Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mind Manipulation.. 2 Unrelated Questions with Related Answers....

Q. Hi Lynn!  I would like to know if you can see if there's some sort of conspiracy or mind control issue about the standardization of the tuning for the musical instruments in general. The standard tuning is A=440Hz. Practically all the music we hear today on the mainstream is at the 440Hz tune.

It is said that some of the great composers of the 1880's preferred the 432Hz tuning because it sounds more natural and was in tune with some patterns in nature, like the Fibonacci's Golden Section, the Pythagorean Scale, the Schumann's Resonances, and so on. Currently there's a movement about tuning the instruments back to the 432Hz, and this would help to raise our conscience, make us feel better, make music sound better and more profound, and so on.

Is there any real change in the mind of the listeners of 440hz against the 432Hz tuned music?

Thank you so much for your amazing work!
A. I see that there is a change in the mind.  It looks as though the natural sounds not only "feel" better, but look to become in sync with you (or you with them).  I see brain function increasing in not only the conscious mind, but unconscious too.  It looks to exercise and stimulate parts of the mind that are normally sort of "dormant" during conscious / wakeful thought processes.  432Hz creates a more direct response between conscious and subconscious thoughts.  

When I look at the effects of 440Hz, it looks to feel more "harsh" on the system.  It is as if your subconscious has fluid processing going on, and it (this pulse) creates a stutter to those thoughts. I get that the music can sound beautiful, and you may really enjoy it, but the subconscious activity is something you may or may not recognize. 

It also looks as though this 440Hz allows for subliminal ideas to be relayed.   Things can be put into the background, or overlayed in the music which the listener doesn't consciously hear, but the subconscious (that is constantly having this energetic "stutter") pauses to take in...I get this happens all the time and why the movement to convert back to older standards will be fought long and hard! At the 432Hz, our mind can't be manipulated in the same way (we are in more control, because we are in balance).  

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you take a look at Daylight Saving Time and what it really is about? Is there any conspiracy behind it? Does it really save energy as advocates claim? Why is it still being practiced? Does the Daylight Saving Time adjustments have any ill effects on the human body?  Thank you.

A.  As I ask this question, I get there is no real benefit to it.  Losing light at one part of the day to add it to another really makes no difference with regard to energy savings.  

In looking at our bodies, it interferes with our body's natural rhythm with the Earth.  We are forcing our bodies to wake and sleep at alternate times, and then readjusting six months later.  Our bodies are synced with the earth and other planetary bodies.  We are used to a flow, and cycle of vibrations.  The altering times of the sleep state (more importantly the brain wave activity that occurs during the sleep state) effects the mind and body.  I get that the reason that people have depressed feelings during this time extends beyond the lack of sun (even though a contributor), but because their rhythms are off and their body is reacting. 

I get this originated as a "Reptilian" idea that was pushed on people as a way to say it benefited them.  In reality, it was a way to keep natural circadian rhythms out of balance.  Keeping this imbalance helps to keep vibrations low due to the constant imbalance (and need for grounding and re-centering which many people don't or know how to do).  Lower vibrations stunt free thought, and provide opportunities for manipulation..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


EA RW said...

This looks rather interesting switching between 432-440. The 440 seems to be more unstable.
If it works on sand it must also work on our body fluids. Especially where the brain is located.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Ask, and ye shall receive, Da-da's gift to all of you -- a 432 hz isochronic tone, which is awesome to meditate with:

Bb (432) instruments are so much more satisfying than C (440) instruments. ;)

A Man Called Da-da said...


@Lynn: would you mind looking at that tone link i just listed, to ensure it's not been compromised? I've been using a copy from several years ago. It may have been altered since.

Hannon said...

I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure it was Rockefeller that pushed the 440 tuning. I'm to the point where I run from Philanthropy :-)

JJ said...

This is so funny, I just searched "432 HZ"on SPOTIFY as morning commute music.:) I love these kinds of alignments. Thanks Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Once again a topic that has hit home. I'm not a good at meditation and look for guided meditations on Youtube. A lot of them make me react like nails on a chalk board and I thought, well...I must not vibrating high enough to be able to stand this high pitched noise. I listened to some 432 hz meditation music after reading this and it felt so much better! I still worry about some form of sabotage when it comes to these Youtube meditations. I do go by gut instinct with this and I am hoping my instincts have served me well.

Thank you again Lynn for all your hard work!

Robert Schoen said...

I've long heard of this 440 hv issue, but to in the context of the insane daylight savings makes it clear that like fluoride and cell phone towers and chemtrails, we are just wage earning cattle to them. Change will have to come from the ground up. Anyone know of a tuner that can recovert music to the better frequrmcy?

Joao Gomes said...

I'm thinking about those electronically adjusted 432 Hz records available on YT.

Are they effective, I mean is there a difference to piano music from an instrument tuned according the 432 hz frequency(called "well tampered piano", for example Thanks!

Craig said...

Lynn, if the 440 can carry subliminal messaging, it seems like it could carry positive as well negative messages, even those messages that are psychically imprinted so to speak. So it could actually work well for music that is played while holding the intention of love and healing, what do you think?

And Robert, you can download a free music editor called audacity, input your song file and change to 432

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Craig: Brilliant! Wow. Just crank things to 43200. Things do sound better. That's impressive.

Hannon said...

I'm under the impression that the 432 conversions, just drop everything down 8 hertz but don't reproduce the intermingling harmony between the octaves, as you'd get from a different tuning all together. I'm guessing that everything really is relative :-)

Anonymous said...

I have listened to some 432 hz and it did not sound right, in fact it was downright hideous maybe the person did not do it right or purposely did it wrong to send the wrong impression to folks. Although I have listened to other 432 hz music and it did sound good.

Well I just ordered a new electronic tuner that can tune down to 432 hz and I will play the old banjo and guitar at 432 hz and see if it is better for me. I did manage to tune the instruments to 432 hz via you tube. They do sound nice, I think I am going to like this.

Sun In Capricorn Moon IN Scorpio said...

Lynn please respond to my emails!!

Vegan Ricky said...

@That Hamilton Women

I have uploaded a few guided meditation to Youtube (and the MP3 file) to share. These are the "guided" meditations I find myself going back to the most, as I find them to be quite powerful, and comprised in only a short length of time. Enjoy!

Scott Rauvers "Divine Healing Light" 16 min.

Scott Rauvers "White Light Healing" 8 min.

Matthew Name "Clearing and Shielding" 8 min.

The following recordings are more tutorial format than meditation. I highly recommend his technique as he takes this stuff to a whole other level. He even teaches the neutralizing / removal of energetic ET and/or negative entity implants.

Eric Raines "Energy Extraction Protocols" 18 min.

This file is extracted from his interview on Kelli Coffee's LIVE vlog, Kelli in the Raw. It's basically the same exercise as above, but with a few added details.

Eric Raines "Golden Energy Armor" 14 min.
MP3 (meditation ONLY):

Anonymous said...

@Vegan Rickey. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me this list! I will check these out. Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

This is my one go to for not sleeping. I love this! Thought I'd share it.

icqgirl 2 said...

When I am angry, I listen to music tuned to 432 hz. I find myself calmer and more forgiving.

Vegan Ricky said...

@That Hamilton Woman

Thank you for the return--will try it. The only 30min+ recordings I've stuck to are the Monroe Institute's Gateway Experience Waves(Robert Monroe's voice, not the newer ones). "The Healing Temple" will definitely be a nice change of pace for me. Something new!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments and insight.

Dada and Vegan Ricky: Thanks for sharing some resources to this music. I really appreciate it!

Love and light-

Bilal said...

Thanks Dada for that link

MJ said...

@Craig & Vegan Ricky, thanks for the info & links