Sunday, February 15, 2015

All About the Face..

Q. Hi Lynn, In Chinese physiognomy they study faces.  Is our physical look affected by our energy / vibration? (For example, some people have frizzy hair while another may have straight hair, or someone can have a round face versus someone with a square face).
A. I do see that a persons energy can effect our facial features, but I don't see the energy creating brown vs blue eyes, or round versus square face, but rather the symmetry of features (where is the nose in relation to the mouth, spacing of eyes, what horizontal plane to the eyes reside in relation to the ears, etc).  It is the feature itself that tells a story, but rather how the features are positioned in relation to each other.

Q. Can these physical traits be altered somewhat? If yes, how? Thanks
A.  I see that it is rare, but a person (by changing vibrations) can have subtle alterations to the positioning of physical traits on their face.  I get an image of someone being studied.  The person then leaves to go on a spiritual retreat (this is the image my mind is showing me) for a few weeks, and when they meet again and are studied.  The eyes are the same, the shape of the mouth is the same, but yet something is off- At a closer look the positioning of the eyes (the space between them narrowed) is off, and even the slightest variation can make a person seem and feel very different.  Then it comes to me that the position of the eyes (not the eyes themselves) are the "key to the puzzle."

Q. Do people with similar spiritual vibrational level have similar faces eg. certain skull shapes or facial angle etc
A.  I get it isn't about the face as much as it is about the eyes.  There is some significance to the position of the eye and also the iris print (??).  It is coming to me that every print is unique, but there is some kind of common factor.  I see someone reading an iris print much like the circular astrology chart.. It looks like the dots or imperfections within the iris (??) are being analyzed and read.  I don't see exactly how this is done, but there looks to be some significant studies and people are working on perfecting this...?

Q.. How do we determine whether someone is spiritually advanced or spiritually low just by looking at their face?
A. You have to look into their eyes.  Unless you have studied "eye prints" it is hard to determine, but more than anything you can "feel" it.  Your subconscious will know, you just need to listen to it.

Q.  Do our faces change drastically or remain almost the same from our immediate past life?
A.  Faces change drastically from incarnation to incarnation.  You may be caucasian, indian, asian or even an animal.  There is no "same face" that carries with you.  What I get does remain the same is your iris print.  Regardless of the being, you will have the same iris print (I am referring to the imperfections or markings NOT the color or shape of the eye itself).  

I am left with hearing the phrase that "the eyes truly are the windows to the soul."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Baku Matsumoto said...

I love this article! The eyes are one of the rare part an individual can move freely based on his intentions, unlike ears.

The notion of "Reading Iris point" is very common in East Asia.

Hannon said...

This puts some old world wisdom behind Pinocho's nose growing :)

Juli T said...

I don't know how to translate the name to English, but there are several doctors here in Argentina that study the iris, and looking into it they can tell you about other health issues you may have and give you homeopathic remedies according to it. It's like going to a regular homeopath, not a very strange thing to do.
It's 'iriologĂ­a' in Spanish.

Juli T said...

Something like this

Waityurturn said...

Hi PF. Did you watch the" I Origins " movie? If not please watch it. The movie is about this subject.

Another question is you mentioned someone going on a spiritual retreat and when they comeback their eyes narrowed. Does this happened when someone is vibrating at a higher frequency?

Anonymous said...

So if our faces change in each incarnation does that mean after death I can manifest as a different person that I have lived in previous lives or possibly as an animal?

siketa said...

Lynn, do we always reincarnate in linear "future" time or can we jump back to experience life in the "past"?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku and Juli T: I didn’t realize people did iris readings.. Interesting!

@Hannon: I hadn’t thought of that, but that is a good point!

@Waityurturn: I have not seen it. Thank you for the suggestion. I didn’t get the exact position, but I did get the more narrow the more spiritually capable..??

@Charlie: Yes, that is what I saw.

@skieta: Time is relative- like a book, you can jump to any chapter but as humans we see it linear.

Ryno said...

What can you tell about us eye color? Does it have any significance or is it simply do to the random genes from your parents? Could it be brown eyes are from a certain race where say blue are from another or something like that? Lastly, do we always have the same eye color in our reincarnations?

A Man Called Da-da said...

The Chinese studied Da-da's face and suggested he wrap it in bandages as soon as possible.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ryno: Eye color is rooted with the dominant ET DNA you carry. You don't always have the same eye color, but you do have the same iris pattern.

@Dada: LOL

Waityurturn said...

Psychic focus would it be too crazy to do a reading on which color came from what ET? Like I have green and brown eyes mixed. Does that mean I have 2 different ET genes in me?

Bee E-lightened said...

genetic deviant

Hannon said...

@ Waityurturn
That's a cool idea. My eyes change colors from grey, hazel, blue and green, especially depending on the color of clothing I wear, and the very outside edge of my iris is very dark almost black. Nobody ever notices except when eye color comes up in conversation and they look, then say they're kind of weird.

Alex said...

Thanks for the reading.

I am a bit confused here. Do you mean the distance between the two eyes narrowed?

So does that mean that a person with broad distance between the two eyes are new/babies on the spiritual evolution scale?

How about the distance between the eyes and top of the head. Does a bigger distance denote higher intelligence?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Everyone: I wasn't able to see which race makes what combination of eye color (I too think it would be a cool reading if I could get that clarity). I will meditate on it, and if I am able to get some clearer images- I will post them. I did get that we have even evolved with eye color- we used to have other combinations as well that included pink and lavender, but those have already bread out...

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: Every position of a facial feature has some meaning. I didn't focus as much on the intelligence as I did on the spiritual aspect of the being. Distance between the eyes looks to be associated with the spiritual advancement of the person.

Wandering Curiosity said...

How fascinating and what a cool reading!
What about moles on the face? There is a belief that certain moles positioned at certain parts of the face can either be good / bad etc.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Wandering: I get sometimes they can tell a story (past life events). So can various scars. It isn't a good or bad thing, more like information.

JJ said...

In terms of re-icarnating as another animal (after a being a human.)... is this what happened to this pig that was born in China with human like features and body?