Friday, October 9, 2015

Five for Friday #20

by Lynn & Da-da (A Man Called)

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #20. There are actually more than five images this time, as Da-da was anticipating some fakes, so he gave Lynn extra pics. It was all interesting, so it's all in there. Enjoy.

Image #1: Shapeshifters

Ok, the set on the top is a shapeshifter UFO from NY, the one on the bottom a shapeshifter UFO from FL. Are they real? Why do they keep changing? Are they related?

What Lynn Saw
"I connect to the one on the top more than the other. A lot of these ships that access the earth are cloaked, or covered in some energy barrier. They emit this, like a protective coating that flows around as the ship moves, with the ship in the center. I can't connect to the one on the bottom, but the top one is definitely real."

Image #2: Mystery Disks of Russia
Scores of these large stone disks have been found in Russia. What was their original purpose?

What Lynn Saw
"The first image I get is of people standing around the stone, grinding and shaping it. This is definitely man-made. Then I get an image of a guy, like a healer of sorts, or a shaman of some tribe that lived long ago. He's sitting on top of this disk and meditating. These are ceremonial stones, to make a connection with the sun. The stone needed to be circular so it would absorb energy from all angles. The shamans extracted energy and knowledge from the sun. This was common practice for shamans in this area at this time. The composition of the stone is special, chosen just for this purpose. I want one!"

Image #3: This Polish Mermaid Walks Out of a Lake...
Besides being a joke in search of a punchline, Da-da’s guessing this pic from Poland is fake, but who knows?
What Lynn Saw
"First off, there really ARE mermaids out there -- but this isn't one of them. Real mermaids aren't the way Hollywood portrays them: no long flowing hair; they're more fish-like, slimy. But this pic is NOT a mermaid. It's someone in a costume. Just a put-on."

Image #4: Comet Near the Sun?

This is a recent satellite capture of what looks to be a comet shooting past the sun, but… it’s angling AWAY from the sun, which is unlikely for a comet. What is this thing?

What Lynn Saw
"This is a ship. I get that there are a lot of ET ships out there that can power up via the sun. Others, when they travel through time or dimensions -- travel that requires ridiculous speeds -- they can "ride the light" to get where they need to go. That's what's happening here. This ship is extracting energy from the sun and "riding a light beam" to travel to a different dimension and, if you could see this area a bit later, you'd see that the ship had vanished. The ETs associated with it were very strange. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the different types, especially when I see a new one; these were very similar to the Greys, but they had strange skin colors; some were olive green, some were pink and some were a really muted orange. I couldn't see or hear a name, just got a visual."

Image #5: Kammler
This is Nazi SS General Hans Kammler. He was head of a slew of ubersecret Nazi projects (V2 rockets, anti-gravity propulsion systems, etc.), and allegedly committed suicide in 1945… or did he? He was rumored to have been in charge of the German’s UFO program, is this true? Is he still alive?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that he faked his own death. He's definitely not alive, now, though. He was heavily sought after, because of his activities and knowledge, and he didn't want to be forced to share this knowledge. He created some really cool stuff for the Germans after the war, in South America and Antarctica. He made huge strides in advancing the German space program after the war. I get he helped to fine tune the motion (being able to abruptly go left, right, forward or backward in an instant with their various crafts). Had something to do with the physics behind the gyroscope. The US wasn't involved, and in fact they tried to steal the technology. There was a tie to this technology and Antarctica, and they made it to the moon way before we did (they just kept it quiet)." Breakaway civilization anyone?

Image# 6: Dead Wildebeests

Here's another mass of dead animals that have been recently found, this time in Tanzania. Wave X?

What Lynn Saw

"I DO see this as Wave X. Like a weird puff of energy came down and instantly gave all these wildebeests a stroke in their brains, killing them instantly. Wow. I can't see any other bursts coming; it's hard to tell if it's because it's all done (which my gut says that it isn't) or if it's because it's in my greater good (for some strange reason) not to know. Just remember to lie down flat on the ground if you hear the sound!"

Image #7: Diamond Ships
These are diamond-shaped ships (no, really) recently seen over Florida. Who's flying these ships?

What Lynn Saw
"This is weird. This has never happened in a reading. I see humans inside these ships... but they're just shells. Hang on, let me look closer at this. If they took off their human cloaking thing, they'd look like a completely white version of what people call "the greys." They walk among us all the time, and look just like humans. They're very good ETs, here to help, but are cautious about disturbing us. They don't want to scare us, so they make themselves look human." Helpful AND considerate! (Makes you wonder who they emulate.)


Since this is important, we decided to include a bonus video of CERN's LHC in action. This is a real video. One person reported to Da-da that she lived 300 km away from CERN and has been having terrible headaches whenever the LHC is on. Many of us are feeling effects (try this to overcome them). They're developing a tremendous amount of energy on the earth -- operating energies 100,000 times greater than that of our magnetosphere -- all so physicists can make a breakthrough into what they keep calling "the dark universe." But who are they really working for and why? (Luckily, we already know they fail miserably; they'll at most be an interesting historical footnote.)

Be safe.

Join us Friday-after-next for episode #21.


siketa said...

Still nothing about those Mars photos I submitted? :(

Joao Gomes said...

Hello Lynn! 21 is the day of the month I was born! Can you tell me which month and which year? Just forgot! ;) Thank you!

Camryn Villarruel said...

Thank u Lynn and Da Da. It's reassuring to know there are ETs who are helping humans. Lynn where are the mermaids ? What are they?

kirtan gajjar said...

@Lynn can you tell us anything more about the CERN cloud and what caused it?

Serene said...

About four years ago I saw the same yellow/orange orbs over the Western sky in the Central Valley of CA. However they did look more round and less triangular. There were two of them and they were positioned diagonally. We watched them for about five mins or less when one of them disappeared and about one minute later the other one disappeared as well. I have always wondered what they actually were?!

John Casey said...

Wow, this week's pics are some real bell-ringers. I've been reading about Kamler for 10 years, always assuming he got pulled into the US covert weapons program. So, where, if I may ask, in South America were he and the German breakaway located? I'm guessing Argentina. And to think I could be walking down the street with a funny white alien in his best human costume. That's a real trip, as is the LHC video. So who does run the thing and what do they want?


Lisa said...

Wow, thanks, so interesting.

Is there still a separate German civilization from the Nazi time on Earth (Antarctica, other locations outside Germany) or even other planets? Do they still have this highly developed technology (and/or even developed it further) or are they gone?!

I thought that the Moon was forbidden for humans since there are ETs which do not want the human race on it?

Bee E-lightened said...

Agreed Lisa...I thought the ETs are very protective of the moon and didnt allow humans on it. Btw how to the ETs multiply?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think we actually made it to the moon.

Astrolofting said...

wow this is so interesting. And the video is scary. I mentioned about CERN being a cause of the Germanwings air crash but you didn't think they were linked. Do you think it's possible now?
By the way Dada, i think orgonite in a pyramid shape will help your friend.

Also, for the diamond ships photo, it reminds me so much of the description given by the female sailor who spotted MH370 on the night it disappeared. She described that it was burning to the media
but when i saw the illustration, i thought it looked more like it was cloaked.
so was MH370 cloaked then? if so by ET technology or man-made technology?

wendy tascione said...

Lynn, Do the dying animals go to what is the 5th Demension?

Anonymous said...

I agree with That Hamilton Woman, I do not think we made it to the moon. Sure we may have made to lower orbit, I do believe in satellites however, I do not believe we ever made it to the moon. I used to believe we went to the moon when I was a kid, in fact I used to believe all kinds of things, I have since learned that life is not as it seems.

Reading this site helps me understand things a little better.

They Live said...

Are some of these UFO's low vibrational entities shaping themselves as such?
Great Friday 5 as usual :-D

Marie said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for all these mindblowing and mind opening readings. We know now that we are really not alone. How could we be considering the vastness of the uni/multiverse?

Aside from the Search and Rescue officer who wrote the Fuzzy Man and the mystery stairs in the woods, there is this series of stories about one of the first responders (maybe with FEMA) who got involved in helping fight unseen demons after catastrophes and disasters guided by Ophan and the runes. Perhaps it's the loosh / negative energy that David Wilcock mentioned that the reptilians/archons feed on. Definitely, there is a lot of negative energy after hurricanes and disasters. Could you check it out if these is all real?

There is a series of stories up to Part 4 which explains what happened after he was recruited for a higher purpose job within the org.

Desi Simm said...

Thank you in advance for your wonderful commentary on all of these subjects. Very amazing. Wave X, I am new to this and have been feeling the terrible pressure and pain increase. This sound, what am I listening for? Or does anyone have a link that will direct me to truthful facts?
Thank you in advance. :)

Flood said...

This is a real mermaid I think. Like Lynn said, they are not the gorgeous creatures you see in the movies. or just go to Youtube and type in submarine mermaid video, there are 3 or 4 of them.

Clif High of web bot once spoke of some gear that the military put on the bottom of the ocean that had been disabled. It appeared it had taken some tools and a good deal of technical know-how to do it, so that would rule out animals. Between all the beings in the inner earth, the woods, and possible mermaids in the ocean, it appears many beings are inhabiting this planet alongside us.

Flood said...

Here is another remarkable mermaid vid. It looks like a real mermaid caught resting on a rock, and then it immediately dives back into the sea. or just go to Youtube and type amazing video real mermaid caught sleeping on a rock

The enlightened one said...

"He made huge strides in advancing the German space program after the war."

Are you saying Nazi Germany not only survived the war but also managed to continue a secret space program???

The US wasn't involved, and in fact they tried to steal the technology.

What kept them?

PimpMyBrain said...

Thank Da-da and Lynn for this 5 + 1 bonus ! This very positive white grey ET who walk around among us in the human shell...i don't know but i think about the movie "Cocoon" . Same shell to disimulate them among us, very positive.

I tried a meditation with us, a gentle call, if i can tell this like that. It went very well, good sensations and emotions and gentles noises, i will do it again for sure !

About the mermaid, seems very interesting ! Are they positive ? neutral or quite vindict about their territory ? Good relation with dolphins and wales, or their try to avoid them by incompatibility ? So much question about them ! :)

Love and Light !

Lysa nomi said...

The Russians made it to the moon before we did? I thought the moon landings were fake? I thought I saw a post on an image from Hollywood, faking the landing.

MegM said...

Hi Lynn,
Can you let us know if you pick up that the NFL is rigged/fixed? With Vegas? From the top down? The officiating, the TV coverage, the bad plays seem like they are so fantastical that they are darin gus not to believe our own eyes. If so, will the NFL be outed and have its non-profit status stripped?
Love & light

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@siketa: I still have them saved. :-)

@Camryn: They live deep in the ocean.. I get they are more localized south of Africa..

@kirtan: When they have it up and running there is an intense energy and also a shift in the magnetosphere. Even when it isn’t running, there is a residual output (much like a microwave giving off radiation even when it isn’t in use).

@John: Argentina does feel accurate, but I get he is passed now.

@Lisa, Bee and Diane: I get that the Germans developed much of this technology, and did try to set up a base in Antarctica. When that became threatened (the US was getting to close and the Germans didn’t want the rest of the world getting it), they did go to the moon and set up a base. I see that Germany did make it there, but the US did not. I visualize them setting up some kind of a dome structure, and living under it. They took a relatively small spot, and were actually allowed. They used this “safe” spot to further their developments.

@Astrolifting: I absolutely think it is possible.

@Wendy: Yes, in fact many are already there.

@They live: Yes, some of them are, but most are of a much higher vibration.

@Marie: Thanks for the info and link. I appreciate it.

@Desi: It sounds like this low hum, that gets louder and louder, almost a pulsing sound.

@Flood: Thanks for the video. Yes, these are much closer to what I see a mermaid looking like.

@Enlightened: Yes, that is what I am saying.

@PimpMyBrain: Thanks for the comments.

@Lysa: The landings were faked. I don’t see Russia there either. Germany did make it..

@MegM: There are some payed “events” that do happen… Money is the root of all evil.

Thanks again everyone for all the great comments, feedback and info! Love and light-

The enlightened one said...

Am I the only one who is curious about how and if the Germans have managed to survive on the moon? For such a project to succeed, I imagine it would take years and years of preparation, not something done as a hasty emergency solution. If they went there merely as a last-minute escape route, I doubt they would have time for the planning necessary to survive up until this day.

Then again, fiction is not always as fictitious as it seems, so maybe the film "Iron Sky" about Nazis on the moon's dark side is telling us the truth concealed as fiction?

Lisa said...

@The enlightened one:
no, you are definitely not the only one curious about!

Lynn, thanks so much again for your readings, they are so helpful and give so much insightment of stuff, I always wondered. Wow!

There is the saying that "they" (PTB) tell us through movies for example about what is really going on or what they have planned for our future.

Well, there is one movie which probably explains how the German survived on the moon since it is quite detailed (and I thought that it is pure fantasy....):
it is not a Hollywood movie, but a German/Finish/Australian coproduction: "Iron Sky". It is about the Moon-Nazis.

It plays in 2018 and the president of the US is female and looks exactly like Sarah Palin.

Lisa said...

Look also this book "Rocket Ship Galileo:
"They discover that there is a Nazi base on the Moon."

Written in 1947 by Robert Heinlein. I did not know about it until now.

Well, there is also the story/myth about that the Germans even made it to the planet "Aldebaran" even before the 2. World War.

The author Reiner Elmar Feistle writes books about it and is serious, i.e. he states that it is not fiction. It sounds so unbelievable, is it really true?!

I searched at Amazon, but it looks like that you only get them in German....

Lisa said...

@The enlightened one:
gosh, you already mentioned "Iron Sky". I should have read your whole comment before commenting. Yes, I thought also at once at "Iron Sky".

The Sarah Palin parody in the movie is quite funny BTW. Especially, her motto: Yes, she can!" (when she wants to do what others, do not like that she does). LOL.

The enlightened one said...

Those are some very interesting facts you have been digging up.
That bloke Robert Heinlein clearly was in the know, or could it have been intuition?

Feel free to send me an email, for further discussion around this topic!

They Live said...

@Lynn Many thanks!
I'm guessing the Germans were allowed on the moon since Hitler had a close connection with the tall albino looking beings who live there.
Those who went to the moon may have a connection to Hitler and shared his beliefs regarding the moon beings, hence their allowance to set up shop.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live: What you described about the "albino" looking ETs definitely resonates with me. I feel Hitler was very much tied (and communicated) with those beings. I feel like they inspired and helped him.

Flood said...

@They Live and Psychic Focus

Hitler used to call the alien beings that would visit him "Supermen". Reportedly he would sit in his room and sweat and get worked up into a frenzy and tell his officers that "the Supermen are coming, the Supermen are coming!" I have read that different groups of ETs were supporting and helping both sides during World War 2.
It appears that the Germans actually had better technology during the war, as this is evidenced by all the mega-weapons that they built. Sometimes they had better technology, but the Allies defeated them through sheer force of numbers and resources/materials.

Lisa said...

Actually, what I learnt - it all goes back to the Vril and Thule society and as I understood, they got the high technology through channeling of the two female psychics/medium Maria Orisc (or Orzich, Ortisch, Orschitsch) and Sigrun.
The ETs helped them to build the Vril engine.

Vril means energy.
The Vril women (in german):

The enlightened one said...

It is true the allies were greater in numbers, but I think it was only a minor factor. The major factor contributing to their victory, I think was their superior intelligence and spying operations. Most of the axis forces used "blitzkrieg", which stretched the support lines and made certain points very vulnerable. In order to succeed, it relied on the opponent's lack of knowledge about how, when, and were they would strike. All this was undermined by the deciphering of the enigma-code and the code used by the Japanese. Something else to consider is that Hitler at the end of the war made increasingly irrational decisions, and ignored the advice of his generals, often with catastrophic results.