soul will not be “punished”

When you incarnate in this life you agree to come and live through certain experiences. Along with this "contract" if you don't learn or gain insight, you will keep repeating the experience (people get caught in loops of picking the wrong mate, etc) until you understand (and if you don't learn you will repeat the lesson in a future life).

So, how do you know if a person is down in the dumps for 20 years is due to “contract” or because he/she didn’t learn from the experiences?

Would I still be giving false hope to someone who has been in the dumps for 20 years now if I said to that person “The end of the tunnel is near. Don’t give up! Things will get better, I promise!” I have been saying that now and then since 10 years ago! And that person’s life is still in the dumps! Sometimes I feel like that is her life “contract” that nothing I can do or advise will change her life.

I better stop here before I ask too much! I haven’t even finish reading all your related articles to this posting. Thank you Lynn!!!

Alice Liu said...

@Lilian - I find that when people have said the "false hope" things to me, it was because they were emotionally uncomfortable with the situation and it was their way of making the problem go away. As for contracts and lessons, if we look at these as a test where we have to find the right answer, then we focus too much on the outcome. It's really more about process and being aware of our motivations, patterns, etc. The lesson gets completed (again, not a test) through awareness.

The enlightened one said...
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Anonymous said...

Many of the experiences here hit home with me. We feel we don't fit in with (the norm). We feel alone, rejected, isolated. We can't express our feelings and thoughts because of ridicule. I think I have come to the point that this is part of my path and has been part of the path of many before us. I am grateful for this site. I enjoy reading everyone's experiences and opinions.

The enlightened one said...

Me too!
I think this is a wonderful discussion going on here, and I am yet again amazed at how much we all seem to have in common, who hang around on this blog. From supernatural experiences, to telepathic abilities, contact with extra-terrestrials and loneliness.

@Real Mccoy.
I have experienced exactly the same thing as you have. I think partly it is something emotional, subconscious, as Alice Liu points out. I have also had thoughts similar to yours about it being caused by ET encounters. In my case, I have sometimes felt as though there has been a hidden force trying to prevent me from making meaningful friendships by all means necessary, such as interfering with emails and phone calls. As an example, a had many years ago a friend who I had never seen IRL. I suspect "they" redirected her phone-number to an actor who imitated her, because at one point I called her parents and asked them to call her and tell her to ring me. I later received a call from her and she said "my father told me you had called me and wanted to speak with me". But when I later called her father, he said he never got to the point of calling her, before she called him. So it must have been an actor imitating my friend. In another case, I had decided to respond to a pen-pal-ad on the Internet. To prevent interference, I used a completely new email-adress, only for this purpose, and wrote down the password. The next time I would log into my email account the password had been changed!!!
I have not run into ET:s the same way you have, but I am a "star-seed", perhaps you are too?

Other experiences
I have had other strange things happen to me too. If it is merely a coincidence or if there is some intelligence behind it I don't know. From time to time, there will stand cars waiting at places I visit regularly (in remote places in the countryside), which drive away as soon as I come close, as if someone was spying on me. I get the impression that hubcaps regularly are spread out along the road at places I am expected to pass by, so as to say "we know where you're going". Again, could be coincidence, but I find it weird.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from a simple man living a simple life in the country. I do like reading this blog and everyone's experiences so thank you.

Serene said...

Yes thank you everyone for all your comments and sharing this blog. We have a chance to discuss things that would otherwise be immediately dismissed as fantasy or worse, mental delusion. Our Waking Up period has certainly not been an easy one, but we've arrived and being around like minded friends is most refreshing and a huge relief. We are so very fortunate to have each other!!

And above all, thank you Lynn for being a guiding light. The souls you have touched are deeply grateful. I think I can say with certainty that the majority of us send you a great big hug!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! xoxo

Raymond G said...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

Vegan Ricky said...


(I am REALMCCOYFAN)--I bounce around these two accounts for different purpose (e-mail, Google Drive, etc..) and too lazy to switch back just to post a message.

Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

@The enlightened one
"I have sometimes felt as though there has been a hidden force trying to prevent me from making meaningful friendships by all means necessary..."

In my case, it's been less physical and more subconscious level. But I always assume that if the person is truly worthwhile, they won't be manipulated that easy. I have heard from several sources that the ETs can (and have) successfully broken up relationships. I find this to be rather disturbing. I'll be damned if I allow a multi-dimensional force get in the way of my happiness.

The enlightened one said...

@Vegan Ricky

I think it is mostly negative ET:s that may interfere with relationships or manipulate people in the way you describe. I know that multidimensional (can travel between dimensions) negative ET:s are using so called etherical implants to control and manipulate people (a kind of possession).

I was thinking you meant that someone wanted to prevent your contacts with other people in order to prevent you from relaying information about your ET-contacts. But maybe you referred to the ET:s themselves sabotaging your contacts?

How do you mean... "subconscious level"? That the manipulation has been on a non-physical level (if there has been manipulation at all)?

What means have the ET:s used in order to break up relationships in the cases you've heard of?

Lilian said...

@Alice Liu, thanks for your advices. I don’t know what you mean by emotionally uncomfortable but sometimes I cried thinking about her situation and ask God "Pls spare her from further obstacles. She has gone through much for a young age". And yes, sometimes I wish that I have a magic wand to make her problems go away.

It's interesting that you mentioned that "it's more about process”. Lately I told her to start searching within herself, try meditation, and show gratitude even with whatever little she has (I know it sounds easy when I’m not in her shoes), have positive thoughts etc

At the end of the day, I start asking myself “Is that her soul contract that she has to live with in this life?

@Lynn, talking about “contract”, how about “contract” we made with ‘God’ in time of desperation when I was in my teens? I’ve asked my life to be taken instead of that someone else who was very very sick at that time. Up till now I’m still alive and so is the other concerned person. Or will I have to face the consequence in another life for this “contract with God”? Somehow this “contract with God” came back to my mind after reading this post. I know, it was unwise of me to make such “contract with God” but at that time of desperation, I was not thinking.

Happy Thanksgiving Lynn and everyone here !

The enlightened one said...

@Vegan Ricky
"But I always assume that if the person is truly worthwhile, they won't be manipulated that easy."

I am not so sure about that. The most worthwhile relationships does not necessarily be with the most aware and insightful people. One may also be manipulated by one's own subconscious programming to act in a certain way, which will evoke a certain rejective behavior in other people. The body in itself is like an antenna, it is by design meant to be manipulated in various ways, and is constantly by our soul and astral-level programming of the body.

One thing I have learned in my life through many experiences is that instead of asking for the mechanical cause-action behind events (this is only a tool to create them), we should ask ourselves why we attract a certain event to ourselves, therein lies the true reason why events occur. E.g. in your case, it is very possible that ET:s have sabotaged your relationships, but that is only a physical manifestation of something else. And if you looked at your life, you would probably find many more manifestations of that same energy.

The enlightened one said...

@Vegan Ricky
As an example:
Let's say you use hypnosis to program your own subconscious to believe that it will snow in your hometown in July. Or perhaps you meditate on this theme. This energy may manifest physically in several ways:
* A town close to the north pole may be renamed by the same name as your hometown.
* A polar shift with dramatic changes in weather may occur, so that it begins to snow in your hometown in the summer.
* An airplane carrying artificial snow may accidentally drop the cargo over your hometown.
How the energy manifests may differ, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is the energy it is an expression of.

Alice Liu said...

@The enlightened one – Fascinating about the ET encounters! I was wondering if you are also possibly bridging alternate realities, though the hubcaps suggest something more deliberate.

@Lilian – By “emotionally uncomfortable” I meant that we are often uncomfortable seeing people who are suffering or in pain. When we say things like, “better times are just ahead,” “everything happens for a reason,” blah, blah, that is not about them, that is about us trying to feel better emotionally because their suffering is too hard for us to sit with…to witness.

As for your friend’s depression, again, it’s about viewing the depression as part of the process, not the end result of what she has to live with. Our emotions are our souls’ way of informing us – helping us with our soul’s purpose. This is just in my personal experience with depressed friends (I don’t want to stereotype depression): I noticed that sometimes depression was the universe’s way of letting a person know when they had strayed too far away from their soul’s purpose, whether they were moving in the wrong direction or approaching life in the wrong manner. I would watch these people try to willpower their way through their depression by doing the same thing harder, following the rules harder, etc. all in the same direction, when what they really needed to do was pull back, reassess, and allow the universe to nudge/redirect them. I have also seen how things that make depression go away (anti-depressants) have delayed the person’s growth. The emotion IS the message. The trick is how to interpret it. As Edgar Cayce said, the problem is not in the message, it’s in the understanding. It’s a tough and complex problem when a friend has long-term depression. I wish you luck…your friend is fortunate that you care.

The enlightened one said...

There is no difference between decisions made in accordance with a life-plan/contract and one made using freewill. A life-path is in itself set up with free will. It's like when you sign a physical contract. You have the free will to sign or not sign it, but also the free will to follow or break it.

The purpose of life is not to follow every imaginable plan or contract, it is to learn and grow. Our heart knows the right path for our own learning, and as long as we follow our heart, we cannot do wrong.

The only limitation of free will is that we cannot choose not to grow, because we are destined to reunite with God. Also, there is karma, and every evil act must be balanced, although we have the free will to choose how to balance such acts.

If you do something "bad", just because you thought it was for the greater good, doesn't mean you wont learn anything from it or other experiences in that life afterwards.

All your encouraging words to your friend will prove true in the long run because there is no other reason for failure other than giving up. As long as you do not give up, there will come a solution in a hundred years, or a thousand years, it doesn't matter. Main thing is, it will come, inevitably. If you KNOW in the NOW that there will come an end, it doesn't matter if it is in one year or a thousand, because in the NOW, time IS NOT.

Advice: it is possible that a shamanic healer (e.g. of the Andean/Inca tradition) will be able to tell what causes your friend's troubles and possibly fix or mitigate it. Your friend should also be working on increasing his/her intuition, this will expedite the learning of any lessons. May our counsel serve your friend well.

Me too said...

@alice liu that is a very interesting view of depression.
@lynn - wonder if you give us some guiding words about friendships - and our difficulties of making new friends?

Blimpy Peach said...

I feel like we are all special souls scattered throughout the world, all who have trouble making friends, not because we aren't loveable, but because perhaps the timing isn't right just yet, when more and more souls awaken then the wavelengths of thoughts will start to align and then we can begin to better connect with those around us? It is frustrating being trodden on for being different all the time but I have hope!!

chinny said...

I read a number of comments for quite some time including those in the previous posts and I took some of the advises that was written. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and of course to Lynn. I enjoy a good time in meditating almost everyday and probably I would wish to make a reading about what I wanted to say but I don't have much earnings after I resign from my work which gives me a lot of stress and being bored of the same routine everyday.

It's my first time to post so I hope it won't be the last.

Alice Liu said...

@chinny -- Try doing 3 different things or 3 things differently every day to break up the boredom. They don't have to be big things. For example, if you like soup, try a flavor you wouldn't normally eat. Even if you end up not liking it, this will help keep you open to new things and help keep you in the present. Intuition works best when we are present.

Cheryl-Anne Hendricks said...

Everyday I wonder if I'm with my soulmate. I guess as long as I have my "soul pact" I should be ok 🙈

chinny said...

@Alice Well that's a good advice. I do though have great imagination to a sense that I could imagine things. Some may say that I'm weird but that's how I keep thinking. I'll try that though.

teri peaches said...

@lynn, what about murderers and rapist? Where are their spirit guides???

Something strange happened to me 15 years ago and I've told a few people but no one ever believed me. One night our family was having a very serious problem, a brother went crazy and it took 3 uncles to hold him down. I went into the bedroom and spoke out loud to myself these words "if anyone listening, help us". Not more than 5 minutes later I got a phone call from a weird phone number that looked like this "##+#11". Well something along the lines of that. It was a woman's voice and she said "I'm coming". Without saying anything I hung up from being so freaked out. No one could of heard me ask of help because I was alone. Ever since then, I started believing that there was another side/world. Or spirit world.

Could this have been a spirit guide or some kind of ghost? Could you attract a bad entity by asking these Things? I never even thought they could make contact in the form of a voice. This never happened ever again.


I so not consider myself a starseed.

@teri peaches
I hope your brother got better!

I did receive a strange text message once. I was contemplating getting something to eat but hadn't decided what I was in the mood for. I decided to park the car at a nearby gas station parking lot to just sit there and meditate a bit. Next thing I know, I received a text message that was "written" in a strange way - sort of old English style wording, and from an unknown number. I didn't save the message so I cannot share it here. But it was clearly directed to me and was vaguely asking what I was doing in the car. I responded in asking who it was but they didn't respond back. I don't know!

Mumbi Kihumba said...

I feel the same way Juli. I don't feel a great need to have friends or partners..I mostly enjoy my own company.. It has only been a realisation the last few years that am very OK with it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for sharing stories, helping one another and giving advice. I have had limited internet for the last few days, and it was very joyful to come online today and see all of these comments. I am so grateful to have all of you on here. Love and light-

Lilian said...

Thank you @ Alice Liu @ The enlightened one, for listening.

For someone who is not into soul/spirit stuff, it is difficult to explain to her
- our emotions are our souls’ way of informing us – helping us with our soul’s purpose
- that she will find a solution in a hundred or thousand years!
- to live in the NOW

As for shamanic healer, I would not introduce it to her if her parents are not in it, too.
They said that only she can help herself out of the dumps but they are always there for her when she needs them. It’s not for the lack of trying but every project she started did not come to fruition - and that’s the frustrating part for her and desperate for her parents.

Thank you both for your advices.

Do you have any advice/opinion on my “contract made with God”? If you are not comfortable to give any, it’s ok, I will understand.

Did I regret making that decision at that time? No, cos I was happy that she was able to see her kids grown up and become a grandmother now, even though she is on life medication.

And when nothing happened to me after some years then, I was able to convince myself that it was a non-issue and it was just a coincidence that she pulled it through ……. until I came across Lynn’s blog (through MH370 tragic!) about souls/karma.

Perhaps this issue is the underlining reason why I am so interested about soul/karma/re-birth.

Thank you both for your time for answering my questions. Now Lynn can take it easier knowing her blog can auto-run  for a while with a caring and sharing community in this blog.

Alice Liu said...

@Lilian - Don't worry about your "contract made with God." Our lessons (soul contracts) are not something that we can barter/bargain away with "God" as if he were a mafia don. You can't learn a lesson for a friend, and you also can't take away another person's lesson...you can delay it, but they still have to learn it. So let's focus on you rather than on your friend. What is your lesson in all of this? As with all of us, lessons will repeat themselves until they are learned. You can't control other people, but you have authority over yourself and your response. I'm reminded of something Paolo Coelho wrote in "The Alchemist." (paraphrased) "As long as you interfere with someone else's personal destiny, you will never fulfill your own." Mastering your own lesson will help everyone around your because we are all connected.

Lilian said...

@Alice Liu, good to know that it's a non-issue!

I’ve learnt that I cannot help to change people’s fate and to be careful with my thoughts!

Now, I have to learn to draw the line between being caring and over-caring!

Thanks again for your time.