Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Q & A XLV: Issues Around the World (Group Post)

Q. Hi Lynn. Could you look into what is happening in Indonesia with the leadership of the newly elected, very popular president? Also, could you look into the future earth changes that may affect the archipelagic country? Will the islands be inundated, disappear? Thank you, dear!
A.  I get that right now he is really "feeling: out his surroundings.  I get an impression that he is working on strengthening Indonesia's position, and in doing so forming alliances (even with countries he may not long) can be vital.  I get some kind of terms or negotiations are happening with China (like an exchange of goods for services).  I don't see the people liking these negotiations, but it will make the economy (and environment) feel safe as long as it plays by the Chinese rules.  China does not want to occupy Indonesia, but they do want something from the people..

As far as the land itself...  I see the larger land masses being safe, and the loss of land on those locations will occur mainly on the coast.  I see more flooding (and vulnerability) on islands in the eastern side of this grouping, and the western parts (near Singapore) more protected.  Some of the smaller islands looks like dots in the ocean (as if the central most point is all that I can see).  

Q. Greetings, Lynn! Ron Van Dyke and Dave Schmidt have been holding sessions with the Ambassador for the Red Dragon Family,who supposedly are proposing the funding of projects by the disbursement of funds from the grassroots up, i.e., the empowerment of the common folk.It is said that the Red Dragon Family are in possession of 90% of the gold on the planet. Do you see all this as being set forth with good and proper intentions, or will it lead to more disappointment on the part of the people? Here's the link to the latest update from Dave Schmidt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7CfrPy8GNM
A.  I do see some good intentions behind this "Ambassador."  There is an awakening occurring, and this man is trying to see it through.  I get the impression that he doesn't have the "pull" or influence that people want him to have (regarding being able to make change), but he is trying.  I also see this man as having a lot of momentum now, but some how it fizzles out (as if he reaches an end to it).  He does deserve our energy and support to see him as far as he can go.

I do not see the Red Dragon having 90% of the gold.  The gold distribution feels very convoluted- like it is borrowed, then loaned and borrowed some more so the true ownership is hard to define.  Then I get there are people fighting over the same gold thinking they both own it.

China does have a lot of gold, but I do not see the Ambassador being able to do anything with it... (Maybe I am not connecting to it??)

Q Hello Lynn, would you consider answering this question? Thank You! In Argentina a court ruled that captive Orangutan has a human right to freedom. When we think of mermaids, how much more human are they when compared to these monkeys? Do you see any country (maybe Denmark, because Greenland and Faroe Islands belong to it) doing a similar step soon (with mermaids)? Thank You? (http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/21/us-argentina-orangutan-idUSKBN0JZ0Q620141221)
A.  I get this is much more complicated that it appears on the surface.  I see that for a non-human being to be declared independence it must it is being abused or in a situation that if others of the same species lived in would result in a decline of the population and the non-human in question would need to be returned to its' natural environment (not artificial) as long as it is not detrimental to humans.  I get the situation with this Orangutan was less that satisfactory, and that is the reason it was granted freedom.

I don't see the line being drawn at only Orangutans, but it is something difficult to expand upon, and each country will adopt these laws at their own pace.  I cannot see that mermaids will fall into this category at this moment (or close to this moment), but I do get that animals will be viewed differently (with a different level of consciousness) within the next 20 +/- years.

Q. Hi. could you do the reading about nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Is the Kiyev government covering up an accident? http://www.globalresearch.ca/catastrophe-at-ukraines-zaporozhye-nuclear-power-plant/5422212
A.  I get there was an accident that was caught in time, and since it was caught in time it is easier to cover-up the incident rather than evoke fear and deal with the damage control of that.  I see it was  something regarding an equipment malfunction in which some kind of automatic sensor was not working, and by the time it was manually caught it was too late.

Q. Hi Lynn,  There is this Anthony Armstrong Emery who sold Brazil a social housing investment scheme under Ecohouse. Many investors from UK, Singapore and elsewhere realized that they have been scammed and some are taking legal actions against him. Was this an outright scam or did it start out as genuine but the business turned bad?
A. I see it did start as a good thing, but went bad rather quickly.  What I see happened is different investment projects or parts of projects were put into different accounts through Ecohouse (I visually see the money as being separated as a way to maintain the accounting and tracking..).  Then some investments on their (Ecohouse's) end started to fail.  They took money from the various accounts (the Ecohouse social housing in Brazil specifically) and felt they could reinvest those funds to make up for what they lost in other accounts- They were trying to make back lost money to increase the overall revenue / profit of the company.  They ended up losing that too and bankrupted the account housing that money.

I also get that the defense under Ecohouse is to act as though they have no association with this project in Brazil, and if investors chose to invest in this social housing project they did so with people that weren't operating under the terms of Ecohouse.  I see people within Ecohouse being caught (even arrested) but the top layers of the company looks to be insulated from this.  The "top" will have questions to answer, but I don't see them in trouble.  The "middle men" that are the face of the company, will have a lot to answer for.

Q. Can you comment on this? It is a little unbelievable that this has happened:

A. I see he spoke some "truths" that others didn't want brought up.  He had many doubts about the situation, and he started to question things.  I also get that he confronted a police officer there that wasn't really an officer (an actor in a police costume)- and he talked about this event with someone... This was not a suicide..

Q. Please look at the nuclear situation on the west coast of North America... current and future. Specifically the effects on young children. What can do to protect ourselves.
A. The first thing I get is to be cautious of the food.  I get that many animals are appearing deformed (fish) and are being sold cheap to market.  I also see a certain level of caution with food grown in the southern part of California.  The more south you go, the worse the concentration.  I get the northern part and Washington states have some, but it is a much more mild concentration.  

I also see more an more illnesses occurring in this location- I get they will be mostly neurological and toxin related because the body cannot continually process this foreign toxin.  Thyroid cancers will grow- maintaining adequate iodine and potassium levels will help with the processing of certain cancer causing toxins, but long term the body has a hard time fighting this off.  

Q. I've been amazed with you since I read your site. I have some worries about future of Japan. I'd like to see about future events (especially, natural disaster). Could you see when the Mt.Fuji will explode, and big earthquake will occur in Tokyo? Will the capital of Japan (include the moving of imperial palace) move to more west? I also saw the image of flood or tsunami of my town before. Could you see this kind of thing happen in near future, and where it will happen?
A.  When I focus on Mt. Fuji I see rumbling, and even get that the earth with shake (causing earthquakes), but I don't see a large explosion or eruption with it.  I get it is active (I sense this feeling of it being alive- there is a lot of energy tied to it currently), but I don't see a large eruption tied to it (in the near future).  

I get that within the next 2 1/2 to 3 years Japan (or somewhere close to the coast) will experience an earthquake large enough to destroy some buildings.  I can't get that it is rooted in Tokyo- it looks more on the north eastern coastal area.  I get this earthquake event will result in some major flooding.  
I cannot connect to the capital moving... I see a "second capital" emerging (as if they have a "back-up" location), but Tokyo looks to remain still functional.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


siketa said...

Lynn, has any radiation leaked out of Zaporozhye nuclear plant?

Watchand Knock said...

Lynn thank You! Will the interior of Spain, especially the province of Extremadura (Sierra de Gata), really get dryer during the next years? (zoom into map here: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2cet5zk&s=8) At least this was stated in this article http://www.hoy.es/v/20131006/regional/cambio-climatico-reducira-lluvias-20131006.html. Thanks!

:D said...

Hello Lynn!
In regards to your California reading, what food should be avoid the most? And if there is any other way to protect the kids (special diet/clothing, etc)
Thank you for the enlightment.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: I get that it was caught in time before there was any released. Those in the close proximity (at the plant or right by it) got higher that normal amounts exposed to them (I hear the geiger counter going off), but the people outside the perimeter of the plant look safe.

@watchandknock: I get that we will see a lot of "pockets" of strange climate behavior. I can see this area getting dryer.

@D: The big one that popped out was strawberries and the seafood..avoid those. I also see potassium and iodine rich foods are important. I cannot see special clothes..

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!

sarah said...

Hello, Lynn

Thank you for your reading about the future of Japan.
I felt easy a little, because I worried that some big earthquake occur and Tokyo will get big damage...I even heard that Japan will dvided into two parts because of the big earthquake..

Could you please read about the economy, problems between China and Korea, nuclear power plants,and other natural disasters?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Sarah: Those are important issues that I would like to save for another world issue reading (based on economy). I will save this with my questions.

sarah said...

Thank you so much!!
I'll wait for your future reading.

The enlightened one said...

There is an alleged bottomless (artificial) pit near Ellensburg, Washington. It was first mentioned by a man called Mel Waters on the Coast to coast AM radio show. The hole is said to exhibit paranormal properties. Do you feel that the hole really exist, and does it have any paranormal properties? Who created it and why?

In a subsequent show, the same man claimed to have found another, similar hole in an indian reserve. Does this hole exist as well? What are it's properties?

The enlightened one said...

In old folktales, one sometimes read of how naturespirits such as trolls and gnomes transport humans vibrationally into their on dimension/realm (so as to make the subject invisible to other humans). Do you feel this is still happening today at the same scale? If not, what factors have caused it to change? Has the power of nature spirits to physically manifest weakened over time, and if so, what is the cause of this change?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Enlightened: As soon as I read this I immediately go to a reading I did in which I saw ETs flying in and out of the earth... Like an underground base is located there. I get this it is connected.

As people evolve, the subconscious does too. Attacks still happen, but not on the same scale. It is like an evolution of the subconscious that aids in protection and strengthens us against these other vibrations.

Cecilia S said...

Dear Lynn

Could you please the a reading on this 'troubled' woman? Is she telling the truth bout Korean war which she 'claimed' to have already begun in Decemver 2014? She caimed that she had received messages from God that the North Koreans have already invaded the South through the secret underground tunnel rats which they had built with the help of the people labeled as the 'Pro-NK/NK sympathisers?' Im very worried for the future of South Korea. If this is true will the government be strong enough to face/stop it?


sarah said...

Dear Lynn

I'd like to know about some more about the next big earthquake.

Will the reason of the next big earthquake be as same as in 2011?
Will any nuclear power plant get damage as same as before?

Thank you!!