Sunday, March 29, 2015

SS Ourang Medan (Ghost Ship)

Q. Hi Lynn, thank You! Although there's no picture left from this ship could you possibly comment on the fate of this vessel's crew? In June 1947 a dutch flagged merchant ship named SS Ourang Medan experienced a very uncommon fate while in the strait of Malacca --> frantic Morse Code messages were received from the Dutch freighter Ourang Medan. The message was received by many ships and several responded. The message reported ‘All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.’ A second message was received shortly after, this time a voice over the radio simply stating ‘I die’. Dutch and British listening posts were able to triangulate the position and vector a rescue attempt to the Ourang Medan. After several hours the Silver Star the arrived on scene. After failed attempts to hail the vessel using whistle signals and flashing lights. they assembled a small team and boarded the apparently undamaged Ourang Medan. They first ventured to the bridge where a radio was playing, several members of the Ships’ Company, including the Captain, were found dead, more corpses were discovered on the Cargo Deck including a dog standing on all four legs, frozen and snarling into thin air. No survivors were found on board, but what was most disturbing was the nature of the bodies, all frozen in place looking up towards the sun, their arms outstretched, mouths gaping, and a look of immense horror on all their faces. A trip to the communications room revealed the author of the SOS messages, also dead, his hand still on the Morse sending key, eyes wide open and teeth bared. Strangely, there was no sign of wounds or injuries on any of the bodies. The crew of the Silver Star attempted to enter the Cargo Bay but a small explosion from an unknown source soon resulted in an uncontrollable inferno. Beaten back, they were forced to abandon the vessel and return to the safety of the Silver Star. Within minutes the vessel sank to the depths of the ocean floor. Although there are no clear records of a ship by the name Ourang Medan existing, many conspiracy theorists believe the vessel was acting under a false name and was transporting something that ‘officially’ did not exist. The fate of the Ourang Medan and her crew remain a mystery. Speculation has been made that pirates killed the crew and sabotaged the ship, although this doesn’t explain the peculiar grimaces and lack of injuries on the corpses. Others have claimed that clouds of methane or other noxious natural gases could have bubbled up from fissures on the sea bed and engulfed the ship. Even more fantastical theories involving aliens and ghosts abound. Thanks again!
A. As I tune into this, I am taken back to where the mission itself was being organized.  I see flashes of the show "The Last Ship" with a focus on the scientist that is there doing research  and compiling information unbeknownst to the crew (they didn't know what she was doing or who she was working for).  I get the SS Ourang Medan also had a mission within a mission, and there was a hidden component of the underlying mission in which the majority of the ship was unaware (and my impression is that it is in their best interest NOT to know). .  

Q.  What was the mission?
A.  It is first coming to me that it was some kind of artifact that was found.  Then I get the image of a group of people finding this "object" while digging in a thin layer of fossilized material- this group then proceeds to slowly dig out the item (as if if was an archaeological dig- very slowly and delicately), but then realize it is a modern looking piece of equipment.  It looks like they first thought it was some kind of fossil (because of depth and appearance), but when it was removed from the earth it was a modern "thing" buried like a fossil...?? (Then I get the best way to understand this is to imagine digging in the ground, finding something strange, your think you have discovered a fossil and then realize it is some kind of technologically advanced item that you have never seen and realize it has been there for hundreds or thousands of years).  

Then I go a little deeper and realize that when these "locals" uncovered this "modern device" they kept it very quiet, and wanted to use this as some kind of trade / barter or sell for a large sum of money.  I see that they felt confident that they stumbled upon a piece of ET technology or proof- lit has the look of a downed UFO ship.  It looks like the real mission of this ship was to get this UFO to a profitable destination.  

Q.  What happened on the trip? 
A.  I see the boat traveling, and I keep wanting to look at the sky.  I get that what happened came from above rather than below.  Then I see that by moving this ET ship some kind of GPS system activated.  When the ship was in the earth, it was dormant or non-functioning, but when it was moved (and somehow the water magnified the signal) it triggered something from above.  

I get at the moment of the "attack" on the ship a UFO presented itself above the ship to try to retrieve its' property (or ETs that may be tied to the cargo).  I see an ET walking on board and approaching the captain (and people that looked in control) first and mentally asking them for their property, what they are doing and where are the ETs that were aboard the UFO they were transporting- fear and shock took over and those people were unable to respond. The ETs then began pointing at people and with a simple thought the people on the ship would levitate upward (laying flat on their back with their stomach elevated higher than the rest of them as if a string was tied to them at their belly button)  [NOTE: Their position is very similar to the picture I put on here.] and then they fall straight down to the ground.  It looks like as they floated up in this levitated state the life force separated from them and continued to float upwards (their soul left their body) and their physical body dropped to the ground like a shell.  It happened fast and almost instantly.

Some frantic messages left the boat, but for the most part this happened quick- There were no words to really describe what was happening, and I get the messages were short and a little disconnected.  Fear and panic surrounded this ship.  

Q.  What caused the explosion that sunk the SS Ourang Medan?
A.  I get that after the people on board the ship were killed, the ETs searched the boat and found the UFO craft in the cargo area.  They tried to activate the UFO ship, but it was not operable (able to fly).  When they realized that the UFO would not work, and there were no other ETs on the ship, the ETs left (I see them teleport to their ship that was hovering above the SS Ourang Medan). 

At the moment they left, rescue boats showed up and witnessed this sight. It was at this exact moment that the ETs from above activated a "self destruct" feature within the inoperable UFO on the ship.  I get they did not want their technology in what they felt were the wrong hands, and did not want humans to possess that type of knowledge.  My impression of the energy behind this feels that it came from a selfish place rather than for reasons involving the greater good---  When this UFO ship self destructed, it created the explosion that sunk the SS Ourang Medan. 

Q.  What ET race was responsible? 
A.   This race has very negative feelings tied to it... It has a reptilian "feel" to it, but even more intense.  Reptilians reside on the earth's surface, and slightly below, but this species that came down is based in the sky.  Then it comes to me that some of the higher reptilians (more powerful) escaped earth to further preserve their race (I want to use the term Archon) and created an ET made based near the moon (if you were to look at the moon they would be stationed at the 2:00 position).  It was this sky based group that came down to the SS Ourang Medan.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

Amaze do these readings so clear and concise, as if to place us in the moment. I love it.

it saw selfish and not for the greater good...whos feelings was this, the ET or men?

Bee E-lightened said...

also why was it necessary for them to levitate the victims?! is that how they kill??

Hannon said...

Is there a way to defend against these folks if someone is ever engaged by them, like some kind of shielding or camouflage to hide from them? Or some type of deterrent that will make them just want to go away?

The enlightened one said...

Great reading, Lynn! Very interesting. If you do a follow-up on this, it would be interesting to know how the alien craft got here in the first place and why/when it was abandoned.

Icq girl said...

What happened to the life force of the crew? Have they gone into the light and are in peace? Thank you for your work.

Icq girl said...

How did their leader (?) know what to look for and where the artifact is supposed to be? Who or what is this person working for?

Robert Schoen said...

that was a pretty chilling event you described. Considering we had just detonated the first atomic bombs two years prior, it's no wonder the aliens didn't want their technology in our hands!

I know you have been asked about the Lacerta files before, but both this buried ship and the stone encased torch holder from your last read beg the question about the chronology and species who were part of our ancient earth history. The Lacerta files claim we are the seventh generation of humans on the planet, in which six previous generations were wiped out and mankind had to start anew. This rings true to me and in true Lynn fashion,when I read this the first time, I heard that old Johnny Rivers song, "The seventh son" playing in my head. The sasquatch say they have been on this planet for a million years while we have only been here a quarter million years. Can you sometime do a reading on the history of our planet and the species who have occupied it and the origins of humans?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn: what did the moon ETs look like? Are they the ones who are mining the moon looking for something, or is that another group? Lastly, are they using their minds or a device to separate spirit from body? Sad -- to be so advanced, yet so non-advanced.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!

Camryn Villarruel said...

Hi Lynn; the ETs are still on the moon? can we defend from their attack (forcing the soul to leave); are they still visiting the earth? it sounds like the Mary Celeste, in this case the ship was found without crew. What happened to their crew? Thank you for your work, Blessings

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Bee: I don’t see the men having good intentions, and the ETs felt selfish with their knowledge. It was all around a very low vibrational experience. The levitation was part of how they killed- it looked that they weren’t killing but rather separating their soul from their physical body (which in turn killed them).

@Hannon- Yes, don’t show fear (automatically makes you weak to them). Be strong and don’t allow them in your mind. (I get that is much easier said than done….but you can work toward it.)

@enlightened: If I go deeper, that would be interesting…

@Icq: The life force went to the spirit world (they regained control of their soul once they were out of their physical body). The leader knew because once the UFO was moved it activated something (much like a beacon).

@Robert: I do need to do a reading on that- there is a lot of symbology about the number 7. I just watched a movie called the Seventh Son- synchronicity!

@Dada: They looked like very pale reptilians- different from the moon ETs. These ETs reside on a ship to the east of the moon. They do use their minds to separate the soul from the body- it is like they take the life force and don’t see it as killing…??

@Camryn: ETs are on the moon. They leave us alone as long as we don’t bother them. I should do a reading on other ghost ships (I feel like they all have their own unique story).

Anonymous said...


This was truly an amazing reading. I had watched a tv program a while back about this exact same incident. The way you described it made it very visible in my mind to "watch". I have heard of other "ghost ships" and it would be amazing to find out their stories too. You continue to amaze me even more as time goes on!!! Thank you so much for taking your time to share your precious gift with all of us!!!

John Casey said...

Holy cow, what a target! It reminds me of the reading on the ET artifact buried 20 feet deep under a rock in an unidentified location. I wonder if there are any ET artifacts accessible on land in North America.

whitelite 1111 said...

Amazing reading! Felt like I was there! (Glad I wasn't) Wow!

Raymond G said...

Interesting stuff.....

I had heard of the ship, but not the story behind it. Very interesting.

I wonder if you had a little self confidence and stood up to them what would happen....nothing ? If they took their souls then perhaps they know about God. So what if you showed them the cross you were wearing on your neck or shoved a Bible in their face...I wonder what that would do .......nothing ?

I have always thought that the only people that could take another person's life would be a Judge and a jury of 12, unless they break into your home. So, do the ET's believe in a judgement after their life is over ? Do ET's have Guardian Angels too ?

This would make a great Twilight Zone story or even an episode of Star Trek......:)

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you for the comments everyone.

@Raymond: Intent means everything. If you stood confidently and believed in yourself and told them to go away- they wouldn't be able to take you over. Showing them a cross or a bible are only human symbols- if you believe they will protect you and you feel protected- then they would work too. If you wave them but don't trust in them- they would have little effect. It is really all about the genuine intent. You can use tools to strengthen intent (bibles, crosses, etc), but what you think and feel in your mind is what matters. We have been programmed to feel weak or powerless, but we are really very strong.

Juli T said...


Now I'm wondering if there's any kind of ET species that can take ownership of your soul or if that's out of hand for anybody, no matter how powerful they are.
Are our souls protected in some -bigger universal- way or they can take control of them as of our bodies?

I hope I was clear :/


a2k said...

Thanks PF, for your genuine insight on a variety of topics! Regarding positive symbols, statues, idols,etc. and attaching positive vibration to it via pure thoughts, mantras, etc. have been the logic behind idol worship in our Hinduism religion.

I am thinking of creating such an object to be used in our house & office. How should one go for it? How can we better attach holy vibration and what sort of material should we use to maximise the attraction?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Juli: We have what I would call an innate protection about it. When we lower our vibration, we made access for these lower being to come in and control us. Keep yourself in a higher vibration and try to not let fear enter into your mind. Do live in worry and you will be fine. :-)

@a2k: Have you researched organite? You may be interested in creating something like that. There are wonderful properties to it and you can infuse through mental thought various types of intention (protection, love, meditation, etc)

Juli T said...

Thank you Lynn!
That's a relief! :)

Every time you mention the fear reminds me of a horror movie I watched decades ago, I don't even know which movie it was, but I remember the 'monsters' only reached you if you were afraid, they felt your fear and that was their way to get to you, if you had no fear, they passed right by you.

I'll see if I can find the organite here! ;)