Tuesday, August 11, 2015

David Bowie "Oh! You Pretty Things"

Q. David Bowie wrote a song in 1971, Oh The Pretty Things, which seems to be about the coming of human children born of a higher intelligence than Homosapiens. He sings that the children "belong to you" which means human women are birthing them so what is different about them to make them more advanced? Your thoughts? 

"Oh! You Pretty Things"

Wake up you sleepy head 
Put on some clothes,
shake up your bed 
Put another log on the fire for me 
I've made some breakfast and coffee 
Look out my window and what do I see 
A crack in the sky 
and a hand reaching down to me 
All the nightmares came today 
And it looks as though they're
here to stay 
What are we coming to 
No room for me,
no fun for you 
I think about a world to come 
Where the books were found 
by the Golden ones 
Written in pain, written in awe 
By a puzzled man who questioned 
What we were here for 
All the strangers came today 
And it looks as though
they're here to stay 

Oh You Pretty Things 
Don't you know you're driving your 
Mamas and Papas insane 
Oh You Pretty Things 
Don't you know you're driving your 
Mamas and Papas insane 
Let me make it plain
([second time:] Let me say it again)
You gotta make way 
for the Homo Superior 

Look at your children 
See their faces in golden rays 
Don't kid yourself they belong to you 
They're the start of a coming race 
The earth is a bitch 
We've finished our news 
Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use 
All the strangers came today 
And it looks as though they're here to stay 

A. First, I get he was really inspired to write this.  It was as if he got this thought, and had this idea that he needed to express.  I also see that the concept of what he wanted to say stuck in his mind, and he really had to figure out how to express it into words, but once he did it came out of him (I see it like automatic handwriting). 

He actually has some very insightful things to say.  He sees this generation (the generation we are living in) as evolving and having the mental capacity to seek out more rather than being caught in the current loop of programming.  Humans need to grow into something else, and the old paradigm and old way of thinking has to change.  You can be stuck in the "then" but only those that focus on the "now" and "future" will make it.

We (humans) can reclaim the earth, but we have to believe it.  It will start with the race that was coming (being born), and that race may feel strange in comparison to the race that was, but so important for the evolution of humans.  A new level of consciousness is forming. Earth is hard (a "bitch"), but serves as the training ground to complete our expansion through growth.  

It is time to be out with the "old news" and start to create something "new."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


RFK Pope said...

Very curious lyrics indeed. Sounds like a breaking from the previous programming that stunted our mental capacity for thousands of years resulting in centuries of arrested development until the last 150 years, that is, with the emergence of the Industrial Age and now the Information Age.

So out with the old, in with the new. @Lynn, is it possible that the New World Order that our leaders and the PTB have been trying to bring about, despite the wars and carnage it brings, is a necessary movement to bring about the evolution of our human race?

Side-note....David Bowie's androgynous appearance certainly made him an interesting looking fella. Almost alien-ish...

Bee E-lightened said...

Ptb has no gd intentions for humanity

Ryno said...

There is so much symbolism and messaging in music today but I suppose it has been going on for a long time. I think music is another way to create a connection to "another world" or at least the people who can connect with the unseen are given "god-given" musical talents of which not all are benevolent.

But back to the music today, besides the fact it's mostly crap IMO, the amount of symbolism in music video's is just too hard to ignore (unless you are really asleep) especially from the Illuminati girls like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Madonna, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, etc. etc... But its not just music video's. I went to a concert recently and the backgrounds screens where showing some weird things and hypnotic images. Anyway, just be aware of what you are being exposed to and question everything.

EA RW said...

Spandau ballet - gold. that is another interesting song and lyrics. Always believe in your soul. :)

aneshka said...

Hi Lynn,

I am reading this blog and she's seeing earthquake/volcanic activity this Aug 14-16.


Do you see this too?


Nick said...

Well said Lynn, another stunning reading! :-)
I agree he was inspired to write this, and that automatic writing you so accurately picked up on.
In fact most lyrics Dave has written.
They just 'come to him'.
An example of a writer who is happy to tell you this, is Terry Pratchett - he describes how he just writes from the 'film playing in his head'.
Having been a professional musician on and off for decades, I can also vouch for this 'conduit' experience.

However to be a conduit you have to learn stuff.
The album Hunkydory from which Pretty Things comes has some very deep sounding lyrics, probably the most from any of his albums - it also was released in 71, which was at the time when the world was changing drastically and LSD was opening the doors of perception.

So the learning of stuff is not hard to imagine as Led Zep guitarist Jimmy Page was buying a castle off 'Aleista Crowley' and the flood gates of 'occult' ( a word simply meaning hidden - dispite the scary connotation it has been given ) material was being discovered.

It really is a sign of the times.
To me I have little doubt as to this energy signature of periods of time.
A point to ponder on as music is such a part of folks lives is these epic choons wrote themselves, as it were.
Think about it, why isn't Bowie, Bacharach, Blues Moody, not soothing and inspiring us today with more musical gold?

@ RFK Pope It's a matter of world view.
I have always without hesitation, see the world as Allan Watts sees it.
As a drama/play/dream.
What good story doesn't have the bad guys in it?
Of the bad guys, I just say 'someone had to draw the short straws.'

@ Ryno, with enough research, you can NOT help seeing the music business as part of the system.
With all the contradictions that follows - the good the bad and the bugglies.
Today folks like VigilantCitizen go to great pains to analyse videos to point out the papacy, pentangles, pain and patheticness.
So it seems again - a sign of the times.

Juli T said...

I thought Bowie was another Illuminati puppet. Was that misinfo? Or maybe he did this surreptitiously?

As always in tune with your readings, I wanted to ask you for a few weeks now about music singers but I thought it would be shallow...

The thing is certain singers/songs put me in such a good state that I guess, on the contrary to the puppets, these people are here to throw good vibes at people. I.e, Andy Bell from Erasure puts a smile on my face every time, or years ago I went to an REM concert and I left there feeling Michael Stipe was full of good energy; I don't know, it's not about the music (though I like it) but about these certain people. Could it be or is it just my own perception?

Nick said...

@Juli T One thing years of searching through humanities dumpster shows you is nothing is every simple or black and white.
For a start the term Illuminati actually is a couple of hundred years out of date.
When you see it nowadays it' safe to say the barn door is swinging wildly and the horse left, grew old and has totally decayed.
For practical purposes it's easier to say than hidden movers shakers, shadow gummint blood lines NWO etc.

Puppet is a great word, but where do you draw the line, by simply responding to a cultural / fashion / norm and following the herd we are being puppets.
As for the music business, it varies - the situation changes with every passing day.
There was more freedom and less influence back then but it was still there, but times were different.
Whatever the truth of Paul / Faul Mcartney, I wouldn't be surprised at anything.
I had a direct experience here in NZ in the early 80s when my band did a recording and we were trying to get support management etc, and some bigwigs took us aside and said in a cryptic way;
"There are somethings you can't do OK"

What probably confuses you confuses lots of people because they have a mindset still caught up in black and white / good guys, bad guys.
Music is one of the clues the universe / you left to point out - you are not a biological accident whirling uselessly through time and space.
It can be the most soothing healing balm when you need it.

The vibration that tickles your heart strings is real for you, enjoy it.
Try not to get caught in who is working for who.
I personally think Bowie up to the Lodger album is the best musical force there is in the contemporary era.
I can listen to him and feel euphoria at times - I wouldn't care if he is actually a monster, those recordings float my boat.

Juli T said...

Hi Nick.
About music I try to be the most aware I can as in every other case (news, books, movies, etc).
I really want to know were music comes from, which doesn't mean I'm gonna instantly stop listening or liking something. I.e. I know there's a lot of freaky theories around Alan Parsons' Eye in the sky, but I love the song, so whatever, I'm not gonna fell into anything I don't want just by singing it.

But anyway, my question was behind the music itself, about certain artists that give me a really good vibe, so I wonder if maybe is not everyone tied to pure business and agendas, and maybe they are in this life to bring happiness. Or maybe it's just me.

PS: I pictured you with a mullet in the 80's :p

Nick said...

Hey Juli T, heh no mullet, I "had" a buncha wild sun bleached long hair. :-)
Valid question you have to!
Musicians like everyone have a particular individual energetic fingerprint.
The famous ones are on display, but if you have ever sat around a campfire with someone playing guitar / singing, you can get a sense of someone's 'spirit'.
It's prolly strange for a non musician to get their heads around, how someone can sound so wonderful and not "be" wonderful.

To muddy the waters even more there is a bunch of stuff about Laurel Canyon that is worth looking into if you haven't encountered it.

Jim Morrison's dad was the Navy admiral who was in charge at the scene of the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

So those hippy bands and all the baby booming bloody beautiful ballads, just sound fantastic, but what of the individuals?

Music as I said before is an energy/force/spirit vibration that is well - could say impersonal.
Umm ok, you know the saying 'Guns don't kill people - people kill people"
Because someone can act as a conduit for the gorgeous music spirit DOESN"T mean they have a mission of healing / awareness / consciousness.

One of the best thing I learned from Astrology, is how we are composed of different behaviour qualities.
You are in fact a committee - like Jekyll & Hide, and then add another 8 characters.
One of my 'selves' is Mars in Leo, and it makes for an entertaining show.
However, when I try to tell someone who thinks I am a "show off, extrovert" - that I have done nearly 2 dozen retreats that involve 10 days of total silence and introversion, needless to say, at best they think I am exaggerating and at worst lying!

I am certainly not saying Michael Stipe isn't a lovely soulful fellow.
Just know ye well that it's a multi layered cake.
Another point to ruminate on, is one needs a certain amount of self assurance / confidence, ( I didn't say ego .. er did I? ) and at least some Rhino skin simply to handle the roller coaster.

The most famous of all Musicians who appeared to WANT love n light, gets a Jap girlfriend, says things like "I am just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round" - and promptly takes a small metal object to the cabeza!!
"They" didn't like that wholesome message.

Enjoy music, enjoy birdsong, enjoy the shapes the clouds form and the pinky dawn, dusk, and realize the black and white need each other, like the shoreline and the sea.
After all, you can only read these words because of black print over a white background.

Blimpy Peach said...

@nick that last paragraph is awesome

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@RFK: I don't see the PTB wanting to bring about any advancement on humans. It threatens their position.

@Ryno: Good advice!

@aneshka: I see a lot of energy building in mother Gaia, but I can't see anything that devastating in our near future.

@Juli and Nick: Great question, and Nick you answered it wonderfully. Thank you for the comments and insight, Nick!

Nick said...

@ Blimpy Peach, one of my 'selves' is a sensitive bohemian poet.

@ Thank YOU Lynn for .. being ... and putting up with my rants n raves.

Juli T said...

Of course Nick I do know nothing is black and white, that's not what I'm saying. I've must behave terribly in some areas or with some people, be just plane in/with others, and be really good in others,and this can vary in time too. The same with everybody in different levels. That's not where I'm pointing at. What I'm saying is that if at least to me someone brings me happiness almost instantly, then maybe this happens to more people, and then maybe somewhere in their path is written they're gonna do that along their lives, only in larger scales because they have a massive outreach. This is beyond enjoying other things in life or other things that make me smile.
Anyway maybe my English is too poor and I can't explain myself.

Nick said...

Hola Juli T communication is a skill, a talent, a science, and having English as a second language must really ramp up the difficulty, so your doing fine, plus very few people can articulate concepts other that basic daily stuff!

Re the black and white - it's my hobby horse, as after a 3 decades of devotion to understanding myself and my mind, I really can't emphasize enough how important it is to see how 'duality' and the principle of 'contrast' is.

This idea of;
These are the good guys / these are the bad guys.
Is such an example.
Rolf Harris brought me and prolly millions endless pleasure with his humour and music 40 something years ago
What did he bring to some kids? *cough* never mind.
Gary Glitter anyone?
Sir Paul McCartney with his Afro-American accomplice Stevie Wonder waxed lyrically;
"There is good and bad, in everyone"

If you can find some way to phrase your question accurately let me know.

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn...thank you so much. I just encountered your website a few days ago and have been absolutely mesmerized. Much of what you "see" meshes very well with my own recent impetus to investigate and bring an understanding of the true nature of world events/this plane into my consciousness. Many times you remark or encapsulate an insight so well...the above from Bowie made me write: "Earth is hard (a "bitch"), but serves as the training ground to complete our expansion through growth." I am a Buddhist, Lynn, and a little "sensitive. " (I had an extremely strong clairvoyant experience when my dear friend passed away from cancer two years ago. Knowledge was "dumped" into me.) I know within my gut that I am here exactly for this reason: earth is hard. Thank you.