Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Verdict on Jahar Tsarnaev

Q. Can you give an update on Jahar Tsarnaev? Today, he showed some emotion when hearing one of the 30 "guilty" verdicts, hugging himself briefly. He gave an emotional response only (as far as I know) once before, when his long-time best friend testified against him. Jahar looked up and gazed right at him. 

This is a sad day. Although for many Bostonians, it is apparently a happy day because they genuinely believe that "the bad guy is off the streets, justice has been served, and America is safe again." 

Can you get a feel for what is happening to this hapless kid? Is he grieving? Angry? Missing his mom? Wanting the death penalty? He probably won't get it here in Massachusetts. Did he even tell his attorneys of his and his brother's experiences? Did he get a say in what his attorneys did (saying "It was him" for example).

A.   When I tune into him I see this boy in bit of shock.  He was prepared for the worst, and some how knew he was going to take the blame, but he had some hope that someone would be strong enough to go against all this.  There are key people that know the truth, and I get that during this process someone came forward in some kind of discreet way to share evidence (like a whistle blower), but his attorneys disregarded it.  This was fairly recent (they came out close to the trial), and Jahar had a glimmer of hope, but during the trial the "surprise" he was hoping for never came to fruition.

I get when he went into this trial, he already knew how it was suppose to play out.  I see this image of his attorney's reading a script- and nothing really deviated from the script.  I get that many of the witnesses also read off of a script.  He didn't agree with the "script" but wasn't really allowed to go against it.  

He feels betrayed by friends and people that knew him and his brother, but yet he understands (they are dealing with powers much stronger than themselves).  The biggest thing he is working on right now is forgiveness because he really doesn't feel hope in any other way.  He is at a difficult low right now. I get that he doesn't really care if he gets the death penalty or not- he just has a wish to talk to his mom in person.  The guilt he carries is for the pain his family has endured through all this.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light to everyone touched by this horrible event-

[Note: I have done several readings on Jahar and this topic.  If you are interested in viewing those past readings please use the search feature on the upper right side of the blog.  L&L-Lynn]


Robert Schoen said...

I feel such compassion for Jahar, who seems almost Christ-like being sacrificed for the sins of others. They could not have picked a less plausible looking patsy, and hopefully this injustice might stir many, at least subconsciously, into stating to look beyond the lies. Fear keeps good people quiet, which is exactly what they want.

As the NRA loves to say: "There's nothing to fear but the lack of fear itself."

It would be great if everyone could send some good thoughts to Jahar and to this nation to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for this reading Lynn since the verdict. That photo of him in a chair pointing to that sign above his head looked so photoshoped is sickening. If I had had any doubts which I had few that he was set up, I didn't when I saw that photo. It hall had to be. Gee, I better be quietor I will be thrown in jail for being part of ISIS. No one is safe.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, do you see him eventually being released? Perhaps one day when (if?) truth returns to the U.S. Government? If so, when might we see this?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: If/When the system gets reset, it is into the future and I don't see him being held in the USA when that time comes-

I agree- We need to send positive thoughts and energy to him and his family.

Courtney Madison said...

Why hasn't he professed his innocence? He acts unaffected in court. He doesn't seem to act like an innocent person who was framed, but he doesn't seem to act like a jihadi either. I just don't know. Will we ever hear what he has to say? Ever??

Compassion Spread said...

Heart broken. Tsarnaev, Oswald, Rosenbergs, so many more of them-innocent, pure, or brave and fair. Please, please, please, everyone, pray and send a peace (though no hope anymore) to this kid and his family.
The strangest thing is that I have the strong feeling that it's US (all americans, collective) again, who didn't allow that miracle, what he hoped for, to happen. As usual, WE were too trustful, submissive, acceptive, silent, fearful, busy with our own agendas, and didn't stand up for the truth to be found.
I personally blamed myself hardly for doing nothing to spread the truth about this case, but instead limited myself just to the prayer and empathy. At one point I too, wanted the miracle in this case so much that was ready to give up something for the truth to be reveled. And sure universe heard me, and the thought came 'will you give up your home? (for that)'. I was shocked, I didn't expect it, I got scarred, and immediately said 'no, may be something else, something easier, I don't want to be on the street homeless'. So, later another thought came 'Don't get into the other people's life', and I gave up, and didn't feel the guilt anymore, and became in fact, a trader, and that's how we all influence everything - through our thoughts and our choices. Now, I must feel responsible for this verdict. Even it was predetermined, perhaps, I blocked the miracle from happening, due to my fear and my choice of thoughts, and my greed and personal interests; and I'll carry my karma for that now through my many reincarnations ahead, and sure will pay for my weakness in one way or another.

@Da-da, thank you for your hope that the truth can return to the government. We still need people that naïve and hopeful. Pure soul.

Bee E-lightened said...

Love, light & strength to him

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hardly naive. Da-da knows the inside scoop. Truth is winning.

razi09 said...

How old will he be when released and why wouldn't he be in this country? That doesn't make sense not watching him closely. Would he be cut a break knowing he was framed?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Courtney: I get he can’t… He is either threatened, his family threatened… he doesn’t feel safe going against such a huge system..

@Compassion: There is a hard balance between doing what you feel you need to do and doing the right thing to the detriment to yourself. We all have tough decisions and you did what you felt was right for you and your family at the time. Find peace with that and send loving thoughts towards those things you cannot physically do.

@Dada: You are right- Truth is winning it just may take some time for us to see the realization of it- but it is coming.

@razio09: I see some kind of deal where if he gets the death penalty it keeps being put off, and if he doesn’t he is still held here for some time. Eventually I see some kind of non-publicized release of him to his home country (barter or exchange for a dirty deal???).

Compassion Spread said...

Lynn and Da-da, great points about truth victory, thank you, that's exactly where I need your help and direction now. All my life I believed only in light (being 'that naïve' like Da-da:-)), but my recent awakening opened another truth for me - the light and dark are always together, undivided, and the truth is always the balance of dark and light, but not just the light. That's where I've stuck and got lost with my awakening. I've lost the faith in 'just the light, the light only'. Assure me more, please, in a victory of light. I want my faith back, I want back my naiveness:-).

Courtney Madison said...

Thank you for answering my question. Peace and love to all.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

What Happened?! I am stunned. We (Massachusetts) don't believe in the death penalty. Or so I thought...

Actually, it is still true. Most citizens of Massachusetts are against the death penalty. That's probably why the jury selection took so long-- the judge had to interview hundreds of potential jurors just to find 12-16 who believed the death penalty could be a fair punishment in some cases.

The trial should not have been in Massachusetts.

The irony is that so many people (including jurors) were most upset about the death of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old child who was killed. But his family has been quite vocal that they did not want the death penalty. Appeals over years could keep that family and other victims/families caught in an endless cycle of court appearances for years and years, reliving the trauma over and over again. That seems like a slam to the victims. Of course, in defense of the jury, I believe the judge told them they were NOT allowed to consider the wishes of the victims. How fair is that?!

Lynne, your prediction was that the defense would not put on much of a case. You were right; they didn't. You also predicted he would die in prison, perhaps due to poisoning. Do you still see that? I'm wondering if it might still turn out that way, while he is sitting on death row.

I don't know this kid, but I feel so empathic towards him. He's such a lost soul. The jury said that he showed no remorse. As a psychologist, I can tell you that his behavior was not that unusual for someone feeling that traumatized and hopeless. It's not unusual for a person in that situation to shut down emotionally, as a means of self-preservation. Any one of us might respond the same way if put in that situation.

As an aside, the nurses treating him in the hospital the days after the marathon said he cried non-stop for two days. Sobbed uncontrollably. I'm betting he felt scared and sad and (a few months later-- at the time of the infamous " flipping of the finger" -- angry).

Please tell us, Lynne, what you see happening for him.
Happening TO him inside himself. Is he staying quiet to protect his sisters and neice (and other family members)? Will he appeal?

Thanks, Lynne. You are amazing.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Boston Resident: Jahar I see has given up (mentally) b/c he feels like he cannot get a break and the forces against him are so strong. I do see him dying in prison, but I didn't see it as part of his assigned punishment. His family is absolutely devastated... I see a woman (who looks to be his mom) in tears and gasping for breath... My heart goes out to her in a big way!

Anonymous said...

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Freddy Jose Morillo Aguirre said...

Everytime i see his picture un news online i can't help but feeling sad and ansious... :(