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Great Sphinx, Egyptians and Electric

Q.This woman says that the Great Sphinx in Egypt is a generator and inside of the Sphinx is a perpetual motion machine. She is Bulgarian and does not speak English. The youtube description is written in English that is hard to understand. Is what she is saying accurate? Does the Sphinx have a perpetual motion generator inside of it? If it does, what was the original intent of the generator if the ancient Egyptians did not have electricity?

A.   When I focus on Egypt, the Sphinx and the pyramids, I see that the Sphinx is location where knowledge was held.  I get a message about the shape and depiction of the Sphinx itself is somehow symbolic of "wisdom."  (I also keep seeing cat eyes or pupils as I relay this message).  I get more images of scrolls and tablets- and see there is a labyrinth of ways to get to the central location where the "wisdom" is held.  It plays out in my mind as an Indiana Jones movie in which the "wisdom" was held to both protect the "wisdom" and also protect the people from something they may not be able to handle.

Q. What information was held within the Sphinx and where did it come from?
A.  I get the Egyptians had a very sophisticated society, but they didn't start that way.  The land itself has a sacred feeling about it (portal? laylines? vortex?) that drew what Egyptians referred to as "Star People" to their location.  When the "Star People" arrived, they helped the humans (they were drawn to the beauty of humans??).  The "Star People" bread with the Egyptians, and I get the Egyptians looked at it with great honor.  They even had a term of this mating, and referred to it as being "Star Seeded" if you were impregnated by a "Star Being." The offspring were "Star Seeds" and treated as gods themselves.

During their interaction ideas regarding knowledge, technology and wisdom were shared with the humans.  This information along with information regarding ETs, etc is all buried within the Sphinx.  I also get that the concepts are intense such as how to travel on light waves or how to work through gravity versus against it.  It was told to the Egyptians to protect this knowledge because without guidance (from the ETs) this information could be destructive to those that possess it.  

Q.  Did the Egyptians have electric?
A. Regarding electric and power... When I focus on this I get that Egyptians did have power.  I first see the pyramids (all three lined up).  Visually they look very different than what we see now. On the top of each pyramid was a crystal stone that served as an entrance/exit point.  The sides were also shiny and flat (they don't look like the current day steps in my mind??)  I get this exterior shell was made out of a crushed sea shell type epoxy.

It looks like the pyramids were built in a strategic way in which they were able to extract electricity from the ground/air (like they built up static charge from some movement or static charge around it).  I keep seeing images of a river or stream, and feel that in ancient Egypt there was either some kind of water moving near the pyramids that created the electric charge or possibly flowed underground beneath the pyramid (I realize it is a dessert now??).  [Then out of NO WHERE I get an image of Tesla, and he is saying "That is what I have been trying to tell people- We do have the capability from pulling electricity out of what looks like nothing.  It is free, abundant and available to all." ??] 

Back to Egypt-  As I try to see how these pyramids work, I first see they pull in electrical charge and store it within the center of the pyramid like a battery. I see a very complicated system of gold tubing and pink colored stone- and it is very exact regarding how it is set up.  I get the impression that these pyramids make noise, or hum due to the vibrations tied to the electrically charged stone in internal workings (I hear the hum and I sense people feel the vibration in the nearby ground).  Sometimes the stored electrical charge would be so great that the electric would need to dissipate, and when that happened the charge erupted out the top of the pyramid like a reverse lightening bolt.  This discharge could be forced or involuntary depending on what what going on.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

When I was first starting this blog (a few years ago) I did a reading on this topic.  I didn't go very deep into it, but wanted to share the link for those of you that were interested.


Waityurturn said...

Hi Lynn thank you for your reading. Did the sphinx always look like the way it does now or was the face an animal face in the past? Also will the pyramids someday work again? And my final question is when (year) will the government disclose the existence of aliens and when will they visit?

wendy tascione said...

Hi Lynn,
I heard the Egyption were believed to be Cat People hence the sphinx. ALSO the reason it and every other alien race is kept quiet or not really acknowledged. Can you confirm?

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn, thank you for this post! I also heard Boriska (the russian indigo boy one iterviewed by Kerry Cassidy)refer to that plan hidden inside the Sphynx! I have a plus minus related question if I'm allowed! "Being one of the cradles of civilization, which age would you give the pyramids of Egypt? Are they as old as the buildings of the Tihuwanaco-Puma-Punku sites in Bolivia? The great mountain lake Titikaka which is pretty close to the Tiahuanaco site comprises a major underwater magnetic anomaly which frequently is linked to the origin of this civilization. What is your opinion? (here’s a localities sketch map with the approx. location of the magnetic anomaly (in red) )" Thanks!

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn.

You made a comment about water being used for conductivity. Several thousand years ago, the Nile River was much closer than it is now. It has changed course over the millennia.

If the scroll was you think it would be shared with everyone or do you think the Egyptians would keep it to themselves to retain the knowledge ? It would be a technological game changer for whoever possessed it.

That is the first time I have ever heard of it being carved in India. I wonder how it was floated here. That would be difficult to achieve today. I wonder if they could take a rock sample of the Sphinx and trace it to an area in India ?

Many thanks for the reading.

Blimpy Peach said...

It is very interesting as Australian Aboriginal people also refer to star people and there are apparently energy vortex pyramids throughout australia as well (but kept hidden by governments). Love the Egyptian stuff, it's mind boggling!

Mike Farley said...

Ive always felt the pyramids are much older than mainstream believes. This is merely only my intuitive observation but the pyramids are older than 12,500 BC.

Lynn, i cannot get a clear picture of the builders of the pyramids. Annunaki used to pop in my head for years but now i sense some interference and do not have a clue anymore as who built them?

There was a man who stayed the night in the pyramid Patrick Zeigler in 1980 and became initiated with wonderful healing gifts as it came to him in the form of a blue infinity shape of electricity/energy to his chest. he calls it a few names; sekhem,SKHM,Seichim and all love.
have you heard of this lynn?? I am a healer myself and have felt this energy and couldnt feel much of anything energetically. maybe the vibration is too high?? please let me know what you think as i know there are others branching off there own form of this for monetary gain. almost like the way reiki has hundreds of branches but most are legit. I was born with a healing ability and i have no idea what the energy is other than it has a feel of an earth energy type based from. there are many times it will feel blocked and not flow and tingle as much as other times when i feel like lightening is flying from my hands LOL i smile the whole time this happends because its wonderful when it is strong.
IM wy off topic. sorry. ill end it hear. I was only wondering what energy you feel myself channeling, also what you fel about the man patrick Zeigler and what his real story was in the pyramid since we are on the subject?
you are doing so great. thank your husband as much as possible because he had alot to do with bringing you out of that fearful shell you finally embraced! you are amazing and being an empath i most certainly can feel a persons heart. you have one amazing heart lynn same with your husband.

Raymond G said...

Lynn, In the link you provided from the earlier post about The Sphinx, you said it was built around 1230 BC because you saw an image of 12 30.

Do you think it could have been 12,300 or that it may have meant 1230 centuries ? Which would make it as old as 10000 BC or even 12300 BC ?

Just an idea.


Headintheclouds said...

Fascinating reading, Lynn! It has been discovered that the Great Pyramids were in fact covered with a layer of polished lime. Sea shells are made up of calcium carbonate (aka lime), so you’re spot on there. Also, the running water you’re referring to could be an aquifer. Aquifers carry ions (charged particles) and where you have moving ions, you also get a magnetic field. If there was an aquifer flowing near or under the Great Pyramids, well, then it could have carried a charge that could be collected inside of the pyramids (like a battery, as you say). The pink coloured stone could be some form of quartz and gold makes an excellent electrical conductor. I can only guess as to how all the pieces fit together. But perhaps from this information, you can make more sense of what you saw.

I believe that Tesla knew this information and tried to recreate this very configuration at Wardenclyffe. But sadly, his funding got cut when JP Morgan found out his true intentions of providing free electricity via the Wardenclyffe Tower. It’s sad to think that a man as great as Tesla, the father of modern electricity, is not more widely known. L&L.

Watchand Knock said...

secret collection of objects removed from a chamber of Gizeh Pyramid, represent evidence that ETs did participate in the building of the 3 big Egyptian pyramids!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Waityurturn: I kept seeing these “cat” images and felt like it used to look more like a cat, or a cat / human hybrid… I get the impression that one day they will work, but it is very far into the future. The government is slowly leaking things about ETs now to desensitize us when it is freely known- within the next 5 to 7 years I see it being made “official.”

@wendy: I see the biggest reason ETs aren’t acknowledged is because the governments and church will begin to lose control. It will question everything people know and have been told. People will feel lied to, and that is hard to come back from. It will also pose questions in people as to what else they have been lied to about.

@watchandknock: In a previous reading I got the numbers 12 30. I interpreted it as 1230 BC, but someone posed with it may have been 12300 BC. 1230 BC “felt” more right to me, but I cannot say because once I saw the numbers and confirmed it, things went blank.. I will say I do feel many similarities with the Tihuwanaco-Puma-Punku site you descrbied- like there is some energetic vortex or layline close.

@Raymond: That date is possible. I didn’t get a clear confirmation on anything once I acknowledged the number 1230. That is very interesting about the Nile- I hadn’t thought of that. I too would be curious to see what they would find of the rock samples. I do not see that knowledge being shared with anyone- I somehow feel like we can’t handle having that type of information (including the current Egyptians). It would take a very enlightened soul to put that knowledge to the use of the greater good.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Mike: Thank you so much for the kind words. I see all energy work coming from the sun/stars, moon and earth. I always visualize it coming in through the crown chakra, and exiting through the hands and feet. The type of healing people do or the way they go about it depends on 3 things: how they visualize the energy flowing (the intent is so important), how aligned / balanced their chakras are (if you are out of alignment or balance you will feel blockages as if the energy stutters within you) and what type of personal vibration you carry (what frequency you maintain determines what frequency you are able to receive). I see Patrick Zeigler getting some kind of energetic “boost” during his experience that increased his vibration and allowed him to experience healing on a higher level- this looks to not only be truthful, but beautiful.

I see in your situation that you do have healing power, but you experience the “stutter” sensation where it feels forced and not flowing- when this happens try meditating (even for a few days in a row) with a focus on aligning your chakras (I get yellow like you solar plexus is what gets out [watch out for emotions, stress, digestive issues]. I see it helping your natural healing flow.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Headintheclouds: Thanks so much for the comments and info. I appreciate it.

@Watchandknock: Thank you also for the great info. I think many will find it interesting!

LH said...


Lynn............YOU DO AMAZING WORK!!



Waityurturn said...

Did the sphinx look like a cat/cat/human hybrid because that is how the ET's that gave us the knowledge looked like? Can you tell what star system they came from?

Guru Grace said...

This reading came just in time, as i was just reignited my intrigue and passion in understanding that the pyramids were built by something much bigger than us and what our understanding of the world is.

In one of the links on your website to recommended reads, The Law Of One, the 6th density E.T race, Ra, identified that they were the ones who came to help the Egyptians build the pyramids to aid in the healing work needed to get humans to ascend to 4th density in the coming harvest, but of course it was hugely distorted by greed and power. I'm wondering if Lynn, or anyone else has read it and what are your thoughts?

There's much info in this credible channeled material that resonates.

luv said...

LH....i feel exactly how you do about Lynn! LYNN while we are speaking about pyramids I was wondering if making a small pyramid to sit under with wood or metal would help our bodys in any way. What would you recomend?

Artistsculptor1776 said...

Good afternoon Lynn-
I have heard an intuitive say that another sphynix is buried under the sands in Egypt. It is not far from the present one, and it is under the sands of a graveyard. Due to the politics of the area this would cause resistance in excavation.
What was most interesting was this, the new one is larger than the one above one. The new one is FEMALE. What say you on this?

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn but could you possibly tell us what the cause of the magnetiic anomaly inside the lake is? (

Blimpy Peach said...

Hi Lynn, is all the interfering we are doing with the pyramids, sphinx and raiding of tombs going to proof very detrimental on their return or are they aware of what we are doing? While I find it so fascinating to see everything in museums etc I still feel we have wrecked what we should never of touched

The Boookworm said...

I heard somewhere that it was the ETs who helped Moses liberated the Jewish slaves and that they were responsible for opening the Red Sea. Is some of this true? I'm also curious of the Ark of the Covenant. Why do I have the feeling it contains ET technology and whomever gave that to Moses, told him to guard it.

loralei5551 said...

I've always wondered about what the Egyptian government actually knows is buried within the Sphinx. Edgar Cayce said that all kinds of instrumentation, etc, is inside one of the paws. Certainly someone would have done high-tech imaging on the Sphinx by now. So what do you pick up that is in the Sphinx and has the government tried to excavate any of it? If not, what are they waiting for? Also people might find it interesting to read John Anthony West's geological discoveries about the Sphinx, which include obvious water erosion from high waters. It's a touchy subject because Muslim Egyptologists believe what the Koran says about God creating the world somewhere around 5000 BC, so they cannot entertain that the Sphinx could be older than that, despite the evidence. The last time that part of the world was under water was indeed longer than 5000 BC!

a2k said...

Dear PF what's your take on the following facts related to pyramids, I read somewhere:-

1) Pyramids were constructed by dark forces which controlled this part of galaxy.

2) Pyramids served multiple purposes to them.

3) The great Pyramid was constructed exactly at the centre of our world.Further pyramids pointed to specific planets of the dark forces where they resided.This served two purposes. Firstly, It acted as a beacon from outer space to land their ships and then it could be used to reach to certain planets from earth.

4) Pyramids also felicitated as energy generators.Energy was derived using some machines that ran with the help of water from nearby Nile river.

5) Our whole of earth, is connected by a system of pyramids spread across the globe. During dark age, this was used to create an electro-magnetic force screen so as to trap spirits leaving the body and trying to move away from the trap of dark ones.

6) At the paw of Sphinx, were hidden lots of technological & spiritual papers carried from advanced atlantian ages. This was protected from dark ones, as these technology can be suicidal to earth if fallen in wrong hands.

7) dark ones had a love for pyramids as it represented the basic premise of their social structure. The structure of pyramid states their social philosophy of " Few controls the many" As we move up the pyramid, the controllers become less and less so that ultimately it is one who will control all in their society.

8) After all the screen-traps are removed from the pyramids by the Light-forces from earth, these pyramids will be fitted with free energy generators and zero field equipments which will ensure, no weapon work on earth.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@LH: I think I will do a reading. I am kind of “mentally” working on it now.

@Waityurturn: Great question. I do see they resembled cats, but they look hairless. I cannot connect to where they are from- I just hear the term “star people” over and over.

@Guru: I have not read it, but it has come highly recommended to me (and my husband has read it).

@luv: I absolutely believe in the energetic power of pyramids. I even put one under my bed when I am sleeping. I prefer metallic shaped pyramids, but sitting under or having them in your proximity is a great help.

@Artistsculptor: I didn’t see that when I did the reading, but there feels like an element of truth to it. I will need to think about that and perhaps use it for a future reading.

@Watchandknock: I will save this for a future reading. Thank you.

@BlimpyPeach: I too feel like things shouldn’t be taken or destroyed- it feels disrespectful. I get the impression that ETs are not surprised by our human behavior though…

@Boookworm: I do feel there is truth in everything you stated. The technology in the Ark feels like some kind of powerhouse or machine made of gold- and yes, I see that did come from ETs.

@loralei: I get that somehow there is a protective energetic force guarding it that won’t allow an excavation (is this area ever rumored to be cursed if some force that is not in the greater good enters it?) The government won’t allow if for some fear (from the gods?) of being punished.

@a2k: Thank you for the info! Interesting.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Daniel Jackson of SG1 might of been right. Maybe SG1 tv show is more true that we realize.

Sure is interesting times we live in.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn, off topic.....from 27:00, he mentioned about new world currency sytem......what is your take on this?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Charlie: I haven't watched any of the shows, but with regard to a stargate- I see we do have them. I don't see them located right at the Sphinx, but the idea regarding existence is right on.

@Baku: I will save this and address it with a post I will do sometime this week. :-) Thank you.

They Live said...

In the book The Secret History of the World, Egyptologist R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz was the first to reveal to a wider public that the Sphinx might have been craved before 10,000 B.C. He pointed out the walls surrounding the monument show signs of water erosion that could not have been made after that time. According to the Secret History the Sphinx is a monument to the first time the Four Elements locked into place and matter became solid.

They Live said...

Thanks for this information, it fits with many other things I've read, felt, saw and observed. It's more pieces to the puzzle!

Johnny s. said...

This is so fascinating