Sunday, January 25, 2015

Q & A XLIV: Real or Not Real [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, is Lobsang T. Rampa a Tibetan monk that died during the war but came back immediately by taking over the body of Cyril Hoskins who (through a soul agreement) agreed to this (as Cyril was going to "leave" soon anyway.) Or was Cyril Hoskins just a liar who told everyone he was a different person all of a sudden; a Tibetan monk named Lobsang. From then on he wrote 18 books on metaphysical and spiritual matters they were 100% true. "Where" is he now?
A.  I see that Lobsang and Hoskins were in the same "spiritual" place at the same time (as if they both died or were in the state of dying and their souls "met.")  It looks like some communication happened in which Lobsang told Hoskins that his time on earth wasn't done while in the spiritual state of being, and Hoskins came back to his physical body (I get that Hoskins was actually dead for a short time).  When Hoskins came back, he was not Lobsang, but he was able to channel Lobsang (as if Lobsang hung around as a guide or spiritual inspiration- I get they "talked").  Hoskins was Lobsangs "tool" used to spread knowledge and insight that Lobsang gained "on the other side."

Q. Hi Lynn not related so much to this at first sight, but maybe you want to answer it now or later: What does this magnetic anomaly represent which NASA discovered back in 2005 in the minor lake Titicaca, Peru? (the area I refer to is encircled by a black oval, and the image from NASA showing the anomaly appears on the right side of the map.) Thank You!
A.  I get there is very unique stone there- it almost feels like this stone contains an element not commonly (if ever) found on earth.  I keep getting images of a liquid magnet (like this stone was caused out of something liquefying and then hardening as it sat on the bottom of the lake bed).  When I pose how that happened?, I see a UFO in flames (as if it exploded) during some kind of space battle many thousands of years ago, and falling to earth...??

Q. Hi Lynn. Have you seen this video? Is it real? What do you think it is happening?
A. I do see that guiding forces can come into people lives to prevent them from leaving earth before they are ready, but I get this is not a "true" video showing that.  

I see guiding forces nudging you to go in different directions for reasons you may not understand at the time.  For example, in a real situation this man may have crossed the street in a different direction or had a reason to stop his bike... A guide works in mysterious ways.  

I do get that people can be put in situations that they should "die" but remain unharmed- For example, this man could have been hit, flew off his bike and remain unharmed (as if an energetic bubble of protection surrounded him), but to be swiped away doesn't have a "true feeling" to it..

Q  Hi, Lynn. Are the unusual objects shown in this short video real discoveries by noted Egyptologist Sir William Petrie of Ancient Egyptian contact with extraterrestrials?
A.  Something about this feels off.  I do see that these artifacts represent interactions with ETs, but the dating of the elements found doesn't "feel" to match the time frame in which I see these interactions took place.  I want to date the physical interactions back thousands of years, and I get in looking at many of his findings they are only hundreds of years old.  I do think he found things that tell a story, but the story feels rewritten.  For example, I see a story of ET interactions carrying forward hundreds and hundreds of years to a person and what Sir Petrie found was that persons interpretation of the story that they documented.  The time frame is not authentic, but the story is...??

Q. Is the Mothman ( Chupacabra ( and the Dover Demon ( creatures from another planet?
A.  When I focus on this, I get a connection to this these being true entities, but I can't get a strong connection as to why (specifically) they presented themselves, or how they got here... I get they are drawn to low vibrations (areas of death, destruction, negativity) as if these locations are like a beacon, but then they leave as the negative energy dissipates.  They come, feed (literally) on the fear and panic, and when that fades they move on elsewhere.  I cannot get a lot of these creatures. (I think it is in my greater good not to "go there.")??

Q. Wow, thanks for your amazing work. My question is about the book "The Key" by the writer Whitley Strieber. In it, he claims while on a book tour in 1998 a man came to his hotel room in Canada and they had a long conversation about more or less everything. The man may have been Archangel Michael. Is the book an accurate portrayal of what happened or was Streiber the object of some deliberate, human psychological operation?

A. As I focus on this, I see a man sitting in a hotel room, and he is having a conversation with himself.  I get the impression that there is an energy or presence with him, but you cannot see it.  I see that this is a mental communication versus a verbal communication.  I get that Whitley could not "see" this entity with his eyes, but rather "saw" him in his mind very vividly- like how you would feel in a daydream. I do get that there was a spiritual interaction in which Whitley was in tune with something that was there, and not in a physical form.  I do not get it was an angel, but like a higher self/higher source type energy.  I feel his book and discussions of this experience are genuine and honest.

Q. Would you know when they plan on releasing these?  Link to YouTube:
Many thanks and blessings!
A.  I get these are in Beta testing now.  They will be live and ready to go (to enemy territories first) within the next 2 to 3 years.  

I am closing this reading for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Hannon said...

I just googled the key, and apparently some of it was censored at some point. Anybody interested may want to check which version they're coming across.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn, UFO researcher "Contacto-en-Los-Andes-Luis-Fernando-Mostajo-Maertens" (FB page) from La Paz said that he visited this drowned UFO in lake Titicaca and that there still are ETs living in it or next to it. Who Knows!? Whatsoever, intresting that you also sensed that this magnetic anomaly is somehow ET related! Thank You!

a2k said...

Hey this is interesting, I was trying to ask questions on the mothman and the pic in the article only to find both questions asked by someone as a single question! Regarding mothman, I had seen a documentary on Discovery. The documentary told us that it was seen by a large number of people before the fall of silver bridge in 1966. After the bridge collapsed leaving many died, mothman was never seen.
My question is that I read somewhere that mothman was actually a creature came from genetic experiments done covertly by group of secret US govt. scientists in underground facilities. They were constantly creating all sorts of creature by mixing DNA of human with animals and birds. Mothman was the one which eventually flew away from the prison at underground facility but was later captured and restored. Is it true?

Regarding the pic of a black draconian seen in the link of mothman on your blog, I have different info. I read somewhere that this pic was actually snapped by an avatari being called Ramaarjun, on the date none other than 9/11 shortly after WTC was blew away. The draconian was none other than vice-president Dick cheney who flew towards the WTC in his original draconian form to eat on the preys, shortly after he pushed the button of missile targeted towards the WTC from the underground control room located inside that official building!!! Sensational! Is it true?

Hannon said...

I'd like to know about that guy that allegedly shows up in random people's dreams who have never seen him before, as documented here:

I'm not even sure if this is true or not, but it sure has grabbed my attention

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: Thanks for the info!

@WatchandKnock: That is interesting!

@a2k: I see the Mothman more like a dark energy than a physical being. I got it manifested out of disaster and was fed by fear. The idea of the government trying to create a hybrid type being doesn’t sound off, but I am not sure it was tied to this specific “Mothman” that is talked of in legends…

I do get a darkness with Cheney, but I don’t see this as a morphed version of him. I see it as a dark entity that occasionally “slips” through into this physical layer of earth.

@Hannon: Very interesting! I think I will save this for its own reading.

masterz24 said...

Can you do a reading on Bobby Hemmitt?

a2k said...

Thanks PF! Now one more questions that wonders me is that, Do reptilians/draconians morph their forms into Human looking body and can they manifest into this dimension? or more directly Do reptilians/draconians live amongst us disguised in human forms?

SAaliyah said...

This is a really odd question to ask you, but it has been driving me nuts. It relates to genealogy. My 4th great grandparents (through my dad's maternal side) are pretty hard to figure out as I can't find out who their parents were. Their names were Fleming & Agnes and they lived in the Southeastern US (VA, KY). They were said to have been of Native American descent... Can you provide some insight into them if you can? Thank you! :)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@masterz: I will add that to my drafts. :-)

@a2k: Yes, I get they can morph, but more commonly they send messages to people and work through people (people are the instrument used to complete a task).

@SAaliyah: If you would like to set up a reading time please email me and I will do my best to help you. :-)

SF said...

@YourPsychicFocus I'm pretty young and I can't afford it so I can't do it right now. Maybe some time soon. Thank you so much for the offer though, as I eventually want to get through that brickwall lol. Anyway, thank you so much for what you do! You have a lovely gift and thank you so much for sharing it with us. :-)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@SF: Can you send me an email at

SF said...

Just emailed you!

They Live said...

Thank you! I forgot I asked that question lol (the last one you posted).