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Transcendental Meditation, Cameron Day, Gaia Transformation and MEDITATION

Q. My question is two fold: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is he a charlatan or someone who genuinely brought something valuable to the world in the shape of TM (Transcendental Meditation)Secondly, if TM is such a valuable tool, why is it rendered relatively inaccessible by the high price usually charged for induction?
A. I get that Maharishi Mahesh really was an enlightened individual.  The meditation techniques that he developed during his contact with his higher self were valuable and effective for those that practiced and applied them to their lives.

Then I ask myself Why it is so expensive to learn this techniques? and a couple answers pull forward.  The first I get is that the technique is relatively easy.  You don't need special skills or tools to do it, just a belief in yourself that it will work and the discipline to do it.  From this Yogi's perspective, I get that he feels that if he charges for this technique it makes it "feel" more valuable than to show people this technique and tell them how powerful it is.  Associating money to it gives it a different "feel."

Then I am shown this example that someone goes to a dollar store and buys a pair of socks- they feel "indifferent" to the fact that they have a new pair of socks.  Then that same person receives the same pair of socks from a high-end store in a pretty box with a big bow- they are ecstatic.  Same socks, different delivery (different emotional value and different feeling of worth).

I also get that when this Yogi began to share the knowledge (and tied tangible value to it), he got a taste for making money.  It was not his driving force, but it helped (as a motivator) as he went through the process.  At first he was compensating for the time and energy it took to present these techniques, and then he realized he could make money (and a lot of it). Money was not his goal or focus, but it did become a factor later.

Q. Dear Lynn, Do you feel that Cameron Day is truly a highly evolved being? How could he know or "remember" all the information if it is true?  Do you feel what was written on this article about the deceptive and corrupt layer involving what we have commonly called the arch-angels (such as arch-angel Michael), angels, the lord of Karma, etc. that prevent humans from reaching to the true Divine Source/Energy is accurate? If that is true, then we humans only have us - our Higher-Self and the Divine Source to "rely upon"?

A. (First, I want to say very thought provoking article!).  When I focus on this article and Cameron Day, the word "evolved" isn't what I want to say, but rather the term "in tune with the Universe."  I get the impression that he means well (I feel a genuine compassion in his words), but he is somehow missing parts of the message he is receiving.  I see that the message being sent is one of accountability and empowerment within ones self- and we have the tools to have the life we want (like the Law of Attraction)- his focus is on that aspect (focus on the individual) and falls short of the beautiful energy that is abundantly there. I get that some of what is discussed is true, but the negativity (disbelief) directed at light-workers or absence of positive ETs (or true guardians) does not resonate with me.  There are beings that exist on a much higher vibration than what we as humans do within our physical human body- and those beings do want to help us, and when called upon they (and it is in our greater good) will help to provide insight.  They don't take control, but rather give us gentle nudges in what would be our best interest if we chose to listen.

There is also darkness out there as well.  The universe is about balance, so all high vibrations have an equally matched lower vibration.  Staying and maintaining that high frequency keeps you stay in alignment with other higher frequency beings.

The message of relying on only yourself is a (semi) good message, but feels incomplete.  It promotes self-esteem and an inner strength, but it also creates a sense of loneliness that can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Many people have had experiences with higher beings (via guides, angels, guardians or even ETs [I feel it is a different name used to describe a similar energy]) that support their existence.

Q. Hi Lynn. There is a group of people worldwide who suffer very intense physical and emotional symptoms which hit them spontaneously, for a few hours to a few days. Doctors have no answers or cures for them. Many of these folks believe they are "forerunners" or "first wavers", helping Gaia to transform. What do you make of this? Are these folks truly on a divine mission? Thanks for your input.

A. I see waves of energy blow over people, and it hits some people resulting in rather intense side effects.  The most common effect (coming to me) is exhaustion.  I see someone standing and from no where a wave of energy envelopes them and just takes everything from them to where they feel they cannot stand or take a step.  For sensitive people, or people in the process of ascending to the next spiritual level, it can be startling how fast this overcomes you.

What I see happening (and I see a tuning fork to better explain this) is their vibration is actually changing .  The frequency that you are operating in changes, and can leave you with physical, emotional or even sensory feelings that are difficult to explain.  

Making sure you get adequate rest is essential in working through this process (I see every system in your body needing to realign).  I also see soaking in a salt water bath (Epsom or sea salt) can be helpful too. I see both (working in different ways) help to balance the body and systems out during this process. 

Q. Can you talk about meditation?  How do you do it?  What are the benefits?  Where do you begin if you can't "quiet" your mind? How do you overcome frustration? [This answer is drawn from person experience, experiences with others and intuitive impressions.]

A. I first want to say there is no wrong way to meditate, the important thing is that you try.  If you find a way that works for you, brings you inner peace and allows you to gain perspective- do it.  I also want to say that you may be able to improve your technique to be more effective.  (I hear the message "there is always room for improvement.").  

Why is meditating important? 
A.  I asked myself this while I was meditating, and I was shown that we all naturally want to maintain an elevated vibration (I visualized a person floating upward automatically).  It feels good and this higher vibration is the frequency in which we do our best.  What happens is as we go through life things "attach" to us (essential "pull us down" and may be where this phrase comes from?).  It could be negative comments, outside influences, negativity that others have attracted that overflows onto you, etc.  In my meditation this "stuff" was referred to as "noise."  This "noise" vibrates at a lower frequency, so when it attaches to you it brings down your naturally higher vibration and makes you feel bad because you aren't operating at the frequency that you do your best.  When you meditate you are in tune with your true self (absence the noise), and when you do  so it allows you to shed the negativity and start to operate at your higher frequency (you begin to float back up).  Depending on how much "noise" you are carrying, it could take several meditations, but have the intent (or faith) that it will go away, and it will.  

How do I ask a question?  How do I tune in on what I want to know?
Before you begin, set your intention.  You can think about this for a few minutes or even ponder something all day.  Have in your mind what you want to know before you begin to meditate, and then expect that you will find your answers.    

How do you begin to meditate?  
A.  There are a few ways.  There are guided techniques where someone talks you through the experience.  These can be in person, or via a recording (YouTube is a great resource or free meditations).  You listen to the words as they are spoken, and go from there.  You will be instructed to relax each part of your body, and focus on how relaxed you are (use the focus on your body to forget the environment around you).  From there you allow random thoughts to enter your mind.  The thoughts may give you answers, or allow you subconscious to enjoy the freedom of free flow so an answer can come to you later.

After you have this experience you may want to meditate on your own.  You mimic the technique that you learned during a guided session, and repeat it.  You may even learn with experience to modify your technique to what works for you.  You may want a deep meditation that relaxes your entire body, in which case you go through the entire experience, or you may just need to clear your mind for a moment and you mentally clear your thoughts for a few minutes (I refer to this as a mini meditation) to allow you subconscious a moment to peek through.

How do you quiet your mind and get in that zone?  What if you can't focus?
A.  There are things you can do to help with this.  I will break down some of them: 
Environment:  Try to get to the quietest place possible.  Environmental sounds can be hard to shut out if you are easily distracted.

  • Music:  Some people use music as a way to distract their mind from other thoughts or worries.  Focus intently on the sounds, the beat, the feeling etc.  You may have to play with what music you use, but it can be very helpful.
  • Position:  Experiment with sitting and laying down.  You want to be comfortable and not in pain.  If you are distracted by back pain or pins/needles from your body falling asleep, it is hard to ignore.  
  • Location:  Go where you feel good.  It may be your yard, a park, beach or bath.  The important thing is that you are able to relax.
  • Smells: Some people respond well to different smells.  Candles, oils or herbs can offer the mental focus (and sometimes stimulation) that allows to you to get in the right mental place.
  • Visualizations:  If you focus on an image (water, moon, sun, sky) in your mind or even a color, that allows you to distract from outside thoughts.  
  • Start small:  If a full out meditation is too much, start with small meditations.  Drive with the radio off or stand quietly in the shower.  Allow you mind to freely think...
Most importantly, if you lose focus (for example you start to think of your grocery list or the laundry) refocus, and try to resume where you left off.  Don't give up.  You can do this!

How do you overcome frustrations with meditation (or frustrations in getting your answers)? 
The main thing is to be patient.  Anxiousness to get an answer can even effect your meditation- let things flow and don't focus on the answer- it will come in time.  You may not get your answer instantly- often you will get it the next day unexpectedly.  You will have clarity or inspiration from what feels like nowhere.  Allow things to process, and it will come to you. 

Don't give up!  You may only be able to go for a few minutes before you find yourself distracted.  Meditation is a mental exercise, and you do get better with practice.  Repetition is your friend!

[I also encourage anyone with advice to leave a comment and let this serve as a way to share different methods.  There is so much on this topic, and I just touched on the main things that came to me.]

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Camryn Villarruel said...

Thank you. This info is very helpful. Im still learning to quiet my mind. And sonetimes I do give up instead of trying. Blessings

Baku Matsumoto said...

when you focus /meditate hard enough, sometimes the answer comes up into your dream.....

Raymond G said...

What can you do to 'hold' a meditation ? Many times when I meditate I have a vision, very briefly. I might see people I don't know, a location or most recently; burning buildings.

But it only lasts 2 or 3 seconds.

How can I learn to hold the vision longer so I can get more from the experience ?

Alpha X said...

@Raymond: I am not the most qualified person to answer your question but I would suggest to think of those visions like you would a falling leaf or feather that you want to catch. The more force that you put into moving into position to catch it, the more you move it away from your hand. If you put your hand out and be still, the feather or leaf may float down onto your hand directly. So, if you wan't to maintain these visions, try not to focus on them very intently; let them pass and stay relaxed. If they are important, they will remain or come again.

I haven't meditated very much but my biggest hurdle is being too analytical and trying to process things too much in a direct conscious manner. You have to learn to relax and not think too much about something as it's coming to you; leave the thinking for later.

Alpha X said...

I wanted to mention to anyone reading that if you don't have prior experience with meditation you might be better off not focusing on a question at all for your first few times and just try getting comfortable with meditating in general because the question may undermine your ability to relax and let your consciousness flow. If you can get comfortable with general meditation, then you can start to ask questions, I find.

The important thing is not to be too focused or attached to finding an answer to your question then and there. Relax, enjoy the experience, and in time, the answers will come.

Lawson English said...

The story goes that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (MMY) started his meditation school as an homage to his teacher back in 1957 with the support of some of wealthiest people in India. He taught meditation for free in quite a few countries and found that, in the West, by the time he returned to a specific place he'd visited a year before, eveyrone had moved on, so he asked what would inspire people to dedicate more time to what he was teaching them, and he was told that money was a great motivator in teh West: if you pay, people automatically think it is worth something. So... he started charging money up front, rather than asking for donations.

Over time, as MMY developed and continued to refine a TM teacher training course, fees were geared to help make "meditation teacher" a profession in the Western sense of the word.

Towards the end of his life, MMY decided that he needed to entice the wealthy to learn as they set the trends and fashions of Society and "the rich don't shop at poor stores." Around that time, David Lynch founded his organization to accept donations from said wealthy people and teach TM for free--at first to school students--and later to many other groups.

After MMY died, the price of TM gradually was lowered in order to find a good balance between the needs of keeping the national and international organizations going, and paying for the rent of the local TM teachers. At the same time, the activities of the David Lynch Foundation became more prominent, and this brings us to the beginning of 2015, where in the USA, TM costs $960 for adults and $360 for students, but TM centers can offer grants and scholarships to make it more affordable to non-wealthy people. TM teachers, regardless of what their students pay, get a fixed fee that covers all their expenses (including rent--home and TM center--food, etc.). The DLF has managed to teach TM for free to about 500,000 people in the past 9 years.

This model, and variations, has managed to keep TM going in perhaps 100 countries around the world, and 5 million people, all told, have learned TM since 1957.

That is about to change. Since the DLF teaches hundreds or even thousands of people TM for free in a single school, or organization, such as entire Indian tribes on a single reservation, it is possible to look at public statistics and evaluate the before/after effects without the expense of conducting formal scientific research.

Based on these large-scale "anecdotes" national governments are getting into the act.

Based on the evidence of TM's effects on thousands of students in schools in the USA, and 30,000 students in schools in Peru alone, the government of Peru wants to have 500-1,000 school teachers receive training as TM teachers so that the government can conduct formal large-scale studies involving 1/4 million students taught in a single year--for free--by TM teachers working directly for the Peruvian government, not the TM organization.

Not to be outdone, the government of Brazil wants to have 48,000 people trained as TM teachers--one for each public school--so that all 45 MILLION public school students can learn TM for free.

The David Lynch Foundation now projects that by the end of 2018, 10 million people will have learned TM for free, taught by government employees, rather than TM teachers working for the TM organization.

That is in addition to whatever the TM centers and the DLF itself can do.

Here's links to some of the TM projects that have caught the public eye of national governments:

Craig said...

On meditation, I'd like to add that one of the biggest hurdles is staying in the mediation, not getting distracted.

Don't get down on yourself for straying, just notice when it happens and sort of mentally "push" the intruding thought to the side, telling yourself that you can get back to that after the meditation. Or if it is something that you just have to do, then do it and then meditate.

I've been meditation almost every day since 1990 and it definitely helps you. By now I can pretty much meditate with even any annoying noises around, tuning it out.

I also have been producing "Sacred Sound" meditation music for a long time.

If anyone needs some free music to try to meditate with, I have some you can either listen to online, or download free at Soundclick (Craig Howell).

There are 5 songs there about 3-4 minutes each. That should be long enough to get you started. These are trancy, ambient soundscapes meant to assist a person into the alpha state (conscious meditation). If you like one please use it.

Namaste' my friends

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: That is so true! It can come in a variety of ways, just be open and pay attention.

@Raymond and AlphaX: I agree with Alpha.. You have to learn to relax and let the thoughts flow. When you change from the relaxed state of mind and start to focus, the image I have is that your level of consciousness does a “flip” (ratio of subconscious versus conscious activity) and it also changes the hertz in which your brain is operating… You are on the right track, just practice the “not focusing” part and allow it to flow for you (like looking at a magic eye book).

@Alpha: Thank you. That is good advice. Learn to relax without the pressure of answers. I best describe the feeling as a daydream state.

@Lawson English: Thank you so much for sharing the history on this. I had not heard any of this and you explained it very well. I appreciate it!

@Craig: Thank you so much for sharing!!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Craig: I wanted to mention I went to your site. This is really great!!!

YourPsychicFocus said...

I received the following email with some meditation advice. I wanted to share it with you:

My meditation this morning got stuck to your request of sharing different methods, so I wrote a bit down.

Beginners, whose mind can be even very crude, is better to concentrate on subtle idea,
rather than crude objects; such as any physical thing, or message seeking or so on.

This subtle idea could be universal (divine, cosmic) love. It is the expression and inner spirit of consciousness and creation.
This love is a pleasant idea to concentrate on. It creates devotion, which is helpful in keeping one in the spiritual path.
It also makes one more loving in daily life.

We are not only physical and mental (and economic) beings but also spiritual, so we should spend a bit time
with that also. Without any expectations the cosmic consciousness surely provides inspiration,
guidance and even answers through meditation. The ideal motivation for ones meditation is to listen the
all embracing consciousness and to serve the universe.

'The universal love which has remained suppressed in the human mind is bound to express itself one day.
That day is not very far away. When love awakens those sleeping souls, then true human beings will emerge.
In order to turn personified love into universal love one must color the molecules and atoms of this
dusty earth with one's love. A person who has developed universal love will be able to do very great work.'

These quotes were from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Send by Didi Annapurna, yoga and meditation teacher.

Golf Life and Style said...

I learnt meditation from Thai Buddhist monk in a group, and they taught us to relax, don't try too hard. If the mind wanders too much, we can softly open the eyes slightly, if we are sleepy, we can rest within yourself.

For me, when I meditate, I get into the "zone" easier when i "doze" off and wakes up in a semi relax state ( without opening my eyes). I do see brightness within and feel quite light ( a bit floating ).

Recently I began to zone in by listening to my inner sound ( high pitch eeee sound when you listen to yourself ) - to focus within...

Pls give me your views on this whether I am on track. And I Hope to meditate more often....getting distracted..

Kiranasa said...

Those people who are affected by the waves of energy, are the ones who are the CANDIDATES to become 4D people living on 4D Earth, because their vibrations and DNA are changing to MATCH the vibration of 4D Earth.
Adding sea salt to one's diet, helps a lot.

lp said...

Thanks for your quick answer Lynn, on the energies hitting some people so hard. Really hit home for me personally, since I do all you suggested to alleviate symptoms, as well as essential oils and cell salts which are also very helpful.

As to whether or not we who go thru this are "gridworkers" assisting Gaia transmute energies was not clear to me in your answer. Just wanted your unique take on this is possible.

Thanks a lot, and take care.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Golf Life: Thank you for the advice. One thing I didn't mention is I learned (depending on the type of meditation) I leave me eyes open. Someone suggested that to me a few years ago, and it worked really well. I pick something to fixate on, and almost look through the object.

@Ip: I see these people as the first spiritually awaken. They are more sensitive to the energetic changes, and the symptoms are ones of adjusting. I don't see they are helping Gaia, but rather going through this transformation With Gaia..

They Live said...

Here is a great reading explaining the "Forerunners" and the process they find themselves in

They Live said...

I've haven't meditated before at least not intentionally, but I feel that it's always good to say a prayer to the Most High to protect you and surround you with high vibrations and love when doing these exercises.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@They Live: Thank you for the comments. Yes, surrounding yourself with love, light and positivity is a great way to enter a meditation.

Dante said...

What are your thoughts on Hidden Hand ("self-proclaimed Illuminati insider") and the information he/she provided:

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You!

Lilian said...

Is reciting mantra consider a meditation?

When I tried the sitting position, my mind will wander away on its own!

When I tried the lying down position, I will fall asleep.

Helas, I guess that I'm not ready for meditation in this life. I can't even listen to quiet music, let alone meditate!

Waityurturn said...

Lynn, what do you see about reiki. Is it real?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dante: I need to read this and get back with you. :-)

@Lilian: I don't see mantras alone being a meditation, but they can put you in a meditative state. Any tool (sounds, music, even listening to your breath or heartbeat) can be helpful. IT is great that you found a way to connect with your inner self, and I encourage you to continue to do it. :-) xoxo

@Waityurturn: Reiki is very real. The person receiving has to be open to it, but when both people are open and accepting, it is a beautiful thing.

Admin said...

Lynn, do you enjoy meditating? Do people normally enjoy it or do they just do it because of the benefits? I myself have ringing in my ear when I try to ask question from spirit guides( while not meditating) so I have to meditate so I can hear what they are saying clearly, but I really don't want to meditate. I can't even make myself meditate just once. I used to meditate before and I used to like it but now I don't.
Is anyone else lis ike this?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I do like doing it, but I think you have to find the right time of day, and make it part of your routine. Sometimes I will do it the "traditional way" and sit and meditate. I actually like it more when I am standing still in a shower, or sometimes when I am outside walking. You don't have to do it a specific way, but the goal is to give your mind an opportunity to connect to your subconscious and higher self. If you combine this with another activity (such as walking outside), the distraction of movement can serve the conscious mind while you quiet your thoughts to look inward. :-) Hugs-