Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Q and A XLVI: Mysterious Deaths 4 [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn. I would like to ask you about the recent death of a D.A. in my country, Argentina, who was accusing our president (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner) and a few more politicians in her wing of letting the Iranian government escape from justice in relation to a bombing we had in a jewish building in the 90's (a very dirty matter that apparently was finally coming to light).

In the accusation, there's plenty of evidence regarding our president about making a deal with the Iranians to let the case go in exchange of an economic deal. The day before the DA (Alberto Nisman) was to present the evidence in the congress, he was found dead in an apparent suicide in his bathroom with a shot in the head. There were TWO ambulances prevented from entering the scene. Our secretary of national security (Sergio Berni) who was first in the scene, says he was in the apartment but didn't enter the bathroom out of precaution, to not mess with the crime scene, though he says he didn't even know at the time if the guy was dead or not (and he is a doctor!).  As you can see, it is all too suspicious (there's even more mafia like details but I would have to write for hours) and the whole country is frantic about this. 

Can you see what really happened to Mr. Nisman? Are we ever going to know the truth about his death? Will our president ever have to face the justice about this?
A.  I see that the government which felt good in its' infancy (like it was genuinely created to help organize and protect the people) is becoming more an more corrupt.  It also visually looks like there is a darker group centered at the core (like a gang or mafia), and the arms that branch out from this core look like they have good intentions, but the dark core in the middle is slowly infecting these branches through fear and bullying tactics.  

I also get the impression that Argentina got into a deal with Iran, it was much more than Argentina could handle.  What started out as small negotiations in exchange for protection and alliances, (I get there is a drug ring tied into this too???) turned into much larger demands.  Argentina got in way over their head.  I also see the Iranians penetrated the Argentinian government and it is so saturated with both people and connections, that it is hard to reverse.

This death will be covered up.  There will be speculation and debate, but no confirming answers shedding truth on this will be released.  I also get the impression that as things progress (I see more to happen in getting the government aligned with the true agendas), you will see more and more mysterious deaths.  I also get that at some point soon it will be "illegal" to discuss, post or question the government activity.  It feels like a tactic used to stall people while they get their inner core insulated.

Q.Two days ago in Argentina, the burnt body of a woman appeared near the building a DA was killed. Now there's a journalist saying 'unofficially' this woman was murdered along with the DA back in January, and her body was dropped and burned now.  He's talking about an illegal agreement with Iran and the involvement of Venezuela is these murders. Today a witness came out to he media saying she was afraid, and telling about a lot of irregularities in the crime scene.  The country is paralyzed by this.
A.  I get that the local governments are being bullied by Iran, and anyone blocking this powerful agenda that is trying to grab ahold is being eliminated.  Soon people will be too scared to speak out, which is exactly what the Iranians want (and local governments don't want trouble or retaliation).  I get the local governments are too scared and intimidated to stand up at this time, so they feel their only option is to go along with "whatever happens."

The next question I pose is How to overcome this?  What can the people do? It is coming to me that the only way to escape this is for the people to band together.  The government can "pluck out" a few that go against the plan, but on a massive scale they can't overcome it.  United efforts (even if it is the demanding of truth which forces accountability) is the answer.

Q. Dear Lynn, Bill O'Reilly recently published a book called "Killing Patton." There have been theories over the years that General Patton was assassinated by either the soviets or even some elements within the U.S. government. Can you see any truth to this, or was his death the result of a simple car accident?
A. I do get Patton was killed.  At the end of the war I get there were "truths, and versions of the truth (which in theory are lies)."  Patton refused to go with the norm (Germany is bad, Hitler is evil, we must stop them all).  He spoke out against the "versions of truth" which very unpopular opinions during that time when history was literally being rewrote.  The Powers that Be took him out due to the level of respect many had for him, and also credibility he held (they were scared people would listen and question).  This part of the reading is also taking me back to a previous reading I did regarding Hitler (this keeps coming up over and over as if something won't let it drop in my mind!!).  I get that Patton held many similar views as what was described to me in that previous reading, and expressing those views led to his death.  

[Link to previous reading]

Q. Hi Lynn, I was recently shown this article that gave some rather compelling evidence that Tupac faked his own death and is still alive. Do you see any truth in this? Did he really fake his death? If not, why is there so much questionable evidence? Is he still alive? If so, who knows that he is? The article suggested that he would reappear sometime in 2014. Do you see this happening? Do you see any other celebrities who faked their death? Would it be them who faked their death or someone else who wanted to, (such as government, etc) ? Thank you!!!
A. The first thing I get is that it isn't uncommon for a celebrity to fake their own death.  It can be for a variety of reasons from avoiding the law for an illegal act, or knowing they are on some big radars due to their personal outspokenness.  I get that being in the public eye can be like being in a gang, and you are either with them (The Powers that Be) or against them.  And, if you area against them you better be cautious....

I see Tupac was definitely his own person, and viewed himself as  "free agent"  He didn't walk around in fear, and did what he wanted.  When he realized he was in trouble, he planned his escape, and "left."  I get he isn't in the country and doesn't want found...I hear he is taking a sabbatical (??) with no plan to return soon.  At this time I don't want to push the topic as it feels invading (and somewhat detrimental) in his personal space.

Q. Hi again, thanks so much for your continued work, it is invaluable for so many people.  Could you shed some light on how David John Eason died, he went missing in 2001, and his body was found two years later. Numerous searches failed to find his body, despite the fact his skull was found just yards from a path on Fraser Island where he vanished. What exactly happened to him?
A. I do see this was a accident.  I get a visual of him in a desert looking area- I see dirt, sand, dryness and heat.  I get that he was either lost and then got injured, or he was injured in an area in which he felt lost (it was unfamiliar which made it feel more complicated).  I get the died of dehydration and internal injuries.  The reason there were so many questions regarding the location of the skull were due to animals finding his body... (I am stopping my images there...)..

Q. The CEO of French oil company Total was killed in a freak accident at a Moscow airport after making comments in public that there was no need to trade oil in US dollars any longer. His death: accident or assassination?
Here's a link to the Reuters article on his death:
A.  I get as soon as someone talks about oil, the dollar or gold, people perk up and start to pay attention.  The US does not want to lose control of their purchasing power of oil.  Right now many talks are going on all over the world concerning trading oil in gold versus the dollar.  I am left with the phrase that "The US will do whatever it needs to do to maintain control."

And that is all I have for this reading.  I have several more questions regarding this topic, so if I didn't answer yours now, I have it saved for a future reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn! Argentina has the biggest jewish community! How didthey let this Iranian thing happen? Will USA tolerate this?? Latin America has been a economical colony for USA.....

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I get it started with either drugs or weapons (??) and it turned into something they highly regret but they are too far in and don't know how to get out...

bing0 said...

about Alberto Nisman: an article appeared in a Belgian newspaper (13th February), claiming that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner officially is being accused of silenting the whole case after that attack, back in '94. Gerardo Pollicita is accusing her and Hecto Timerman and two other politicians ( source : )

Watchand Knock said...

Hi PF thank you for this post!
Former Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira (born in September 2 1902) built Brasilia, the capital, during his only mandate from 1956-1961. When the Military coup took place in early 1964 he fled to France. He returned to Brazil in 1967, but died in a car crash in 1976 (august 26), near the city of Resende in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The Military junta, still in power at that time is held responsible for this "accident". What is your take on this? Thank You!

Camryn Villarruel said...

Very interesting posts. Lynn who is really financing Isis and to what end? Can you do a reading. Blessings

Hannon said...

"this keeps coming up over and over as if something won't let it drop in my mind"

The entire fake moral corner stone of the powers that shouldn't be rest on them stopping the "evil" Nazis. I feel like if we can pull this thread far enough, it'll unwind most of their illusion. I feel like this much is bigger than 911 or JFK, and something keeps me drawn to it like a magnet. Even when I thought the Nazis were pure evil, something unexplained kept me completely infatuated with them. To this day, most western countries make this the issue that is illegal to discus, and they're not doing it for no reason.

Juli T said...

Thank you Lynn! So so much!!! I'm sorry if you had to tune in such a dark matter.

Thank God we have elections this year and I hope this would change or at least stop from getting worse.
Today we had a huge peace march in different cities throughout Argentina. 80% of the country is against this government. But anyway, we never learn, we let this people manage our futures over and over.

Baku: Our jewish community is the biggest and also as corrupt as everything else in our country. The leader of the jewish community back then in the 90's was even tried for his involvement. Even our Minister of Foreign Relations is a jew! And he's part of this mess as much as our president.
I don't even think this was an iranian terrorist attack, or even a terrorist attack per se, this has so much turns it's a never ending story.

bing0: our current president wasn't even a senator back then. First it was covered by our then president Carlos Menem, and then another president didn't do much for justice to be done. The 'iranian trail' appeared just a few years ago.
I think this assholes wanted to get rich with the bad boy of the neighborhood while playing a lefty dictatorship, and they found themselves exceeded by some real bad guys.

Thanks again Lynn!

loralei5551 said...

So, I can't resist--is Elvis really dead? You mentioned celebrities faking their deaths; what about celebrities that are "replaced" with doppelgangers or clones? Supposedly there is a long list! And when familiar faces like Renee Zellwegger's and Uma Thurman's suddenly are unrecognizable, I'm sure most people attribute it to plastic surgery. But I'm not so sure...
Do you get that Barbara Streisand has been replaced?

Raymond G said...

Hello Lynn,

I don't think we have been given the real truths behind WW2 either.

Patton died in an auto accident. At least that is what we were told.

But it made me think of this ......
The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.

A. Hitler

Which got me to thinking......

Rudolph Hess was the Deputy Fuhrer of Nazi Germany. He was suppose to succeed Hitler, when Hitler retired in 1950. Hess flew into Britain to negotiate a peace settlement with Britain in 1940.

But his plane had engine problems, he parachuted out of the plane and he spent the rest of the war as a POW.

After the Nuremberg trials he spent the remainder of his life in Spandau Prison, in West Berlin.

He kept the motives of his failed mission a secret. He never divulged anything about it, but supposedly he was going to meet with some members of the Royal Family to negotiate peace or even ally them with Germany.

What exactly was his motivation for the plane flight? What was he keeping a secret for so many years that he felt was so precious he could not speak about it ?

The Allied Powers in Berlin (Russia, France, Britain and the U.S.) had said that he would be released if he had confessed or otherwise given them the information that they wanted. Apparently, there was at least one time that 3 of the powers agreed and Russia (USSR) denied. Then, supposedly; the USSR finally agreed to release him and Britain reneged.

Eventually Hess committed suicide by hanging himself. What was so precious that he kept so many secrets confidential to himself, 42 years after the war was over ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@watchandknock: I don’t see this was really an accident… I hear the words “accident on purpose.”

@camryn: I see this is really being funded behind the scenes by the US and Britain.. I have touched on it in previous readings, but I may dedicate an entire reading to it all by itself.

@Hannon: I agree completely.

@loralei: I think that sounds like a good topic for another reading. I think it would get lost on this thread. 

@Raymond: I am going to save this for a reading. I like this question and I need to spend some time tuning in to get a complete answer. Thank you.

Raymond G said...


Thanks, I think it would be interesting to know more about it.

Some say Hess was murdered, but I don't think so. Not everything is a conspiracy. But he died in the afternoon. What is interesting is that after he died, he was immediately taken to a funeral home
and he was cremated 3,4 hours after he died. There were no family members present. I think the funeral home was run by a British man and the warden of the prison was British as well. I don't know if there is a correlation there.

A day or so after he died, they tore down the prison (it was a historical building several hundred years old and in good shape) and trucked the remains to an unidentified location and buried them in an unmarked location. They did not want the remains of the prison to become a memorial for anyone.

They said the site was razed to the ground 2,3 days after he died. Everything was pre-planned in advance as to what was going to happen when he died.

I am sure he was a powerful symbol of the old Reich, but why did they fear him so much when the war had ended 42 years prior ?

corto said...

Lynn, I a few questions...

How is organ donation processed in the next dimension and/or handled in death? Does it effect transitioning? And what is the most ideal form of body of removal in death? Coffin, cremation or did the Egyptians have it right? Can you 'take it with you' to the next place?

Also, whats really going on with the land grab in Africa? Will colonization of the world be our inevitable downfall? Why do many feel the need to oppress and rule in such a destructive and negative capacity?

Also, what happened to the abducted and married of girls of Boko Haram? Will they do this again? How and/or when will they be stopped?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@everyone: Thanks so much for the comments, info and great questions. I will save some of these for future readings as they are pretty involved and deserve their own space. L&L

Hannon said...

@ Raymond G

I don't know for sure what happened to Hess, but I don't think he hung himself, if I remember correctly he wasn't found hanging but supposedly "self-strangled"(I could be wrong).Hess was a very old man at 93 and men don't age well in prison, and certainly don't make it to 93 locked in a cage eating crappy food while not receiving any human contact or love, he was a man who must of been hanging onto life with a purpose, and my guess is he was wasn't about to leave this rock without a chance to tell Germany's side of the story. Two of my brother inlaws are corrections officers and they say there isn't many old men there and many end up in geriatrics before they're time, even my inlaws look like turds for their age, you can tell they are soaked in bad energy all the time.

Obviously this is my speculation based on anecdotal evidence, but this isn't:

@ Lynn, if I'm overly turning your blog into a Nazi truther commenting zone just let me know, I know it can draw the bad kind of attention to yourself and/or upset some people :-)

Anonymous said...


Here’s an update of one of your earlier posting about Murder of Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa

Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, who has been detained in Australia, said today he was under orders to kill Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu. But the 'real' murderers are still free

Will he finally reveal the whole truth? Will there be justice finally for Altantuya Shaariibuu?

Another whistle-blower, Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal, who initially fled to India, but decided to come back to reveal the truth, suffered sudden ill-health and passed away soon upon return.

My question is “Was his heart ailment caused by black magic”, as one of the alleged suspects (in the court of public opinion) is known to practice witchcraft