Monday, April 27, 2015

Follow-Up to Operation Jade Helm Reading and Questions on Martial Law

Q. Hi Lynn, I listened to your blogtalk show recently about Jade Helm. I was wondering if you could tell if there are areas that would become more problematic? I live in South central New Mexico about 85 miles from EL Paso. Do you think things will remain pretty quiet around here (Alamogordo/Ruidoso area ) or be disruptive? As I have thought about relocating? Thank you for your time. Blessings!
A.  When I tune into this, I get that Texas will be expected to be the most hostile area.  I see the most resistance and continuous questioning of events and decisions being made around them.  I don't see Texans being passive or allowing too much governmental control happening.

On the inverse, California feels the most passive with regard to allowing troops to move about and following orders (if need be).

I do, however, see the southern most borders of New Mexico and Arizona and California as being heavily guarded (as if to protect against illegal immigration while this is going on- treating illegals as refugees.).  I see the borders being very tightly locked down both going in and out of the country.

Q. Why does the government want to enact Martial Law and what exactly would they gain from doing so?
A. As I pose this question I get it is like a fire drill.  They are "pulling the alarm" to see what happens.  Who will resist, who will follow, and who do they have to placate.  They gain knowledge...  The last thing the US wants to do is instigate a war somewhere else, fight off other countries and then have an uprising occur on its' own soil.  There isn't enough time, people and other resources to fend off others and fight an internal revolution at the same time.

Evolution of California's Drought 7/31/14

Q. I read your posting this morning re: Jade Helm, and it made me wonder if the whole Jade Helm operation is the U. S. government getting set for a flood of people coming from California and Mexico because of the drought.  I know you did a reading on the people of California vs. the drought and did not see massive numbers of them moving east to find water.  However, I recently read that Mexico is having a drought in its western areas that is as bad, or worse, than the one in California and the other western states.  There are apparently 40 million people affected by the drought in Mexico.  That is the size of the population in California.  I wonder if the U. S. government is anticipating a mass exodus from the drought areas in Mexico that will wind up with tons of people coming across the border, plus the people of California leaving their homes in southern California.

A.  As I tuned into the previous question I did see the border to Mexico being very solid during this "exercise."  People of Mexico are fleeing to the US now more than ever.  Water is only one of the many reasons, they want a better (and secure life).  I also saw illegal immigrants being treated as refugees of war as they are caught.  I hear something about them being put into POW camps- after so many arrive they are sent back to Mexico to some kind of detainee or detention center before being freed back into their country.. (?).

I can't get a visual on a mass movement from the east coast of California inland, but I see high prices driving up the cost of water.  I also see plans for some kind of costly infrastructure being formed to "pipe" in water from somewhere else (like a mountain top).  Then I get the "powers that be" created this problem (first Fukushima, then a man made drought to prevent radiation from being saturated into the ground) and then create the solution.  Some people will leave (but it doesn't look like in waves, more like gradual relocation) due to the high cost of utilities (specifically water).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please remember not to live and feed into the fear.  Treat knowledge as empowerment, and a way to make educated decisions.  Nothing more, nothing less- put  your intent out there that you are safe and protected, and you will be.  Love and light-

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Robert Schoen said...

It's very true about intent and not to give into fear in these situations. As someone who lived through Katrina in New Orleans, another engineered disaster btw, I think our attitude protected us and made the experience almost a good one despite the hardships and difficulties we went through.

We felt lucky and kept seeing positive developments even with a lot of our roof missing, whereas some of our neighbors with less damage were seriously scarred and damaged emotionally, and their lives fell apart, like it was the worst experience of their life.

It's very important to keep positive, put out energy for the common good, and not get sucked into fear.

Hannon said...

@ Robert Schoen

We had a freak snow storm knock our power out for about 10 days, nothing as bad as that hurricane, but I had a grand ole time. Most of my neighbors and my wife were miserable but I wanted to cry when the power came back on. For a little over a week we were a real community, doing real things, then everybody just went back into their homes to the blue glow of screens.

@ Lynn, seeing how the first American Revolution started when they tried to overly control us, do you see these test runs hurting the powers that be, or even creating the very situation they're trying to avoid?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: I do see things getting out of control (like the govt realizes that if people bond together they are almost impossible to control)... I really feel something big is going to happen in Texas..

razi09 said...

'Almost' impossible isn't good enough, I hope you didn't mean that.

siketa said...

How does Baltimore fit into this puzzle?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@razi09: I see it more like a stalemate and the US backs off (because they cannot have an internal war going on). It is a long time to get there, but it does eventually.

@siketa: People are just tired and revolting against unjust treatment. Many people don't feel truly safe and protected. I don't see exactly how it all fits in, but they are getting a sampling of martial law and how it works due to their own instigating (I do get there is a large military base up there and they main line for communication is buried in the Atlantic off the shore close by- they always need troops on the ground to defend it and this feels part of the scheme to maintain control of this communication line)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn!

Last night I was listening to Rense radio show .The interview with Prof. James Fetzer about Jade Helm was suppose to happen last Friday but Rense says he was ran off the road.
Did that have anything to do with stopping the interview or just a coincidence? Mr. Fetzer said Jade Helm is happening now not in June.
Thank you for sharing your time an info.

Nancy Smith said...

Hmm, so someone decides now is a good time to hold a Mohammed cartoon exhibit in a Texas art gallery. And two police get shot.

No, that doesn't stink too badly, now does it?

YourPsychicFocus said...

Things that happen work on synchronicities- there really are no accidents.

Eduardo Lujan said...

How about the Marfa, Texas area? I get the feeling to stay in this area, even though I had many opportunities to move to a city, for some reason, it is meant for me to stay.