Thursday, November 19, 2015


Q. Lynn, I saw this recently in a dream forum. He said he had a few dreams about 'reality' and he was taught how dreams work and how they are created in the Mind's Eye. He said sound was used to create objects and you can mentally "adjust the sounds you hear to rotate and adjust matter."

"Shapes are defined by wavelength of the note, and movement is defined by amplitude."

He also had dream about black crystals that had some kind of consciousness that developed a bond with the person studying it, (he was in a classroom ).

A lot of dreams convey messages and new ideas, so it is not too much of a reach for me to believe his subconscious is trying to teach him something new. Is he on to anything or was it just a very descriptive dream that he is reading too much into?

A.  I get this split when I focus on dreams.  I hear they are complex to the 3D human understanding, but to the spiritual realm they are very simple.  Dreams serve as a way to communicate with and through the Universal Consciousness via the subconscious.  

I see dreams coming through in both vibrations and pulses of energy (which can be related to sounds).  All vibrations have a tone, we just may not be able to hear it with our human ears, but the subconscious knows how to translate it.

When I look at dreams, they look similar to meditations; however, meditations look more guided and dreams are more involuntary.  You can train yourself through exercises to be more in control of your dreams, and use them as a tool to obtain knowledge.  

And that is all I have for this reading. (I may add more depending on questions in the comments.  I know there are many unique situations tied to this topic).  Love and light-  


Lakshmi said...

Let me share. Twice it happened. Shared dreams.
1) I had a dream in a barn talking to lady...then my friend showed up (to my left)...I quickly walked out of sight. The next morning...."my friend"...was less friendly. I asked, she answered. She had the same dream from her "perspective". She came in the barn, and then saw me walk off.
2) Two weeks later...another dream with a different friend...we compared notes (same night, same circumstances).
Conclusion: My definition of "a reality check" is if two people remember the same event in the same place. So for me "dreams" are (also) a reality place to share experiences.
I wanted to share for those of you who lost loved ones....they may choose the dream-scene as a place to join up. Cheers...and thanks Lynn.

They Live said...

I've had moments in dreams where I came to a point where I can control or think what will happen next and how, usually I am about to wake up at that moment. I guess my subconscious and conscious are at a meeting point.
What's always fun, and I think most people experience this, is when I am strong and quick enough to take over an enemy that may present itself in my dream. It's telling of how powerful we truly are :-)
I love dreaming double :-)

Jody Newkirk said...

HI Lynn,
I think the dream refereed to the nature of reality being made of vibrations. With that I believe that she said that we could alter our reality by altering the vibrations in the amplitude you see any of that?

Me too said...

I think there are different types of dreams. Some are premonition, some are communication (it could be between people that are alive and between us and the after-life).
I truly believe that your spirit can leave your body during your sleep. I had a very vivid dream that I was flying at night (moon shining really bright) over the ocean to check on my dad. Woke up the next day feeling tired (he lives far).

Other dreams could be solutions - sometime you are thinking about something and a dream may bring an answer. But it could be your brain processing what happen during the day, months and even years ago.

In other words, there is still a LOT to learn from this (and from the power that our brain has)

Me too said...

I also have this recurring dream of the ocean coming in a tsunami and getting close to my house but not reaching me .. I had 3 times and every time it was a different house, plus one I was high on a cliff. Not sure if the tsunami in Asia triggered this or if it is a message..

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn. I have recorded my dreams for several years. Most of the time they don't make sense but if I look at them a month later the symbolism becomes more obvious. If I dream of walking through a field full of wheat it could mean something related to abundance or maturity. Why doesn't our subconscious just come out and say Raymond, do this or do that ? Why does it have to be so tough? I wish my dreams were like the ones that guy has. Mine are uneventful compared to his. I wonder how some people get 'chosen' to be receptors of new ideas like him and many others.

I think it is interesting that you said that dreams come in tones and vibrations. Tesla and Leedskalnin said that everything has a vibration, rocks, trees and planets. They also said (you too ) that in the future we will be healed by lights and tones. Now I am learning that dreams have tones too. If they have a tone/vibration, then I wonder where it originates and what determines the frequency ? I wish we weren't 'veiled ' and not allowed to know things. I wish I knew the answers to all the questions I have.

Many Thanks ....:)

A Man Called Da-da said...

You can also ask the highest powers to use your dreams to rid you of fear, anger (which is due to fear) and guilt (which is much deeper than most people realize). You'll have some terribly bloody dreams, at first, as you're purged, but eventually it evens out and you get much better, more constructive dreams. It's a sure-fire shortcut on the path.

Raymond G said...

@ Me Too......If you don't mind, I'll take a stab at your dream.

If you have a recurring dream, it usually means you have a problem existing in your waking life that you need to resolve. Your subconscious is saying Hey, Me Too! Handle this when you wake up ! Usually a tsunami or rough waves mean turmoil in your life. Something that is affecting other areas in your life. I think the 3 different homes you were in might represent a change in your life or your desire to be safe (homes are a safe space ) from the problems creating the tsunami. Ditto for the hill you were on. The hill was a desire to get away from it, figure this problem out and be safe. Was there a common denominator, a problem in your life that existed while all these dreams occurred? Just a few ideas....

Me too said...

@Raymond :-) That's a very good perspective and not to say interesting - at first I thought it was due to the tsnunami in Asia and the fact that I live close to the ocean - at first...

But recently I have been hit with something from the past that I thought it was solved - and funny / coincidental enough - I just said - it is like being in a tsnunami of emotions and asking for help. It was dormant and it just hit me out of the blue

There you go - didn't connect the 2 together... thank you for your perspective!

Sheryl said...

Funny that there s a segment on dreams today. Also to read that others fly in the night over the ocean waters!

Last night I had a very vivid dream of flying over the ocean. The pilot took off and then suddenly did a big turn and swooped down and lowered over the ocean and lingered over a very colorful spot of patterned turquoise and varied blue rocks just underneath the waters surface. Some were mossy but the overall pattern was varied blue tones.

It was quite beautiful and looked like small planets under the water. The plane was suspended and stopped there for a while, so that I could see the wonderful pattern and study it deeply, the plane then raised itself up and went up higher and higher into the night sky.

The weird thing is--as in most of my dreams, I decide at the last minute that I cannot be on this plane as I have important work to do back where I came from, that I can't get on the plane and go here yet. This is a constant in my dreams and I never end up going where I had first planned. Strange. So I ended up walking down some cold and snowy stairs in my bare feet back to what?

Back to my own reality? I know I was disappointed when I landed back ... I always feel a sense of responsibility which sends me back to that original place where my dream starts at. And perhaps chose not to fly?

Thanks for nudging me into remembering fully this dream.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Lakshmi: That does happen quite often. Also realize that the dream can be symbolic or literal, so take an abstract perspective when you reflect on it.

@They Live: That is great! Those are some of the best dreams.

@Raymond: Dreams are our connection to the subconscious and other realms (spirit worlds). They can also be directed from the Universal Consciousness. There is lots of symbolism and that is because when a different source is communicating with you they need to speak to you in a language that you understand, and most times it is related from your own personal experiences. When I read people and they ask me what things mean, I often respond with what did it make you think, and what emotion did it evoke. I would encourage you to do the same with your dream journal.

@Dada: A great source of healing can happen when we sleep. I get that is why we hear the phrase “sleep on it” when you have something on your mind… Dreams help you sort out issues.

@Me too: As I had said to Raymond, I would ask how you felt when you woke? What emotions did you have in the dream? Fear, strength, helpless, etc and how did you react to those emotions. I see it as you having a situation that you were dealing with that was close to you, but not in your immediate family (within your own home). You were watching from afar and maybe offered some advice. It could be three unrelated events, that you watched unfold..

@Sheryl: Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a very interesting experience.

Bee E-lightened said...

Is it bad if you are not dreaming?!

Raymond G said...

@Bee........everyone dreams but not everyone remembers them. Could it be you are too tired or it could be alcohol or medication ? If you try to relax before going to bed and repeating that you want to remember your dreams and recall them have a better chance or recalling them. But everybody has REM cycles. There are adverse effects on your health if you don't have them.

Bee E-lightened said...

Thx Raymond....Scary...i dont do meds...unless coffee interferes with it....i do get dreams sparingly and its significant when I do remember them

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks Bee and Raymond: We do all dream, we just don't always remember it. Many times we dream, remember it and as soon as we get up and start our day we forget. Keep telling yourself you want to remember, and you can train yourself to remember your dreams. I also encourage people that want to analyze their dreams to start a journal, and make an entry before your feet hit the ground in the morning. The further get get into your wake state and your conscious mind takes over, the further your are from your subconscious thoughts and dreams.

Bee E-lightened said...

Thx Lynn

Bee E-lightened said...

Its amazing. I did as you guys suggested. I dreamt of my long time neighbor last night. It was short but i remembered chitchatting with her like back in the days