Thursday, November 5, 2015

Psychotropic Devices

Q. Lynn, In the 60's and early 70's a man from Prague, Czech Republic invented some psychotropic devices. There were only a few inches tall, composed of different metals, different shapes and were somehow 'tuned' to the biology and vibrations of the user. They had different functions. Some were used to heal people, some were used to increase psychic consciousness and some were used to make people ill. The American Ambassador to Russia (USSR) and Vice President Nixon were made aware of this knowledge when they visited the USSR.

The inventor suggested that a missile could be produced like an EMP, exploded over the U.S. and make everyone violently ill at the same time. How did these work and can they be reproduced? 
A.  When I focus on this topic, I get that there are elements that can be "programmed" to match a certain frequency or vibration.  Those frequencies can make you in balance and healthy, or be detrimental.  We work off of frequencies, and when we meditate or consume items into our body (just as an example), we alter or frequency.  For sensitive people, even the energy of our environment can change or disturb our frequency. 

 It is possible to release microscopic elements over a population to influence behavior or adversely effect people.  Some of that is already being done in the form of chemtrails.  Chemtrails have many uses from weather manipulation to making people more "docile."  The problem with the effect on people is that these elements look to "lose their charge" which makes them lose their effectiveness or potency.  That is why certain area have repeated chemtrailing over and over and over again...

I also see that these "elements" are most effective when they are directly put into the human body.  Then I get an image of immunizations being given.  I get that certain areas are sectioned off so tests can be done.  I hear to ask yourself "How many things does the government give out that are totally free?" however, you can get free flu, shingle, pneumonia, etc vaccines on almost every corner.  There is a reason for that.

Most importantly, I want to know how to protect yourself...   Drinking lots of water to keep toxins flushed out and loading up on green vegetables (and lot of vitamin K) looks to help if you are feeling sluggish.  In really severe situations I get that potassium can be beneficial. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

One big OOMPH you can give yourself and everyone around you is quite simple: imagine everything getting better and better. This is easy, because it's true. YOU are getting better, vibrating faster, rising above it all. You yourself can transform anything you touch or think about into something positive. Everything is an idea. Take charge of the ideas and make them work for you.

This was all inside a fortune cookie Da-da just broke open...


Can intent and energy-heightening techniques override the effects of chemtrails, electromagnetic fields, environmental toxins, etc... ?

"My body absorbs only the beneficial properties of this food..."
"I am always shielded and protected from negative influences."

Any insight on how this works? Suggestions?

Bilal said...

I would like to create Crystals that they used in Atlantis period to heal people. Something that came to me was ,what if you could melt down quartz crystals and use noble metals ,let it cool and same time use different resonance frequency when in cooling. It would create different crystalline structure at molecular level based on what frequency used when cooling down and different composition of noble metals.

Noble metals and geometry at molecular structure used with frequency seems to be groundwork. I have been researching this for long time and tried many,many things for healing work and I feel that we missed something? Perhaps how to alter the geometric shape at molecular level. Sound and noble metals seems to be the missing link to this. I would love to hear what you have to say on this Lynn?

Robert Schoen said...

I just got back to the states after a two month absence and one of the things I noticed was this spiderweb-like lattice on the top of my convertable ragtop that followed heavy rain, like a chemtrail deposit that makes a web like lattice in certain circumstances. IO also felt pounding headache spikes, somethign I never get, that I think are signals sent to everyone to keep them with the program. Think positive thoughts this stuff goes away!

Lakshmi said...

This is a bit off subject...CHT 10 "Far Journeys" by R. Monroe 1985
I read this back in the describes a visit to the earth-world and a meeting (discussion) with an "entrance guardian". There is no sense of conspiracy but careful reading describes exactly "mind erasure" and "suffering" and "violation of universe-laws" and "an organization" and "full consent" and "most folks never making it back out" those are the rules used by the cabal to twist universal laws to draw in folk and "keep" them. It could be called a con-man's trick into slavery.
If any of you are following Corey Goode....he talks about a group of energy-orbs from a high density that may have come after hearing "cries of suffering entrapped souls" wishing for freedom. The orbs (people-beings) never signed any agreements to be a sucker...but showed up (here) anyway since 20 years (or so).
The controlling-idiot-cabal was so used to violating all laws....since the folks here signed contracts to this effect, abuse existed....But the orbs did not sign and were "shot at" at Dec 5 2012. This "violation" essential stirred up the hornets nest and gave the orbs the "right" to put an end to this cabal-organization. Disclosure would be the method to bring all "slaves" back to their true rights and original FREEDOM.
Check out these pieces of information. And if you wish to make any comments Lynn, then it would be very interesting. CHEERS (and thank you for all your wonderful work) Van

John Casey said...

That answers a question I've long wondered about. When I look at how the government pursues policies and actions that seeem deliberately designed to make life worse for the people it governs, and yet very few people seem to recognize this and fewer still seem upset by it, I have had to posit the existence of some sort of "passivity-inducing" technology more focused than just media and social-control practices. So there it is, spraying to keep the "livestock" controlled and obedient.

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn ! I think that there is a lot to learn about these that we don't know about.

Cayce, yourself and many others have said that lights and vibrations would be used to heal us in the future. If it can heal us, then it can harm us too. You made a comment about frequencies and that keeps coming around whenever I read something about alternative science. Frequencies and vibration are mentioned in the building of pyramids, Coral Castle, free energy and anti gravity. I wonder if the guys working at DARPA or the Skunk Works have figured out the theory that binds all of this together and aren't telling us about it.

I recently heard on the radio that when an EMP bomb is detonated that one of its side effects is that it subdues the mental barriers we have that keeps our personalities in check. So, if you have a tendency to be short tempered, a kleptomaniac or bipolar, these attributes will be magnified for several hours or days. I think psychotronic devices are just small versions of those side effects. I wonder how often they are used and we don't know about it. Or, I wonder if the devices they were experimenting with in the 60's and 70's are passe' and they have something newer and better.

Lisa said...

Check out the Vetsch book "Text" (google). He talks about that the "real elites" already have everything. Also healing machines where it finds holes (and/or black matter; wrong color) in the aura for example which they/it heals and the body is healthy again.

Oportuno Navegante said...

There is an error, it is Psychotronic devices (psychotropic is about hallucinations inducing substances), and the inventor was called Robert Pavlita, if someone is interested in further reading about this theme.