Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Questions on Karma

Q.  Lynn, Is Karma a natural or universal law?
A.  When i tune into this, I get that it is both.  Karma in general is about balance. I get that in nature (civilized, uncivilized, plant, animal, living, non-living, etc)  things crave balance, and without balance they cannot sustain. Then I ask myself how that is balance if something dies (or can't sustain)? and I get that because a new type of balance starts in which something dies, but out of that something is born.  The environment has to look beyond specific elements to see the greater picture in order to fully grasp that all things, large or small, seek out a balance. I was then shown that sometimes things must die (I see plants die), but from that a new type of plant is born (looks like a cactus)- life and death as well as change are all in the need to seek out balance. I also get that things ever change, and balanced has to be worked at and isn't absolute or given..

Regarding the universal perspective- I see this tied more toward the spiritual perspective.  This deals with balance associated to life paths and lessons we need to learn.  This deals with balancing and shifting higher vibrational energy with lower vibrations.  This is still balance, but from a more spiritual sense versus the physical focus of natural law.

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you please look at the past life karmic cause of these groups of people: Deaf and dumb people, Down syndrome, and Autism

A. Everyone is on their own unique journey, so you cannot really lump it into a specific summary (I would need to read specific people), but in general things I get that these conditions could be tied to link to previous lives: they could have been very dominate and loud, and now it is time for them to use other senses (such as observation or more tactile skills), they may have had empathy for challenged people and wanted to experience life through that perspective, they may have been impatient or judgmental and now are forced to slow down and view life differently, they may carry a past life trauma that you were unable to release prior to this incarnation- there are many ways that people come into the world with different advantages or disadvantages.  We are all here to learn and grown through experience and take away what we can.

Q. What are the karmic effects for people who slaughter pigs, chickens and cows on a daily basis?
A. It really depends on their intent.  If someone has shown the animal respect, gratitude and takes the animal's life in order to nourish themselves or their families- the universe understands that- it is part of a natural life cycle.  

If someone takes the life maliciously, is wasteful and is disrespectful, this omits a negative vibration (that intent and the feelings behind it are of a very low frequency).  What you put out, you will receive in this life time or a future one.  I see karma working out balance in both obvious and indirect ways in dealing with that situation. (For example, I see the person may come back a pig, or the person may come back incarnated into a third world country and spend many days hungry, or maybe in this life they develop an illness that inhibits they way they eat).

I must say that whether you eat meat, are a vegetarian or vegan- have gratitude and thanks for your food.  Most everything we consume once had life force running through it and holds a certain amount of energy.  Showing gratitude not only thanks the food that is about to nourish your body, but it dissipates the trauma tied to the killing or processing of the food.  This isn't just unique to animals/meat either- as I type this I see an angry man chopping down bananas- some of his energy stays with the bananas, but can easily be lifted by having some thanks.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


siketa said...

Lynn, is Karma law forced on us by the dark Archons?

Alex said...


Do you see any truth of the explanation for Down's Syndrome in another website below?


"* Down's Syndrome: Those in their last life who committed suicide by inflicting a gunshot wound to the head will incarnate in this life with Down's Syndrome. This form of suicide shatters the energy structures of the brain like glass which severely impairs mental functioning for the entirety of the next lifetime."

Alex said...


Would yelling at highly spiritual people (eg. monks from another religion) or their parents with abusive words cause one to be born dumb and deaf too?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: No, I don't connect to it that way or view karma as "bad." It is a balance, and without it we wouldn't realize how beautiful the world can be. One of my favorite quotes is "the sweet isn't so sweet without the sour." Without contrast (forced balance) we couldn't truly appreciate greatness..

@Alex: That may be true in some situations, but I can't see any "rules" to this. It is truly unique to the person.

@Alex: It could, but again, I don't see a rule to this. Don't live in fear, we all have negative thoughts from time to time, and do things we may not feel proud of, just try to elevate yourself to a higher place. How is your overall vibration?

A Man Called Da-da said...

There's nothing more dangerous than an angry banana.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: You are hilarious! Love your comments! L&L

Blimpy Peach said...

I feel silly for asking this question but do plants have some sort of soul? I always feel mega guilty if my plants die due to me forgetting to water them. Also when in presence of big old beautiful trees I always feel a gorgeous energy about them

Vortex Spinner said...

@Dada Good one

masterz24 said...

@ Lynn

Why are certain souls incarlate into serial killers? what type karma would Ted Bundy have? Would it be the same as as a lawyer?

Alex said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...

Unless they're forgiveness geniuses, Ted Bundy will invariably have at least 50+ victims trying to kill his next incarnation. It's the kill cycle. Sad.

Alex said...


Are you saying that autistic kids have a past life trauma that they can't escape from? Is that why they don't want to communicate with the outside world?

Charlotte Bailey said...

@Alex, and Lynnn, I've heard that some souls chooses to to give others the opportunity to learn through caring for a child or loved one . They might have agreed to it before their incarnations. Same with parents who lose their child and vise versa. I've often wondered if I agreed to be born with my parents, and what was i thinking?! I figured I had, so then I tried to think about whatI learned from them. What do you think Lynn?

Anonymous said...

Do you believe that the evil eye really works? In a way it causes balance because someone else is jealous of you. But karmically, you are not necessarily deserving of someone harming you because they are jealous of you. Energetically, what does other people's jealousy do to people?

a2k said...

Hey PF, does law of karma work on animals? I mean if a lion kills a rabbit out of pure rage, is he committing a sin for which he would have to pay?

masterz24 said...

@a man called da-da

Wow! That is interesting. I've never heard of a kill cycle but it sure makes sense.

Bee E-lightened said...

I believe all living things have a soul....its as if the Creator breathe life/soul into them

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Blimpy: I see all living things having a life force about them, and carrying some sort of a soul. Some feel more developed than others, but to answer your question- yes.

@masterz24: It really depends on the person. A murderer with a mental imbalance and feels they are killing to protect people would be viewed much differently than someone with pure malicious intent. Both are lower frequencies, but malicious intent is far worse. Karma will try to set a balance, but it may come around in different ways.

@Alex: That could very well be the reason- every situation is unique, but that is one reason.

@Charlotte: That is very true. We may not understand in the physical realm why we made the decisions we made, but in the end it all will make sense.

@FemaleFromNJ: There is jealously, but the balance is to overcome the jealousy and develop inner peace and balance. I see that being the biggest way that karma shines though in jealous situations and leaves the person stronger.

Robert Schoen said...

Talk about Karma, how about the karma of a nation that's manipulated into demonizing an innocent young man on trial for the Boston Marathon bombings?
I'm sure he's allowing his "defense lawyer" to passively accept blame just to spare his mother and family. I've been sending good thoughts to him and the jury, hoping for a nullifying verdict that might make a lot of the rest of us wake up.

Anonymous said...

I am responding to your comment and I would like some clarification. I have been jealous of some people. I didn't wish them any harm when I was jealous, but I noticed that bad things happened to them after I felt jealous. I believe that the evil eye concept, which states that if someone is jealous of you then something bad will happen to you, is true. Do you think that the evil eye concept is real? If it is real, then it is not karmically fair for something bad to happen to someone just because someone else is jealous of that person.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Robert: This really was sad, and somehow this will balance out in the end either through this lifetime, a future lifetime or as a karmatic response.

@FemaleFromNJ: If something bad happened, more was going on than you projecting jealousy. I would really need to read the specific situation. BUT, for example, if someone had something you wanted, and they lacked appreciation or gratitude for what they had, or used what they had to make others feel bad, then the universe would view that as a lower vibration, and negativity could be attracted back to them. What you do affects you and what you draw in, and they are separate from you (unless they open themselves up to accepting your negativity). It is also important to remember that if you hold yourself in a higher vibration, you cannot be open to lower vibrations, because just like oil and water- they do not mix or attract to each other. You would repel the negativity away.