Saturday, June 27, 2015


Q. Since you told us about the red comet which gives us earthchanges: It is Zetatalk which is talking about Nibiru and a coming pole shift for years. Behind it is Nancy Lieder, who claims that she is channeling the ET greys who are telling her the "Zetatalk". I am wondering if Nancy is a real person who really is channeling or if she is just a cover-up/front for a three letter agency, i.e. no real channeling and no ETs behind her. Just an agency which knows what is awaiting Earth.

Besides Nibiru/planet X (your red comet), Zetatalk also talks about a "Dark Twin" of planet Earth which is circulating the sun just in opposite of our planet Earth and that planet Earth is being halted in its way around the sun, which I think is BS. Therefore, I stopped reading Zetatalk some years ago. But now, I am wondering how much truth is in it?!

A. I first get this overwhelming message to mention that things come to all of us in different ways, and no one way is right.  We see variances in time lines, and the act of free will ever changes the reality we live in.  I see Nancy doing and meaning well in her messages.

I do see Nancy as a real person, and she is relaying information that she receives.  I get that when she gets a message it may not be clear and some interpretation into human language needs to take place, but she does her best to make sense of the message and relay it as clearly as she can.  I hear that when we get disconnected messages our brains fill in the gaps to make sense.

Regarding the "dark twin"  I see that we do have a sister sun that is aligned behind the sun we see in our sky.  That sister sun is the center of another solar system that the "red comet" belongs too.  I also do see our earth being effected by interference of this approaching system, and the gravitational pull on earth (and moon, etc) looks to create a situation where the earth's wobble will be more and more heightened and at the peak our earth will slow (the days will be longer, but I don't see a complete pole shift or stopping of the earth).   

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light. 


Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn thank you for this intresting post (I always find Nancy's predicitions quite dark!) Regarding the light which constantly appears outside the Antarctic Neumayer Sation3, can you tell us if its something done on purpose by the staff, or if it is from unknown origin?. Once the Austral winter still lasts until next September, when new supplies/fuel will be brought to the station, it seems a waste of scarce resources to use these bright lights even during day-time (! What are your thoughts? Thanks

Lisa said...

Thanks a lot for this fast reading on Zetatalk :-D

There is one "strange" story about Nancy Lieder which I wonder if it is true (but I heard her saying it on a readio interview once): she obviously killed her dog since she thought that the pole shift event is near and she did not want her pet suffering this difficult time.

Another thing is that there were people who wanted to visit her since they thought, she is living in a house alone and for example additionally could need help (since she is an older woman). They ended up before an appartment complex where she obviously lived and not before a house (and of course, she did not let them in). The point is, that she had told that she was living in a single house, which she did not...

Watchand Knock said...

@Lisa you are so right! Nancy is weird and thanks god their forecasts never fulfill! The Zeta-Talk blog is an extreme example of the "very tight dress code" mentality present in the web (
Once almost blogs actually follow a commercial goal, the "discussions" are welcomed but have to follow a very narrow path. In an extremely rare attitude, Cobra recently not only admitted to errors but, which is even more rare, enhanced the qualities of critical thoughts AND posts (
Other blogs do not refrain to "hire" the services of mercenary bloggers willing to open "friendly fire" on unadvised contributors who use their discernment/research to really contribute to discussions!