Sunday, May 31, 2015

Energy Work / Reiki - How does it work?

Q.  Can you explain how energy work really works?  Do you have to be near the person?  Does it work as well remotely?
A.  When I think about energy work I see that at the core of all living things is energy.  Plants, animals and humans are made of different forms of energy.  Anything that has energy tied to it (even thoughts going toward events) can be healed.  I also see the earth as a living thing, and it too can be healed. 

This energy (your soul) is connected to a greater source (the collective consciousness), and that connection is what connects all living things.  Through that connection we are able to psychically connect to each other, connect to the greater consciousness and train ourselves to be an antenna for energy to heal others (because we are all connected). 

When someone is healing or using energy work to heal someone, they are training and concentrating on pulling energy into their body (I always seeing it coming in through the crown chakra) and funneling it out through their body (I see it exiting most times through the hands, like you are giving the energy to someone or something).

I also get that even if you aren't trained, using positive thoughts and intent can help to heal.  You are subconsciously pulling in the energy and giving it out.  With practice you can make the process "feel" more natural, but don't worry that you aren't doing it right.  If you are open and wanting to work in the greater good, the universe will guide your abilities.

Energy work can work near the person or remotely.  I see the connection (energy exchange) occurring at the universal consciousness (the image I see is the analogy of a satellite in the atmosphere).. The signals go to the satellite whether you are standing next to where the signal needs to go, or you are far apart.  Energy healing works the same way.. whether you are near or far the signals run through the universal consciousness making remote healing just as effective as face-to-face healing.  

[There are many people out there that can use healing energy.  Feel free to leave a comment, and put "it out there" for the universe to aid in their healing.  I also want to invite any healers or Reiki Masters out there to leave comments and offer any advice.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Rebellious Angel said...

Hello, my name is Dorothy
I liked your pg on Facebook, but I was not sure where to post this so I came here and I saw this topic and it's very fitting. I believe I have this gift and many others. I just don't know how to channel it properly. I feel like a mess at times with no one to turn to cause they think I am crazy. I need help and if you could point me in the right direction I would be so grateful!

AS said...

Hi Lynn ~ Thank you for your post on Reiki. I have been a Reiki master for several years. The example of a satellite and energy flow no matter what the healer/healee's physical location is an excellent one. I'm curious to know if a person can just start doing Reiki, or if they must go through the energy initiation as I did. We were taught the symbols of Reiki that contain special energies and would like to know if a person doesn't know these symbols can still attempt to heal without them? Or is intention all that's needed? Thank you so much Lynn and Love and Light to you.

Robert Schoen said...

Hi Lynn,

I would be extremely grateful to any of your followers if they could send some healing energy to my 21 year old son Paul, who on his first solo trip to Paris which he had worked hard to pay for and was very focused to participate in his University's program there, he had a complete mental breakdown or existential crisis, in which he became so unstable he had to be hospitalized. While he is a bit better now, still needs a lot help to completely recover. As parents it has been very trying to discover his state while being so far away. He is with family in Italy now and my wife will be joining him shortly but if anyone can direct love and healing energy his way I'd be most grateful.

Vortex Spinner said...

Done. God bless

John Casey said...

Wow, Lynn. Such Teranesaur-ific work!

Very moving Reiki reading. Do any of the Reiki traditions work better than others?

Also, any approximate time for the cat and dog versus reptillian war? Millions of years ago?


John Casey

Waityurturn said...

Hi PS and AS, funny because my intitals are AS as well and everytime I see your comments it remind me of me lol.

I am a reiki practitioner as well and my questions is that we are taught to not use it unless the person gives permission, however, I feel like if I was to send Reiki energy to someone and stated that it is to be used only if it is for their highest good, then it should be okay. PSYCHIC focus what is your intake? Maybe AS can answer it as well.

Robert Schoen could you maybe provide your sons name, and exactly what is his condition so I can maybe do a remote healing session on him? Please email me dirwctly if you would like


Robert Schoen said...

Hi Waityurturn,
Paul basically is a hyper-sensitive person who got overstimulated being in Paris so at first he developed insomnia and after a visit to some Musicians he was given a powerful drug that started a delusional episode where he worried everyone that knew him because he acted and talked in a manic rambling way they never saw before and everyone thought he was in danger where he could hurt himself.

He needs help centering and coming back to a functioning reality. He now spouts things about how the blue light from computers is evil and to control people almost obsessively, maybe as a defense mechanism to not talk about his feelings or problems. My wife is going to join him and the worry is not being around to help him at this critical time. He was so together and responsible before that this came out of the blue, or we would have never let him go in the first place. Any energy you send will be greatly appreciated.

Waityurturn said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I will send him Reiki energy. Best of wishes

Robert Schoen said...

Hi Vortex Spinner and Waityurturn,
Many thanks! I just got a report from his cousin that he was acting more normal while they were out and was feeling tired, which is the opposite of the insomnia he's had, so whatever your doing is working. Many many thanks

Bright Star said...

Lynn, thank you for sharing your gift with the world. :) I absolutely love your site and it has given me the motivation to step out on my own as well.

I am a Energy Healer. When working remotely I do see the light coming in through the crown chakra and pushing out what does not serve the persons highest good through their hands and feet back out in the universe. I refer to myself as a conduit. Energy healing works like jumper cables in that sending energy to an individual it works with the persons own energy and highest good.

I have been wanting to post the following to your site for a while now.
I would like to share something I have learned about grounding. We are taught to ground into Mother Earth. I used to do this all the time. I was constantly feeling off queasy. It was to the point I was questioning why and I understood that we were getting large amounts of energy sent to Mother Earth. In meditation I was instructed by my higher self to ground into the light. I visualize roots coming out all over my body and grounding into the light and as I'm grounding in the light the light absorbs my body and I become one with the Christ Conscience Light. Grounding into the light has done wonders for me. I no longer feel off or uneasy.

@Dorothy. When the energy started it felt like strings coming out of my hands. I felt excited and confused all at the same time. I was on a mission to find out more I searched books and the internet. I realized the first lesson was trust to trust in myself that I had the answers to my questions. As I started trusting then I started to get information and validation that everything I was getting was real and I was not crazy. I'm in the process of starting my own healing business and will have a website up and running to share my journey and offer healing to others.

For everyone - there is no right or wrong way. You can sending healing via positive intent. When in doubt use a healing bubble - visualize or ask that a healing bubble be placed around the person, animal, plant, place, etc. And ask that the individuals guardian Angels feel the bubble with the healing colors, vibrations, energy that that person needs for their highest good.

Peace, Love and Light

Raymond G said...

I studied Reiki several years ago and when I started I noticed my hands getting warm.

I said this to my practice subject and she laughed and said 'he thinks the energy is coming off me '. I thought the heat was radiating off her body but it was coming from my hands.

I guess that is a common mistake for rookies.

Bright Star said...

@Raymond. My hands get very warm when I'm doing hands on. I've also learned that sometimes people need cold vs. heat and they will get cold if that is what the person needs. I do not control heat vs. cold but rather allow the energy to flow.

Raymond G said...

Thanks Bright Star.

Good Luck Robert.........:)

Robert Schoen said...

Thanks Raymond G

Brightstar, I liked what you said about grounding with light, which is also good for those of us in raised houses or wearing rubber shoes.

I sent a bubble around my son Paul, I learned using a dodechedron around a person and sending love is also a good way to connect

Waityurturn said...

Brightsar, I also get warm hands more than cold and sometimes a tingly sensation. When I first got attuned i tested the energy with my fiance, where I remotely sent him energy to a chakra and I would ask him what chakra did he feel it on and he got it rigright every time.

Robert happy to hear that.☺

Anonymous said...

Folks with Alzheimer's , are they hallucinating when they talk about other people being in the room with them or have conversations with a person not in the room?

I had a fellow I took care of that some nights he insisted I open the front door to let the folks out who were in his living room before he would go to bed.

Another person about two weeks before he passed kept talking to someone about making sure all his paperwork to take care of his wife was in order . It was disturbing in this instance because I was standing outside his bedroom listening when I heard him pause an say to whoever he was talking to if he could ask him a question . There was a moment of silence then he asked if he was talking to satan? Then he paused again and said I thought so ?
Then a gal I was making lunch for was sitting in her living room while I made her lunch in the kitchen grunted and I walked in the living room to ask her if she was ok? She was looking at her couch and a couple throw pillows fell off the couch and she asked me if I seen the lady sitting on the couch ? She described a lady friend of hers who had just died from stomach cancer. Then shortly after that she started complaining of stomach pains . I had to take her to the emergency room an we spent a bit of time there . They could not find anything wrong with her . We came home then that night she complained a man was standing at the foot of her bed that she had never seen before ? Things went on like it never happened the next day nor did she have episodes like that again .
Think I just answered my own question. In the grander scheme of things it does not really matter because it was part of what they agreed to before they got here? it use to bother me that they were so vulnerable .

Anonymous said...

Then I wonder about schizophrenia
Not recognizing what is real , false beliefs? Are people who get categorized as schizophrenic hijacked in some way ? If it is not setting in until around 18 years or older and sometimes spontaneously stops like in mathematician John Nash cases. Could it be some type of hijack?
I talked to a psychiatrist once when I knew someone that was dealing with schizophrenia who went around his house and turned on the t.v. the radio , his record player all at different volume levels and he said that is what it sounded like in his head. The psychiatrist told me he did not have schizophrenia if he could tell me that. Then I had a young kid come into the laundromat I work at that I'm pretty sure was dealing with schizophrenia an the other customers were getting nervous by his behavior . I introduced myself and tried to distract the kid from bothering the customers and the kid told me the voices he was hearing did not understand why I was not afraid of them ?
I would like to say if I am offending anyone by what I am asking or how I am asking it ? I apologize in advance I do not mean to if it comes across that way .

samferina said...

what to look for in a true reiki healer and not a person who just claims to be?

Robert Schoen said...

Erin Erin,
I found your post of schizophrenia very interesting, and myself feel that it can sometimes be brought on by exposure to EMFs, transformers, and other things that greatly effect only a small percentage of the population, a little like vaccines.

In the mystery of what came over my son Paul in Paris, the idea of a highjacking sounds tempting as a theory, but I think it is more like an ADD who see everything at once and can't process all the data, or gets overexcited by the input most of us take in stride. If you can I'd appreciate anyone who sends some good healing energy to my son. Thanks

samferina said...

Great questions Erin!

I wanted to ask @ Lynn if she could do a post on mental illness please?? I always wondered was it genetic or if they are just tuned into a different vibration?

What about people who say they see a deceased family member or people in their room when their on there death beds. This happened to my father he asked me if I could see a lady standing next to me that he described looking similar to me but with a headress on like the Chiquita banana women, although he wasn't on his deathbed at that time we were in the hospital. Another time he ask if I could see a panther we all though it was the meds that were making him hallucinate. But after the woman incident I said it wont be long until he pass which was true.

Alice Liu said...

I have gotten severely ill from friends who have done Reiki on me. I was sick for about 2 months each time and slowly crawled back to a state just a little worse than before the Reiki. These friends studied Reiki, and each of them wanted things for me that I didn't want for myself. I feel like they projected their personal energies onto me. I have felt energy coming off the hands of strangers that felt wonderful, but that is not what it felt like with my friends. What do you think is happening here?

Watchand Knock said...

Great post thanks! How is it that "spirit healers" work? Is it similar? Why does it not always work independly from the fact of a person believing or not in it.
When they do a surgery with a knife or something else, how do they control infection and maintain bleeding low? The patients say they do feel the intervention but pain is felt to a much lesser extent than in regular surgeries, why? (example John of God Actually I attend a psychic helaer in Jundiaรญ (Sao Paulo state)his name is Alberto, he incorporates the spirit of a deceased physichian and treats 30-40 persons once every forthnight. The people assisting him commented that after each session he falls sick for 3-4 days!Could you possibly figure out what this is related to (the last time he attended was last monday May 25 and he intensely uses his hands, avoiding cuts by all means)?

Alex said...


What are the conditions to become an effective Reiki healer?
Must we be at a certain spiritual vibration level first?

crapbag said...

Thank you Lynn. I have enjoyed your writings here and appreciate this forum to talk about healing.
Hi there! I am a healer, medical intuitive, as well as a Psychic Medium. This is how I do the healing: when my client is with me I have them lay down and begin breathing in a meditative way. I then begin praying to God. I ask for his healing white light energy to go through me and to help me with the ability to heal the person I am with.
When I feel the energy come into me I place my right hand two inches above their body. My hand then releases this light into the person. Where ever it is over their body begins to get very warm, this is how I know it's working. When I am over an area of illness my hand gets hotter. I concentrate heavily imagining the light overcoming the dark energy of illness. The clients find the experience relaxing and invigorating. They often leave in a high that lasts for a few weeks. Some cry. It's a happy cry as well as a release of suppressed feelings hindering their highest good.
When a client is in another part of the world I can diagnose and heal too. It takes an immense amount of concentration as well as what I can only describe as Remote Viewing. I take the healing light and mesh it with their spirit energy, again concentrating on the areas I see that need the most attention. The person tells me that they felt heat on their body like a sun lamp.
Our energy is connected to one another as it is to God. If you think of it that way it may make sense that one can heal energy with energy from anywhere.
It's hard for me to write these abilities in a way that is understandable. It seems that there are not the correct words in our language to fully describe it all.
I will pray for your Paul and try to find him in Italy. If I do I will try to give him the healing light available to us all. Thank you!

crapbag said...

Sorry about my handle. For the life of me I can't figure out how to change it. My name is Renee Van Tol. Thanks!

samferina said...

hey Renee

So nice to meet you and happy to come across you here :) question how does mediumship works? I been to one that claimed to be a psychic went there to try to get in touch with my dad, really miss him and the lady I went to didn't really connect to him. I didn't get any confirmations that it was him so i dunno about that :\ even went to see Theresa Caputo live but no avail over there either she kept passing me up going to other people. I have bad luck trying to find a good medium. I only have one very important question about some bad news I recently found out. I'm just trying to find out as much information about the process of how this operates. Sorry I know I shouldn't be asking this here can I email you? thanks so much

sorry Lynn didn't mean to hijack your thread lol

crapbag said...

Hi Samferina,
Sorry that you haven't been able to connect with your loved one. I rarely have any difficulty connecting with spirits. If a client wants to contact someone specific, I have them give me the name so I can call them directly. It's easier than waiting for who may show up.
I then ask them questions and Interpet the response to you. You should go to my website and check out the page on how it works. I do most of my work over the phone. I would be more than happy to help you if you would like. You can contact me through my site! Take care of yourself. Hope we talk soon! Xxoo Renee
PS. Thank you Lynn for allowing this connection to happen.

crapbag said...

My email is Please get in touch, I would be happy to help!๐Ÿ˜€

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for the great thread here!

@samferina: If you would like a reading or have questions, please feel free to email me to set one up. I would just ask that you provide a name and birthday of your past loved one, and I will do my best to make that connection happen. Sometimes people won't come forward, but most times they do. I am happy to help you or answer questions.

To everyone: Regarding energy work.... The person doing the healing needs to do what is in the greater good of the person they are healing. You can't leave "your handprint" and alter what comes through. You are the antennae and need to work with what the person is asking- if you conflict with that, you aren't working for them (but more toward your own self..).

I have done several readings on various mental illness. If you search the blog under the specific mental challenge (I don't like the name "illness"- just gives power to it) ie ADHD, Autism, Schizophrenia, etc.. many things should come up.. If not, let me know and I will add it to a future health posting.

Someone also asked about energy / spirit healers, and I do see them working in this similar fashion. We are all connected to a greater source (Universal consciousness) and that connection allows us to tap into each other.

I will plan on doing a reading on mediumship. That is a great topic that many people are curious about. I need to think on how to explain it in words, so give me a few days.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: The best thing to do is approach it like you approach all spiritual work: Always in the greater good and always surrounded with protection. You have to know what your intent is (to heal, promote health, increase vibrations, allow spirit to heal..) and allow the energy to work through you. You have to visualize it working and it will..

There is no wrong way to do it, but you can always get more effective.. I am not a Reiki master, so I cannot share specific techniques, but I do know we all have it in us (some is easier) and it just takes practice. You need to know that above all else (and don't worry on waiting on a certain vibration to appear, just practice and believe).

Craig said...

I was taught energy healing (Reiki I too). We actually all do this naturally. When a mother holds her troubled child, she uses her hands to impart that energy, that loving energy. This is the most powerful energy, unconditional love. If you can add that to your healing, it will intensify it. This is using the heart and the emotions.

I agree, light comes in from the crown, but also someone mentioned grounding. I visualize light in from the crown and down into the earth, making that connection, then out through the hands usually if the person is there. If you can believe that what you are visualizing is real, it is.

Also,someone mentioned permission. This is true, but if not asked,,and i just want to silently help, I end with "In God's Will", giving up to spirit the results of the action and to avoid karmic consequences. We are responsible for every thought, word and deed we create. This is similar to the statement "In their highest good", just another way of putting it. As long as the intention is there to allow the energy to be used in whatever way benefits the person or situation.

"The hands are extension of the heart"...

Waityurturn said...

Thanks Craig! That is also how I feel. I believe if I state that the energy is to be used for the person's highest good, and only if that is their path to receive it, then it should be okay, and if it not, state the energy to go back to its source.

AS said...

Hi Waituyrturn! Yes I agree with Lynn and Craig. As long as the intent is stated for the persons highest good, there should be no problem. However if you ever encounter someone that you want to send Reiki and they say, "No, don't send me any Reiki, I don't believe in that stuff," simply say ok and silently state your intent that their guides or angels will guide them to the very best outcome for their situation.

Whenever I am driving, at the store or walking down the street, I quietly bless people I see, (especially ones that look like they might need it). It helps all when you send others good intentions, as we are all involved in this extremely dense Earth experience. It sounds like this, "Father God, Mother God, Angels and Guides, please surround that person and let the best thing happen for their lives," or, "Angels, bless that person in every way."

Anyone can bless, you do not have to be ordained a priest, minister or elder. Your positive intention is all you need.

Lynn, thank you so much for having this site. I can't thank you enough. Sending you hearty blessings! Love and Light to all!!!

Raymond G said...

I have not thought about this in a long time....but several years ago I had a near death experience.

I don't remember going through a tunnel or seeing a light but I remember laying down on my back and seeing myself from behind. Like I was watching myself directly behind my shoulders. I raised my head up ( the 'me' on the ground ) and I saw a woman leaning over me. She was not familiar to me but she was attractive, with shoulder length brown hair. She appeared to be in her forties and she had a stern look on her face. She looked straight down and never looked towards me or acknowledged me.

She was holding her hands over my abdomen as though she was healing me and performing Reiki. She was sitting next to me with her legs tucked underneath. Her hands were next to each other extended in front of her. They were about 3,4 inches above my stomach.

I remember thinking, 'She must be healing me. She is doing hands on healing'.
It never occurred to me it was Reiki. But I guess hands on healing has several names.

Anonymous said...

Done here as well Robert L&L

Ryno said...

@Erin Erin: Maybe I'm wrong and Lynn can maybe correct me if I am, but I view the brain as like a radio/receiver. Most of the time people are in tune with 1 frequency or "radio station" but people with ADHD, Autism, Schizophrenia, etc.. are more like in-between stations and getting multiple signals from the multidimensional universe all at the same time.

Waityurturn said...

Thanks so much AS!!

Robert Schoen said...

@Diane Hamilton, Thanks Diane, I greatly appreciate your sending energy to Paul. He needs it! He has gotten better from yesterday and I think his improvement will be incremental, but amazingly I was able to get in touch with his spirit guide and he told me the work vortexspinner and waityurturn, Raymond and others on this post were felt and definitely made a difference. I am so grateful also to Lynn, who positive energy has attracted such a talented and thoughtful group.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there were so many Reiki healers and those in the healing arts here. I think it's truly amazing! Lynn is amazing as are all the people here!

samferina said...

Ok thank you both @crapbag and Lynn :)

razi09 said...

@ Raymond G: Such a fascinating story! Thank you.

@ AS: So good of you to bless strangers. I've asked healers if they've seen those on the street in need or if a bad spirit has attached themselves to an unknowing person. They've answered yes but they have to ask for help. I understand that but still felt they are just the ones who don't have a clue what to ask for. So good of you.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure for other people but ADHD which I think I have ? I feel like I spin to fast . I get distracted really easy . It takes a long time for me even to get my comments down on Psychic focus blog. I've deleted more then I have posted because i have such a hard time staying on point.
Autism I have had no experience with . Schizophrenia for the most part I agree with what you have posted . I like what Lynn says calling it mental challenge . Calling it mental illness seems like it automatically closes the door . I just did not know how else to bring the topic up.
And in regards to caring for the elderly I had a fellow tell me since he has grown older his family treats him like a illness . That about broke my heart.

AS said...

@Alex - To become a Reiki healer the first thing that is required is the desire to be of service to your fellow brothers and sisters and for the highest good of all. Honestly I'm not sure what vibration one would need to be at, but by the time you are feeling the desire to help others in this manner, it's fairly likely you've ascended past the "lower" levels of behavior and vibration that are still prevalent on our planet today.

To become a Reiki master(healer), you must go through what is known as an Attunement. It is simply an energy transfer from a current Reiki master to a person that would like to become one. We draw symbols on and around your body with our hands (no actual drawing, just hand movements) and also send you Reiki. Once you receive your Attunement, to become a proficient Reiki master you must practice.

At this time it is understood that Reiki came from Japan and brought to the West by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, however I have always wondered how and when it originally came into being. I suspect Reiki is what Christ used when he was healing the sick during his walk on Earth, and as he was such an advanced, elevated soul with a very high vibration, Reiki must have flowed from his hands like a rushing river!

On YouTube there are examples of what an Attunement looks like as well as Reiki symbols explained so you can learn and practice. I hope you can find a group in your area that will introduce you to Reiki and at some point you can receive an Attunement.

Sending you blessings of goodwill and Love and Light to all!!

Raymond G said...

@Robert...........I am glad things are getting better for your son. .... You said that you reached his Guide and that they said they heard our prayers for him. I have heard repeatedly that a Mother's love and prayers are heard the loudest in Heaven. But that makes me wonder if there is a separate energy for mothers as opposed to other people and if there is a special prayer that gets more attention in Heaven than just saying ......Dear God please help Bob. I hope he overcomes pneumonia and gets back on his feet.

I wonder why some prayers are answered and some not. I wonder why some people have angels help them in times of need like a traffic accident and others suffer or die.

Bright Star said...

@Raymond... All prayers are answered just not as "we" want them to be. Each individual has a purpose and a plan before they come into this life. As part of their plan they may elect to have Cancer, go through abuse, be in an accident, etc. Their guides and Angeles are with them helping them through the situation for the best outcome for their highest good. As a Healer I am blocked (even when asked) if it's not in that persons highest good to receive the healing. There is a lesson that person must learn. With each life we live we set up situations to overcome for our own spiritual growth. But it sure is hard on all of us that want our loved one, friend, etc to be cured to make it through to not have to be in the situation they are in.

Bee E-lightened said...

Anyone can reiki heal my mother who is battling stage 4 cancer??

Compassion Spread said...

@Bee E-lightened. Your mother is blessed to have you as her daughter for your call for her healing! I'd tried to contribute into her healing. Don't give up! God bless you both!

Compassion Spread said...

@Robert Schoen. I've sent some healing to Paul. Please tell him, and believe yourself, that such brake-downs are normal. He's NOT creasy. It might be part of awakening. Surround him only with love, patience, understanding and acceptance. Avoid doctors and psycho drugs.

AS said...

Hello Bee E-lightened: If you give me your mother's full name and geographic location I will send her Reiki. Love and Light to you!

Bee E-lightened said...

Thanks Focus Session family ๐Ÿ˜Š. Ill email you her info AS (this is also my daughters initials) ๐Ÿ˜‡

Robert Schoen said...

@Compassion Spread, thank you so much for your thoughts and healing sent to Paul and for your words about his breakdown. I had a friend who is an etheric healer and she saw his soul was askew from his body where he was getting these astral visions which he thought were beautiful but lost his connection to himself.

I also think this breakdown has to do with karmic debt in that it is a cathartic event in which he will free himself from past life issues and make some great music from the experience, so we'll see.

@Raymond, it's interesting what you brought up. One of the first questions I asked Paul's guide is why he let it happen to him, and he answered, "Forgive my unpreparedness, it happened so quickly" which means it wasn't an intentional act in Paul's mind that caused the damage. A lot of bad things happen because of free will and then some bad things are part of a person's life contract.

My daughter talked to Paul for two hours and while he still has issues I feel he is incrimentlly getting better. Thanks to all.

Lisa said...

I heard that if you heal, you get the black substance (karma) from the sick person in exchange of your white substance (your chi/Qi). Therefore, you should not heal another person. This is the reason, why Jesus had to get killed on the cross, because he beared all our sins (black karma) form his people and at the end could not get rid of it, only through his dead.

Of course, there is enough free healing chi in the universe, but everybody has to heal themselves (through own Qi Gong practice) or prayer etc.

Therefore, I was always reluctant to try to "heal" other people with my help.
What do you think about?!

Lisa said...

Besides prayer for the sick person... I meant.

But not active, with my own white Qi giving it to the other person (because it is always in exchange of the black Qi (karma) and no, cleansing oneself after the healing is not possible, I heard). The black Qi just "sticks" to you afterwards. After you have given all your white, good Qi, you cannot heal other persons anymore...

Of course, to do good deads is getting white Qi and in this way, you also can heal "yourself".

Alex said...


Unfortunately, I don't have any professional reiki masters in my area. The last time I went to one fake master, they turned out to be ET who put some ET implants into me.

Jeannine S said...

Any direction on Reiki for my cat? Is it effective even when the problem/treatment could not be identified by the vet. He continues to get sick almost daily for a few years now. I've tried everything I could think of and pray often. Sorry this seems insignificant compared to others. I love my little guy and all animals. Thanks

Waityurturn said...

Jeanine what is your cats name and the location where you are in? There are people that actually use Reiki to heal animals. I will send him some energy.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Everyone: Thank you so much for the great comments, healing and love you are sharing! This is beautiful to be a part of! Love and light-

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I did forget to mention, that energy work can be directed at people, plants and animals (pets)- we are all energy at our core, therefore we are all connected.

Waityurturn said...

Thank you Psychic Focus for making this possible, without your blog we would not be here.

Jeannine S said...

@Waityurturn I am so overwhelmed, you are very kind to help! His name is Loiosh, (Loy-osh) and we are in Pickering, Ontario Canada and thank you Lynn! Amazing blog here

AS said...

@Jeannine - Would changing your cat's food help. She may have an allergy to one of the ingredients in her food. If I understand right, many of the mainstream cat and dog foods on the market aren't the best for their health. If he's vomiting it's likely something he's ingesting daily. Would you be up for preparing cooked chicken for him (some think raw meat is the best thing for animals, might want to research this). Sending health to your little guy. (hug)

@Alex - Check online where the closest Reiki groups might be. A Reiki master does not have to be professional (meaning they do sessions for $$) to give an Attunement. A good way to start is to read all you can about Reiki and it's symbols. You can still learn about it and practice without the Attunement. YouTube has lots of videos on this. There is also no need to pay anyone an arm and a leg to receive an Attunement, if there is a fee, it should be very nominal. I do not have experience with removing negative implants, but I would start by asking your Angels to surround you and heal you in every way. Feel free to ask out loud for whatever help you need with your health and well-being and that you'll be directed to the appropriate place/person that can assist you. (hug)

Thank you again Lynn for having this blog so we can all connect and share info!
Love and Light to All!

Waityurturn said...

Jeannine I sent him some energy. Keep me updated of you would like

kat nip said...

If i'm not over-simplifying this, I think anyone not trained in healing can do healing for others.

My cat has(or had ? sorry, poor english) some veeery big ulcers in her mouth.
I live in a town where the local vet only knows how to give antibiotics.
I know this is not enough, but I also know there must be another way to help my cat.

Long story short, I began to consciously raise my vibration, trying to feel any kinds of positive emotion, and then project it to my cat.
Now, she shows some veeery significant improvements...
I don't know how to describe this in details, I think she has been 70% healed, is more active and has better moods, thus reinforce even stronger positive emotions in me which then I use to heal her :)

The point is to actually FEEL positive, it is useless to chant positive thoughts without really feeling them. You will realise how powerful the energy of LOVE is !

Alice Liu said...

@kat nip Plastic food bowls can cause oral lesions in cats. If the problem is from stomach acid, two things might help...1) apple cider vinegar to change the stomach pH balance. I mix ten drops in a little water then mix in canned food. You can also put a few drops in drinking water (Braggs is best. You need the organic kind with "mother" which is the sediment. 2.) You can try digestive enzymes to get the food moving through the digestive tract so the acid doesn't back up. This worked on a cat of mine that also had oral ulcers (before I knew about the apple cider vinegar).

PimpMyBrain said...

@Alice Liu nice tips Alice ! Qtill to keep in mind thoses !

I hope you feel better with your issues with the reckless reiki (yes, i would like to do this word association :) ) from your friend !

Love and light!

Jeannine S said...

@AS thanks for the ideas. I have given him cooked chicken and then tried other food with minimum ingredients. All gradually introduced. Now I started him on the raw diet (which he loves) and he was ok for the first week but then he started vomiting again. His tests for parasites etc were neg a few years ago. So I'm baffled

Anonymous said...

I don't think their can be reckless Reiki. It goes against the very nature of the energy. Evidently they were out for their own needs with their ego at the helm. I don't believe Reiki energy had anything to do with it.

Waityurturn said...

Diane I agree with you as well on the above statement. I do believe that sometimes when you go through a healing session that a person might feel worst because it's all the negative energy being released. When I was researching Reiki, before I received an attunement, the research mentioned that after an attunement we might go through some physical pain, such as a cold, or being emotional, because the energy will work on releasing the negatives to make room for your well being.

MJ said...

This is a great post with so many positive healing comments. Hope everybody and loved ones be healthy and get through the challenges we have to go through. Just think the challenges are actually opportunities to be better :)