Friday, February 6, 2015

Boston Bombings and Trials (Short Q & A)

I have received a lot of inquiries about this, so I will list the questions out in the following Q & A session.. 
Q. Dear Lynn, The trial for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev [which keeps getting delayed] is to start soon. How is he? Does he still have a strength to defend himself? 
A. I see he is eager to get this underway.  The thinking about this is far worse than the doing.. Regardless of his innocence (which he will not be able to plea), he is hoping that a deal will emerge.  It is inevitable that he will go to prison (he has accepted this fate), but is hoping to do it on non-US soil.  I see a begging on his part to get his attorneys to fight for this, but they feel hesitant to do so...

Q. Does he understand what's prepared for him? Does his attorney continue to train him? 
A. They have prepped him, and I get they do work with him.  I get they lack confidence though- like they know (in their minds) he is a convicted man, and even though they prep him, they don't believe he will get off (there is a lack of seriousness). I somehow feel like they know what the future holds for him (as if they have been told) before this trial even happens.

Q. How is his mother, his main supporter, doing? I feel sorry for him. Please, everyone, pray and send positive energy to him and his family.  
A. I see she is really taking this hard, and it is effecting her physically and mentally. I am stopping myself from going into this more as a glimpse is showing me these issues are very personal...

Q. All best friends of the Boston Marathon 'bomber' got ridiculously unfair judgments too. I'm heart broken imagining how these great guys got into this mess just for being best friends. Of course, the most innocent guy got the longest term in prison. 
A. I get that when his friends opened up (not ever thinking they would be arrested on the basis of association) and told the truth, the Powers at be didn't want to hear it, and didn't want them talking.  The best way to quiet them was to either have them killed, or arrested on the false premise of being an accomplice  They are being punished for coming forward and having conflicting statements and provable facts that contradict the "story."  His friends open up a line of questioning, and there are all ready "too many questions."

Q.  The guy who escaped from the group of 8 when that group chose these brothers for the crime - how is he? Did they got him into the jail too by now or he is still free? God bless him for his integrity either way!
A. As soon as I read this, I get he has been killed.  I see him in spirit form, but not in a physical form.  I also get a message about the "original 8" are soon to disappear as well.  It is like they kill each other, until the final few are left, and then someone comes in and takes care of them too.. [Then I hear, Seal Team 6?]

This is such a dark topic (and the energy is SO heavy).  After reading this I would encourage everyone to take a few breaths and cleanse themselves of the negativity (I know I needed to) and really focus on the sharing and spreading of positive energy. Love and light-

I have done several over readings on this topic.  You may be interested in viewing them as well. I included them to make the reference easier to find.


Blimpy Peach said...

I just cannot believe that this happens. My heart really goes out to them. It's disgusting how cheap life is to the powers that be!

susan said...


Thanks for your work! Just wondering who is behind these activities? I know the CIA carrying out the actions or plans the activities but who tells the CIA or intelligence agencies to create these types of activities...... to create a fearful society. Is it the USA government, aliens or power world money people?

What will happen to this young man? Can you see into the future or his future at this present moment to see his future now. I know the future is fluid but at this moment......are you able to see what will happen?

And how do the people of Boston feel about this young man.....guilty or innocent? Will the people of Boston be able to influence this trial as they may have more insight into the matter because it is their area, people and the issue has more relevance to them.

Thanks as always for your work! Stay well......!

Marc Switch said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you please kindly do a reading regarding the Mamasapano clash
which killed around 44 elite police force and allegedly a US soldier, do you see the US military have direct intervention on this? and that they really have killed the terrorist? and whats really their intention on going the said area

My heart goes to the fallen men on both side, may the light shine on them

Thank you

Love and Light,


Resident of town outside of Boston said...

@Susan-- I live and work just across the river from Boston. Unfortunately, many of the people here assume JT is guilty. In fact, a number of well-educated people here mistakenly assume that the purpose of the trial is to decide whether he gets life in prison or the death penalty. They seem to take for granted that he is already guilty.

JT's defense team asked, on 3 separate occasions, for the trial to be moved to another state, certain that JT will not get a fair trial in Boston. But the judge is adamant that Bostonions can set aside their views, keep an open mind, and disregard any preconceived notions they may have. OY.

Nearly 1300 potential jurors have completed questionnaires. 68% said they believe he is guilty. The judge and attorneys have been questioning each potential juror (who passed the questionnaire level) for a few weeks now (give or take a few snow days) and still haven't found 12 people and 6 alternates to serve on the jury.

I don't think he will even have a jury of peers. Most people with circumstances similar to his (low income, immigrant status) will probably not serve in the jury. Jurors are only paid $40.00 per day (about $5.00 an hour). People with moderate incomes cannot afford to serve on a lengthy trial. It would prove too much of a hardship.

He looks so sad, and sometimes lost and dazed. I wonder if he has even told his defense team the truth. I have a feeling he has not. Like Lynne said-- he may just be accepting his fate. Even if he did tell the truth, who would believe him? Would his defense team be willing to assert the truth-- if it meant infuriating the powers that be? Probably not.... But that's just my opinion.

Lynne-- what do you think? How will the defense attorneys present his case?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Resident: I get that he will plea some kind of guilt (like a deal), but I don't see him being allowed to plea innocence (like it would get him killed..). I get regardless of what the defense team knows, they won't be able to speak of it (regarding crisis actors, true whereabouts, friend statements etc..)

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Hi Lynn. Thank you for your response. Regarding the manhunt in Watertown-- can you tell who the man was that the police forced to strip nude? After forcing him to do that, they put him in a squad car. Was that Tamerlin? Do you know what happened to him? The aunt of the brothers insists the nude man was Tamerlin. Do you know what happened to the nude man after he was put in the squad car? If it was Tamerlin, then how did he really die? Thank you for revisiting this topic. I cannot stop thinking about it all.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Well... You were right, Lynn. The defense didnt even try to defend him. Her opening statement began with, "It was him." Now the discussion all over the Boston area is focussed on dropping the trial and going right to sentencing. I don't know.... I guess I was hoping you were wrong....

Freddy Jose Morillo Aguirre said...

This is so dark and i feel so sad for him catn stop picturing his face in my mind (sorry for my poor english im from venezuela)