Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hollow Earth [Group Post]

Hi Lynn. Thanks for all that you do. 

My question revolves around the Hollow Earth theory, which you have covered. I've been researching this topic for years and have come to my own interesting conclusion. I was overjoyed when you covered it and much of what you said aligned with what I already knew. The only thing that didn't sit right to me was the idea the ALL of the being living inside the planet are malevolent in some way. My understanding is that it is much more complex...that various kinds of beings live deep in the Earth in subterranean caverns, miles in, before you even get anywhere near the actual hollow inside with the inner Sun (energy ball). My understanding has been that the inside of the planet is just as varied and complex as the outside of the planet, with all different kinds of being...some having been here long before we even dreamed of living on the surface. 

I also get that some of these beings are more technologically evolved (and that many of the UFOs we see actually come from inside the planet or from dimensions slightly higher than 3D) and/or spiritually evolved. I also get that some of these being are in fact malevolent and some are benevolent, and choose to stay separated from humanity until we get our acts together (spiritual evolution wise). I also have come to an understanding that many of the planets in our solar system are well inhabited, any most of their populations live inside these planets (and that this is in fact the true norm for evolution of intelligent life forms). Lastly, I also understand that the reincarnation process may be tied directly to the inner Earth and that our souls may actually pass through the inside of the planet on our way in and out of our incarnations. 

There are many accounts throughout history (even modern history) of average humans stumbling upon these inner Earth civilizations and even encountering humanoid beings that were much taller and spiritually advanced. 

Q. How does all of this sound to you? Does it resonate? Is there anything that specifically doesn't resonate at all? 
A. Much of this does resonate with me.  I too see many tunnels, passages and portals leading to the center.  The center can be reached through tunnels, complex cave systems and portals. It takes hundreds of miles to reach the center.  

I also see these beings as ranging from slightly higher than 3D to high level 4D beings.  There is a lot of complexity to the dynamics too.  It looks as though each "mini society" has different goals, and following different paths, with the ultimate goal of becoming 5D and graduating out / off earth.

When I first tuned into the inner earth beings, I repeatedly saw these ant looking humanoid ETs.  I was more recently able to see so much more going on.  The little "societies" in the inner earth are much like the different "societies" above ground.  Some are very aggressive toward one another, and others are very peaceful.  There is some kind of "law" to not encroach on someone elses established land (they aren't completing for land or space).  The higher level beings don't need or rely on taking each other over, but rather survival and evolving.  

Q. Thanks so much! Can you do another follow-up post about the Hollow Earth? This time it will be more about the physical details of it.  Are there only these negative unemotional alien species living there or are there humans and other humanoid species living there? If there are other humans and other humanoid species, can you describe them?
A. There are as many differences in ET species underground as there are differences in humans above ground.  They all look to be human or humanoid versions.  The humans below ground look like humans above ground (most look to have very dark hair, and wide jaws).  The humanoid ETs (the ant looking ones really stand out) walk upright on two legs.  

Q. Does Hollow Earth world experience earthquakes and volcanoes like the surface Earth?
A.  The phrase I hear is, "It's like Henny Penny's the sky is falling..."  I don't see the sky actually "falling" but I see beings look to the sky as if it was...

Q. Do you see the Hollow Earth world more developed or less developed in terms of technology than Western Europe, United States, and Japan?
A.  This world is highly developed, but in a different way.  They have different types of technology.  I see hover crafts, people flying in machines that look to vanish as they travel through portals.  But, the thing that really stands out is the craftsmanship and architecture of the buildings and cities.  Everything looks made of stone and metal.  I see no wooden structures.  Things are perfect and have a meticulous feel.  It looks as though they figured out how to extract the energy from the center sun to operate machinery and power their inner world.  

Q.Do you see clouds and thunderstorms in the Hollow Earth world? How are the weather conditions in the Hollow Earth world?
A. I see the inner earth like a terrarium.  It is humid and has a "moist" feel.  I get that it is a self contained system.  I looks like the same feel as being in a jungle.

Q. Ideally for the human body and health, is it better for a human to live in surface Earth or hollow Earth world? Or does it make no difference where a human lives on the Earth?
A.  Ideally, the outer earth is better because that is what we have adapted to.  It is very possible to grow an adaption to the inner earth, but it would take some time to get used to it.  I also hear that the oxygen content of the air is less concentrated, so it also takes times for a human's lungs to adjust.  

I get that it would be like a person living in the deepest valley moving to the highest mountain top in Peru.  It is hard on their system, but they are capable of becoming used to it. 

Q. Do you see cars, televisions, computers, and other modern technological devices in the Hollow Earth world?
A.  I don't see cars, television or computers.  I hear that those things are "old fashioned."  The main source of their power is advanced solar technology, and they have made great advancements with technology with regards to that power. (Power, travel, life force, healing...)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Flood said...

bravo bravo! amazing!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn: are there cats? How's that for a random question? I can't see cats enjoying living underground, much. I'm also imagining that there aren't any birds there.

Hannon said...

Hi Lynn, did the Third Riech really make it there, as supposedly captured maps indicate? If so, what did they do there, and is there still a faction of them there, as rummored?

Robert Schoen said...

I'm very happy to see this topic brought up again and explored in more depth. Just the fact that such a big truth could be hidden from most of humanity is amazing and shows us exactly how little we know about the planet we live on.

Lisa said...

Great reading, such a pleasure to have you, Lynn!

It is really strange: a big other populated world on Earth and we know nothing about it.

Headintheclouds said...

Fascinating reading, Lynn!!! It seems that we could learn a few things from these underground dwellers. Could you please elaborate into their solar technology. Do they use photovoltaic panels like we do? Or is it something completely different? Thanks!

Colaborama said...

Here's an interesting description of an SSP (Secret Space Program Alliance) & Sphere Being Alliance meeting with ancient Break-Away civilizations of inner Earth.

Be advised that some views they have regarding the surface population may shock you but do not be discouraged, because they've been here for a long time, long before us, so they have their reasons to feel that way about us.


The enlightened one said...

I had a few questions made on the Mel's hole stuff earlier that I was hoping to get answered. You said in that reading that you'd answer specific questions in the comments, so I am hoping for an answer to these questions. What exactly is the relation between the ants and the reptilians? Did they arrive here at the same time and by the same reasons, and are the ants the ones calling the shots on the surface as well?

Are there more holes the type of Mel's hole, and what kind of creature is it that Mel saw coming up from one of the holes? Is it true that these holes change the properties of water being lowered into them, and how can they stretch all the way down to inner Earth if there is molten rock in between?

Waityurturn said...

Thanks Lynn for this reading.

I want to know if they look at the sky, do they see stars just like we do? Is there oceans and beaches? Do they know that they are inside the earth?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments, feedback and questions. I need to take some time and put this together (or do a followup post). Thank you for helping to expand my thoughts on all this.. Sometimes I get stuck at a point (or take for granted what I see that I didn't convey), and this helps to push past it. xoxo