Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Manifest Outcomes..

Q. Hi Lynn, 
What can a person do to achieve / manifest a desired outcome that they want? 
A.  The basis of projecting intent is sending out a vibration (it looks like a mental forcing of a wave, and the frequency of the wave is determined by the type of intent being sent out).  Ideas with a positive intent send out a higher frequency tied with the thought.

To achieve a desired result, you have to focus clearly on what you want.  What you sent out, and how you focus on what you want makes all the difference.  Your perception of your reality can also alter the frequency of your intent because it can lower the vibration behind the intent. The Law of Attraction is always at work, and I get the "Universe" is always listening, feeling and sensing.  

I get one of the frustrations people have is thinking they are focused on a desired outcome, but they have doubt, questioning or negative phrasing tied to it, therefore, the "Universe" doesn't know how to deliver.  For example, if you say "I hope I'm healthy" the word "hope" adds doubt.  You have to visualize things as fact and believe it by saying "I am healthy."

Meditation visualizing what you want (see and feel yourself with that outcome), mantras and tools such as "post-its on your bathroom mirror" can be great tools.

On a side note, I highly recommend reading The Secret.  It talks about the Law of Attraction at work.  The book is powerful, clear and concise.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


RFK Pope said...

@Lynn - Thank you for this reading since its a topic I've been researching recently. I'd like to share another great read which is available on audio on YouTube as well: Unwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. It was written by Hill in 1938 but only recently published because it was said to be too controversial to be published during that time period. He speaks about the power of focused intention and the importance of not having doubt. It is amazing.

whitelite 1111 said...

I totally needed this at this exact moment. I'm not surprised to see the post right now. Thank you so much Lynn.

Caroline said...

Thank you Lynn! Much love and light to you!

Me too said...

but then- when something is not meant to be because of your life path? How would that work? Does the law of attraction overpowers your path?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Me too: If something is not in your greater good, the Universe will not bring it to you. For example, you may want and pray for wealth (like winning the lottery), but if winning the lottery is detrimental to you (maybe you are addictive, or maybe your life lesson is to learn the value of hard manual work) it will not happen, BUT wealth can be brought in other forms like health or a beautiful family (wealth can be in many different forms).

Serene said...

I believe the book is "Outwitting the Devil," it's an excellent book. You can find it both new and used inexpensively on Amazon.

Raymond G said...

RFK: I have only listened to the first few minutes of Napoleon Hill's video, but it's pretty interesting. I have read Think and Grow Rich but I have never heard of this one. It's understandable why it would have upset people in 1938. Thanks

Chatty Cathy said...
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747 said...

Thank you, yes in my case I wanted a particular price when selling our property and I wrote it on a post it, framed the wording very carefully and really focused on it, we did really well on the sale but got substantially less than what I wanted and it meant we still had a mortgage which was what I wanted to avoid, I was told in a dream that it was karmic. The funny thing was the neighbors property sold shortly before ours for very close to the price that I wanted and at the time everyone was shocked that a property in our area could sell for that. We are about to sell again and I think I understand why we didnt quite get the result we were hoping for as I have learnt (and am so grateful for) many lessons. And it has lead me to make some great changes in my life that I probably wouldnt have if I had received the financial freedom earlier. The ironic thing is that I forgot about it however all these difficult/challenging events have meant that now it probably will manifest but at a cost i.e. have to move towns to a tiny house. So be careful what you wish for I guess :-) Im still overall happy thou with the way things have worked out.

JJ said...

This post is so so so relevant right now... I thank you and the universe for reminding me about the power intention!

chinny said...

@Psychic Focus (Lynn) Would you advice me on how I remove doubts when I focus on my desired intention? What things I need to avoid and possibly how I would keep myself remembering the same positive desired intention everyday. I have a desired intention that I am focus with and I keep seeing the person's picture everyday and making a spiritual contact and to communicate with the person spiritually and I want to tell that person in a way that I don't make doubts with myself especially with the coming events unfolding.

Thanks also for the good post. I might consider reading The Secret in the future.

Bill Ramirez said...

Thanks Lynn

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@chinny: I would write it down on a piece of paper or notecard, and put it in your pocket or where you will see it. Once you "memorize" your phrase, you won't need to note, but it is helpful. :-)

DivineLuxurySoap said...

Speaking of the devil. Taylor Cadwell's "Dialogues With the Devil" is a beautiful script; a conversation between Archangel Michael and Arc. Lucifer.
After reading this, we (I) no longer fear this guy. I was empowered by this book...and therefore wish to share. Both of the archangels love what they call God.....but go about life in different ways. Cheers.

chinny said...

@Psychic Focus (Lynn) Thanks for the tip. I will start focus on being with that person as my soulmate and should keep remembering that phrase in full effect.

joy said...

according to the ancients, we are spirit that are now inside a physical body.
that we have ongoing adventures in countless realities.
that in those realities, there were instances where we made vows and agreements about say, for example....remaining poor. these are , in this instance, vows of poverty.
in this reality,...when we ask for money, subconscious will look into your akashic record and this vow will come up.
so, subconscious will not be able to deliver. it will twiddle its thumb.
it will wait for you to remove these vows before it gives you what you are asking for.

i have , in my asking, included this process of breaking these particular vows
"I rescind all agreements and vows that i made, that were made in my person, in my name, thruout all my experience scarcity and financial limitations. Do this while in trance states.

YES, i have no problem manifesting what i want. i'm just not all that ambitious. not interested in soul-mate, or twin flame, lots of money etc.sometimes, you can be your own enemy when you open up your crown chakra.the crown will make you realize that everything here is NOTHING BUT ILLUSIONS hence, your're not all that excited to create anything.i got into wooo-wooo stuff. danggggg..... i don't know, maybe this is just another mental program .

i tried that soulmate stuff.....complete with the qualities , this one old man ready to die.ohhh...........the next day, i met this super-rich old man who had triple bypass and like on cue, he " was looking for a wife" .(good grief) .....I have manifested the exact "man of my dreams" three times,........of course, they're not my dreams. just trying the principle . i backed out.."cancel, cancel, cancel"

the best book i found about manifesting is CREATING MONEY by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. i assure you, this one will open up all the avenues for you. but you have to sit down and think what you REALLY REALLY want. manifesting for you will be as easy as breathing. you want money, not a "million dollar contract" (which i asked) i wanted a job that pays $120,000 in 2005. i got 2 offers which i cancelled. The terms were not to my liking.I did NOT specify.

well, get going. i know you'll do it. the energetic pathway is wide open.

leia franc said...

hi lynn. is it possible for us to not receive what was meant for us? maybe we just missed that particular moment or we just did not try; maybe somehow we wont at where we were supposed to be. what happens then when we didnt receive our intended "present" on our predetermined path?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Joy: Thank you for sharing!

Leia: Opportunities will keep presenting themselves until you take one. We always have freewill to chose, so the choice as to when you jump back on your path (if you feel you have missed it) is up to you.