Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Founding Fathers

Q. Happy Holidays Lynn,
I was wondering what the Founding Fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln ) think about our current situation in the U.S with our technological growth and referring to Jefferson: 'our continued entanglements in foreign affairs'. We seem to be further away from our core values, our debt is incredibly high.....I could go on. I wonder what they think of our current situation and the direction in which we are headed?

A.  There is really two sides to this- I see some things they are proud of, as well as things they find very troubling.  I will focus my intent on the things they are most proud of...  The first image I get is a map of the United States- I see a dotted line being made from the far south to the north (as if it is a mapped traveling path).  They look to feel good that we went from the original states to acquiring and unifying a huge country that we are "seemingly" in control of within the borders- no other countries are trying to take over our territory (at least by war or physical force).  In addition to the amount of land we have accumulated (the 48 connected states), our access and ability to roam / travel (with high efficiency) from one location to another far exceeds (in an impressive way) what they ever could have imagined.  

Some things that are disturbing are the freedoms we have willingly given up.  I see them calling us "frogs"- and making a reference to us giving up rights much like a frog boiling in water.  They are taking things from us slowly (like a frog gradually coming to a boil) and if we don't stop and wake up, our rights will be taken with little to no resistance.  There is definitely angry energy tied to this point.

They also find it strange that debates about guns are even happening.  They find it perplexing that EVERYONE doesn't have a gun of some kind.  Even if you don't use it, just to have it seems odd.  They just nod and feel speechless about this.

Something disappointing is that they laid out the plan for laws and the how government should be handled.  They even gave a checks a balances clause stating something about the government could be rebuilt if it failed to work for the people.  They mentioned that all we have done is add to government (and then they show me a box of bandaids) implying that instead of fixing the problems and things that weren't working, they have just added to the government and layered it (the government) like one bandaid fix after another.  

They also went on to show me images of the size of government, and then they make a gasping sound as they illustrate it.  I first see one building, then the building keeps growing, and it finally grows to where is consumes streets and eventually cities.  Then I hear, "How do we have this large of a government, and why do you have this large of a government?"  Then they say "What do you people do, invent things that need to be governed?" and then I hear laughing in a sarcastic way, but yet appalled.  They intended for people to govern themselves and the "government" was purely a guide- instead we let them tell us everything.  We have gone from having a voice to forced silence.

The last thing that I hear is "Why does the US not operate independently?"  I pause for a moment, and then I am shown that by now they expected the US to to maintain good relations with other countries, but NOT be involved in aspects of their daily life.  They said that the US doing so this out of ego and not the best interest of anyone.  Change in how people live has to come from the people and not forced from what another country feels is ideal.  By now the US should manufacture most of their products and grow much of their food.  You can barter with other countries, but don't allow yourself to be dependent- it just shows weakness.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. 


A Man Called Da-da said...

Voting for a ghost seems like a better idea than anyone living!

Nessie said...

Thank you Lynn for this wonderful reading!

I have always been curious to know what the founding fathers thought of current day America. It's not surprising that it's so far off from what their visions were and what is stated in the constitution.

A shame, but I do hope that one day things will move closer again to what our founding fathers intended and that it will resolve a lot of unrest and dissatisfaction in America.

Happy holidays Lynn and blessings

razi09 said...

Fabulous reading! I wish everyone in this nation worked toward every word of it. WE SET THE AGENDA. There is no reason why not. Thank you.

Hannon said...

Lol, I'm guessing it doesn't take clairvoyance for this one. We(myself included) have pissed away what they handed us.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Simply Fantastic, amazed!!

leslie Lucci said...

When will the general public wake up and band together to make lasting change?? How much worse do things need to be? Its clear that our current system is unsustainable in practically every way. I shudder to think what today's youth will have to endure if things don't improve.

The Boookworm said...

Are the Founding Fathers aware that the Illuminati is controlling the government? What do they think about that?

razi09 said...

Good question from the Bookworm. Not using it as an excuse, it's still our fault, but systematic sabatoge is somewhat a justified explanation. I suppose our founding fathers were such a fiesty bunch they can't imagine being in our position. However, they did not dissolve slavery, (when they could), clearly knowing it was wrong from their writings and as clearly aware it was to be a task for future generations. What do they say about that! Do they have some understanding or advisement on fighting hidden gangster faces?

Hannon said...

@ razi09

I feel like the slavery issue is over used to demonize America, slavery was basically a world wide practice for almost all of our history, but today it is only used as a divisive hot button to connect the ideas of liberty to something awful. Even with slavery, there were more free(er) people in America than any other place on the planet. We're talking about a time when feudal serfdom was the norm, and from my perspective the founding fathers laid much of the ground work that eventually brought it to an end, we can't expect a handful of rebels out in the wilderness so to speak to fix every evil, especially when we ourselves pale in comparison with what we're willing to sacrifice for what we think is right. Funny enough, we've all become slaves in one form or another in this corporate matrix, but we just don't see the chains :)

They Live said...

Wasn't the goal of these men usurpation of land to fulfill a destiny of a New World order as a result many died( The Natives along with many others). They too, like those running things, were part of secret societies. Was the Constitution meant for all inhabitants or just people of their group and bloodline? How does Lincoln feel about his assassination as well as Presidents before him who suffered the same fate? I think things were always corrupted as their goals were realized via death, robbery and slavery and as result things have gotten out of hand. But hey "it's just business," right?

Fuji Bougie said...

@Hannon - You made American slavery sound like a walk in the park. Do you know how many slaves were traumatized mentally and physically tortured and whipped until their backs broke open for over 400 years in America? It should very well be remembered just like we are taught to never forget the more recent Holocaust and world wars. Not quite the same as our "corporate" slavery today. No smiley face.

Hannon said...

@ Fugi

I'm a Holocaust denier but I wasn't talking about American slavery, I was talking about world wide slavery, and America's role in cultural changes that steered us away from it. What ever your version of history might be, the people who teach us to look down on America over slavery aren't doing it because of a moral stance on the issue, they do it so they can nudge us away from the Constitution and make the end of our listed freedom(s) official on paper.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you so much for all the comments and feedback! I really enjoyed everyone's perspective on the topics in this comment thread!

razi09 said...

@ Hannon,

I feel what you said was correct and well said. Sorry you were accused to explain 101 style. I was just using slavery as a parallel example of not being perfect and maybe not 100% able, rather than change the issue from illuminati which it clearly is. Yes, founding fathers couldn't do everything, there was the mind-set of the times, and they did provide ability to change wrong. We did it too. There once was slavery, now there isn't. It's illuminti before us today and OUR task. I just find it a foggy task with dissembling tentacles blocking our attempts. Private citizens don't know their faceless enemies who never intend to come out from the shadows but there are those in our agencies who do know them, have met them, have meetings with them and I find it frustrating they are not personally identified. Our founding fathers' advice is it must come from within but advise of 'how' would be helpful. I think our latest generations lack clarity and necessary survival skills. It's not the doing it, it's the how to get from point A to point B we are inept at.

Have a wonderful New Year.