Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #6

Five for Friday #6

Hi, all. As usual, this session led to some serious eye-opening. Get ready.

Image #1:  The OOPart in the Rock
 Backstory: One of the most mysterious OOParts, or "Out-of-Place" objects in the world, this was found in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1851, embedded in a solid chunk of puddingstone about 15 feet in the ground. The object is made from a mixture of metals, inlaid with silver, and shows high-quality workmanship. The stone itself was dated somewhere between 300 to 500 million years old, which most scientists think impossible. Da-da asked Lynn who made this and how long ago.

What Lynn Saw
 "I saw someone putting like a broom handle into it and turning it over. I get that it's a torch holder, not a bell or a candle holder as it's sometimes called. I get images of pyramids, but earthen pyramids. These torches lighted the inside of the pyramids. It was like a jungle in South America, but... this was long long ago, before the continents moved, when South America was right next to Africa, back when it was Pangea. It was actually close to Egypt, because back then all the continents were together. The people who made this, their world ended in a series of huge earthquakes, with enormous trees falling and destroying their village. It wasn't necessarily an advanced civilization, but an organized and highly skilled one."

[Da-da then asked about Pangea, and how it was formed.]
 "In terms of Pangea... the earth used to be much smaller. When earth expands, it does so more at the equator. It's like an orange, but with the fruit inside expanding out, while the peel stays intact in one spot, the orange getting bigger and bigger, leaving the peel bunched up in its original location, but now not nearly big enough to cover the entire orange. Then later, the peel or crust starts to break apart."

Image #2: The Thing
Backstory: Da-da saw this online and no one knew what it was. Whatever it is, don't put your lips on it.

What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing fused-together bulbs. Someone put these bulbs in a container and they all fused together. If you put this in the ground, it might grow a rare and exotic, Jurassic-looking plant, with huge pink/white flowers."

Image #3: Title: The Upside-down Flag on the Ten Dollar Bill
Backstory:  This is a close-up of the back of a $10 bill from 1950. Is the upside-down flag a mistake, or was it done intentionally?

What Lynn Saw
 "I get that our money is full of cryptic messages. I get that this symbol has to do with signifying/announcing that it was time for a new way of doing things -- in a sinister way. At the time this bill was created, The Illuminati/Cabal was spreading its dark wings more, hiding in plain sight, mocking us. Every time we used this currency, it was like we were symbolically complicit in what was going on."

Image #4: Title: The "Lobed Disk of Saqqara"
Backstory:  This object was found in Egypt. What did the Ancient Egyptians use it for? It’s labeled, “lamp” in the Cairo Museum. Was it a lamp, or a ceremonial chariot wheel? Electromagnetic fan? Ancient Frisbee?

What Lynn Saw
"I see a sharpened stick would stick out of this. I keep getting flashes of gladiators. It's a chariot wheel from Ancient Egyptian times [seen below], which would have a spike or spear sticking out of it, like in the movie "Gladiator."

Image #5:  Title: To Moon or Not to Moon?
Backstory:  These digitally enhanced photos of the Apollo moon landings were recently released, allegedly showing greater background detail... but do these prove that these images were taken on a soundstage? If so, where is the soundstage?

What Lynn Saw
"I definitely get that the moon landing was faked. Every time I think of the moon landing I keep thinking of the song, "Californication," this one line: " might be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement." These photos don't look legitimate. But there are real photos somewhere of them fabricating the moon landings. I see the moon landings done on a soundstage in Hollywood.

[Then Da-da asked if this was referring to Lookout Mountain Laboratory, at the top of Laurel Canyon in Southern California. It was a huge, top-secret Air Force facility that also had a full-sized movie studio underground, with enormous refrigerated vaults used in preserving film while still inside the cameras (a technique used in overlaying/re-exposing images onto already-exposed film, which is how Kubrick did the effects in 2001). Lynn confirmed that this is the place where the moon landing films were done, and that Kubrick indeed worked on them, saying: "Yes, this feels right. There is a secret room in the basement where all this moon stuff went down."]

[Besides the quasi-secret base, all kinds of other things went down in the Hollywood Hills: the hippie and drug movements, and all the music of the ‘60s came out of Laurel Canyon right below this weird base. This entire building is now owned by Jared Leto... who's been looking a little MKULTRA'd, lately, in Da-da's humble opinion.]

And that's it. Hopefully your version of the world is still intact. Join us Friday after next for episode #7!


Robert Schoen said...

I remember maybe 10 years ago if you held a twenty dollar bill up to the light to check the watermark, you'd see Bush Jr's ugly face instead of Andrew Jackson's. Talk about play money...

I love that you confirmed Kubrick was involved with the moon landing movies, something you seemed to hedge on awhile back (saying he knew of it, as I remember) Talk about hidden meanings in art, this guy was a master at it and definitely deserves a full session sometime. I know he hated flying so did he come over by ocean by military ship to do the shoot? I remember as a kid watching it when it happened I felt I could see the wires holding them up as they "jumped" in lesser gravity. Jay Weidner proved they the stills reveal the same front projection technology he used in 2001.

Watchand Knock said...

The footage was shot in the suburbs of London (MGM Studios. Borehamwood) where he had made 2001 space odissey, according to this docu!

Robert Schoen said...

Thanks WatchandKnock! I've seen that documentary which Kubrick's widow participated in, but its purpose was to hide the truth in an obvious parody, giving as names of key people "Roger Thornhill" or "Jack Torrance" which were movie characters. Rather than approaching Kubick at the end of the 2001 shoot as this says, it seems that the massively expensive film production with technical advice for sets and designs provided by the top aeronautic companies of the day was his price or "reward" for for moon landing film services rendered.

EA RW said...

The upside down flag of the US is still present on the uniforms of the US army today. According to my knowledge it represents the flag of war and not the american flag. But the U.S. flag. Which is a corporation. Totally different things.

a2k said...

hi pf! could you look into the blast of coloumbia space shuttle that took place in feb 1,2003 killing 7 crew members including one from India,kalpna chowla, a woman?

A Man Called Da-da said...

@RobertSchoen: Kubrick was a Hollywood insider because of his secret work, and hence got a lot of leeway in his later projects. That is, until "Eyes Wide Shut" where he showed too much of what was really going on with 1% of the population. That movie's (now cut) 12 second scene got him killed, though of course they made it look like a natural death. Only eight people have ever seen it, and they signed contracts swearing they'd never talk about it. Well, some of them talked.

A Man Called Da-da said...

No idea wy Da-da thought the number was eight. He has eight on the brain. It was more like 48!

John Casey said...

You guys never fail to amaze me with this series. I love the range, too. Someone's backyard flower bulb experiment to the faux moon landings to a 300 million year old torch handle.

How does Jared Leto, a little-known actor, get the money to buy a huge undergound military complex? And didn't he play, not to bring up the Beatles again, the killer of John Lennon (John Hinkley) in a film?

Robert Schoen said...

@Da-da: Thanks for the link to your blog and article on the cut scene. I did not know exactly what was cut out of it before but it makes a lot of sense how it informs the rest of the film. Good to know about your blog!

kkat said...

for a man called dada,have you checked out Miles Mathis' take on Kubrick's death ?


Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Wait- so the whole July 20th, 1969 moon landing never happened? Buzz Aldren and Neil Armstrong DIDN'T walk on the moon? There was no "one tiny step for mankind..."? The whole "Race into Space" competition with the Soviets was fabricated?

I apologize if my questions seem naive. I'm a college professor- spent half my life in academia- studying, investigating, cranking out research data... Teaching. So I'm having a hard time incorporating this new information into my already constructed ''knowledge' so to speak.

I believe you, Lynn. I've been reading your blog for a year, and am reading Russ Baker's Who, What, Why" site (and his books). I'm re-educating myself by reading this and other related blogs-- something most of my colleagues (and friends) would not (if they knew) support. So thank you, Lynn, for all the work you do. And thank you DA-DA and everyone else for your contributions. It's good to know there are other people out there also asking questions.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Yes, that's a good question. Lynn, did you say that some of the moon landing was real and some was faked? Da-da can't remember.

@JohnCasey: That was Da-da's first questions, too. Myabe the place is a total junk palace, now. Look for it online. He's totally renovated it. He bought it for only $4.3M -- which may seem like a lot until you realize that this place is like three walmarts big on multiple levels. Oh, and thanks (again) for the nice words.

@kkat: Da-da shall check that out.

It's interesting how all this Truth is coming out, and how incredibly bizarre it all is -- even for Da-da, who's been looking at this stuff for a lo-oong time now. You just can't make this stuff up. Speaking of that, expect a bunch of big names to make "stepping down" announcements in the coming months. Someone somewhere is cleaning house (in a good way).

A Man Called Da-da said...

@EA RW: Flag of war... is it the Black Hats who have the upside-down flag?? Btw, rumor is that the U.S. Corporation defaulted on gold payments and have gone bankrupt. We are apparently a Republic again.

SkyBlue said...

@Boston: check out this post that Lynn did on Moon Waves.

On the same post, John Casey provided this link. This site is fascinating...check it out.

Juli T said...

@ Da-da I posted a long time ago a video for you about a sighting of Virgin Mary (that's what everybody believed). Don't forget about it please!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: That would be a good reading- I will save that in my drafts.

@Dada: I read this on your blog too. Very interesting. I feel like I need to watch that movie again. I remember seeing this movie when I was much younger (before I woke up to a lot of things) and I thought- what a strange movie. NOW every time I watch it I see something new or a new symbolism. It really was done brilliantly.

Regarding the moon landing. I cannot see that we were ever allowed to land on the moon. The ETs that reside there are very protective. We made it to, but I cannot see “on” the moon. This is the main reason we stopped the NASA “official” shuttle program.

John Casey said...

An interesting wrinkle in the moon story, not to stray off topic, is the LCROSS satellite that the US deliberately crashed into, I think, the polar region of the moon. It would be interesting to know whether that even happened, and, if so, whether the moon residents had any retaliatory actions.

John Casey said...

And shouldn't Kubrick have had a dead man's trigger? He was a brilliant man, known fer being a difficult man to negotiate with in contract discussions. He knew the kinds of people he'd made the devil's deal with. When you look at the messages he left in The Shinning, as per the documentaries on the subject. It seems unlike him to have not left an archive detailing what he did.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Juli T: Don't worry, it's on the list!

And thanks, Lynn.

The enlightened one said...

Talking about Stanley Kubrick... He apparently was a Jew, so it's no surprise he was let into the higher echelons of Hollywood.

According to the wikipedia article on his political and religous beliefs, he once said "Hitler was right about almost everything". So it seems he was aware of (and perhaps opposed) his fellow Jews' lies about WW2.

According to the same article, it was the Jew Frederic Raphael who wrote the script to Eyes Wide Shut.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Kubrick was a brilliant man. He was privy to a lot, knew a lot and tried to share some of his knowledge with others. I get there is so much symbology in all of his works that it could take an indefinite amount of time to sort it out. He even chose his words wisely and said so much without saying it directly. He even knew it would eventually cause his demise, but somehow didn't care because he had solace in knowing that there was a legacy left behind him.

Icq girl said...

Could you share details about the people who made the torch handle? What kind of people were they? Were they ET's, humans, a hybrid? What was their civilization like? How did they live from day to day? Thanks.

They Live said...

Regarding our money, it's all cursed. There's so many negative symbols on the one dollar bill alone. On the back where the number one appears with the word "One" written over it there are winged demons next to them. If you look directly under the letter E and a bit to the right you can see a ghoulish face, the wings jut out his body like an upside star. That's just the tip of the iceberg on what can be found on the $1 bill.
There is a documentary on youtube that discusses who was behind such symbols being placed, mainly the pyramid with the eye. It was a mystic, Nicholas Roerich, who worked closely with the Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace during the FDR administration who got such symbols placed.
Yeah, good times- not.

They Live said...

*Upside down star

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Icq: I didn’t focus too much on the people, but rather more on the object. I did get they were human- felt like an Indian tribe living in these pyramids made from the earth. I don’t see anything specific standing out..

@They live: Yes, our money is very cryptic and by our constant exchange of it we are allowing it into our subconscious- like a permission and acceptance to what they symbols stand for (even if we don’t consciously know what they mean).

They Live said...

So sad and annoying all at once, many thanks for your response! I can only imagine what types of symbols they'll use when money goes eletronic.

joy said...

To Theylive,

RE;Cursed dollar bills.

Not to worry too much. This is what I do about it.

When you hold your FRNs, Bless them with light.
INTEND and FOCUS.. by running pranic healing energy thru
your hands into the dollar bills..
or breathing (exhaling) light into them..

Intend that this light in these dollar bills stay permanently
as long as it is circulating.
The energy known to us as money will obey you.

What will happen is that these dollar bills will start to
vibrate at a high level, and it will dissolve all negative ,
low vibrating energies in and around them.

This is how you collapse the demonic grasp on our money.

When you give these blessed money to a needy person, instruct
the light (energy) to dissolve whatever is keeping this person
in abject poverty.

When you are coerced to give your blessed money to another, like to the IRS
or as payment to an unfounded traffic violation, instruct this dollars
do the same, to dissolve all negative energies. Then, watch these organizations
flounder and gasp their last breath.

In my experience, it is not that the IRS collapsed but that I was
taken off the Grid completely... that to me, these corrupt organizations
seem to be in another parallel reality.

Remember, we are energy beings. We are one with the energy that we call money.