Monday, October 26, 2015

Mystery in Egypt.. What is this on Google Earth?

Q. Hi Lynn. First of all, thank you for your service!

I'm part of a group of people from various nationalities that discuss matters about world events, ufology, The Event etc.  Yesterday one of the guys sent us some links of a structure in Egypt that we can't identify. First, I watched this video

Then, I went to Google Maps, where I could inspect it a little more
I've read some interesting comments on the video but nothing that could explain well what it really is. I looked for similar pictures on Google Images Search but there's no similar image on the web. So, if Google doesn't work, ask Lynn! Could you please do a reading on it? Thank you

A.  When I first tune into this I see a brand new craft that appears to land.  It is ET in origin, and has a sheen to it as if it was newly created for a mission to Earth.  It looks as if it was an intentional land purposeful landing (the ship / craft / ET vessel) and everything was functioning properly.  As I mentally explore why it was there, I get there is a underground cave system that leads to a base, and this ET craft landed right on top of that location.  I also get that this cave system connects to a system beneath the great Pyramids like a labyrinth (that is for a different reading).  

I hear this trip to Earth was meant to be a "one way ticket."  They had no intention of leaving once they got here.  They came to reinforce a very scarce base and create a home deep underground.  in fact, this craft was meant to be a "lid" for the base that could be activated to leave in the event of an emergency.  

I keep getting images of the Great Sphinx of Giza, and get that this craft has been here since 3000 BC, and was buried by wind and sand over the years (like the Sphinx).  I also hear that the craft has been here since even before the "original" Great Sphinx (that looked like a cat) was built. 

Q. Who are they and what do they look like? 
A. The image of the original Sphinx keeps coming forward, and get a relationship between these ETs, and the "cat looking" Sphinx.  These ETs look to have many "cat like" features, but are also humanoid in design.  It was as if the Great Sphinx was originally created to pay some kind of respect and honor to this Cat ET species.

I'm shown that they came from a star system located in Orion's belt.  They came to Earth to colonize an area, and when the "Dog ET and Cat ET" war came about and they left Earth, a few of the Cat ETs remained and went underground (along with the Reptilians).  The Cat ETs numbers were very small underground, and when things calmed down, and the Cat ETs that originally fled felt safe, they returned to meet with their fellow kind.  

Q. Are they there now?  What are they doing? 
A.  Yes, they are there now and deep into the Earth.  I get that even if the sand is completely blown off of the UFO structure, you will not be able to penetrate underground.  The UFO looks to "lock" on top of the entrance and no technology we have will allow us to gain access.  If things are too threatening, they will leave, but they don't feel intimidated by humans right now.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Ryno said...

I agree with you about a Feline race being very involved with Egypt early on, until a race from Sirius came and rewrote history. That's partly why Egypt's history is so confusing where it seems to start over around midway through.

Lynn, could you please do a quick reading on "Sekhmet?" Was she originally on the sphinx? Thank you.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Is that what happened when the cat ship that was at the "Sahara Eye" location blasted off? We included that in Five for Friday #18:

siketa said...

It looks to be very close to Cairo....can it be reached or is this area protected?

Bee E-lightened said...

It's pure knowledge I get from this site...riveting

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. BTW did anyone explain what that floating city was in China? I occasionally wonder about it.

They Live said...

Cat and dog E.T. wars, I take it this is where the saying "Fighting like cats and dogs," comes from. Also the idea that cats and dogs don't like each other.
@Lynn So many E.T.s live underground here, do all the planets visible in our solar system have underground civilizations as well? When I contemplate this question Venus flashes in my mind for some reason.
Many thanks and blessings to thee :-)

Duda said...

Thank you once again, Lynn!

John Casey said...

Thanks, Lynn. Very intriguing. Are the structures in the image part of the ship or are they man-made to disguise the site? Interesting that a large roadway is so close to the site.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@John: I see this is actually being part of the ship.. The military is trying to take it over. I also get there will be a confrontation of some kind there to lay claim to this, but no one will ever be able to penetrate the structure.

@They Live: Many planets do have interior systems. That is how they sustain with hostile temperatures and atmospheres.

@Ryno: Yes, that does sound interesting. I will add it.

@Dada: Yes, very similar beings (if not the same, they look very similar).

@siketa: I do see a huge interconnection. It isn't direct, but more like mazes that go up, down and all around.

Raymond G said...

I have never seen this before. It would be interesting to know if is available for tourists to view ?

I wonder what the door is made of, that makes the underground shelter so impenetrable ?

Thanks, this was interesting.

Citizen Smith said...

Has anyone else notice these structures close to the ones in question?

Seems to be close to a runway

Raymond G said...

I wonder what the circles on the ground represent and whether there is any symbolism to the sharp angles that are in the pic ? The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid are filled with symbolism. The use of pi and phi, their orientation to true north and Orion and much more.
I wonder if these structures have any of the same qualities ?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: I get that the circles are connected, and when unearthed this is an entire unit. We are only seeing the tips of what is beneath the ground. The sharp angles are part of the design (and do have some symbolism that I cannot figure out).

Teodoro Clemente said...


There are Egyptian army's missile sites.

Shifting said...

@ Teodoro, please provide more information/evidence for your assertion.

Ricercatore di Marte said...