Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rupert, Idaho Horse Abduction

Warning:  The following is very graphic and the purpose is to provide assistance and justice.  This is the most horrific animal crime I have ever heard of... 

Q. This happened in Rupert, Idaho last Saturday night (9-5-15)

A Shetland Pony, Patches, was drug behind a car for 1 ½ miles before going to work on him with knives and blunt instruments. They cut off all of his genitals, and huge patches of skin from his sides. They punctured his gut in the right flank. They beat his head and eyes with a blunt object. A neighbor down the road heard ‘animal screams’ that night but could not tell where it was coming from. The family found their beloved pony the next day…still alive. He was standing there with the life literally flowing out of him. He had to be euthanized

Here are two of the news stories:

Justice for Patches- RIP Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1494160857569262/

There is a gofundme account to raise a reward for the arrest of those responsible. http://www.gofundme.com/kj3p9dx4 
Thank you for any action or assistance you can offer regarding this egregious attack on a sweet beloved children's pet that was loved by the small community in which he lived.
A.  First, I get the people that did this knew the victim's family.  This was a lashing out at the family, and I get the male figure of the house was the one it was directed at.  There was some kind of jealous anger tied to it, as if they felt this male figure did something wrong.  I keep flashing back between the male figure being either a father or an older boy/teen that lived there (my mind won't stop toggling between the two). 

It was thought out, and viciously planned.  I don't see it as a "spur of the moment idea." The young men that did this ( I want to say late teens or early 20s) knew this male figure of the house... These men feel like bullies, like they have have been in trouble with the law before. I also see a bunch of beer cans, and they look to be drunk while doing this..

When I see the early events, I get an image of three shadows approaching the barn/field area where the horse resided.  The horse looks to approach them as if the horse knew them.  The horse even smelled one of their hands, and my impression was that there was some kind of familiar scent (like they visited or worked there in the past??).  They look to quietly lead the horse off the property before they begun this horrific act.. 

[I cannot even go into what happened as I feel sick watching them lead this poor horse away from its' home... I am sorry, but I need to redirect myself to what these men looked like and more details regarding them as people...]

I see things symbolically, and also literal, and when I ask who is the leader of this I get an image of a man that reminds me of the actor (Alfie Allen) that plays Theon / Reek from Game of Thrones.  He has dark hair, very similar facial structure, small gap between his teeth and similar body type. The name Theon, Greyjoy, Alfie or Allen may play a part in this.  This "Theon" person looks to be the leader, and also the link as to who knew the owner.

As I ask for more clues, I cannot connect to the other two guys, but I see an image of all three of them riding motorcycles together.  I then get a flash of the Harley Davidson sign.  It looks like they guys all ride bikes together.

I can't seem to get anything else, but I will read the comments and if anyone has any leads or wants to redirect me, I am happy to do what I can to help. 

Love and light-


wendy tascione said...

Omg, HOW HORRIBLE. I hope your insight helps catch these people. Animal abuse should not be tolerated. I pray people start standing up and that your gifts help find the lunatics.

wendy tascione said...

Another lady named Kim Frost posted a similar thinv happened to her horse. It was in Idaho too. Do you think it is the same fired exemployee??? If so all they have to do is compare employee lists. DO you see this solved and brought to trial?

Tracy said...

From Kim Frost (WARNING: Graphic):

"First, I am SO extremely sorry and sad what happened to your baby. It breaks my heart. Something very similar happened to my yearling in meridian, Idaho. I had both the mother and father and had her since the day she hit the ground. They sexually assaulted her with an object using motor oil, they split her genital area up to her butt, her intestines were coming out, at which point she started walking on them, then shot her in the head with a gun. They found a woman's jacket on the scene with hand sanitizer. They never found the people involved. I'm wondering if these cases are linked, maybe the same people?"


Camryn Villarruel said...

How sad. Humans are horrible. Please help find these monsters. I feel sometimes that planet earth is better without humans

siketa said...

Of course, not all humans are horrible.....

Raymond G said...

I hope they catch these people.

Jeannine S said...

Hi Lynn, is there any kind of justice or "learning" for these people who commit horrific acts like this on animals or people if they are not caught on this timeline? What I'm trying to say is if these criminals were to pass on, without being caught, what is the repercussion? the lesson? Would they even understand their actions if they were under the influence of alcohol, or maybe that's part of it?

Native Roots said...

I think that this question should have been answered in a private manner as it is incredibly disturbing. I enjoy your posts very much but this post gives me pause.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

The following comment was emailed to me and the person requested to remain anonymous. I thought the message was nice and had permission to share:

I work mostly with earth energies, but today I found myself on the road where the Patches horror happened. I thought it might be helpful to you and your readers to know about my experience.
I was joined by others and we lifted and transmuted the darkness surrounding this action. When I returned, I was slipping into a deep sadness, so I went outside, walked around in my bare feet, and asked for help from my HS. I understood that holding on to sadness or anger does not honor or help us or the victims. When we release these feelings, love fill our hearts and the hearts of those who are suffering.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Native Roots: I understand this is quite disturbing. I received this request, and when I thought about it, I felt that if we put awareness out there I could put energy into a good cause of helping the family, preventing this from happening and finding out who did it. This really did come from a good place, and I am hopeful this family will get the help they need.

wendy tascione said...

I feel whether it is disturbing or not Lynn can help find the people who did this and it also stimulates readers to defend these animals. Thank you Lynn for this post. Information is light.

Adrienne Fox said...

Should we forward this info to the family? I noticed when I copy/paste the link it only brings you to the psychic blogspot homepage but after a few days it won't be on the homepage, there will be a new topic so how will it bring them to the right page? Hope that made sense, I'm thinking to forward the family the link or leave it on the gofundme comments.

Alice Liu said...

@Adrienne Here is the link: http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2015/09/rupert-idaho-horse-abduction.html

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Hi Lynn. Have you ever offered your insights when investigators (in this case, the Sheriff's Department) ask for assistance from the public? Are you considering it in this case? If you have done so in the past, was your offer to assist met with gratitude or skepticism (or maybe both...)? Thank you for the difficult work you do, with great integrity.

samferina said...

OMG I can't I just can't my heart is breaking reading this. This is so sad I was just glancing over on another site about a puppy being abused and buried alive. Thank goodness he was saved. I feel so heavy and dark reading both stories. I literally have tears in my eyes right now 😿

Adrienne Fox said...

Thank you Alice Liu

Adrienne Fox said...

Lynn please focus on the vehicle the horse is tied to.
Do you see a make or model name, color, unusual dents, stickers.
What do you see on the bumper? Do you see a license plate or bumper sticker, flag?

It's a small town and there might only be a handful of people with a particular type of vehicle.
Something tells me it won't be a shiny new BMW either. A pickup maybe? Or beat up SUV?

Vortex Spinner said...

You need to click the title of the post and that will provide the link

Juli T said...

I'm going to meditate on him tonight, good to know that about 'transmuting' that energy.

I think it's a good thing you posted this, first because this way we can all help him (and others), you're creating awareness. These things happen all the time, we just can't go blind because it make us feel bad.
And second, I don't think this is a self-help site, this is an awareness site that help us open our eyes. If you don't know about something bad, you can't do anything good about it.
I totally support this post. And people, please accept what's here. If you don't like it wait for the next reading maybe you'll like it best. Be grateful for what you learn here everyday for christ sake.

Hug your pets and tell them you love them, they'll understand. That's a good way to create loving energy when things feel so dark.

Adrienne Fox said...

I did but it wasn't showing the end part, nothing after blogspot.com.. I got it now though, thank you :)

Alex said...

Many animals are killed everyday for food so why is this considered horrible and not the daily slaughter of animals?

To me, both are horrible acts. Thank you for reading.

Flood said...

This is just a philosophical thought I'm going to throw out there. A rhetorical question.

I agree about letting go of sadness and anger as that does not help the overall situation when horrific acts like this are committed. But, what about justice? In my mind, there has to be an accounting. Leave that to karma, and God you say, well I agree. But doesn't God only work through human agency? Isn't it true that divine justice can only work through certain beings, whether it is humans or extraterrestials or angels or gods in another dimension? Isn't it true that justice(balance) can only be served through God's representatives? So, someone, something, somewhere, has to hold these beings accountable for horrific acts such as this, otherwise they do get away with it.

Ryno said...

I think this particular phrase is overused but "As Above, So Below." "They" kill and/or torture humans and we do the same to animals.

Serene said...

If the intent is to hurt, no one gets away with anything. Universal Law does not allow it.

People, please surround these very dark beings that did this to this poor Pony, that they will not be able harm or hurt any living thing from this moment on. I, too had trouble falling asleep last night thinking about this terrible crime. These men will eventually have to face their own karma and very likely it will not be pretty.

A blessing I say out loud at least once a day, "Father and Mother God, all the Angels, and Guides, if there be any animal or living being that is suffering or being hurt due to an accident or negative intention of another, please end their suffering NOW." (If you can help at least one by this blessing, it is a success.)

Alice Liu said...

@Juli T Thank you for your comment and the clarity it brings to the discussion.

@Alex ...because it's not a competition. No one has said that the daily slaughter of food animals isn't horrible.

wendy tascione said...

Love what your saying....every aspect!!!

wendy tascione said...

I say this everyday because I intent to manifest this...learned it from Matt Kahn...."I intend to live in a world where all beings are set free,loved, respected, given abundance and live in peace and harmony" if we all intend this we will eventually manifest it.

The enlightened one said...

@Wendy tascione
That is a good idea, although I would suggest that you replace "I intend to live" with "I live". The goal is to program your subconscious, and to the subconscious there only exist the now.

Also one should remember, that events or goals can only be permanently manifested, if there is no blockage in the astral body and chakras to prevent it. By focusing on a certain goal, giving it thought energy, this will create a flow of energy in those same regions of the energy body that correspond to this goal. If there is free flow, the goal will become manifest, if not, you might become temporarily depressed as the energy builds up and penetrates and releases blockages.

That is a very good question. Some esoteric litterature (based on channeling) I've read have implied that if the victim may release a desire for vengeance, no karma needs to be acted out between the victim and the offender. Also, if the victim takes revenge on the offender, the negative karma has not been destroyed, it has only been shifted over to the victim. In order to permanently terminate negative karma, the offender must compensate by serving the victim and doing good deeds, not by shifting the karma over to somebody else.

Charlotte Bailey said...

@Julie T, my sentiments exactly! Lynn did not put this out there for shock value as the news media does. Most likely she was guided to shed some light on this darkness so the perps wouldn't get away with this and perhaps other atrocities.

@Alex, yes, the end result is the same, but brutal torturing of an animal over an extended amount of time for pleasure is just pure evil and I'm having a hard time understanding how you can think they're on the same level.

Juli T said...

@Alex Lynn did a reading on that matter.

Here's the link http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com.ar/2014/06/vegetarian-lifestyle.html
Read the comments below, where Lynn says when you eat an animal you're eating that karma too, but also plants in a lighter way because their death isn't that traumatic (hard for me to swallow that one cause I'm a vegetarian too).
The important thing always is the intent. Here it was pure malice.

@Flood absolutely. I think God also gives us earthly justice as a tool, if we don't use it then we're not getting the whole picture either.

PS: Yesterday I pictured Patches surrounded by light, mercy and relieve, but then I pictured that light blowing out those three guys approaching to him. I'm not that enlightened yet, I'm sorry I still wanna kick asses. :p


@Juli T

The way I "kick ass" involves a calm visualization with clear intent of the perpetrator(s) becoming sloppy and making mistakes. Their errors result in the leaving behind of critical evidence (or talking too much about the incident) which then leads investigators directly towards catching them. Now, whether or not those in charge of the investigation are competent is another matter altogether. It may be necessary to psychically seek out any "witness," that is persons who are in the know and could potentially "leak" pertinent information. I believe they call this person a "snitch." This person has a conscience and by sending the compassionate vibe their way, they might bite and feel the urge to speak with the authorities about what they were told, overheard or saw.

Try to avoid a psychic response with any type of anger, frustration or fear. Clear your mind and maintain a *relatively* neutral/positive position. You will then become MORE powerful as your vibration is heightened even further and your intentions are magnified. You might even be surprised with the results after surrounding both the victim and the criminals with the unconditional love vibration and light. Doing so can have a tremendous impact on shifting the mindsets and opening the hearts of ALL those involved.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Wendy: I really need to look at that. I have had other people mention that to me too. I read though some of the comments on this thread, and they sound just has horrific.

@Jeannine: You may be able to outrun the law, but you cannot outrun Karma… Everything is balance and everything comes full circle.

@Adrienne: You are welcome to forward this on. I will say that this was a special request made to me and the requestor advised me this was also being forwarded to the local police department there. I have myself open to any other details that I can get. I will be sure to forward them as they come through...

@Resident: I have done this before. I have a local detective that I have worked with, and also helped in one abroad investigation. People have always been respectful and open to any help I am able to provide.

Thank you for the comments, feedback and support you share with each other! Love and light-

Juli T said...

@Real McCoy Thank you! It was totally involuntary but at least I'm improving, instead of my foot it was the light. I'm gonna work with what you said to put this italian blood aside.
Thank you again ;)

wendy tascione said...

Love that last paragraph.

wendy tascione said...

Thank u Bee enlightened..are you sensing blocked chakras on me btw if so how to unblock?

The enlightened one said...

@wendy tascione
I am not sure whether your question was directed to me or to the other person with the alias "bee e-lighted". Since that person has not participated in this discussion, I assume your question was directed to me.

The level of free flow in the astral body is basically proportional to how well your life is working in different aspects (or the other way around). If you are having difficulties reaching a state that you feel contempt with in a certain aspect of your life, it might indicate blockages in the astral body which prevent this from occurring.

There are many healers etc. that will do chakra cleansing for different amounts of money. However, my experience is that the inherent healing power of the body is the most efficient way.

Raymond G said...

@ The Enlightened One....

When I think of the chakras and their energy flow, I think of energy flowing from my head down through my body. At least that is how I visualize it when I try to relax. Probably because this is what I was taught.

But when I/ We think of the chakras I think of red,orange, yellow etc.. flowing from the bottom to the top. I think this is how most people think of energy. But, why do we think of the chakras in ascending order if the energy enters from the top down ? And if one of the chakras is 'blocked' as a result of emotional issues, does that prevent energy from continuing to flow further ? In other words if you have a problem with Communication (green chakra), does this prevent energy from traveling further up the chain to the other chakras ?

I honestly never thought about this before, but I wonder if a weak chakra
effects the stability of others ?

Just a few random thoughts.........thanks.

September 17, 2015 at 12:13 PM

Harmony4us said...

Dear Café,

I want to thank and commend Lynn for agreeing to take this horrific case. And I apologize to Lynn and everyone here who has been emotionally scarred by the knowledge of this horrific event.

The reason I approached Lynn with this case is because Lynn’s blog was brought to my attention a few weeks earlier (9-3-15 – Morgellon’s and Black Goo) by a post in the comments section of Ben Fulford’s blog.

I felt this was the best place to come for psychic help because of the more-aware and loving environment that blogs like this can provide. I hope that Love and meditation can help to bring loving peace to Patches and the family who lost him, justice to the perpetrators, and awareness to the world that we still have a lot of work to do on behalf of our beautiful animal brothers whom we are supposed to be protecting.

As our world is changing and growing, it seems that the psychopaths are also changing… becoming more vicious and unpredictable. So, when we meditate or pray, I hope we will all take time to remember to offer protection for the innocents of the world (human and animal) that cannot defend themselves against these monsters.

Thank you Lynn for your assistance and for bravely publishing this story that some would rather not have to face.

Peace, Love and Light to All