Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chinese Myths

Q. Hi! I love reading your blog and comments! There are three Chinese myths / beliefs that I've been curious about: 
Seven month ghost festival - the one month in the year when the gates of heaven and hell open and spirits wander the lower realms. Does this actually happen, is there any validity to this? 
There is some validity to this.  I see that hundreds of years ago this day was declared sacred because it celebrated a death and life of change.  There was some kind of energetic rebirth that people of a higher spiritual state of being connected to.  In celebration and respect of this "energetic shift" this time was reserved and celebrated yearly.  It is celebrated on a specific day, however, I see the "energetic shift" as a floating event that occurs "around" the same time every year.  There is some kind of planetary alignment or constellation present signifying the actual event.. People that are very spiritual see this death and rebirth as an opening to lower and higher vibrational beings until the cycle of rebirth is complete- they see and feel the energetic beings walking the earth until they move on to where they are better served..

A baby's first month is spiritually unclean (something to do with the spirit of the baby cementing during this time??)... Attending the celebration or eating food from the celebration can cause all sorts of bad luck to the person .
I see that they believe the soul and spirit are somewhat two different things.  The soul gives you life and you are born with it, but the spirit (who you are, good or bad) is something that is ingrained in the baby during the first few weeks of life.  

They feel that who ever the baby is around, or the energy around the baby can alter their spirit and make them good or bad.  The reason it is considered "bad luck" to eat food there is because the energy presence is very critical, energies are heightened, and the possibility of an energy transfer (they feel) he highly likely.  Beings that are like "energy vampires" are present (they think) at these festivities, and not just the food, but the festivity itself is viewed as negative (and makes a person vulnerable),

Wearing / carrying a pomegranate leaf can ward off harmful spirits, bad Luck and all things spiritually negative. Is there any truth to this? Does the pomegranate leaf have some sort of special vibrational frequency that does this? 
Thank you!
Pomegranates and their leaves in general are versatile and helpful with different health ailments.  This was known by ancient Chinese people that practiced medicine.  I see in some situations the use of pomegranates and/or their leaves could even save a persons life.  I see them feeling lucky (or thankful) to possess the leaves or the fruit because those items were viewed as a positive (and a valuable) thing to have. The positive traits of them caused them to be viewed as a  "good luck" item. Then I get the analogy that pomegranates and their leaves are viewed how many people see a "lucky rabbit's foot" today. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


a2k said...

Hi PF! You mentioned that the rabbit's leg is considered auspicious. I have just brought a baby rabbit in my house. Actually I brought two of them, but one could not survive. I wanted to ask are rabbits auspicious to bring in house? Do they really bring good luck?

Johnny s. said...
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Johnny s. said...
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Wandering Curiosity said...

Wow thanks for this l! A lot of things make more sense now. It's always good to understand where some of these myths come from and the thought process behind them.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see rabbits themselves as neutral (in the wild), but when you bring any form of life into your home (plants, pets, etc), I see that as auspicious.

@Johnny: I need to look at them and get back with you. I know there are probably close to 100 and I just haven't had the proper time to address them (and my schedule is kind of full)....I can fit in a question here and there, but there is just a lot to look at. You may want to meditate and pose the questions you are asking of me toward your higher self. Quiet your mind and see what answers you are able to derive. Focus on relaxing and calming your anxious feelings-

@wandering: :-)