Monday, November 23, 2015

Russia and China Intentions with ISIS

Q. Since the Paris attack, which I thought was the PTB's first major step in inciting World War III or at least another big war, both Russia and China have done things to show support against ISIS. A lot of it seems like very obvious propaganda, the type of stuff that I expect to see after false flag attacks. 

There were reports of Russia bombing Syria like crazy after the Paris attack and writing "For Paris" on their bombs, Russia just gave the Parisian police force a new police dog since one of their's was killed in the bombing (this one really feels like propaganda), and now China has officially declared war on ISIS because they executed a Chinese hostage. Could you possibly look a bit more into their motivations for this? 

I know that ISIS is not what they are portrayed to be and that they're basically a fear device run by western countries and that Russia and China are basically against the western countries who run/finance ISIS. This is sort of a separate question but are Russia and China basically claiming that they plan to stop these fake terrorists or are they showing that they're in alliance with America and other ISIS sponsors and therefore playing along?

Here are some links for the reports that I mentioned (please note that I do not like any of these sites that I'm linking to here, these news sites just feed off of this negative energy): 
"For Paris" 
Police Dog
China Declares War
This is already long but while searching for those links I found this article and I just had to add it in here. It's the most obvious false flag story I've seen related to the Paris attacks. 
A. I see that Russia is fighting for what is their perception of liberty and justice.  Many leaders of the world realize who is really behind and funding ISIS.  Russia has reached their limit and wants to surpass the US.  Russia realizes that the war over Syria is really over oil, and the US wants to claim that area either by aligning with the Syrian government (which is not working) or doing a take over so a new government can be implemented.  

When areas in Syria area being bombed, it isn't "Syria" being attacked, it is the other countries occupying (ie, the US) being bombed and targeted.  Russia also realizes the real reason behind  the France attacks, and when they bomb Syria "for France," they are really bombing US assets in Syria because they know who to inadvertently blame (and who is one of the groups funding and supporting the group labeled as ISIS on the back end).  I hear the phrase that this is Russia's way of giving the US, Israeli and British a warning that this behavior won't be tolerated. 

Basically, I see Russia standing up for themselves and China is supporting Russia because China ultimately wants to regain power.  Both China and Russia know that if they can rid the "ISIS" group (which is a scapegoat type "fear" group created by three dominant countries), and keep the US out of Syria, the US economy will suffer.  This will also help Russia because Russia can continue on with their pipeline to Europe, which is huge for the Russian economy.  China wants nothing more than the US economy to fail so they can step in and promote their gold exchange or gold backed money with the IMF.  China and Russia have many reasons to align.

Right now Putin is creating a huge obstacle in the US plan to take Syria.  I see him being (and I hear the word) "Hitlerized."  I look for many more attacks, and if the US loses strength in Syria, I see a war breaking out because money is made on both sides of war (and the economy needs a genuine versus electronic) boost.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


They Live said...

Many thanks for this reading! I have been seeing soundless planes flying slowly flying over my area. Is this a surveillance takeover as a result of the Paris attack? I remember reading Behold A Pale Horse where William Cooper sited a government attack on U.S. civilians during the Thanksgiving season, is this part of it? What's another way of fighting this off aside from mediatations and societal awareness? Many thanks and blessings as always!

Alice Liu said...

Thank you, Lynn. That's the feeling I've had about Putin. Here is an interesting video of Putin explaining ISIS to the press:

Raymond G said...

It's hard for me to respect Obama when he says that he is going to defeat ISIS. Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton are the ones that created this mess. During the Spring uprising of 2012, they bombed Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria. None of these countries were a threat to the U.S. None of these countries were a threat to each other or the Middle East. But Obama destabilized these nations and left a power vacuum and ISIS filled it. He has given material and aid to anti - Assad forces in Syria. Among them are the Taliban. We aid the Taliban in Syria and fight them in Afghanistan. Does this make sense ? And all this does is make it easier for ISIS to gain control. Now, Obama wants to look like a hero to get rid of ISIS. It's like the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I don't get it. Why is he so hell bent on killing Assad? Assad never threatened us. He (and other people) must think that if we get rid of Assad that somehow it is going to make Obama look like a hero. Whoever takes control won't be pro U.S. anymore than Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq. They don't want our friendship or our lifestyle, they just want our money. And when we leave, they will just fight each other like they have been doing for the last 2000 years. Just like they are doing in Iraq, Syria,Yemen and Pakistan.

I understand that oil might be involved, but oil is a declining asset. There are more known oil reserves in the world than ever before and there is an international movement to move away from fossil fuels and move towards wind, solar and other renewable resources. George Washington was a smart man. The day he left office he warned us about 'foreign entanglements.' I wonder if he was psychic ?

scorpio1995 said...

@Raymond G

I'm sorry but you are wrong on a lot of things. US never bombed Tunisia nor did they bomb Egypt. There is also no Taliban in Syria. Taliban exists only in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You must be thinking of Alqueda, which goes by Al-Nusra in Syria. There were some cables that were released that said US been trying to get rid of Assad since 2009. This is only about thee oil pipeline. And it's pretty ignorant for you to say they've been fighting for 2000 years. They haven't fought any more than any civilization, and in fact had to deal with European powers assassinating and disrupting their countries for 100 years after dismantling the Ottoman Empire. And sorry you have it the other way around. The middle east wants nothing to do with the West. What is so great about the sex-obsessed materialistic lifestyle of the West? They have money, and resources. It is the WEST who wants their resources.

And it's funny you mention George Washington. Perhaps you should research his freemason ties. He is no hero.

scorpio1995 said...

Russia are heroes in the Middle East and loved by all who have recognized how the West have destroyed their countries. I as well was suspicious somewhat about Russia. But anyone who follows this war seriously knows that Russia is the best thing to happen to this war. Now there is a real and likely chance it will end and Syria will be united again. Israel creating ISIS to destroy and split Syria to create Greater Syria has failed.

Alice Liu said...

@scorpio1995 Yes, this is about oil and, I would add, the military industrial complex (and the bankers who fund them). Destabilization is a real cash cow for them. The U.S. has also had their eye on Syria since George W. Bush had them on his "rogue states" list prior to 9/11.

@Raymond G As for ISIS and this current cluster f**k, EVEN Tony Blair admits that Bush's ill conceived invasion of Iraq created ISIS. Obama did not create this "mess," he inherited it.

wendy tascione said...

Lynn, do you think we will take in the Syria and how will that affect us. It's horrible what we have done to them....hunger games for real.

Lisa said...

There was a shooting down of a Russsian fighter SU-24 by Turkey. Will that have serious consequences (war) or will there be a diplomatic solution?

Was Turkey right to do that?

Concerning the oil: I thought that Syria does not have so much oil and that it is more about the piplines, or do I see this wrong?

Ryno said...

When a "friend" told me awhile ago that Putin would someday be seen as a hero/savior-type figure, I laughed. I'm not laughing now. "They" play both sides too damn well.

Alice Liu said...

@Ryno - It was in the Edgar Cayce predictions (1940's) "[Through Russia], comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism -- no! But freedom -- freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."

scorpio1995 said...


This has a real chance to spiral out of control. Turkey thinks it is protected because it is in NATO. Like Obama said "if Russia focused on ISIS (ie not attaking alQueda and affiliates), these events are not likely to happen."

That's a threat if I've ever seen one. The West is PISSED Russia has been attacking their assets in Syria and this is their response. The West and Turkey support ISIS and they also support these rebels, while not as mass-murdering as ISIS, they behead, execute minorities, POWs and many other things. So basically Turkey was not right to do that. Many times Israel went into Syria but were escorted out by Russia. They have no sense of decency. And yes, this is about the oil pipeline Saudi Arabia wants to put in Syria to Turkey and the West. Sad isn't it?


I don't know if that was regarding my comment. But you can be a hero and not be a good man, or not even on the right side. The fact is, right now Russia is defending the Syrian people who had not many chances left with dozens of countries destabilizing their country. In this instance, he absolutely is a hero and saved Middle East being split into terrorist fiefdoms.

Ryno said...

@Alice Liu: Yeah, I'm familiar with that one. The best thing about prophecy and predictions that I find anyway, is it shows the direction they want to steer world events.

@scorpio1995: It was a general comment about how the "alternative" community is eating up the idea Putin is a hero. A manufactured hero, is no hero in my opinion.