Thursday, March 19, 2015

Astral Travel

Q. I tend to get stuck on parts of my spiritual development: - I do read on it, but when it comes to the next step of practising it, I hesitate to go further as you once said “you really have to watch the source of who is putting the info out there …. there are also people out there (reptilian based people) that subconsciously want to hold people back.” Hence my hesitation when I come across so many sources in Youtube about “How-To” on meditation, remote viewing, astral projection, chakras etc

From your Human Design and the Human Brain posting, you mentioned that there is no "rule" that one area cannot unlock before another. Does it mean that I don’t have to do meditation, chakra opening before I can try astral projection? Being a novice in this spiritual development, I would appreciate if you could write a small blog (if not, good sources/links to practice it) about astral projection. What I fear most is that we won’t be able to go back to our physical body if it’s being taken over by spirit while we do astral projection.
A.  When I first focused on this, I asked myself about the order of operations, and while in some aspects it isn't critical, in order to astral travel there is a natural flow... I got that practicing astral travel (unless it is involuntary in your dreams) really does require a certain order, like learning to walk before you run.  

Astral travel can be done in both a group session or privately.  The process I see in my mind is that the person first states a mantra.  It can be:  "To have a protected and positive experience, request their guides to stay with them and allow everything that happens to be done in their greater good".  They can even take it a step further and tell the universal consciousness or higher self where they want to go (if they know). The important thing is that they set their intent, and even though the words aren't right or wrong, incorporate an element of protection and their greater good into them.  

Then, I see someone begin a meditation.  They are taking a few deep breaths to allow a good oxygen exchange, quieting their mind and allowing their body to relax.  Starting at their feet, they allow everything to go completely relaxed and then they work up toward the top of their body, relaxing it along the way.  If they see their mind wandering into the "rational realm," they just take a small breath and refocus on quieting it back down and continue on with the relaxation.  

Once they reach the top of their head (and feel relaxed), they focus on their chakras (while still relaxed)..starting at the root, moving upwards.  I see this person visualizing the color tied to the chakra as they progress upward (red=root, etc..) Once they see the color light up like a traffic light, they know it is clear, balanced and can move up to the next chakra.  After they move to the crown and see the violet light go off, they look slightly above the crown and visualize white light ( which is a combination of all colors).  Then, they see that white light encapsulate their body.  

At this fully balanced state (while they are still under protection and guidance from their original intent), and their physical body is still ultra relaxed, they "mentally" lift their energetic(spiritual) being up (feels like a disconnecting tug).  As they do so, they visualize a tether attaching their spiritual being to their physical being (see it like a limitless cord, and allow it to reinforce security).  They then see their body from a third person perspective and are free to explore.  

When they are done, they mentally will themselves back, (they could also follow their tether).  As they sync back up (physically and spiritually), I see a slight movement (or jerk) as if their energetic being suddenly felt the weight of the physical body.  They take some deep cleansing breaths, and the experience is complete.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please feel free to share advice or help in the comments section- Some of you may want to experience astral travel during the group meditation tomorrow (3/20/15 at 6:45 PM EST).  Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, since many astral-travel in their sleep without knowing it, could sleep apnea be caused by the spirit getting too far from the body?? If so, is there a way to maintain this somatic connection without hooking yourself up to a breathing machine?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: I see sleep apnea could be caused by astral travel, but it more often occurs in a deep sleep cycle that has extended too long in which your body's involuntary reaction to breath isn't occurring (and you are still in your body). Getting your sleep cycles on track could eliminate the need for the machine... I see soft meditation music being played during sleep used as a tool to "trick" your body into a more normal sleep pattern.

The enlightened one said...

I have a request on something to look into. In Sweden, there is something called Svärjarehålorna.
(literally the swearing or swearer's holes).
They are mystical impressions in the ground, the size of footprints, where nothing has grown for several centuries. They are located near Tofta, east of the town of Bjärnum. Can you see why nothing will grow in these spots?

samferina said...

Hey Lynn going back to the part of some people put bad info out there dealing with this spiriuality.

I was thinking if you could guide us to a few authors that you feel are good to Learn from?

what about Drunvalo Melchizedek and A'shayana Deane?

I never read any of his stuff but am interested too and years ago I read Deane stuff and I was very intrigued by it. At the time I resonated with the info and felt truth from it. The thing is these two don't like each other and says the other is lying about certain stuff they write about and they teach different ways on how to ascend.

What do you feel is the real truth dealing with this?

Here's a video if you never heard or came across Deane.This all deals with ascension mechanism I would love if you can do a session on that of how YOU view it really works please?

Thanks so much love

Raymond G said...


I have tried everything I know to reach my Guides, travel to the Akashic Records, Remote View etc...

My dreams are vivid and I dream almost every night even if I don't remember them.

I have heard a voice from my Guide about 4 times. But I have never carried on a 'conversation' with them. In other words, being able to ask multiple questions to get an answer.

I have tried everything. But maybe that is a problem. Is there a sequence for learning ? Should I try reaching my Guides first, Astral Travel then C, then D etc...?

Or should I just keep trying anything and everything until something falls in place and works ?

Anonymous said...

I have been dwelling on asking you Lynn about YouTube and the many self hypnosis, guided meditation and something I do all the time (my phone is battery is going to fry) is listen to eight hour sleep music. If I think it will help with anxiety, stress etc., etc. I will listen to it. It's nothing new to me. My used to have a entire library of Kelly Howell whom I think it great! My conern, except for Kelly, who is putting this stuff out there and should I continue to go with my gut? Some stuff just does not sit right with me. As for astral travel, I may have done it not sure. Not on purpose and it's not a biggie on my list. If it happens it happens. L&L Ya'll, Meet up with you tomorrow evening! To much bla bla...sorrry.

Raymond G said...

By the Way..........Thanks.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@enlightened one: Thank you. I will save this for its own reading.

@samferina: When I first started I was part of a spiritual group, and I learned through shared experiences of others. The best advice I can give (and that I was given when I was nervous and learning) is to really trust yourself- you subconscious knows what is right and what is in your greater good. I will save the links you sent and review them to do a reading and give you what things come through to me, but until then, use positive intention and listen to your inner self.

@Raymond: There is no perfect order (other than starting with your intent, and going into a meditative state)… Just keep trying and it will happen.

@Diane: The music is great, and I see it helping many people. If something doesn’t sit right, your gut is telling you for a reason- you should listen to it.

Lilian said...

Thank you Lynn for this posting! So, I have to learn to walk first before I run .... :)

samferina said...

Thank you Lynn😊