Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #4

Hi, all. Thanks for tuning into the latest [almost "light portal"] edition of Five for Friday. Da-da's going to do this a little different this time, giving you Lynn's words as verbatim as possible without Da-da getting in the way... unless he wants to make a comment [which will be in brackets].

Image #1: Arcs of Light in New Mexico

Backstory: This is a recent meteorological display of a number of kinds of rare atmospheric events on a morning in New Mexico. [It struck Da-da as more than that.] Are they natural, or designed?

What Lynn Saw
"What you're seeing is a vortex of energy which is being activated. I keep hearing, 'Sedona' when I look at this. What people are seeing are these vortices of energy being used. You don't often get to see energy being activated on the planet's surface, but here you're witnessing it. There's an energetic grid in the earth at or near this location. Somewhere around this location, there's a mountain range where ETs live in a cave. They come out and energize this portal for transportation."

Image #2: The Circle Over Da-da's House
Backstory: This is a picture taken in front of a house in Northern, CA. What caused that contrail [if it is a contrail] and what were they doing? Messing around? Marking a target?

What Lynn Saw
"The circle is the middle of a 'spiderweb' grid of chemtrails; they're working out how to mark an area and map a grid over the heart of the spraying. Besides the weather manipulation, maintaining artificial droughts, etc., these particulates have been beating down people's immune systems. and lots of people are sick because of it." [Then Lynn mentioned the "earth wobble," which is caused by a large gravitational body that entered our solar system a short while ago, and is disrupting orbits.] "Those in power are aware of the earth wobble, and are using chemtrails and weather manipulation to counteract the unusual weather that would be caused by this wobble." [You can track the earth's wobble on SpaceWeather, by looking at the "Current Auroral Oval" halfway down the page on the left hand side. Look at the auroral outline at the poles, which basically describe the earth's magnetic poles at that moment, and extrapolate a center from it. Do that day after day (Da-da's been doing this for about three months) and you can see how the pole is moving all over the place. When the earth wobbles one way, it's warmer in CA and colder in the UK, and v.v.] "Basically, those in power want the land healthy to keep to be able to grow food. Fukushima also plays into this, as they're trying to figure out a way to counteract any radioactive pollution. The air is being seeded with a number of experimental things. Lots of oddities going on in Northern CA."

Image #3: Undersea Blobs of Light, Pacifica CA
Backstory: This pic was taken in Pacifica, just south of San Francisco, back in 2012. Apparently a Coast Guard vessel arrived, took a look at what was going on — and immediately fled the area at top speed. I’m guessing these are ETs, but what are they doing off the CA coast? Preventing earthquakes?

What Lynn Saw
"I look down in the water and I see these huge beams of light shine out, as if there's a craft under the water emitting this intensely bright light. Looks like ETs are emerging from some structure underwater that resembles a pyramid [!]. Deep down there's a pyramid that they're coming in and out of. I also see what looks like tunnels on the coast of California that go under CA. These ships go into this cave system off the coast of CA. The light coming out of the pyramid is a portal allowing them to go inside CA, into a labyrinth of tunnels. What are they doing? They're monitoring Yellowstone, and figuring out ways to slowly release pressure, as we've been way overdue for a Yellowstone eruption. The ETs are keeping it from happening on a massive extinction scale. [!] They're keeping us safe and the pressure down in Yellowstone. [On behalf of the people of earth, please accept Da-da's gracious thanks, nice ET forces!]

Image #4: Pillars of Light in Japan
Backstory: So, what's really going on in these "pillar of light" pics from Japan, captured by security cameras? Is that an ET going into the ground? An enormous energy discharge?

What Lynn Saw
"I'm hearing, 'Duh, Lady: it's a light beam elevator.' [!] ETs are just transporting matter-of-factly from the ground to their ships. The ETs out there have mastered how to ride and travel on beams of light, using light to manipulate themselves or their ships. You change your physical make-up from being say like a piece of paper being blown by gravity to a screen. This is actually old-school for them. [!] Like us going back to a manual typewriter."

Image #5: The Mysterious Stone Head of Guatemala
Backstory: By request. Who carved this stone head in Guatemala? About what time frame? And who is that supposed to be?

What Lynn Saw
"The statue extends down into the earth, neck and chest as well. There's a cave system beneath this head. There's something significant beneath it, like the "lungs" in the chest are actually caves, a symbol. It was done by a tribe native to Guatemala, but long ago. This statue was of their healer, their medicine man, the most valuable person of the tribe as they both healed and were also the psychics of the tribe. Timeframe? Six to seven thousand years old." [So, someone get digging.]

And that's it. Join us on the Friday after next for episode #5, an all-video..


Waityurturn said...

Psychic focus, Bashar did a video where he says that his extraterrestrial civilization is responsible for being above Sedona's vortexes. His civilization is Sassani/Shakani. Does that ring true to you?

AS said...

Hi Lynn ~ Where I live in the Central Valley of CA there have been huge chemtrails for several years. I am trying to heal from a flu virus now that is taking weeks. Worst flu ever. Can't get rid of it. It's like my immunity has "left town" so to speak. And many others where I live don't look too good. There seems to be a lack of vibrant health (I'm worried).
Also, I grew up in Pacifica, and I have seen those beams of light before. At the time I always thought they were the sun, but didn't see how they could be in such round perfect shape and directly on the ocean. Very very interesting. Thank you so much for your posts Lynn I truly appreciate them and God bless you.

John Casey said...

Holy cow, I flat-out love these Friday photo sessions. Thanks Lyn and DaDa. Just brilliant.

John Casey

PS -- Anyone know how all this ET activity relates to the ETs that have us under their thumb, so to speak?

Bee E-lightened said...

amaze-balls. I love it!!! excellente. Also, hearing ETs are protecting us from an eruption wow. hope restored!!

A Man Called Da-da said...

@AS: Da-da and his family also live in a high-spray area and have the same problem: colds and flus that never go away. Da-da is coughing and hacking as he writes this. He even had a double pulmonary embollism two years ago which nearly killed him -- and Da-da is perfectly healthy. Doctors said: "source unknown," though Da-da suspects they really do know the source, which is why pharmacies all over are now selling more and more inhalers and "allergy season" paraphernalia and antibiotics. No matter.

Da-da has news for the US Air Force: when the American People discover what you've really been doing, THERE WILL BE NO MORE US AIR FORCE.

You can't TOP SECRET your way out of this one.

Regardless of any allegedly noble crop-saving/earth-saving motives, the US Air Force is basically committing suicide in spraying experimental substances on unwitting civilians (again) because this time, the people of CA and many other states will simply sue you out of existence. Once the evidence and whistleblowers come forward -- it's already happening -- there will be an attorney-sharknado feeding frenzy. A bankrupt US Govt won't be able to save you. Nothing will.

Hopefully whatever takes the Air Force's place will not only base their charter on the concept of simple human decency, but also exhibit some semblance of a conscience.

And @JohnCasey... you're welcome. Da-da enjoys them probably more than anyone. He's still blown away about the Yellowstone thing.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, here's the WOBBLE link:

razi09 said...

More and more I meet up with on a daily basis have a constant dry hacking cough. Even talking on the phone, it's happening in every State and they're very aware it's different but blame it on allergies. We know what it is.

Grateful to the Yellowstone ET's. How kind. Keep asking for their help, giving our permission, which is supposedly what they need.

John Casey said...

DaDa: Any links for chem whistleblower stories? I'm fascinated about how the AF keeps a lid on this stuff.

razi09 said...

Regarding Cough:

Forgot to mention taking a tea or tablespoon of honey a few times a day helps the hacking cough. Clears and dries up the nasal passage, back of your dripping throat, temporarily, but it does greatly relieve you.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@JohnCasey ~ Here ya go:

A Man Called Da-da said...

@JohnCasey ~ sorry, this is an easier-reading version, and the original source:

Hannon said...

Courage is a funny thing that works in funny ways, I'm sure the AF guys working the chem-trail divisions don't like what they're doing but still keep their mouths shut and go along, but the very same men will pony up the guts to fly into enemy fire. The drive to be a part of the herd is a powerful instinct, and can turn even the bravest of men into whimpering cowards. It must be very difficult for them, I imagine it hurts the same way you see a combat veteran turn away from talk of war, when the topic comes up. I'm glad I'm not carrying that weight around and I can find some compassion for them, but the guys at the top running this program, I have no compassion for, I want to see them in orange jump suits. If they really had some altruistic reason for them, we'd of had a public debate on why we "need" them. All they care about is making sure something doesn't disrupt their empire of human enslavement.

Anyhow, I wonder what kind of machinery it takes to make one of those light beams and what powers it. Anything I'm familiar with that can generate that much focused brightness, either would be so charged as to electrocute a person, or so hot it would just burn them up. We went from muscle to animal, from animal to mechanical(wheels, levers, pulleys, water wheels, etc), from mechanical to heat(steam and combustion), from heat to electromagnetic, but what comes next?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da was being a admittedly little too feisty, as he's Mr. Grumpy when he's sick. Every day you fail to deploy an attorney is a good day! Really all this will resolve shortly, and for the best.

Charlotte Bailey said...

@Da-Da and anyone else with the flu or cold they can't shake, try lipisomal Vitamin C. I never get sick, but somehow ended up with the flu for 6 weeks; kept on coming back! I continually had a low grade flu that I began to wonder if it would ever go away. 2 days after taking the homemade lipisomal vit C, it's gone!

Any one have any ideas about why the STO ET's don't or can't get rid of the negative, controlling ET's that are trying to destroying us and our planet? It seems we would be able to clean things up if most of the population knew what was going on. Those people who get in the way get murdered. Seems an unfair playing field to me.

Thanks PF and Da-Da for your Friday pics; Looove them!

Watchand Knock said...

Hi PF thank you for this post!
Although this blog convenes clients from all over the world, one sometimes is led to believe that supervolcanoes only exist in North-America. While Yellowstone is certainly the widest known, it is neither located in a densely populated area nor one of the most active in the recent past. Measured by the well-preparedness of the US authorities, one should also not expect an elevated human life loss rate.
Therefore, and once magmatic pressure has built up on a global scale, I would like to ask, if possible, to (when it is opportune) assess the actual risk inherent to all the other supervolcanoes (defined as large igneous provinces with eruptions that classify compliant to high volcanic explosivity indexes (VEI of 7 and 8 listed on the shared file). Thank You!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@everyone: These comments and dialogue are great! Thanks for sharing!!

@waityurturn: I don’t see it that way (but I may not understand it)… I see the energy coming from inside the earth and going outward. I see these vortices like two growth plates converging, and that spot it highly filled with energy. It comes from within rather than above…??

@AS: Drink lots of fluids.. Consider taking potassium and iodine (something feels “junky” with your thyroid). See if that helps and let me know. Also take some vitamin C and a probiotic (to clean out the toxins). [I do need to say I am not a doctor so use good judgment..]

@Dada: Keep me posted on how you are feeling too! CA is being hit hard with this stuff and also the Fukushima “junk” that is floating over…

ALSO ALL CA people, please pay close attention to your food (even organic)- if it is grown in CA be cautious.

Love and light to all of you!!

John Casey said...

I really don't understand the ET situation. This "quarantine" seems so permeable as to allow numerous beneficial (to us) ETs access, but one low-vibration ET group controls the whole show? Is that the idea? Or is it that the low-vibe ETs control not the planet but humans understanding, but we humans have to play into the control for it to work? I'm struggling to come up with a metaphor that would help make sense of this.

John Casey said...


Thanks for the link. But here's my problem with whistleblowers. Nothing changes even when they speak out. I recently read an interview in "8 Martinis", an online remote viewing magazine, in which a formerly high-placed Army type implicitly acknowledged that 9/11 and other conspiracies take place, but that no such conspiracy has ever been brought to light, so why tilt against windmills? This was upsetting to read, but he is right, no? We're still taught that Peral Harbor was a surprise attack, for Pete's sake. Is this wall of secrecy we live behind impenetrable?

Me too said...

But OF, a lot of the food that comes to the US is from Mexico as well, wouldn't they be affected too (by Fukushima)?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok, not sure if anyone noticed, but my post about quarantine has vanished. Must be important, so let's try again. Note that this will probably sound crazy, but I'm only paraphrasing what I know about what the quarantine means.

The earth is apparently under quarantine by a very nasty species of ET here on earth. They've kept us this way with advanced technology for something like 30,000 years, flooding us with negative programming and nasty thoughts and fear 24/7/365.25. While this barrier allows ETs to come and go chatting alien michelangelo, it does NOT apparently allow any LIGHT to get to us from the outside -- Light, as in SOURCE, from outside the earth. (And, well, the light is technically INSIDE you, not without; this is all just an illusion, but an entertaining one sometimes!) Once this barrier, which NASA has reported about recently, is down (we're technically in the "BREAKTHROUGH PHASE" right now), something called, "The Event" is supposed to take place, where we reconnect with the Light in an incredible and immensely historic, global... well, event. Da-da has "seen" it in dreams and it's epic. It's could also be potentialy frightening to people who don't know what's going on, so education is key. If you suddenly see massive influxes of light streaming into the earth like the world's gonna explode, it's a GOOD thing!

Note that what some term the "Light Forces" have the PowersThatWere on the run. In fact, the Light Forces own the skies, and aren't allowing any of "Death Eaters" (aka, The Cabal and their overlords) to escape. Lynn will be writing up some of these "denials of orbit" examples soon.

Basically, we could be very close to a worldwide reboot of everything you've ever known. Everything. Does that answer your question?

All of you, be sure to regularly visit this site...

...for details, as well as how you can help by adding your spirit intent (free will is huge in the universe) to the weekly meditations. There's one every Sunday and they're quite amazing. (Note: you can meditate in your own way, you don't need to follow the directions explicitly).

And that's it. Let me know if you have any questions. Oh, and yeah, I dropped the Third Person! Takes too long.

Victory of the Light really is near.


siketa said...

I want to experience that! :)
Is it going to happne in our lifetime, Da Da?
BTW, 'Da' means 'Yes' in Croatian. ;)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: Well said! I feel anxious and excited for this too. Good point to not fear it- this is really a great thing!

siketa said...

Yeah, everybody is talking that we live in the most interesting/dramatic time.
Cassiopaeans say The Wave is coming, now I read about this breakthrough in progress.
Lynn, do you see what this Event will look like?
And maybe a timeframe for it?

a2k said...

Hey This was really cool! Regarding light of arcs, galactics predeclared through various channelers that at sedona, there will manifest a city of light, which galactics are busily building since sometimes.This city of light will be a center of healing, education, and formal training. Is it really the city of light in construction?

John Casey said...


Ok, that makes sense, especially as it keys into a lot of what Robbert ven den Broeke has been relating in the wide variety of "sessions" he has with humans who have died and enlightened ETs. They keep saying that humanity is right on the cusp of breaking out and one ET group is prepping to appear on stage, as it were. In this model, disclosure comes via human-ET collaboration, not via military/political types abandoning their secrecy.

John Casey said...

Damn, Dada, and Lyn, too, of course, you guys are amazing. I feel really lucky to have found this site. Wow. And thanks for reposting the disclosure bit. I missed it entirely.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Siketa ~ Yes, yes!

@JohnCasey ~ It's Da-da who feels lucky to have reunited with all of you.

Btw... even if Lynn or I or someone else saw a specific date for something to occur, it's not a good idea for us to make that public, as the "Death Eaters" still have ways of being the monkey in the wrench. Not sure what Lynn senses, but Da-da feels it's close. Don't forget that you're ALL perfect, immortal spirit and that all is forgiven and released. Your spirit is indestructible and somewhere safe at all times. You may pause for a time on your path, but you always go UP, never back down. When in doubt, take a break.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, and Lynn is the amazing one. Da-da's just old and has read everything at least once. Oh, and he's back to Third Person, apparently.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: I see it as this overwhelming feeling of knowing truth versus lies.. Even more clearly than we see it now… We incorporate doubt and question, but this new wave will see things for what they are. I also see a different level of consciousness awakening- and it will be more and more with incarnations during this time. It is like a filter is lifted and the belief in the “oneness” comes back, and we realize we are part of something more and not helpless..

@a2k: There is a huge significance with light and healing coming- I see rather than a separate city somewhere else, it will show here. It looks like it radiates out of the earth (I have had mixed visions of it coming out of water, and out of the sky- maybe there will be more than one.)

@John and everyone: xoxo.. I love all you guys- I am so happy we have a place to unite our minds and share our thoughts!

Rusty Bojador said...

Hi Lynn;
Who were the aliens on #3 images that were investigating
And also in your interview with Wendi Morrison on Gaia Rising you had mentioned there were cat like ET humanoid how long ago were they were involved with humans? What planet/star system did they came from? Did they also came from Orion star system like the ET dog humanoid? Will those two dog and the cat like humanoid will step into to help humankind?
How does a human like me being able to connect telepathically with them?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rusty: Great questions! I don't have the name of the Yellowstone ETs.. That didn't come through to me.

I see the cats and dogs both coming from Orion. When I tune in I am always drawn to the center of his belt. Their involvement was thousands of years ago- possible 4000 to 5000 BC.

I get there was a war between them (literally fighting like cats and dogs), and that war has concluded in some kind of truce. Now, the focus will be on reclaiming (and saving) earth... They will be back...

To connect, try to visualize them first and then let your thoughts flow. It works different for everyone, so if that doesn't feel as strong, focus on their star or even meditate outside at night when the star is most visible. As I finished my sentence I got an image of a "cat's eye stone" which may also amplify the connection..

Blimpy Peach said...

Lynn I'm completely new at meditating but my question is, once I get it down pat and try to connect to ETs, how do you go about connecting to the good ones and not the ones that don't have our best interests at heart? What happens if I connect to the wrong ones, can I undo it or will they try to keep coming back? Or should I just leave it until I'm really good at controlling where my mind goes first? I really want to lose my fear of ETs

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Blimpy: When I start I set my intent before I begin. I have a mantra that I want truthful information from the highest vibrations and it must be in my greater good (meaning, if I am not suppose to see something or share something for the greater good- I go sort of blank). I go into everything feeling confident, and trust my guides to lead me. IF I see something I don't like, I mentally tell it to go away (I had seen people contort their face or do strange things, and I say with full intent- I will not communicate with you). If you get an image of an ET, ask it if they are here in your greater good- if they say anything other than YES, tell it to leave- I have never had one not leave. Just remain confident, and realize you are in control- You are the driver of your meditation adventure.

Blimpy Peach said...

Awesome thanks so much for that! I might keep practising and give it a shot when I'm a bit more confident in what I'm doing. I'm looking forward to it!!

Lilian said...

When I'm feeling down about the goings-on in my country, I will come to this blog to find some positive energy!

Psychic Focus, when you talked about "Powers-that-Be" "Reptilians", sometimes I have the impression that you are talking about my govt.

I just can't wait for the Light and Healing to come.

YourPsychicFocus said...

I am looking forward to the positive shift as well. We are moving in the right direction. :-)

siketa said...

Cobra reported that cleaning of Tunnels has been completed! :)

AS said...

Hi Lynn and Da-da: Thank you very very much for your suggestions. I am following through on them now. My health has been decreasing over the years and I am concentrating on working to build up my immunity. Thank you and God bless you both with love and light.