Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fuzzy Man

Lynn, Sorry this maybe long, but I was wondering a few questions about this.  I just read this on and it's from the same Sars guy who talked about the stairs. This in particular happened with his coworker.  Ok, here it is.. I just copied and pasted this because this sounds exactly like one of the cases that David Paulides talks about in one of his interviews except the child called it a bear man.  The parents saw it too and said that it was like a man crouching behind a tree, but the kids are describing it as a bear because it is hairy.  He also mentions something being wrong with the face too. Now these people were the last family to see the child before it disappeared, not their own child but one that was missing miles away.  Around the same time it was reported that a 3 yr old vanished. They also said it ran on all four appendages, but was bipedal standing up right and was a carrying something heavy on it shoulders (presumably the little boy which they never found).

So my questions are:

Q.  What Is this fuzzy / bear man and is it a creature from this dimension?

A. I get this being mainly lives in the same dimension as Big Foot, and is related to Big Foot, but not as evolved.  There are very few of them, maybe 20 at most. Big Foot is a high vibrational being, whereas Fuzzy Man has a much lower vibration.  Fuzzy Man, like Big Foot, is able to come and go into this earthly plane in an instant.

Q. What does he want with children?

A.  I get that there is a fascination with kids, because there is a fascination with humans.  Children are naive and are much less threatening than adults.  I get that taking a child would be like an adult being curious about lions and taking a cub rather than a full grown lion.  Ultimately Fuzzy Man would like to be friends with humans, but they are too intimidating and unpredictable.  

Q. Why no eyes or mouth?

A. They don't need it.  They communicate telepathically and rely on their "super senses" (is the phrase I hear) to survive.  I also see they do have a mouth, but it isn't a traditional mouth with lips.  It looks more like a slit, and is camouflaged by their fuzzy skin unless they are eating.

Q. If fuzzy is not the same as bear man is he just some wild person living in the forest?

A. Fuzzy Man is not just a man in the forest.  He is an inter-dimensional being that travels between earth planes.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da never makes friends with humans. Too risky.

They Live said...

Lol funny :-D

Marie said...

Do they kill the children? Who is responsible for killing the abductees then?

icycup88 said...

long time visitor first time poster.

first off, i am very familiar with the national parks stories and have heard hours upon hours of paulides. I've also lived near and have traveled through (in a car thank heavens) one of his hotzones in the PNW numerous times for over 4 decades. i never wanted to get out of the car then and i sure as fork don't want to now.

those stories on reddit start off scary, confusing and creepy and then go super dark. i seriously wish i hadn't read some of them to be honest with you. I've kept my other half informed on any new info I've come across on this subject (such as the stairs info i just read recently) but i will not relate any of the new stories I've read today. they are too much.

i am curious. maybe to a fault. i can't let something go if it intrigues me. for maybe the 2nd time in my life i am willing to just walk away from that strong, driving curiosity and leave this subject "up in the air".

lynn, I've enjoyed your blog for some time now. i actually came across it while doing a search to see if anyone had remote viewed MH 370 and became fascinated with the story that you told. thank you for spending so much time and energy here. your posts and comment section posts are appreciated. no idea how you find the time.

thanks again.

Me too said...

So why these fuzzy men would keep the kids? What will he do with them once they grow up?

Ryno said...

Absolutely gripping reading by “searchandrescuewoods” on reddit. I can’t stop reading it. I want to teach my two boys to love, appreciate, and respect the woods but as long as they are still young I will not let them go without me. And also the warnings about avoiding stairs, standing stones, temple gates, and any other unnatural entrance/markers is a very good reminder to get away from them ASAP. Who knows what they lead to.

Blimpy Peach said...

Having young kids, I've been dreading this post coming haha. I have a question though, are their beings and stairs ONLY in national parks or are they in random bushlands too that aren't national parks?

Ryno said...

@Blimpy Peach: I don't know if you read them, but some of the comments on reddit claim "stairs" appear at various places and not just national parks.

JJ said...

Im the same kind of reader as @icycup88. I got here through the Malaysian Airlines readings and have been hooked ever since. Ive even done a private session with Lynn. She's amazing.

Sunflower Rose said...

In the account of this little boy, when I read it he said the fuzzy man returned him and didn't keep him only because he was the "wrong kind" or something similar... What did he mean by that Lynn? & what happened to his brother who got taken in the same area but never found?

Conrado said...

Hey Lynn

Both Fuzzyman and the Bigfoot can just walk in/out dimensions. from where come such "powers" ?
I mean, as youu've said, regarding evolution, we humans/earthlings stay in the middle sandwiche-like and can do none of those things ( "walk-in", telephaty ...). How is that? How can those attributes manifest in them and not us? What is lacking here? Not evolution I see...

Blimpy Peach said...

@ryno no I didn't read the article, I just remember the story from the comments section from another one of Lynn's posts. Thank you for answering my question :)

Hannon said...

Is there anyway to defend our children from such things? Perhaps some kind of constructed object, that vibrates local energies in such a way, that it keeps these entities away, like some kind of amulet or even some type of small radio transmitter? I'm guessing there must be some frequency range, that is totally repulsive or disruptive to them. Maybe even a smart phone app, that pings the already existing transmitters on a cell phone?

Ryno said...

@Conrado: I know you asked Lynn but thought I would share my thoughts too. The orignal hominoids on Earth were created to be "multi dimensional." Homo Sapaians are are a combination of these orignal multi dimensional beings, mixed with a bunch of E.T. DNA and then genetically altered (Chromosome 2) and dumbed-down ("junk DNA") some more.

Just my thoughts, looking forward to seeing Lynn's take.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the great comments.

I wanted address some things. These beings (big foot and fuzzy man) have the capability to alter their vibration which allows them to walk in and out of this dimension. They are actually more evolved than us humans. They can mentally create a personal frequency change.

I see that the fuzzy man looks for children that sort of "mesh" with them. Similar to a pet. They aren't killed, but actually well cared for. It is like the fuzzy man nurtures them until the grow up (and then many times the "adult" is returned).

To protect yourself, keep your vibrations high. Crystals, crystals and more crystals is what I hear.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Great. Now Da-da's kids call him "FUZZY MAN."

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, Lynn gave Da-da some advice a while back that he'll give you: always keep a crystal in your pocket. It helps immeasurably.

The enlightened one said...

I have a great idea.
How about giving away children from orphanages that no body wants to adopt to Fuzzyman, in exchange for him leaving other children alone? Before the children are given to Fuzzyman, they can be equipped with scientific instruments and perhaps a camera to record data from the other dimension.

@Ryno, @Lynn, @Conrado
I would generally agree (with Rynos post) , and I think the change (in ability to perceive other dimensions) occurred during a period in mankind's history, represented by the fall in the Bible.

Personally I wouldn't call Bigfoot or Fuzzyman highly evolved, I would rather say that their capabilities arise from the fact that their bodies either are programmed to have them, or that they vibrate at a higher frequency. Many elementals are very apt at dealing with energies and different dimensions, not because they are necessarily more evolved, but because it is their Job, and their bodies have been designed to do it.

I have read an account of a clairvoyant man going invisible while looking into the future, so obviously humans have these capabilities as well, although dormant.

Flood said...

So now we have bigfoot covered and fuzzy man covered. I would love to hear about dogman now :)
I've been doing some research lately, and it seems that unlike bigfoot, who only scares people and wants to drive them away from their territory, that dogman has actually attacked and injured people. I know bigfoot is friendly and communicates with humans he senses have an open heart, but if he doesn't like you and sees you as a threat that's when they will scare you and try to drive you from their territory.

Also there are reports that dogman can cloak himself and go invisible? People seeing footprints appear all around them, car doors being shut in an attempt to trap them in the woods but you can't see this creature? Maybe Lynn you could look at that also?

I believe you are correct when you say bigfoot and fuzzy man can dissapear from this dimension in the blink of an eye. It seems to be the only logical reason that the sasquatch people are not sighted as much as they are. I think sometimes they live in small woods and countrysides and I'm amazed that they aren't sighted more often. I've also wondered what they do with the bones of their dead, as I think no bones have ever been discovered.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Flood: Thanks for the suggestion. I will add this to my list. :-)

Flood said...

@Psychic Focus

Thank you Lynn, you are very kind. I didn't mean to be pushy, I just got carried away a little with enthusiasm. I've been doing more research lately on this Dogman phenomenon and there seems to be hundreds if not thousands of encounters out there all across the United States. It's curious that there are very few reports from South America, where there is just as many wild places, if not more. I think there is more than one kind of Dogman out there, and I also believe some sightings from the past may be Shapeshifters, called Wendigo or Skinwalker, who are learned in the art of black magic, that the Native Americans speak about. It appears there are a variety of things going on.

Nikky said...

Lynn (and everybody):

The author of those stories is a horror story writer that writes short stories. His stories are all fiction. You can go to his Tumblr (searchandrescuewoods) where he talks more about it and answers questions from people.

A lot of people were very pissed off (including me) when they found out his stories were fake, because he never posted a disclaimer stating so, but he said that he assumed that because it was on Reddit NoSleep that people should've deduced that it was obviously fake. He even went so far as to poke fun at people that thought it was real and said, "I felt the same way when I found out Hogwarts wasn't real!"

Lynn, I'm surprised you didn't see that when you did your reading? I thought for sure you would've been able to tell it/he/Fuzzy man/the entire story was a fake?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Nikky: Thanks for sharing that. I really didn't see it as made up. As I read this it occurred to me that someone may have approached him and told him to debunk this story as it was based on something that the PTB didn't want to disclose. [Or possibly I didn't connect to it properly, but it sure did feel intense when I did it..??]