Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quick Q & A

Q. When you do Readings on the different subjects, do you ever pick up on the people or circumstances that you are reading? Do you ever become fearful, sick, uneasy or even cheerful when you RV a target? It seems like you could pick up on the atmosphere just like the participants and even adopt physical symptoms. Have you ever been intimidated or threatened from the other side ?
A. When I focus on a person or situation my dominant gift that pulls though are my empath and clairsentience skills (I use clairvoyance to further make sense of what I cam getting, but the emotion and feelings are the first to come through).  I sometimes see the situation play like a movie trailor, and many times I see the situation through the eyes of the person I am connecting to.  I do feel the emotions and feelings, which can be very intense and I have had to learn how to release all that after I am done with the reading.

I do get disturbed in readings, but I allow the reading to flow because when I approach a reading I set the intent to have it in my greater good- I don't want anything shown to me or experienced that would have detrimental effects.  If things get to be too much, the images will stop flowing (and I take that as a sign) or I will get a mental image (it is usually a person, being, ET, etc and always does the same thing- they point at me and shake their finger left and right- that is my sign to stop asking questions and break the connection).  

I also have great moments of joy and inspiration during readings.  I might see magnificent places, meet amazing beings (there are countless highlights, but one the the quickest to recall was communicating with a Big Foot- that turned out to be a surprising and very rewarding experience) or learn about something new.  There is infinite knowledge so anytime I have the opportunity to see outside what I have been programmed (through school, medica, etc) to learn, it is truly a gift.   

I also focus on respecting the other side.  I take what I do extremely seriously, and go into each reading with good intentions, and above all the information must come from the highest source and be in the greater good.  Taking that approach, I have never been threatened from the other side.  If at any moment things feel heavy, I mentally regroup, envision white light, reinforce my intent and move forward.

Q. I know the U.S. and Russia have/had successful RV (Remote Viewing) programs. What would happen if you RV'd the Iran nuclear negotiations, the State of the Union Address or something very significant? Do they have some kind of counter measures in place? Would they detect you?
A. In a "normal" situation, when people are tuned in, you can often feel their energy (for example, if I were sitting here and someone wanted to RV (remote view) me, they could, and I would most often sense it).  

I get in big events, there are often times intentional electronic interference.  This interference makes it difficult to "see" things clearly.  You will get images, but they can be disconnected (like a dot-to-dot puzzle).  They (at these important governmental gatherings) may not sense that someone is RVing them in this situation, but they are aware it can happen and do what they can to prevent it.

Q. Could you negatively influence someone to do or say something negative or embarrassing like dance on the table during a presidential address or influence them to make specific remarks?
A. Could you, yes.  Should you, absolutely not.  Always remember that the Law of Attraction does work, and what you project will return to you, and it may return in unclear terms. If you work against the greater good, you could lose your gifts, attract lower vibrational beings.or have lower vibrational thoughts.  Always remember to respect your gifts, maintain positive intent and have gratitude...  Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok, this is tangentially related to all this, so if Lynn doesn't mind...

Something is happening, spiritually. This might help.

Robert Schoen said...

Your amazing skills make us all realize, to whatever extent, that we all have innate psychic ability we can either choose to develop or ignore. Of course Lynn's an Olympic athlete compared to most of us but I really think your readings and good example are helping us all to develop our abilities and become more evolved.

It's society's manipulative agenda and need to control that drills it out of us by framing nearly everything in a way to encourage our total reliance on the rational mind for understanding instead of the heart.

Thanks for all your great work!!!!

PimpMyBrain said...

@ da-da: I've always wondered what the tinnitus. I have a lot since a start to practice meditation (i am a beginner) and since to hapen at tjhe moment a read something specific or thinking about something special... like it's was a sign to let me know soething or a signal to listen about... always this impression. and the more I am attentive of it and more it's powerful. (but that's calmed down lately, since my meditations calmed my anxiety)

The Thrifty Collector said...

I'm really curious what your communication with bigfoot was like. I have had contact as well in my dream state and it was an interesting and uplifting experience (lots of laughter due to inability to communicate!)

Me too said...

Just wanted to say thank you for keeping this blog! That's it

Blimpy Peach said...

I often wonder if you pick up on things about us bloggers (?is that the right word) when we comment or whether you prefer to stay neutra and non involvedl. I can't help but imagine what every one is like!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: I did this earlier, and it did help. Thank you!

@Robert and Mee too: Thank you so much for the kind words.

@Pimpmybrain: You and Dada are right- many people experience that when they begin to open up and I see it as a sign that it is time to pay attention and listen. :-)

@Thrifty: If you do a blog search on bigfoot you can see my reading (I posted it). It was really interesting and I actually felt sad b/c they would like to come forward, but humans are so cruel. They know they would end up like a trophy..

@Blimpy: I do have a sense of the person when they comment, but I don't allow myself to go very deep past that. I have this ethical code to not intentionally invade privacy, so I purposely block it. If something comes up during a meditation or randomly, I look at it like the universe wants me to know something - like it must be in the greater good for me to know (and I tell the person).

whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you Lynn for sharing!! I just LOVE this site. It's like Christmas morning when there's something new. I love reading the feedback, suggestions etc. This was a great topic. I'm going to try the meditation Dada! Thank you everyone.

Juli T said...

Sometimes I wonder if the PTB know about your work (I'm sure they do) and if they would try to do something to prevent you for doing this like interfering or maybe try to make you work for them or even sneak here to know something they want to know too about their own 'enemies'.

@Blimpy I think about that too! A few days ago there was a misunderstanding between two bloggers (someone took bad what another one said) and Lynn said it wasn't said with a bad intention, like she knew that wasn't the person's purpose.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Juli: I don't focus too much on that- I come from an honest place and I trust that my guides will block me from either wording something in a way that would harm me or prevent me from seeing something that gets too revealing. Most times I won't get a name or see a face clearly- I just see conversations and know that it is powerful people- in some way I think that is my protection.

Raymond G said...

Thanks for the reading. I have wondered if someone like yourself ever adopted the emotions of the people you read.

It sounds like a great ability to have. Not just the ability to experience new dimensions and reveal hidden truths etc... but helping others along the way.

I like your blog. It's like a box of Whitman's candy. You never know what you are going to get....:)

Juli T said...

I imagine if your guides knew a certain matter would put you in harms way, they won't allow you to see it (by the way this thing you repeat 'in my greater good' and so, I embraced it as part of my meditations and prayers, so thank you very much!)

I don't think they take your work as a threat (after all you're 'just a psychic') but I bet they sneak here like 'let's see what those russian bastards are doing' and viceversa :p

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Raymond: Thank you for the kind words.

@Juli: :-)

Hannon said...

@ Blimpy Peach

Lol, I'm glad you brought that up, I wonder about that too! Sometimes I even get a little self conscious, like all my flaws are visible through my comments :-)

Blimpy Peach said...

I know what you mean, I try to word things carefully so I don't sound like too much of a dumb ass but there's no point coz Lynn can probably see through it anyway! :) The thing I love about this blog is that I don't judge anyone for their comments/opinions (well sometimes I do) and am amazed by everyone and their different questions and perspectives from their different walks of life…worts and all!

Blimpy Peach said...


Hannon said...

@ Blimpy Peach

Lol, I love it though! And the posting here seems to stay friendly in its own manner, it's as if the energy here is intentionally steering us to the better parts of ourselves. I don't always agree with everything I read here, but it's like a happy, refreshing oasis in cyber space, where light can be made of the dark topics of life in general, among a motley mix of multi-national and completely different types of people. Often it feels very therapeutic, and I open up personally more than I normally would otherwise. Lynn, has done a wonderful thing with this blog, and I'm happy to have come across it and the people who comment here! Even this statement would never come out of me outside my home, in public view away from my wife and daughters, but I feel like I can relax and lower my tough guy guard without being pounced by anyone, or judged :-)

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello everyone- I am happy and thankful to have a loving environment in which we can all talk and share ideas. There is no judgement and I am thankful that you all feel comfortable sharing. Love and light to all of you.