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Rudolph Hess Deputy Fuhrer and More on Hitler

Q. Rudolph Hess was the Deputy Fuhrer of Nazi Germany. He was suppose to succeed Hitler, when Hitler retired in 1950. Hess flew into Britain to negotiate a peace settlement with Britain in 1940, but his plane had engine problems, he parachuted out of the plane and he spent the rest of the war as a POW. After the Nuremberg trials he spent the remainder of his life in Spandau Prison, in West Berlin. He kept the motives of his failed mission a secret. He never divulged anything about it, but supposedly he was going to meet with some members of the Royal Family to negotiate peace or even ally them with Germany.What exactly was his motivation for the plane flight? What was he keeping a secret for so many years that he felt was so precious he could not speak about it?
A.  The first thing I get is this man was a very brave man, and the thought of failing a task he set out to do was not in his mindset.  He was stern and failure wasn't an option- He felt that for himself and for those he led.

I get the goal of this trip was to try to get Britain on Germany's side.  He was going to try to come up with a negotiation or compromise that would allow these two forces to align.  I get the main drivers of the war were the US and Britain (and a more "ghost" country that resides in current day Israel), and if one of those powers would align with Germany, it would give Germany that much more strength.  I get as part of this discussion he wanted to expose this "ghost" and use some psychological warfare to make Britain realize just how manipulated they were in being pulled into this war- pose it from the perspective that Britain was a pawn in this too.

Then the "secret" part of the mission comes up.  I see that if the negotiations were to go unfavorably he was prepared to assassinate the "royal powers" to create a weakness (and need to regroup) to temporarily disable Britain to give Germany an edge.  [I see an image of a triangular shaped table, and this table looks like the support that is holding the war and keeping it alive- one leg is Britain, one leg is the US and one leg is rooted at a point on the map that is now called Israel.  I get if one leg was disabled, then the table would fall.]  Then I get that this was NOT an order from Hitler, but rather his own plan in the event he could not reach a negotiation.

Q. The Allied Powers in Berlin (Russia, France, Britain and the U.S.) had said that he would be released if he had confessed or otherwise given them the information that they wanted. Apparently, there was at least one time that 3 of the powers agreed and Russia (USSR) denied. Then, supposedly; the USSR finally agreed to release him and Britain reneged. Eventually Hess committed suicide by hanging himself. What was so precious that he kept so many secrets confidential to himself, 42 years after the war was over ?
A.  As I stated above, the entire visit to Britain with plans of a talk, and a back-up plan of being an assassin was the secret.  I get he was a man of his word (viewed very honorably) and refused to go against his word or his country.  He was determined to reach a favorable outcome regardless of what he had to do.  As I said above, the alternate plan was not a directive from Hitler, and revealing this plan (that never came to fruition) would not help his country or cause- it would just ad more fuel to this already burning fire. 

More on Hitler... 

[As a side note, when I do my raw reading I just type what comes to me and then I proof read my post to make sure my thoughts connect.  Upon re-reading this I realize this is very sensitive to some people, so please keep that in mind if you chose to go forward.  The goal is to share knowledge and not upset people...]

Just another set of questions on Hitler. That previous Hitler reading was so eye-opening and enlightening that it would help to learn even more about Hitler.

Q. Why did Hitler want to implement a barter economic system? What made him want to choose that economic system?

A.  He could see how the current usury system was failing his people.  Money became over inflated, and people couldn't get out of debt. I see someone taking a wheelbarrow full of money to the store to buy a loaf of bread.  It came to Hitler that if people bartered for services and did straight dealings between each other, they had more pride in their work and also eliminated the need for a "middle man" that just took their money but didn't provide a real service.  Paying high interest rates on over inflated money was hurting the economy, but once that system was disrupted and reset to something else, the Germans thrived.

Q. Did Hitler really have a deep hatred of the Jews as the mainstream history books portray?
A.  He didn't hate people for being Jewish, but he hated the Jewish "Powers that Be" that were coming into Germany and spreading materialism.  Hitler could see this system unfolding were materialism was being introduced (both products and services), and the Germans were buying into it, which led to more debt that ultimately let to the Jewish "Powers" that ran the banks getting rich off the interest being paid.

I see Hitler as very old fashioned- He believed in family above all.  He didn't like to see women behaving in unrespectable ways or men not being good fathers.  When the materialism was introduced into the country (and sex and porn became part of it), he was not going to allow it.  That was the final straw that made him tell the "powers" that the behavior was stopping or they were leaving.  They could live that lifestyle and influence people, but they weren't going to influence his people.

I see when these "powers" left they spun the story and took their Jewish followers with them.  They weren't killed under Hitler's command, but they were told they had to get out because his people weren't going to be corrupted.

Q. So, Nazi Germany did not attack the Soviet Union first and Soviet Union did actually attack first. How did this information got lost? How did it get accepted into history books that Nazi Germany attacked first and started World War II?
A.  I get it is because the "winners" write the history.  When the war was over I see that all the school books were taken, and "new" information was released to be taught to the kids.  It was made illegal to talk about the "true" events from any perspective other than Hitler being bad.  I see that the truth was passed on, but I hear it had to be done with "whispers."

Q. Basically in general, how did the World War II atrocities blames got switched on Germans from Soviets without many people noticing it and calling it out? Like the work and death camps, etc.

A.  The media is controlled, and unless you were there you didn't really "know."  All information that was passed on was second hand information.. The truth was passed on, but it had to be done quietly.  The powers also knew that if they didn't demonize Hitler other countries may consider going to a barter system too which would really hit the purse of the Jewish "powers" so they had to destroy what Hitler built to prevent that from happening again.

I then hear that when Hitler rebelled against the usury and materialism system and told the Jewish "powers" to leave, it was like Hitler gave them a basket of lemons.  The Jewish "powers" then took that basket of lemons and created lemonade.  They used this event to create a "protection" over their group with favorable effects being shown now (such as Jewish families still receiving money from Germany).  I hear that between this "protection" and control of the media, they have made themselves untouchable (at least in their minds). Then I get no where is history is a group so protected, even the slaves that were treated horrifically don't have that type of protection..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

When you talk of milking victimhood for power, it reminds me of the civil rights movement in the US, where "Freedom Fighters" coming from the completely segregated North to help organize poor southern blacks who were so "victimized" by evil southerners. I always suspected the racial tensions of the sixties were exactly the kind of thing we see going on today with Ferguson and Baltimore.

It was all about real estate and building a power base, creating an unsafe climate where the middle class and businesses would leave the cities in droves and real estates fortunes made and puppet leaders and political power could be gained. Do you see this was the case and that it follows a pattern from WWII?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Whoa, talk about a field covered in land mines.

So, "powers" means "cabal", right? Hitler was a cabal-fighter?

It should be noted that we are all One Being, but still obviously fragmented. And those fragments, each a teardrop of spirit, obviously know the difference between right and wrong, and will punish themselves more than the rest ever could. Sometimes some of the fragments have insane thoughts, but like the Tao says, "Strong winds cannot blow all day."

Robert Schoen said...

Demonizing political leaders who go against the banksters and cabalists is a long held pattern, going back to Napoleon. Banks have always created wars for profit by demonizing good people who don't play ball with them. Mohamar Gaddafi, so villainized here, was a great and beloved leader to his people who shared his nation' wealth with them while holding off the world bank and oil interests that would loot that country. The same with Noriega, Hugo Chavez, Salvador Allende and Castro. Maybe if they were right we might be wrong....

Think who benefit's most by those middle east wars we've been waging. There's nothoing better than getting someone else to fight your battles for you and then charge them interest on the money we borrow to wage it.

What a great racket they have,and how stupid does that make us? WE are a vassal state.

My favorite street art is a little sign mounted on a traffic pole that reads,"Think that you might be wrong."

John Casey said...

So Operation Barbarossa would have been opposite of what is taught. Russia attacked Germany? But the Soviets were pushed back all the way to Stalingrad. You know, in a weird way it kind of makes sense. I've always wondered why he would have attacked the Soviets. He had to be crazy to do that. So, it seems he was less crazy than made bad decisions based on having been attacked?

They Live said...

How tiring and sickening that the torture, killing, usurping of lands, resources, people and animals is done just because of money, it shouldn't occur at all. Money truly is the root of all evil. All these atrocities because it's "Just business."

Anonymous said...

On the subject of bartering , it can be extremely effective once the subject is introduced .
It seems like such a foreign idea to sellers of services at first.
I started off thinking it would only work among friends and family and that is a good place to start.
It transitioned into bartering of haircuts and hair supplies in return for fresh veggies. Then to discounts on eye surgery, dental work in return for help advertising or discounts for using cash instead of insurance. I think one thing I have learned from it . Sellers of services do not like that they are getting swindled anymore then we do .

Craig said...

After reading the post, I did a little research online. Turns out there is a lot of information that backs up Lynn's reading about hitler and the barter system that he implemented.

However, it seems that he almost immediately started putting up ad hoc detainment camps for political dissidents (not necessarily Jews), and these folks were worked very hard, denied decent food, etc until they gave out and died.

Across the border in Poland, people of German decent were being hunted down and murdered by polish mobs and no one was stopping them. Hitler decided he had had enough and decided to take over that area to help those people supposedly. However, just before this he closed a deal with Russia where they would both attack, take over Poland and divide it between themselves. In a statement to his troops before the attack, hitler said the objective was to take over to annex this good land for their own use. Thus began WWII.

It's so interesting to me that he had what he wanted, a stable, prosperous country, and threw it all away in a careless action.

Lynn, is there something about the German/polish situation that made him decide to invade other tan what I described?

Me too said...

Craig "research online" does not qualify as research. If Hitler didn't agree with the banking system you can use the law and banking regulations, you don't have to kill people for that...

Anonymous said...

Craig I disagree
When the real estate crash was happening I had a friend who got stuck in the confusion. In the process of the banks bundling up the loans an selling them to China. He made the mistake of trying to refinance his house and they had told him to stop paying on the loan he had until the refinace went through. He said no . Kept paying and somewhere in the middle of all this the bank came out and slapped a foreclosure sign on his house . No one would listen to him when he said he never stopped making payments . He had the paper trail. He called all the right people at the bank . He hired a lawyer was in the process of working with the lawyer and having yard sales to try and gather enough money to pay the lawyer for something he did not do and was not his fault. I was not aware of what was going on until one day I e-mailed him and he explained all this to me . He had told me that when he had went to the bank to talk that they referred him to a building next to the bank that had all the windows tinted out . No writting on the building and the front door was locked. You could see people inside but no one would answer the door. To make a long story short we had received some good advice . The bank was making up their own rules and we should to . So the 3 of us dressed up and brought all the video recording equipment we had which was just hand held palm cameras lol. We stood infront of the building with the blacked out windows and locked doors and started to interview my friend like we were a news crew . Guess what ? A lawyer came out and introduced himself an that he represented this company that was bundling loans and selling them off . We explained my friends situation on camera and the lawyer gave us all kinds of advise on how to deal with my friends problem .We thanked him and left . By the time I got home there was a recording on my phone that said my friend had got a call from the head of this business that the lawyer we talked to said we threatened him , but we did not . We had the camera's rolling from the time we left the building until we got back in the car. Once they realized what we had did they back off of trying to foreclose on my friends house . I think they even reimbursed him for the lawyers fees he had racked up . Playing by their rules is not working. What TPTB describe as faults and virtues are actually the exact opposite of what I believe to be true. They say it is all about money . I'm still learning it is all about morality and truth and they have neither .

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Me Too not Craig . In regards to the law.:)

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn!! There is a rumor on internet that Merkel, German Chauncellor (Prime Minister) is a secret daughter of Hitler. Is this true???

Anonymous said...

Just a side note: Did you ever see Mr. Hitlers paintings? He did some really nice ones. Just a google search, you will see what I mean.

Me too said...

Erin Erin

you are right... there is a lot of things (due to extreme greed and materialism) that are plain wrong.

Hannon said...

Here's the Ghost country: Ghost country is a good way to describe it at that time. There's more I'd like to comment about, but my little girl is demanding my attention at the moment, and she won't take no for an answer :-)

Craig said...

@Me Too, research online does count when you are using quotes from those who had lived through the experience and read from scholars and authors that got their information from original documents.

You can only get so close to the truth and then you have to either believe it or not. It is fortunate that Lynn is helping us to determine what is truth and what is not.

Johnny s. said...

Lynn can u pls respond to my last emails.... thanks

Hannon said...

If anybody is interested, the Holocaust Hoax of pinning 6 million Jews being exterminated on Germany was tried before, during and after WW1, long before the NSDAP(Nazi, which they didn't call themselves, or in cabalistic magic "not see") even existed, or Hitler's rise to power and WW2. Then they already started using media to pin a Jewish Holocaust on them during Hitler's reign before the camps were even built. All this is documented in old newspaper article archives. Here's the quickest link I could find, but anyone could spend a whole day googleing these articles:

Also, the Czar of Russia put the Zionist into "banking and business" check once in Russia(Germany was the only country nice enough to let them in once booted from Russia), after which they tried to pin a 6 million Jews Holocaust on him, but it didn't take just like the German WW1 attempt. This reminds of when the FBI got caught red handed trying to blow up the Trade Center, which didn't work, so they just tried it again on 911.

As stated in Lynn's warning, there are huge emotions tied to this, but it goes deeper and I'd say even part of most people's personal identities have been forged under the Nazi lie, so it's not easy to look at objectively. Personally, I absolutely despise the Hitler created in Hollywood as the most disgusting creature to ever walk the planet, but the Hitler of real History, reminds me so much of my late Grandfather, whom I hold more dear to me and respect more than even my own mother, that I'd be a liar if I said he isn't one of the most respected of all time people to me, and even a personal hero of mine.

Hannon said...

Also, if anyone wants to, or has the stomach to see the horrors of the real Holocaust, including organized mass rape of children and women, which happened to tens of millions of Germans, here's the best of it, but I warn that it's very unsettling:

While I'm at it, here is evidence of fake photographs of Nazi(not-see) brutality:

Camryn Villarruel said...

Ok so let me get this clear: Hitler and Germany were the victims of Russia. And the rapes, genocide, and atrocities are hoaxes?

Baku Matsumoto said...

@Camryn Some soldiers of many other countries did rape/altrocities during ANY wars over centuries.

Regarding genocide/gas chambers, Lynn already did her reading.

From medical point of views, every REAL genocides must have left large amount of human bones/fossils on site. The genocide victim numbers some jews are claiming could be well inflated without these proof (number of bones)

Hannon said...

@ Camryn Villarruel

To answer your question, NO. Russia was already under ZOG(Zionist Occupied Government) at that point(America suffers from this now), which Putin alluded to here:

Hannon said...

I should've added this in my last post, but Leon Trotsky's real name is Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, but you get the point.

Hannon said...

@ Robert Schoen

The North isn't so segregated, although I do agree that Southerners are being villainized, but us good ole Yanks aren't doing it, it's the usual ZOG suspects that stir up our pot, and start trouble here too that are peeing in your Cheerios :-)

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello Everyone! I stepped away for a bit yesterday, I when I looked there was a lot of comments. Thank you so much! I really enjoy seeing the interactions and I learn so much from all of you!!

@Robert: There was a lot of money made from the war, and Germany paid the price for much of it. You are so right about demonizing political leaders that shift their support to the people rather than the powers at the top- the “powers” had to stop him and make him out to be so evil that no other leader would consider standing up again (or this will be the fate of their country).

@Dada: I would say yes to Hitler being a cabal fighter.

@John: He was just trying to defend and stop them from attacking…. The soviets were a nightmare for Germany.

@Erin: That is a great idea. I try to barter my services as much as I can. That makes perfect sense.

@Craig: After WWI there was a lot of German land taken (the borders were shrunk down). People were being abused in remote parts of Germany, and he wanted to unite and protect everyone. Also bringing up the economy through a bartering system was not well received by the Jewish powers that be, and THAT is what really got things going… If he wanted to stretch the border back to where it was, he probably could have easily done it, but when the powers were hurt in their pocket book, that was it…

@Erin: Thanks for sharing your story! How horrible this was for your friend, but luckily it turned out ok.

@Baku: I do not get that connection, (but I may be wrong and just don’t see it… )

@Charlie: He was actually quite an artist

@Hannon: I agree… The number 6 million has been brought up since WAY before the war.. The war was a way to make it stick. I even posted a really great video of this on my FB page where I guys pulled all the old newspapers talking about it.. Here is the link and I think many of you would think it is interesting:

It is important to note that there were German children, women and men that were raped killed and murdered. There were also horrible things happening in other countries too (such is the horrible act of war)- but the atrocities happening to the Germans tend to be grossly overlooked. Also, there was typhus spreading and it was killing people by the thousands. Many of the people found in graves (on German soil) were there due to typhus. This is also why people in POW camps were shaven to try to get rid of this terrible disease that was taking over Europe (that was transmitted by fleas living in their hair).

Hannon said...

Thanks Lynn, I've said it before but I just wanted to say it again, it takes a lot of courage to discuss this subject honestly, let alone do it in a public manner and have your name connected to it. This is the biggest taboo there is, and in most cases, it's illegal to even do in the western world. This Cabal(or whatever one likes to call them), commits the most horrible and large scale crimes imaginable, then somehow shifts the blame onto the victims. This is no different than what they're doing to the Muslim world as we speak. They are blowing up the Middle East, while their minions are running around murdering and raping, as the propaganda machine blames the Muslims.

Also, the Soviets were just as bad, or worse for the Russians as they were for the Germans, judging by the body count. This is yet another murderous Cabal operation, that somehow yet again has been branded with the victims name, instead of the criminals.

John Casey said...

I have to say Lyn, your bravery in confronting deeply held beliefs is remarkable. I watched the "6 million" video, which makes it clear that this is a "meme" that was pushed well before the war. Is there some significance to that figure in terms of psyop effectiveness? Why that number? I also remember in one reading you mentioned a central, government control room where media was monitored and manipulated. Who would be in control of that effort?

bing0 said...

i have just read an article about the inventor of the unfamous gas Zyklon B. They discovered he committed suicide on 2nd May 1945. Was he also one of the many victims of PTB?

bing0 said...

Karl Fritzsch was his name

RFK Pope said...

The photoshopped photos of supposed holocuast murders are more evidence that the Powers-that-Be secretly had advanced technical knowledge well before the rest of us (Photoshop programs were only commericalized in the 1980s). Add to that that illegal and adult pornography was being shared online long before computers were common-place in homes. Hitler talked about the Yews introducing pornographic photography and "filthy literature" to demoralize society. Even today Instagram and Snapchat apps are used to promote prostitution and escort services. The Powers-that-Be have been using photography and computer programming to spread immorality for a very long time. They seem to always be at the forefront of the newest technology to program the masses.

Hannon said...

The 6 million number comes from a Jewish prophecy, in that it would take the death of 6 million Jews to kick off their place as the "chosen people" and enslave the rest of us. A quick google search of "6 million Jews Prophecy" will tell you all you need to know. If you're at a point of anger towards Jews at this point, take a deep breath and forget it, because they are also being effed by a mind control system, and getting used as pawns just as badly as the rest of us, which you can see here:

Hannon said...

@ RFK Pope(sensitive racial joke meant in good humor alert)
Did your Grandpa fight in Hitler's army and get a book written about him: :-)

@ all
Those evil racist Nazi(not-see) bastards, were the only military I know of to field a multi-racial army without segregated units in WW2. I have to ask where the divide and conquer strategy of the 20th century that gave us banksterism and warfare would be without the term racism, invented by non-less than Trotsky:

Lol, we're all Nazis now :-)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon and John: Thanks for the nice comments. I have been trying to figure out the 6 million and get it relates to something biblical, but cannot get a clear answer. (I just saw you other comment with the prophecy- that makes much more sense now- Thank you)

@bing0: Yes, I see he too was a victim.

@RFK: Even more than the photo-shopping is the mislabeling of the captions… Hitler burnt up the porn magazines and propaganda- and in the pics it was labeled as libraries and books (not true). Also, the shaven heads were labeled as work camps, but it was to stop the spread of typhus… A lot of propaganda was going on….