Monday, November 30, 2015

NSA Harrassment

Q. African-American novelist Gloria Naylor wrote "1996," a thinly fictionalized account of being targeted for physical and electronic harrassment by the NSA after she had a series of minor run-ins with a neighbor whose brother was a high-level NSA official. She describes in-person "street theater" harrassment and also an invasive electronic harrassment in which agents use one device to literally read a person's thoughts, and a second machine to literally project "thoughts" into a person's consciousness, with the goal of driving the target to suicide, a fate she narrowly missed herself.

It is important to note the fact that the targeted person's symptoms are indistinguishable from paranoid schizophrenia.

Do such devices exist? Are they widely used? What is the goal of using these devices against people like Naylor who have virtually no connection to any national security interests?
A. As I focus on the question, I get there are devices out there that can project artificial thoughts into people.  These thoughts are forced by creating sounds / vibrations that sort of "open up" the subconscious.  This can also happen with subliminal messaging.  I hear that either form is essentially a "psychic attack" on the person.

Most of these attacks are done by governments (I get CIA type organizations rather than NSA??) in North America, Asia and Europe.  It started as experiments with the main goals being: to create"sleeper" type cells that could be activated later, mentally scramble people that were too close to knowing information or as a way to find a way to control societies (through mental manipulation).  This activity was seen as both a weapon and a tool to control certain populations.

For the victim It can be hard to distinguish what thoughts are their own versus what is being projected onto them.  The battle between their inner self fighting these "false" thoughts does create a mental strain that can appear as schizophrenia.  Just as your body is intelligent enough to try to rid yourself of toxins, your brain tries to eliminate things that are not in your greater good. The most important part of what I saw was how to protect yourself from these attacks, or clear yourself if you have been attacked.  Most (if not all) of the victims are in a lower vibrational state (depressed, angry, sad) which increases the success of the attack.  If you keep yourself elevated and even use tools to increase your vibrations (organite or crystals), you are much more difficult to target.  If you feel you aren't yourself (have very negative thoughts, or the little voice in your head is telling you to do something that feels off) QUESTION IT IMMEDIATELY!  You can actually say "This is not my thought or feeling, I do not own it, Go away" and visualize it disappearing.  If you feel it creep up on you again, repeat the phrase.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


TheHermit said...

Mind control has made tremendous "advances" in the recent 50 years.

Most of Earth's population are victims of this crime. Each of us

is our own creator but this fact must be insisted on as we

use our not so "Free" Will! Speaking of which here

comes Xmas.

Robert Schoen said...

I think they have been conducting all these faux atrocities since before 911 with impunity, knowing that most of the medicated,tv watching, cell phone using populace is getting a daily dose of subliminals that keep tell them, "there's nothing to see here folks." All societies have social conditioning and programming, but cell phone towers and other unknown technologies bring this to a whole new level that's almost brainwashing.

I heard schizophrenics may have this condition because they are too sensitive and can't take the EMF and other signals we all get. They can make a Manchurian Candidate, and I believe a lot of the early school shooters from the Nineties were kids that fell into this category. and have some articles on this if anyone's interested.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Sounds like Star Wars Order 66 to kill Jedi knights

Raymond G said...

Sirhan Sirhan says he doesn't remember shooting Robert Kennedy. Some say he had been manipulated psychologically, a product of mind control. But all the convicts in prison say they are innocent, who knows. But I believe it exists. I read something a few months ago that said DARPA was working on some kind of psychological warfare weapon that would 'beam' messages into the heads of soldiers on the battlefield suggesting that they should run and flee or surrender etc... I think the idea is more science fact than science fiction.

And if they ever compel people to get chips in their wrist ( I won't be one of them) it's not unreasonable to believe that someone nefarious could send you a compelling message to act or feel some way. Criminals hack into email and corporate accounts, imagine what someone could do if they could hack into chips implanted into a nation of 300 million people.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: it may end up like the movie Divergent (kind of synchronictic I watched it last night)...


I have received feedback from Greys that it is a good idea to practice controlling what I think about, that is not allowing my mind to wander throughout the day.

Develop a good discipline of becoming aware of "chatter" when it happens and re-directing towards more constructive matters. Once that's been established and one becomes proficient, then they'll more easily be able to distinguish their own thoughts from external stimuli, whether it be psychic attack or indirect interference.

joy said...

I get this message all he time "I WANT TO DIE"
"Eh.?" I say, "Who are you.?" "Go ahead die already"
THEN i hear lots of psychotronic sounds when I'm in that sleepy mode.
I can't describe these sounds because i haven't heard any other sounds to compare them with. They're out of this world. There are even crawling sensations on my scalp. these guys get dramatic.
So I speak loud "Go away.BEGONE, SCRAM. You have no permission to harass me"
After sometime, they're gone.
SEE...........? (grin)

magnolia said...

@Joy. You are very funny!

John Casey said...

Lynn, thanks for this reading. I appreciate it, and especially the protection measures you mentioned.

Blimpy Peach said...

Take poor Charlie sheen for example. He was very coherent, he spoke out about 911 and then all of a sudden he is uncreditable, making a fool of himself and talking gibberish. That guy could use some organite! Same happened with an English mi5 guy that spoke out about it and all of a sudden became a transvestite