Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mel's Hole in Ellensburg Washington

Would you do a reading on (or have you already?) the legendary "Mel's Hole "in Ellensburg Washington?

This guy Mel Waters was on Coast to Coast with Art Bell talking about this big hole or bottomless pit he had on his property. In the beginning he was just curious as to how deep the hole really was and was wondering if anyone had any idea how he could measure it. But after the first interview things got really strange..

Q. Is the story real and if so, what is that hole really for and who is being so protective over it? What really happened?

A. i do see this story as being real. I see this hole in the earth, and I envision a person standing on the edge of the hold and diving into it much like you would dive into a pool of water. They look to dive and fall for what seems like forever, and at the bottom of the hole I see them begin to float (rather than crash / land). It looks like something allows the person to hoover (like a safety net) and land softly (and now I want to figure out what or why..)

This hole looks and feels to be miles deep. A person would die of impact from jumping into the hole, but rather the oxygen and air pressure changes are not survivable (unless you are in a ship or very special type of suit that i have never seen in real life). The air doesn't have a toxic smell like what methane or sulfur would have, in fact the air smells plain, but it is very low in oxygen.

As I go to the bottom of this hole and start to explore, I notice the temperature isn't hot or cold.. It feels very comfortable. This looks to be a tunnel toward the inner earth, and there is some kind of energetic barrier that you have to cross to fully get inside (it looks like plasma in the air). As I cross the barrier, I realize there are whole cities, ETs and humans inside (I won't go into too much detail as I have done several readings on this.)

One thing I did notice that I had not seen before, was that the inside of earth is somewhat like the outside of earth. There are areas set up in which these "Ant looking" ETs rule over humans and make the humans like slaves, but then there are these beautiful, lush areas that are peaceful and serene. I hear that inside earth the value systems are very different, and beings work toward what it is that they want. If you want to mine, and extract elements from the earth and value tangible assets, that is what you work on. If being grounded, appreciating the earth and mutually exchanging a give and take system with with earth is what you value, you can do that too (I see a group of Native American looking people doing just that). Strangely, these two groups leave each other alone and don't try to infiltrate in each other's space. I hear something about "there is enough abundance for each being to do what they want, and that is recognized in the inner earth, where it is ignored on the outer earth because the emotion of greed gets in the way."

And that is all I have on this (but I am happy to address specifics in the comments section). Love and light-

(I have attached links to some previous reading on the Inner Earth / Hallow Earth. Feel free to search the blog for others:


siketa said...

You said that there are negative ETs down there. What about breakaway civilizations that went underground?

Dante said...

How far deep in the ground (in terms of miles) will a person get to the Hollow Earth through this hole?

A Man Called Da-da said...

How were these InnerEarthers affected by the Wave X energy?

Alvaro rodas said...

Hi, Lynn
Please, can you make a reading for this: Dancing mania (also known as dancing plague, choreomania, St John's Dance and, historically, St. Vitus' Dance) was a social phenomenon that occurred primarily in mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. It involved groups of people dancing erratically, sometimes thousands at a time. The mania affected men, women, and children, who danced until they collapsed from exhaustion. One of the first major outbreaks was in Aachen, Germany, in 1374, and it quickly spread throughout Europe; one particularly notable outbreak occurred in Strasbourg in 1518. .

What happened there? What caused it?
Thank you

Raymond G said...

This is a great Reading. I have heard of Mel's Hole before, but not this much detail.
I have another question...It is easy to understand why we don't know about the phenomena behind these holes. There aren't too many of them. But how did the government know about it ? I know they heard about it from the radio show......but how did they know enough about the hole's attributes to bring in a team and offer him 250k the next day and know enough to bring in a large crane and an oversized tractor trailer just to move a standard wood stove ? I wonder what kind of experience they have with these holes and what kind of secrets they have that we don't know about ? And how do you assemble a team of individuals, and have the authority to offer him that much every month and know enough about the situation to react as quick as they did ? One questions leads to 3 others.......... Thanks.

Hannon said...

Wait Lynn, so you're saying there's a place within Earth, that white guys can do white guy stuff and not be rammed into other cultures by ZOG? Is it possible for me to get there? And if so, how?

Marie said...

Is this the Agarthan network? I heard it is possible to do bilocation to Telos through meditation.

The enlightened one said...

@Alvaro Rodas & Lynn
Dancing mania (also known as dancing plague, choreomania, St John's Dance and, historically, St. Vitus' Dance) was a social phenomenon that occurred primarily in mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries.

That seem like a really great topic to do a reading on! I would love to see a reading on that as well.

You are describing the inner-Earth world as without conflicting interests, but surely the humans don't really want to be slaves under these ant-people? What prevents them from enslaving the other inhabitants, are they adequately sophisticated to repel attempts at conquest from the ant-beings?

Is there any cooperation between the ant people and ET:s with an influence on outer Earth society, such as reptilians?

What if outer Earth-humans ventured into the Earth looking for a place to settle on the inside. Are you saying they would be welcomed and accepted, even by the Ant people?

Flood said...

ant looking ets. enslaving humans in the inner earth. this world is nuts

Flood said...

So every time I spray poison on the fire ants that want to conquer my yard, invade my home, and have a picnic on my flesh and whatever is in my cupboards, do the Ant-looking ETs cry out in pain?...just joking lol...well maybe half-joking, those little bastards are vicious...

Flood said...

@The enlightened one...those are some very good questions. I would think any beings, such as the ant-looking ETs that Lynn describes, if they are negative enough to enslave other beings, such as humans, then of course sooner or later they are going to get greedy, and lust and lust for more power and become very greedy. If they are keeping to themselves, I doubt it's because they want to, there is probably some kind of restraining force out there, such as another group of beings with a more powerful military, that will not allow them to overstep certain boundaries. Or maybe a treaty or something like that. Or maybe the slave situation Lynn is describing is not as bad as it sounds, and it's more of a servant situation and caste/class system. I don't know, but I agree, if they are negative enough to enslave other beings, then they are greedy and they lust for external power over others.

This blog below isn't about the inner earth kingdoms, but it is about underground bases and tunnels and is very fascinating, he has also written a few books on the subject

As usual all the secrets are in American entertainment, even though they usually twist the facts/truth to suit their own nefarious agenda. The show SANCTUARY, with the woman from Stargate SG-1, has reocurring characters called Abnormals, which are actually beings from the inner earth as well as off-world ETs. Sasquatch even plays a main character role in this show.

Flood said...

@Raymond G

I'm sure the shadow gov. knows very well about these holes, as well as the inner earth kingdoms, as well as just about everything else that's going on on this planet. They have there own giant underground bases, as well as a network of tunnels that can take you from one side of the continent to the other.

There are probably many other holes, entrances, etc., all over the earth, just like this one, that either take you to the inner kingdoms, or to the underground bases which I'm sure many other nations have as well. Some of these entrances are big enough for UFO's to fly in and out of. China, Russia, the UK, etc., are pretty much as developed in technology and military as the US is. The US has a very strong military might, but I think the other nations have caught up recently in military technology.

I've read a few accounts of just average folk stumbling upon various holes, entrances, etc., in remote places like out in the middle of the woods or they happen to enter caves, and upon exploring far enough they come upon barriers to keep from going further, alien beings and strange creatures, out of place material objects, all kinds of strange things. Even pipes sticking out of the ground, that upon closer inspection may be air pipes for ventilation. If there are various beings and societies that reside underground, I'm sure that many of these entrances have guards that stand watch constantly, either physically psychically.

Flood said...

last comment should have read physically or psychically

Ryno said...

Humans make great "cattle" and slaves. The only difference between us on the surface and those below is our overlords have some of the most advanced technology in the Universe.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Ryno ~ Some of us make lousy slaves.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments. I wanted to address some things that were brought up.

I first get that the beings in the inner earth look to be insulated from the energy and movement above ground. The earth is very grounding, and absorbs much of this.

The social system is also unique feeling. The ant people do have human slaves. I get these slaves were captured above ground, and brought there in ships. I see the ant people also working alongside the reptilians and hear that the reptilians serve as their eyes and ears above ground. The ant people look to leave the Native American humans alone because for those that have lived there, they have claimed their space and don't invade others territory. I see that it is much like the moon. Many ETs live on the far side of the moon, and they just leave each other alone. A human captured above ground and brought there could be a slave, but a human that lives underground could not be captured (there is some kind of unspoken "law" to this).

Ryno said...

@A Man Called Da-da: Indeed, and I am hopeful that more and more humans continue to follow your path. We have it "in" us to do it. :)

They Live said...

@Lynn Sounds like Planet Of the Apes re: the Ant E.T.s having human slaves.

@Ryno Any race can be made into good slaves if they are programmed to believe their slavery is a normal way of life which one must achieve at lol Also having the beings memories wiped over and over again helps too.

Anonymous said...


Is the flat Earth theory have any truth to it?

Ryno said...

@They Live: All to true. One of the reasons I enjoy visiting this site is because I'm glad to come across others who get it.

The enlightened one said...

I would not agree.
Humans have been made to be good slaves because of their infinite potential and jealousy from other species. The true destiny or nature of humans is not to be slaves.

The highest technology in the universe is to be found with the spiritually most advanced races. Because scientific understanding and spiritual development goes hand in hand.

@Flood (3:d paragraph)
I have read about that as well.

According to books of Dolores Cannon (channeled material using deep hypnosis techniques) the Atlanteans have grown paler due to darker conditions underground, so it would seem that they predominantly live in the crust, rather than on the (outer or inner) surface.

In a previous reading you state that gravity is tied to volume rather than mass. Wouldn't this contradict experimental observations? Are you saying the scientific establishment is wrong about gravity?

In a subsequent cost-to-coast-AM-show, Mel described how some native Americans had led him to a similar hole in an indian reserve. It was lined with a rim in a strange material with very odd properties. He sent down a sheep by rope in this particular hole, and as the sheep came up it was steaming hot, litteraly boiled to death. But in it's stomach was a tumor, and as they cut it open, a small creature crawled out of the tumor. The creature then healed Mel from an illness, and made him throw it back into the hole. Is this story true as well? And what is the material that the rim is made of?

Mel also speaks of odd changes to the properties of ice being lowered into the hole. As the ice comes back up, it will catch fire if exposed to heat, and supposedly, all water that comes into contact with this ice will assume the same properties. Do you see this as true as well, or is it misinformation that the authorities have manipulated him into spreading.

The enlightened one said...

Obviously the historical belief of a flat Earth has some truth to it, if you consider the possibility of cutting the Earth in two dome-shaped halves and flatten them out. The flat-Earth-belief probably arose from an intuitive knowing that the Earth is double-sided (has two separate surfaces parallel to each other)

Do you think that the ant people arrived to Earth at the same time as the reptilians and if so, were the reptilians also expelled from their home world?
And what was the reason that the ant-people were forced to leave home in the first place? Are the ant people even more intelligent than the reptilians? If the reptilians are their ears and eyes on the surface, does this mean that they are servants to the ant-people, and that practically the ant people are the ones who really are pulling the strings and calling the shots on the surface?

Ryno said...

@The enlightened one: I agree that the destiny of human's is not be slaves but in this space-time continuum of which we exist we have been good slaves.

My understanding of the universe is different than yours. Yours appear to be too "New Age" for me. "Because scientific understanding and spiritual development goes hand in hand." I respectfully disagree with the preceding statement assuming that by "spiritual" you mean more positive. Beings out there in the 96% are not all peaceful and positive; some prefer technological development over spiritual.

Bee E-lightened said...

Am amazed at it all!!!

The enlightened one said...

The dark forces has given mankind her nightmare to dream. And she has chosen to dream it, not realizing it is only a dream. How can you be a slave to your own imagination?

The more advanced a soul you are, the more complex structures and higher realms can you perceive, and thus the more advanced an understanding can you have about the universe.

Flood said...

This all sounds like a 1970's b-grade science fiction movie...something like...

Title of the movie is At the Earth's core(1976)

Except in this film the Ant-looking ETs are substituted with flying telepathic reptilian bird beings...sound familiar?

I watched Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal again, it was the first time I had seen it again since it came out in 1982. Whoa, it was amazing how much symbolism and theme is in that movie that runs parallel to exactly what the plight of humanity is, as well as the nature of our existence, duality and the dimensions, and the overall galactic drama. I know it was a 'kid's' movie, but it was ahead of it's time and Jim Henson knew what he was doing. If anyone wants to see this classic it can be watched on Youtube for free.

Anonymous said...

Why do I have the urge to go outside and step on some ants now?

Alex said...

@The enlightened one

How can anyone advance his soul? What must he do?

The enlightened one said...

IMO the same as for any learning.
Experiencing and analyzing (intellectually and intuitively) what has been experienced. The capacity for learning can therefore be said to be the sum of the ability to perceive on all levels, and the ability to intellectually and intuitively understand the perception.
Reading books is great, but only to the extent it will help us understand our experience. Reading a description of reality cannot replace the experience, but it can help us make sense of it. Sometimes it is the other way around, we read a description of reality, and then invent an experiment in order to experience what has been described.
Developing psychic abilities can further growth and learning, as it will increase perception as well as intuitive understanding of the perceived.

Bacon Izer said...

I have been there , very very deep . I went down to the bottom and saw a huge cavern.
Little elf like people told me they where reptilian insect hybrids and that they were
members of the trilateral commission. they listen to Howard stern reruns constantly while manufacturing implants to monitor and control the surface people. they are real !